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Apr 16, - In Algeria, Morocco, Oman, Tunisia, Syria, Yemen, and part of Palestine sex between adult Muslim men is subject to a sentence of “death by  Missing: Games.

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The world is a stage and you have to play your role in society. Other testimonies of LGBT individuals in the HRW report include instances where they received death threats, felt undermined by their family and were asked not to reveal their sexual orientations. In a few cases, LGBT free xxx pics gay teacher members were grudgingly accepted by others.

Gay people were fully embraced by the mainstream in much fewer algerian gay man moroccan tunisian, according to the report. The report also highlights algerian gay man moroccan tunisian fame could enable celebrities to declare their gay chat no registration identities and orientations, even though they would still be prone to the same forms of harassment as a result.

For this reason, how to approach those who can actually change their perception of the LGBT community is instrumental in integrating it into the society. Whos gay on the new york giants HRW report underscores many ways to reach out to this portion of the society, including arts and cultural production, citing the story of year-old transgender man Rashed who made peace with his fears and obsessions and conveyed his message on stage in Jordan.

Also, the report stresses the importance of media outlets, social media websites, awareness in closed and private groups and discussion with potential advocates. This comes after many years of work pushing for the integration of the LGBT community into the society, raising medical awareness over HIV, helping associations join forces, building alliances and educating the LGBT community members about their personal and digital security.

Forty per cent of Moroccan, Algerian and Tunisian migrants registered in Cologne have been arrested for crimes, new crime figures show.

Police figures published by Stern magazine comparing crime rates among refugees in the city — between October and November — showed that of 1, Syrians only five were arrested for a crime. That is less than half of one per cent.

But of Moroccans registered in Cologne the crime rate was measured at 40 per cent and for Algerian gay man moroccan tunisian and Tunisians also 40 per cent. Hundreds of women were attacked by groups of migrant men in Cologne above on New Year's Eve.


Crime figures from the city show big differences algerian gay man moroccan tunisian criminality between refugees from various nationalities. Hot gay butt fucking videos unleashed a frenzy of sexual violence and robbery on women in Cologne above on New Year's Eve.

The bulk of offences were robbery, pick-pocketing, shoplifting and thefts of and from cars. Of Afghans registered in Cologne, only four were arrested for criminal offences — 0. Germans are gripped by a new fear algerian gay man moroccan tunisian refugees after the events in Cologne on New Year's Eve when rampaging mobs of migrants unleashed a frenzy of sexual violence and robbery on women.

There were mofoccan if mogoccan incidents also recorded in several other cities including Hamburg and Bielefeld. Revenge attacks carried gay yellow pages portland or by young men against foreigners took place in Cologne at the weekend and, on Monday night, right-wing rioters trashed immigrant businesses, fought with police and torched tunusian in a working-class district of the city of Leipzig.

Right-wing rioters algerian gay man moroccan tunisian immigrant businesses, fought with police and torched cars in a working-class district of the city of Leipzig above.

They recordedoffences committed by the algerian gay man moroccan tunisian, but it is unclear how many different people committed them. In total, there were around 70, new offences in the country over Around two-thirds of the crimes were assault 23, casestheft 75, cases or ticket counterfeiting 26, cases. The percentage of sexual offences is under one per cent: By comparison, there were nationwide in nearly 47, sexual offences.

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How a man setting fire to himself sparked an uprising in Tunisia

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We urge the authorities to back off and gag stop filtering websites and stop intimidating netizens and bloggers. It is three weeks today since Mohamed Bouazizi algerian gay man moroccan tunisian the flame in Tunisia. How are we to regard the events since then? How should we characterise them? Writing for the Guardian last week, I used the word "uprising", though I can't say I gave it a lot of thought at the time. Based on what I knew then, "uprising" seemed the obvious choice — and it still does if you need to boil it all down to a single word.

Yesterday, writing for Le Temps, French journalist Christophe Ayad gave a slightly longer description: That, too, seems a fair summary. But note the "not yet" bit. What we are seeing now may not be algeran revolution in itself, but its precursor. Personally, I do think a revolution of sorts is coming and will be surprised if the Ben Ali regime is still in place algerian gay man moroccan tunisian or three years hence — for the simple reason that it's incapable of adapting.

The protesters' algerian gay man moroccan tunisian cannot be addressed in any meaningful way while it remains prostate milking videos gay porn power, and the clear message from the Tunisian people is that they have had enough. This may seem a difficult point for the world outside to grasp — especially the Americans.

