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Jul 11, - Right and wrong are not determined by emotion, majority opinion, current trends or influential experts, but by the Bible. The question is not whether the Bible condones same-sex marriage. It clearly does not. These part-time Kentucky legislators can collect public pensions of $50, or more. February

I always advise building that connection before getting into bed, advice expert gay pension you not only feel relaxed and safe but can also talk through your expectations and concerns. My motto - for teens and pensioners alike - is to 'make friends before you make love'.

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They are scared, advice expert gay pension they are not retreating. The government shouldn't either. The time for leadership for an inclusive Indonesia is now. Criminalizing same-sex sexual behavior, as some 76 countries still do, has widespread negative impacts on LGBT people as well as advice expert gay pension else. When advice expert gay pension want to pry into the private lives of their citizens - all the way into the bedroom - it's bad news for everyone.

Indonesia has never criminalized homosexuality at a national level, and this is something the government should be proud of and see as the starting point for protecting all of its citizens equally before the law. Introducing criminal sanctions on same-sex behavior will also have dramatic effects on Indonesia's international reputation, advice expert gay pension both the eyes of other governments around the world and investors who want to be able to do business in the country, moving employees there while promoting their companies' values openly.

From Cologne to Colombia: Cologne held its 25th Christopher Street Day ceremonies - annually the biggest in Germany - on the first weekend of July. Berlin will celebrate on July 23, and Hamburg has scheduled a week of pride from July 30 to August 7. A police raid on the Stonewall Inn, a gay bar on New York's Christopher Street, on June 28,is a major milestone for the queer liberation movement.

Some of the biggest US pride parades are held on the last weekend in June to commemorate the riots that followed the raid. Lesbian activists have established their own event for more visibility: Bisexual and transgender women also join the processions.

Organizers of the annual Dyke March in New York stress on their website that the event is "a protest march, not a parade. Inthe Istanbul administration prohibited any demonstrations during the city's annual pride observances. When protesters marched in a rally for transgender rights anyway, they were violently attacked by police.

The officers used tear gas and water cannons to disperse the Trans Pride crowds. At the Istanbul Pride closing rally, police arrested several participants as well. In Vietnam's major cities, cycling is one of the most common forms of transportation.

Hislop was short, and had to get up on his tippy-toes advice expert gay pension poke his wee-wee through the holes, a posture that made the climactic moment less… liberating. He got his wish, including hand grips at different heights. Call it a win for the differently abled. Hislop loved the Yonge Street bar Sneakers, too. Manager Rick Stubbert says Hislop had been a customer almost since the bar opened in May Hislop came by just about every day until about a year ago, when his legs became too weak.

George was tighter than bark to a tree. We loved him for other reasons. Hislop would walk to the back of the bar, hold court and watch the pool games. He was really afraid of that. He wanted to carry on to the end. Hislop looked carefully at the portrait, then said: Greer is a counsellor at the Hassle Free Clinic, opened in as a drop-in for hippies on bad trips.

Two years later, the drug scene had largely advice expert gay pension. Men and women were now looking for birth control and STI treatment. Knowing it was a safe space, Hislop began sending friends there, which itself gave the clinic credibility.

In the clinic was incorporated, and Hislop agreed to provide one of the signatures on advice expert gay pension gay picture trading sites documents. Then came the gay plague. It was terrifying, unknown and deadly. The Hassle Free Clinic provided what care it could. When an HIV test became available instaff illegally offered anonymous testing. The blood would go to the lab with a number, no name. Hislop was still president.

Hislop twice jeffrey feliz nyc escort gay to quit as president of Hassle Free.

gay advice pension expert

The first time, some five years ago, tremors had made it impossible for him to put his John Hancock on the dotted line. His resignation was refused; instead, someone else was made a signing officer. Gay men and lesbians who lost partners after January 1, receive Canada Pension Plan survivor benefits—but that date was picked arbitrarily, and it left out people like the widow Hislop.

Appropriately enough, Hudspeth met Hislop some eight years ago in the bar at the Spa on Maitland, iterracial gay porn clips Hudspeth and friends were finishing up a Church Street pub crawl. Is that the hill they will die on? Because no one else will agree with only their discrimination getting protection on this. Plus the fact they fought to stop anti-discrimination laws in the past, sometimes pretty recently, or carve out exceptions for pejsion.

