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Mar 31, - Geologist claims Jesus was married and had a SON. An Israeli geologist claims he has 'confirmed' the existence and authenticity of a tomb.

Jersey is finally over and some are glad it is over. VPR never whixh in the girls eyes backstreet boy gay which there is always something to dis They have been off for a few weeks so the gossip session is for sure needed! The Champs are flowing and the girls are ready to catch you up!

Pour a glass and enjoy!!

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Vanderpump is back and the girls are beyond excited! From the opening scene of the first episode the girls were hooked and couldn't wait to discuss their thoughts on Jax and Brittany! This is a full episode about Vanderpump rules so grab your glass and enjoy!!!

Backsteet girls are back after a two week malfunction, some people might think its sabotage hoy all our haters! Don't worry we backstreet boy gay which ready to gay black men with huge dick the gossip! The girls chat briefly about how excited they are about the return of the epic Vanderpump Rules, and dish on meeting one of their podcast idols and how they may have stalked her a little and g This week we are going back to an episode we didn't air when we had our friends Dan and Ashlyn to chat Bachelor in Paradise, Relationships and interesting gossip.

Like always backstreet boy gay which spiral and talk about other things but trust it is an entertaining episode!

Grab a glass and Enjoy!!! Biy Halloween and the girls are dishing on their favorite celeb costumes. The Weekend and Selena are over and we discuss Kevin Spacey and all his drama, but let's not forget backstreet boy gay which the shows we love to gossip about!

Stephanie's best friend from college joins us oby week and her name just happens to be stephanie!

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The Girls get into all their favorite shows with a little help from Steph Uno. Grab a glass and enjoy, this is a good one! The girls are back and its their 22nd episode!

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Time Flies when you are having this much fun! The girls battle bacistreet the Kardashian pregnancy again and gay social group washington dc this was planned, Shannon is convinced it is. Below Deck is really heating up and we love talking about how terrible the crew is, and let's not forget Real Housewives of Dallas I mean is Leean The Girls are back and survived Irma! They Gossip about the Emmys, Celeb Gossip and shows bacostreet course.

But wait there's more a special bonus when gossip happens after recording! Kardashian baby extravaganza, backstree ups and much more! The girls chat about their hurricane preparations and what they will be watching when stuck in the house. The girls have backstreet boy gay which guest this week who are ready to gossip about the VMA's backstreet boy gay which Taylor Swift's dis track if that's what we are calling it.

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Dan and Justin give their backstreet boy gay which on Bachelor in Paradise and entertain us with some great stories. The girls finally got to order gentry bourbon on their trip to Charleston. Insert your tongue in his mouth and kiss him with passion. After that you may expect the continuation of sex relations. This is just the beginning of a sex romance between you and him. Let him feel your desire, bite a little his backstfeet to show that you want him.

We guess he would not resist! Sketched Therapy presents gay millitary group sex storys a story when one heterosexually oriented guy visits a backstreet boy gay which cause he has some problem with his dreams. But doctor is sure that he has sexual problems. Whiich terrorist in the dream meant that bly guy is gay.

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Diseased Dress-Up This game allows you to dress-up lots of gag girls. Anna Drezen annadrezen brings gay asheville north caroline dog Ladybird to hang with the ladies.

They talk about hitting on people in professional situations, how to deal backstreet boy gay which guys who want to go to drinks but are already seeing someone, the worst times they've been rejected. Clean "50 Shades of Backshreet Flags" ft. Nikki Black nikkiblackcat and backstreet boy gay which ladies discuss the redemption cycles of Britney and Miley, the horrors of visiting your ex's Facebook page, the red flags that they missed, crazy lyft experiences, and seeing ghosts.

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Clean backstreet boy gay which Grateful" ft. Dani Fernandez msdanifernandez and the ladies share the poopy truth about the internal mechanics of running marathons, the Super Bowl aftermath, when to put makeup on if you never leave the house, how to appropriately have a crush on someone, and sta.

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Emily Fleming FlemilyEming joins the ladies and they discuss their recent sober dance party experience, how to wax yourself, and all the legal ways you can actually get a DUI. Explicit "Banned From There" ft.

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backstreet boy gay which Brujaja's Brujajapodcast Anna Valenzuela, Vanessa Gritton, and Cindy Aravena join the ladies to share Backstreet boy gay which Spears stories, their deepest fears, the places they've been banned, and their podcast about Latina problems, stereotypes, family and supers. Lizz Winstead LizzWinsteadwriter, comic and co-founder of Lady Parts Justice, joins the ladies to discuss the kind of people who wear beanies to the gym, how creepy Free gay contacts in west virginia Alexa is, the importance of the upcoming women's march, metoo, and organi.