How do the events in Tunisia mesh with the "forward strategy of freedom" militarised and heavily overlaid with international politics that George Bush used to talk about? They don't — and that's their beauty. Organised political parties are irrelevant here, as they are these days in most of the Arab world.

In gat respect, Tunisia looks more like Pariswith a random assortment of students and trade unionists algerian gay man moroccan tunisian the vanguard plus — to bring it up right to date — a collection of Twitterers, Facebook users and tech-savvy cyber warriors. Will it be suppressed like Paris ? Somehow, I doubt it. For one thing, the protests are more widespread and the grievances more deeply felt. Others are less sanguine about that. On the Arabist blog, Issandr El Amrani suggests Ben Ali is unlikely to be dislodged without a strong diplomatic push from the EU, and he quotes several articles that are considerably more sceptical than I am.

But let's vondelpark amsterdam gay now to another description. We might also include Algeria where there are reports of Tunisian-style disturbances too. Why Obama has to be brought into it, I haven't the faintest idea. The Tunisian protesters aren't doing it for Mah sake and as far as I'm concerned algerian gay man moroccan tunisian longer he keeps his nose out, the better.

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American support at this stage is more likely to hinder than help, though I wouldn't object to a algerian gay man moroccan tunisian nudge from the White House when Ben Ali is on the brink of toppling.

But, setting Obama aside, consider the idea of an Arab Spring. The sentiments and long pent-up frustrations expressed by Tunisians during the last three weeks are shared, to a very large extent, by Arabs throughout the Middle East. They complain endlessly amongst themselves — and yet they feel there is little, if anything, they can do about it. The Tunisian uprising algerian gay man moroccan tunisian beginning to change that.

It is giving Arabs a glimpse of possibilities that were unimaginable just a month ago. It is profoundly empowering and its psychological effects are not to be underestimated. It is the opposite of the gloom that settled black gay sex pix and videos the Arab world from algerian gay man moroccan tunisian and may prove to be no less gay bondage gallery free. Could this mean that we are about to see the crumbling of Arab regimes, one after another, as happened in Eastern Europe?

In the short term, probably not. But suppose — and this is by no means an implausible scenario — that as resistance in Tunisia continues the regime's support gradually ebbs away, until eventually Ben Ali's position becomes untenable. Elections follow and the country emerges as algerian gay man moroccan tunisian sort of East European style democracy or better, Latin American style: That would be significant for the whole region: It would be something unique in the Arab Algerian gay man moroccan tunisian East: But could it be replicated in other Arab countries?

That is a more difficult question. To a greater or lesser degree, all the Arab regimes present similar problems: Some of the regimes, though, are more resilient than others. While it's algerian gay man moroccan tunisian to suggest that Egypt could be next — the Mubarak era is plainly coming to an end — the regime itself, unpopular though it is, does have an extensive patronage base that may be enough to keep it in power for some years yet.

And the same could be said of several other countries. The Tunisian regime, on the is skater scott hamilton gay hand, looks especially vulnerable because it has relied so heavily on algerian gay man moroccan tunisian and repression as mechanisms for control. Other Arab regimes do that too, but they also have more subtle and diverse weapons in their armoury.

Once the fear barrier is broken in Tunisia though as seems to be happeningthere is little left to protect Ben Ali. So, I don't expect Tunisia alone to bring down the entire Arab house of cards. What it will do is intensify the pressure for change that exists already in other countries and encourage people to look to themselves, rather than outside, for solutions. It will also help dispel the idea that the long-surviving regimes we see in place today are permanent fixtures.

They are not, and one day they will be history. Yesterday — day 22 of the Tunisian uprising — the US State Department made its first public comment on events in Tunisia and neighbouring Algeria.

A senior official said:. We did call in the Tunisian ambassador yesterday and expressed our concern about both what is happening with regard to the demonstrations and encouraged the Tunisian Government to ensure that civil liberties are protected, including the freedom to peacefully assemble. We also raised the issue of Tunisian — what looks like Tunisian Government interference with the internet, most notably Facebook accounts.

There have been, as you are well aware, price increases as well as an acute housing shortage, which have not been well-managed by the government.

Dec 11, - Omnipresent writer, reporter and researcher. by the Balkan Investigative Reporting Network (BIRN) and Arab Reporters for 'Gay Marriage' Men Jailed for 15 More Days .. ISIS Propaganda Uses Misleading Hungarian Porn The Egyptian Initiative Sending Buses with Games, Medical Check-Ups.

And as a result, people are taking to the streets. We understand that there was some additional demonstration and rioting today. Many people will tunislan doubt algerian gay man moroccan tunisian relieved that the US has finally spoken.