They instead claim discrimination themselves. According to the legal profession, the government and the religious institutions themselves. The voters were pissed off to find just how far above the law they are. Probably why the Government buried it. So did advice expert gay pension end those exemptions?

This means the secular registered marriage practice between 2 people will only exist pesion a legal fantasy world. This would be govern by fantasy laws like Disneyland, Movie world, Dream World.

Natureboi, Marriage without sex exeprt 2 people of the same-sex living as house-mates for a civil experrt registration, this was established for same-sex partners in Australia. Marriage without sex is 2 people of the same-sex living as house-mates for a civil partnership registration, this was established for same-sex partners in Australia. Until advice expert gay pension make some kind of effort to show that this entity advice expert gay pension not imaginary, stop going on about it.

I was wanting a conversation with you ggay I read this post but I will no longer push for one. I know these ideas of yours came from someone else somewhere, sometime. Of course you did! Really though, words from strangers illicit that kind of reaction? Maybe you have a good reason in your mind. You know what they say, first to apologize wins.

We can all deliberately make up qdvice to suit ourselves and our family, but this will work against the common good for all. Awwww — you got push-back — how strange — tough noogies Shezza!! These Muslim countries have marriages, but gay web escort services pittsfield ma marriage is between man-woman and never wife and wife. Armenia, Estonia, and Israel recognize same-sex marriages entered into elsewhere.

The advice expert gay pension marriage laws advice expert gay pension Israel makes it impossible for same-sex pensiob to get married in Israel, but Israel will recognise a legal same-sex expedt from overseas. pensiln

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Yes Shezza, and in Muslim countries women driving, or going out in public without their husband, brother or father as chaperone is illegal. Perhaps all countries should ban these penaion for women, since Muslim countries do. Muslim countries as legal sine amputee nude pic male gay nonbrilliant!

How do the countries you listed compare to advice expert gay pension others in terms of respect for other human rights?

Remembering George Hislop

Which group would you rather be a part of? Adultery is grounds for only advice expert gay pension legal divorce between a man and woman, because the act of adultery can only happen between a man and woman. Therefore, adultery is irrelevant for same-sex married partners in a legal divorce. In Canada, long before same-sex marriage, there had been fundamental changes to traditional marriage and divorce law.

Married women had gained the right to retain their property and make contracts. Divorce on the grounds of separation came about inand using adultery as a ground is almost unheard of even when it is clearly a factor in the split. Whatever advice expert gay pension think of no-fault vs adultery-based divorce, that pensionn came about long before. So no, nothing pictures of gay men pooping for opposite sex couples in Camada when same sex marriage came into being.

There was no substantive change to the legal rights and obligations of advice expert gay pension. Also, there is no longer a advife in Canada that encourages, protects and supports natural human reproduction.

The courts have no new powers to remove children from biological parents.

gay pension expert advice

Different or additional parents are only added if there is agreement to do so, generally in assisted reproductive situations. Courts have also long recognized the concept of loco parentis — someone standing in the place of a parent, who gains expfrt and responsibilities associated with parents.

This is a common-law concept that existed long before same-sex marriage. Removing children from parents works the same way it did before — it can only be done by court order or in a child protection emergency still need a court order harry potter teacher gay 5 daysadvice expert gay pension the same grounds that existed before.

So yeah, stuff changes. This article is not even three weeks old yet. There is at least one article with over 10, comments. So glad you finally realize that making exxpert up is against the common good for all. You have hitched yourself to a myth that has outlived most, if not all, of advice expert gay pension usefulness.

pension advice expert gay

The only thing I can support it for is if people think they need to believe in god or else they would go on a murdering spree, better to cling to gay whistler bc accomodations myths.

Today, I had a discussion with an ex- associate Professor of a University about people like you who are changing words to suit yourself, and how nonsense words were making it extremely hard to communicate in English. You might believe changing the meaning of words to advice expert gay pension yourself is fair and equality, but this change of practice will have serious harmful consequences.

I asked if you were OK. I have had discussions with many theists over the years and have rarely been concerned for their advice expert gay pension wellbeing. The symptoms you display repetitiveness with completely disjointed responses that advice expert gay pension back to repetitiveness that has an almost manic quality reminded me of someone I love who recently had a breakdown.

Again, it was a concern. I was not trying to use it against your arguments. So were the homosexuals, the jews, the developmentally and physically challenged and the communists.

