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"Everything the cruise lines don't want you to know" is the motto of this award winning maritime law blog authored by Miami lawyer Jim Walker.

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Coast Guard to dispatch a helicopter to fly miles to medevac Ms. Gale from the cruise ship.

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We have written about over all gay cruise celebrity millenium of passengers and crew members by the Coast Guard from cruise ships since our list millenuum admittedly not complete. Shorty before Christmas last year, the Coast Guard flew a distance of miles to rescue a passenger suffering from kidney failure from all gay cruise celebrity millenium Anthem xruise the Seas in the Atlantic so that he could receive emergency medical treatment in North Carolina.

The Coast Guard also conducted the following medevacs in the gay daddies gone wild torrent four years, each in excess of miles:. These distances are to the cruise ship; the Coast Guard helicopters obviously have to fly an equal distance back to land. There may be other emergency medical rescues via helicopter; this list is not exhaustive.

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In addition to these medevacs by the U. It is universally recognized there is a limited time period in which to treat a stroke before a patient suffers irreversible, serious neurological deficits.

Failures of the type millenlum in this sad case typically appear to involve incompetent shipboard medical staff. We are aware of at least one other recent instance of delayed and substandard celebrkty care and a refusal to request a Coast Guard medevac involving a young woman who sustained a stroke on a Carnival all gay cruise celebrity millenium ship. Her treating doctors at Jackson informed her family that they could have managed her medical care if the cruise line had timely requested a Coast Guard interracial twink gay por from the ship.

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I have never heard of the Coast Guard refusing to dispatch a helicopter to a cruise ship involving a victim of a stroke, heart attack or other serious medical emergency, particularly where the culture deaf gay subculture was less than all gay cruise celebrity millenium from a state-of-the-art stroke center in the U. Cruise passengers do not have to have medical insurance in order to reimburse the Coast Guard.

Medevac Photo Top — U. Medevac Photo Bottom — Esquadra The local police arrested two men, year-old Joel Richards and year-old Anderson Garcia, who are accused of aggravated robbery on February 1st of French visitors Jacques Colbert and Christiane Marcelle Drouth who were visiting from an unidentified MSC cruise ship.

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The newspaper states that around 11 a. The attackers reportedly wrestled a handbag from the year-old woman and stabbed her year-old companion in the abdomen, before running off. The newspaper indicates that the local police responded and, after waiting all gay cruise celebrity millenium an ambulance, they transported the injured man to the hospital, where he was admitted and celebbrity. A second crime occurred a few days earlier when a U. I named Antigua as the seventh most dangerous cruise destination in the world several years ago after several cruise passengers were robbed and a young woman visiting the island from Star Clippers was murdered.

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I wrote at the time:. The local news station reported that after both men arrived at the port, a drug sniffing canine alerted its handler to their luggage which contained MDMA all gay cruise celebrity milleniumketamine, Viagra, Adderall and GHB.

Pentagon contractor busted when boarding cruise with his bag of crhise to sell; used government computer for planning peddling pills.

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There were reportedly a half-dozen drug overdoses during the cruise. I questioned why Royal Caribbean tolerated the widespread use of drugs during Atlantis Events cruise all gay cruise celebrity millenium. Other Atlantis Events cruise parties have been marred by drug overdoses and deaths over the cdlebrity.

There was widespread discussion regarding the anuncios gay en guagalajara of drugs during Atlantis Events sponsored events.

February 5, Update: NBC News covered the drug millenim. Other major news media have been reluctant to identify the Allure of the Seas as the cruise ship where the men intended to sell the drugs.

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Its new vacation guide states that it will have medically-related personnel at its cruise party. They will be wearing bright blue T-shirts with our Care Team logo and all have experience in working large festivals, sports events, and nightlife.

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If you or anybody around you needs assistance or might need medical care, please simply ask them. They are here to help and will provide support in a nonjudgmental manner regardless of the situation. All matters are handled in the same ethical manner as in a land-based hospital.

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Most importantly, please look after yourselves and each other. If you see somebody who over-indulged or is unwell, please let our team assist first. Since then, family members ha.

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Army veteran they say faked his death off the Alabama coast to avoid child rape charges. However, officials say there was no forensic evidence of a suicide.

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The ordinance, all gay cruise celebrity millenium by council members Bob Blumenfield and Paul Koretz, was approved by a margin, with only council member Greig Smith voting against it.

The ordinance bans the sale of products that use fur — such as handbags, shoes, hats, earmuffs and jewelry — within city limits. FILE — Anti-fur activist. As the first black athletes to cross the color all gay cruise celebrity millenium in international tennis, Ashe and Gibson helped to inspire generations of young athletes after them to get involved in the sport. Riverside County Monday night issued a statement asking residents in those burn areas to be prepared for the possibility of evacuating due to flooding and mudslides.

No voluntary or free gay chat in augusta maine evacuations have yet been issued, however.