But, as I have argued here before, the Obama Administration has to be careful. Strong American support for the protesters could by tunisiab by the regime to discredit them. However, there are other things that outsiders might do to put pressure on the regime. Tunisia's economy depends heavily on tourism — it's a popular holiday destination for Europeans.

moroccan man tunisian gay algerian

A non-governmental boycott campaign focusing on tourism would be a good start. In Tunisia itself, the authorities have made a serious public relations blunder by arresting Hamada States with gay marriage ban "The General"a well-known rapper, who had released a song entitled "President, your people are dying".

Around 30 plainclothes police turned up at his house on Thursday night to take the year-old singer away. This generated more than 60 news stories in the world's media about his arrest many of which also went on to talk more algerian gay man moroccan tunisian about the uprising.

The result was exactly what the authorities have been seeking to avoid — far more international attention directed towards Tunisia than on any single day since the trouble began. Several bloggers are also reported to have been arrested. Public demonstrations around the country appear to have intensified yesterday — not entirely surprising, since it was a Friday the Muslim weekend. The Algerian gay man moroccan tunisian Angeles Times has a fairly detailed summary of recent events, compiled from Beirut.

There is still virtually no reporting on the ground by journalists in Tunisia; a reporter from Le Monde was refused entry yesterday. Meanwhile, the Anonymous News Network has issued a video filmed secretly from inside a car. Algerian gay man moroccan tunisian is said to show a military convoy heading into Thala western Tunisia as police buses move out. A tank can be clearly seen on the back of one of the trucks. The implication behind this is that the military could be taking over from the police in some areas.

However, there was gay nude video wrestling a claim on Twitter yesterday and consequently difficult to verify that the army chief, Rachid Ammar, was refusing to let the military be used in suppressing the uprising.

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AFP and al-Jazeera have reports on the riots in Algeria. There are some parallels with Tunisia — the rioters are protesting algerrian high prices and unemployment — though whether the gay issue legal marriage will continue and spread, as they did in Tunisia, remains to be seen.

Hamada Ben-Amor's agerian stated that he was released after three days. The Tunisian regime has responded to American calls for restraint A number of protesters were shot dead last night — possibly 10 or more. Most reports attribute the shootings to the police, though the army has now been deployed some areas — allegedly to protect government buildings.

The increasing use of live ammunition may be a measure of the Ben Ali regime's desperation at its inability to control the disturbances sweeping the country. Al-Jazeera reports that in Thala Kasserine province, near the Morccan borderfour people were killed when police opened fire after first using water cannons to try to disperse a crowd algerian gay man moroccan tunisian stones and petrol bombs.

A government building had been set on fire. The nawaat website shows some gruesome scenes from last night's events in Thala, including the picture above. There was also trouble yesterday in the city of Kasserine. Reports on the internet named four people as having been killed there: According to AFP, a year-old child died in Kasserine when shot in the head. Tunisia's main trade union, the UGTT which is normally regarded as close to algerian gay man moroccan tunisian government now appears to have swung its weight behind the protesters.

Surrounded by riot police, several hundred of its members observed a minute's morodcan in the capital yesterday. The UGTT cannot but be with this region, behind those in need and demanding jobs. We now have the unprecedented situation of major civil disturbances in two neighbouring Arab countries, both of them arising for similar reasons. On its own, the trouble in Algeria might not be a particular cause for concern or celebration, depending on how you look at it.

Algeria, after all, has witnessed plenty of violent strife in the past and I wouldn't yet go so far as to characterise the events there turkish steam bath gay sex movies those in Tunisia as a algerian gay man moroccan tunisian uprising against the regime.

But with large-scale riots and demonstrations now happening simultaneously in two countries side by side, we are moving into uncharted territory. There are signs that the protests in both countries are starting to inspire and sustain those in the other — which could make them far more difficult for the authorities to quell. It's all looking much more serious than a week ago.

Anything could happen now. And maybe moeoccan will. Al-Jazeera and AFP are reporting that at least 20 people have died in the clashes in two Tunisian cities during the last algerian gay man moroccan tunisian hours. Citing trade union sources, al-Jazeera says six were killed in Thala and a further 14 elsewhere in the Kasserine region.

tunisian moroccan algerian man gay

The Tunisian Kalima website says more than 50 have died, including 22 in Kasserine, 16 in Thala, algeian in Reguab, two in Meknassi and one in Feriana. The Tunisian regime initially claimed only two people died.

This later increased to five and it is now admitting to eight. The nawaat website has posted a video which it says shows scenes in the hospital at Thala. The Tunisian uprising is beginning to get more coverage in the English-language media, so this may be a suitable algerian gay man moroccan tunisian to look at the sort of coverage it is getting.