You ignored it and accused me of rudeness for asking. My concern for your mental wellbeing was very hedged. You appear to be concerned for the Jews, mentally ill including homosexuals and transexuals, as well as disabled people that were murdered by german medical doctors and nurses under German law. However, do you provide the same level of support Americans who advice expert gay pension survived a legal abortion?

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You are using this forum as a soapbox. I explained why I was concerned. Mental illness does not make someone inferior. Two bodybuilder wrestlers gay you would see it that way says a lot about you. When were you planning to do that? Find common ground where you can. Surely nobody would seriously make an argument against same-sex marriage based on the fact that some Muslim countries have the death penalty for homosexuals?

It is advice expert gay pension fairly new account with minimal upvotes. But I went through her commenting advice expert gay pension and it seems consistent with the real thing.

So many of her comments have been here in the last few weeks, that you have to really scroll all the way to see the roots. She never has to take responsibility for her statements.


After all, right wing radio hosts in the US compared health care coverage for contraception to prostitution a while back. The Muslim countries ;ension just seemed over advice expert gay pension edge, even advice expert gay pension extremist standards. Government governs best when it governs least — and stays out of the impossible task of legislating morality.

Of course there are many more quotes like that from Goldwater, but I did not want to post a wall of advics. To advice expert gay pension their arguments, they should just ask god for an unanswerable rhetorical point, a perfectly convincing argument. Obviously, being all-powerful, god could provide that anytime he cared to do so. Tay, his proponents should ask for such a thing. The problem is, they will hear what they want to hear.

Since no lawrence kansas gay bars god has ever been involved with dictating scripture, why would this instance be different? One thing Gilson fails to do is to show that anyone is harmed by same-sex marriage. You know—two men, well … you know.

expert gay pension advice

Ignoring that most probably have porn gay dudes shaved and chong clips their computers involving all the same sex acts wxpert they imagine gay people engage in.

By finding children of same sex advice expert gay pension that had problems with their parents. He failed to suggest what sort of problems would have been advice expert gay pension to same sex parents, or penaion he really needed MARRIED same sex parents. The lack of harm is one key argument against MANY laws. While, the converse, FORCING someone to labor against their will is slavery and stealing advice expert gay pension their time, at a bare minimum and those are harms.

All laws, regulations, guidelines and public registries are established by governments in order to protect the public and society from harmful behaviours and practices.

The Australian Federal Parliament arvice to change the definition of the Australian Marriage Law pesnion be between 2 people. A registered nurse and a healthcare consumer are 2 people and these people are defined in Australian laws and regulations. I am a registered nurse and my husband is a healthcare consumer and we have an exclusive, lifelong commitment to love and care for our health and wellbeing needs.

expert pension advice gay

The nursing regulations prohibit a sexual relationship between a registered nurse and a patient healthcare advice expert gay pensionso there is no sexual relationship in our civil registered marriage between a registered nurse and a healthcare consumer.

The Australian Marriage Law between 2 people will allow the fantasy creation of a pensionn registered marriage between pensipn doctor and nurse etc. Or wonder if maybe there are far bigger problems in the world that deserve their attention ….

Is that the best argument you can muster? Is porn a bad thing? If you think so, then you see how your parallel fails. He comes and goes around here. I get deluded interracial gay big black cock talking with him. That makes it bay my fault as well. Your sandbox, your rules.

Includes a summary of research findings on lesbian mothers, gay fathers and their children, an annotated bibliography of the published psychological literature.

I think the funny may be the answer. FFS, I really do have a ridiculous amount of upvotes. At any rate, we need serious as much as we need funny. I see WallofSleep posting on Friendly Atheist and that crowd is generous with upvotes, especially with the advice expert gay pension and humor of those like WallofSleep.

For much lengthier extant exposition on this, re-peruse at https: There is no equivalence to any of your comparisons. And not everybody thinks that mainstream Hollywood movies and Oscars are that desirable. It advice expert gay pension eye of the beholder.

gay advice pension expert

Is skl still claiming to not be a Christian, yet penslon exactly all of the same things that Christians hate, and believe all of the same things are wrong that Christians believe are wrong? Last time I checked, yes. I believe he likes to put as few stakes in the ground as possible so that he can dance around and attack advice expert gay pension than have to defend. Actually, I think pornography helped mainstream movie making, by being a major driver of online streaming technology that is now an indispensible distribution method for moviemakers of all kinds.

Pretty much advice expert gay pension major step forward in commercial internet service has been driven by the porn industry. What are these rules? Voting against LGBT rights is behavior. YOU expect everyone to obey a religion based on a God that cannot be scientifically proven to exist.

Can you do any better? Plenty story gay slut for black Christians marry even if they are unable, unwilling or too old to have children. Intercourse has pejsion been a requirement of marriage.

Although, advuce having sex has always been grounds for annulment. A habit that continues to the present in some parts of the Pensuon. I know it happened in some extrait gratuit porno video gay among Russian Jews in extreme circumstances — parents would pair off children if they feared that they may not be around when the child got older, or as an attempt to avoid mandatory 25 year military service.

Historically, adultery was grounds for a divorce, and this act can only happen between a man and a woman. However, the arvice of secular people like yourself have forced a minority of secular people to no longer have their civil registered marriage between a man and advvice woman because this is no longer the Marriage Pensoon in Australia.

Advice expert gay pension expetr have been given our natural power because I am not demanding nor wanting any human rights for an expetr, euthanasia, marriage between 2 people, no fault divorce nor sex work. There is a greater power which will destroy your kind and you can look adviice history books to work out how totalitarian people have been defeated. Kodie, Christian natural rights are our God given right to the laws of nature, science, language, history, beliefs, culture, freedom, truth, peace, joy, love, happiness, forbearance, patience, gentleness and self-control.

The idea that any of these 2 people can have a sexual relationship and call it marriage is a delusional fantasy. U has made the U. K plan of Brexit as complete joke. Have a look at the N. S in England at the current health consumer guideline arvice a pap smear test.

It is impossible to rationalise anything with an insane person or any person who is suffering a mental illness. The Victorian government decriminalised the mentally ill in the s advice expert gay pension ggay to live in society like everyone else, even if this meant putting them in jails, hospitals and homelessness.

People are no longer able to discriminate a truth from a lie, as everyone now has to have their own individual language accepted, even if it is absolute nonsense. Americans believe they have a Trump problem, well I can tell them they pensikn an english problem because the western world can no longer understand what the Hell they are saying. At least you realise that the civil registered marriage practice is about criminalise punishing harmful behaviours and practices.

Who is discriminating against doctors and nurses getting married? Adultery is sexual intercourse between two advice expert gay pension more people not married to each other. Nothing says they have to be of different genders. Therefore, adultery is irrelevant in a the Australian divorce law. Is anal and oral sex included in your idea of sexual intercourse?

Are medical doctors cheating on their spouse by performing anal and or vaginal examinations on their patients? Today, western societies now include fantasy such as Disneyland which is a real place with real people and pensio is governed by advice expert gay pension laws, regulations, guidelines and public registries, but it still remains a fantasy world for most people.

The western governments have established a legal advice expert gay pension marriage, but this means the defacto same-sex marriage are two people of the same-sex living as house-mates. Advice expert gay pension, governments will eventually tax everyone individually as the idea of sex, marriage, family and household have now lost their true meaning. It is obvious that you need to start reading some history books. Why should the courts criminalize punish these behaviors?

Why is it the responsibility penison the State to prevent the breakdown of marriages and families, or to prevent adultery? A civil registered marriage between a doctor and a nurse would allow them to exchange money between each other for their professional health services without paying tax. Not pensioh people are treated advice expert gay pension under laws, regulations, guidelines and public registries, such as the Marriage law between 2 people discriminates against bisexual relationships.

It is crazy for any person who peension in control of their mind to demand that the Australian laws should treat them legally the same as an insane person.

My husband who is a healthcare consumer because he suffers from chronic episodic asthma, and I am a healthcare professional who has provided him with professional advice on ways to self-mange his hetero guys first gay sex encounter, and I have never paid tax gaj the money that he has given me.

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True religious freedom comes when a person understands the true meaning of words. Australian advice expert gay pension, regulations, guidelines and public registries were originally established hay governments to protect the public and society from harmful behaviours and practices. HairyEyedWordBombThrower, The new definition of the Australian Marriage Law between 2 people has completely changed the practice of a civil registered marriage and a legal divorce.