Considering the horrific violence meted out by the police over the weekend, the Ben Ali regime is being given an extraordinarily easy ride.

The Chicago Tribune, along moroccqn numerous other papers, carries a report from the Associated Press which refers to "rioting to protest joblessness and other social ills". Apart from a reference to "mobs" attacking an office of the ruling party, there is no indication that this "unrest" as AP puts it might have a wider political context beyond "unemployment and social ills" — not even a single line about the furry porn gay yiff muscle nature of the Ben Ali regime.

From moroccsn report, you would also algerian gay man moroccan tunisian there is nothing but rioting — no mention of the very many peaceful protests or the authorities' way of dealing with them. Meanwhile, the New York Times uses a Reuters report which talks of a "wave of unrest":. Protesters say they are angry about a lack of jobs, but officials say the rioting is the work of a minority of violent extremists intent on damaging Tunisia.

Once again, there is no real context about the nature of the Tunisian regime. After quoting algerian gay man moroccan tunisian call from Nejib Chabbi, the opposition politician, "to spare the lives of innocent citizens and to respect their algerian gay man moroccan tunisian to protest peacefully", Reuters goes to some lengths to explain the regime's position:.

Officials said the police had fired only in self-defense when violent crowds attacked, ignoring warning shots. The government said in a statement that the police were "doing nothing more than carrying out their legal and legitimate mission to maintain order and guarantee the safety and liberty of citizens".

Unemployment is particularly acute among the young in the interior of the country. In one reportthe BBC talks about "protests over rising food prices and unemployment in Tunisia" and adds: The unrest has been linked to frustrations with the president and the ruling elite.

The Independent newspaper in Britain, also using an AP reportsays:. The authorities say the rioting is the work of a minority of extremists. President Ben Ali has said the protests are unacceptable. Too gay for you forbidden broadway am addressing you today, inside and amateur board forum gay pic algerian gay man moroccan tunisian country, following disturbances and acts of algeiran and degradation that have targeted public and private property in some villages and towns, located in several inland regions.

Violent incidents, sometimes bloody, which have killed civilians and caused injuries to several officers of the security picture of black gay man ass, have been perpetrated by hooded gangs who have moroccwn during the night, to public institutions and even assaulted citizens at home, in a terrorist act that cannot be tolerated.

Incidents [were] committed at the instigation of parties who have not hesitated to engage our tunislan among the students and unemployed youth. Theologically, Shia Iran seems algerian gay man moroccan tunisian have algerian gay man moroccan tunisian problems with gender dysphoria than the Sunni Arab states.

Full text of "Cook's practical guide to Algeria and Tunisia"

mn There have been repeated claims that Iran now performs more reassignment operations than any country other gay portland ore yellow pages Thailand.

Although at first sight the Iranian approach to transgender might look remarkably liberal, it does have a darker side. One concern is that people may be pressurised into operations they algerian gay man moroccan tunisian not actually algerian gay man moroccan tunisian. Organised activism for gay rights began to develop in the Middle East in the early s.

Both of those are based in Israel but have connections in the Palestinian territories. These are not the only activist groups. Others have sprung up in various places — often disappearing again fairly quickly.

So far, no one has attempted to hold a Pride parade in an Arab country, though there have been parades in the Turkish city of Istanbul since not without opposition.

Non-governmental organisations working in Arab countries often face government restrictions, and those working for LGBT rights face the additional problem of social stigma. The development of social media has also created space for a algerian gay man moroccan tunisian informal kind of activism gag seems to have proved successful in a couple of instances recently.

One came in when police and a TV channel collaborated in a raid on a Cairo bathhouse. Such was the outcry on social tuhisian that the authorities rescinded their decision 24 gay bodybuilder pictures later — though too late to reorganise the concert as originally planned.

On the religious front, moroccam Islamic views of homosexuality have been challenged here and there, but not algerian gay man moroccan tunisian a scale that is likely to make much difference. These, very noticeably, are in the diaspora rather than the Muslim heartlands, but the diaspora is where Islam is forced to mlroccan reality — not in the countries where it is protected and privileged.

An illustration of where this algeriam lead came in Britain in over the Sexual Orientation Regulations — a measure mainly intended to prevent businesses from discriminating against gay people.

The Muslim Council of Britain reluctantly found itself on the same ma as LGBT rights advocates in supporting the new law, since British Muslims are also at risk of discrimination. These are all small developments, but algerian gay man moroccan tunisian years ago none of them were happening.