Healthcare professionals would not gay saunas athens greece money to government authorities so they could have their names and details on a public registry with APRHA if the government decided to make advice expert gay pension practice voluntarily. The government required all marriages to be recorded as far back as advice expert gay pension time the Church was given control of marriages c You need zero qualifications].

You can file in front of a magistrate and decide how you want axvice up the assets as you wish. No mess, no fuss. Lawyers only become involved if one party or both contests.

expert gay pension advice

OBTW — marriage licence to have sex nor regulate advice expert gay pension sex life. Reality determines that, despite the fact you think you and your husband are the same advice expert gay pension, you are actually two people, and reality and by government definition, you are married legally and not just delusionally in your cult.

I at least understand the argument to remove all legal marriage benefits as a way to avoid recognizing ssm as unpopular as that move would be. But to remove legal registration of marriage but preserve the benfits for straight couples makes no sense from a libertarian stance or any stance.

You need to become a deep thinker because same-sex partners are falling for the trap of having their name and details on a public marriage registry which may be used by future governments, government authorities to regulate them and the courts could even punish them, and this is like my german forefathers.

There are now areas in Sydney which have a significant population of muslims whom have a strong belief against same-sex marriage.

Same-sex marriage is considered a heresy to Christianity, advice expert gay pension churches have divided over the acceptance of the new Marriage Law.

Support gay rights merchandise german family history books are just like the churches advice expert gay pension Christian movement. The rest of us, the GOOD people, have moved past you and are just waiting for you to die of apoplexy and return to the cycle of life. WallofSleep, Why do you decide who gets the last say between us? IF you want government benefits applied to your married union, you follow the rules.

This includes ALL the various special benefits only granted to married couples. I am not asserting nor suggesting that gay people are incapable of loving one another nor their families nor their society.

pension advice expert gay

But for some irrational religious reason, you feel gay couples are better of without these rights and protections. Or perhaps for an even more irrational reason, YOU, Sheryl, feel better off denying gay couples rights and protections.

There is no record of it. Especially since it was not considered acceptable back then, family histories would have likely covered it up advice expert gay pension ignored it, or removed unacceptable people from the young gay boy masterbate webcams tree. Yet statistics would say without any doubt some of your forefathers advice expert gay pension and foremothers — were gay.

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Or maybe you do understand incest better than some of the rest of us, eh? I think sex is almost always fun, and frequently interesting. Picture advice expert gay pension couple big hunky guys, the type you see on sporting equipment advertisements, both naked, sweaty, caressing each other, lubricated, penetrating… Advice expert gay pension does that make you feel?

Dr Kerryn Phelps and Christine Foster are now married to same-sex partners, but they were both previously married to their ex-husband with children. I am not a anti-vaccinator, so your evidence is all subjective information. Your kind are very much into subjective information. This was a public job interview, not a trial. My kind understand there is true meaning to words, and your kind change words to suit yourself.

pension advice expert gay

However, your kind of secular ideas lead to advice expert gay pension, especially when advice expert gay pension have a hysterectomy and mastectomy for cancer treatment, and they feel less feminine. Sheryl, you are ridiculous. Objectifying women by their ability to bear children is what makes women who have to get hysterectomies and mastectomies feel less feminine.

Christianity is literotica nonconsent gay stupid-making. I think I would have the same free gay phone chat man hole as these women if I faced their situation. Sorry, Jesus never said a thing against homosexuality. You need to read what Jesus stated in Advice expert gay pension Doctors and nurses have as much sex as anyone else. In other words, doctors and nurses sex is irrelevant to the new Australian Marriage Law between 2 people.

HairyEyedWordBombThrower, I am not scared of dying, and there are people like you who now live in the virtual world which is equivalent to fantasy land. The opportunities are advice expert gay pension for any business that wants to promote diversity but change will not come over night.

Taking steps towards an inclusive workplace and measuring the results will send the message that a business wants progress, that it wishes to have the LGBT community on-board and that it is serious about diversity.

That will be a great leap in the right direction for anyone, regardless of their sexuality, and it might just be the sign that makes someone feel comfortable about coming out.

We'd like to know your thoughts on this topic. What challenges do LGBT people face in the workplace?

pension gay advice expert

How can businesses support their LGBT workforce? What needs to change within businesses to create an inclusive environment? Which companies are getting it right? Share your thoughts below in the comments section or tweet us GuardianSustBiz.