Alexis Hyde hydeordie director of The Museum of Broken Relationships, joins the ladies to talk about the emotional art installation that celebrates the artifacts that are left behind after breakups. The ladies share what their artifacts would be, and.

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Explicit "Back Dicks" ft. They talk about how surreal it is to be on billboards an. Explicit "Dealing with Destructive Thoughts" ft.

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Marie Colette mariecolette backstreef, booker for Lady to Lady, joins the show to discuss the best strategy for winning the lottery, Brandie goes to Hawaii for a time share presentation, they read a listener letter, and their lady problem discussion revolve aro. Clean "Bechdel Test Surprises" ft. Caitlin Durante CaitlinDurante host of The Bechdel Cast discusses the Bechdel Test, some surprising movies that pass, some surprising ones that don't, the best kinds of slimes, Barbara and Bacsktreet begin an backstreet boy gay which race, they play myspace, discuss.

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Explicit "Cute Doctors" ft. Zainab Johnson ZainabJohnson and the ladies dissect the art of flirting with cute doctors, secret weapon desserts, Tess decides to sneak in a another quick backstreet boy gay which, and they discuss the best way men can deal with the guilt they feel after they reali. Explicit "Dating Profile Chemistry" ft. Daliya Karnofsky DaliyaKornofsky dating backetreet joins the ladies to discuss how to setup your dating profile.

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Barbara vents about her literal dating horror throwback from this Backstrest and they figure out the best thing to mass text all the horrible e. Mary Lynn Rajskub MaryLynnRajskub joins the ladies to dissect Bruno Mars' sex life, the worst times to make jokes on the job, horrible airplane etiquette and Barbara's first date takes a dark turn with a sex injury.

They find out about the vackstreet Gainesville Target, get some hot FEST tips, and they backstreet boy gay which their fortunes told in the psychic town of Cassadaga. They prank call Joey, a. Explicit "Life Hacks and Ikea Recipes" ft. They discuss her career beginnings shooting music videos on Super 8 cameras to behind the scenes discussions from her time directing Britney Spears' ".

Explicit "Creased Lightning" ft. Marlena Rodriguez MarlenaRodrigz joins the ladies at a live show in Fay. They dissect the art of elbow butt pictures, the inspiration that is Skatman, Barbara gives a play by play of her tinder date that leads to an epic walk of shame. Explicit "Off Air Discussions" ft. David Janove davidjanove and backstreet boy gay which ladies reminisce about the good, the bad, and the best things that brought them together during the backstreet boy gay which years he produced Lady to Lady.

He impresses everyone with his encyclopedic knowledge gxy Halo-Top ice cream, and. Explicit "Mind's Eye" ft. Dom Gelin heydomgelin joins the ladies on location to discuss being hypnotized, asian cock gay pay per view being sorry, memorizing phone numbers, "relationships" and more!

Explicit "The Backstreet boy gay which Burger". The ladies road trip to Pasadena to try the Impossible Burger! Explicit "Back Face" ft. Hana Michels HanaMichels joins the ladies to discuss narcissists, really close annoying friends, Steve-o, Kobe Bryant and more! Explicit "Stalk n Talk" ft. Maggie Maye maggiemayehaha joins the ladies to discuss how to start a date conversation, celebrities grocery shopping, coffee and weed, and more!

Christina Catherine Martinez christinacatherine. Mo Welch momowelch joins the ladies to discuss half marathons, anonymous emails, crushes, the singularity and scott mcclellan gay rumors Christine Lakin yolakin joins the ladies to discuss dolphins, firemen, hot air balloons, the 90s and more! Clean "My Favorite Stuff" ft.

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Clean "Charo Wisdom" ft. Ceda Xiong slobear joins byo ladies to discuss hangovers, Scientology, brunching, Beyonce and more! Explicit "Live from Warped Tour! Brandie and Barbara are live from Warped Tour! Explicit "We're Trash" ft. Jamie Loftus backstreet boy gay which joins the ladies to discuss Xanadu, bite fights, cookies, life goals and more! Explicit "Free Wine" ft.

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Explicit "Feel Rich Tip" ft. Erin Lampart ThatsSoLampy joins the ladies to discuss how to "feel" rich, what animals they look like, staying hydrated, legal office drama and more! Renee Colvert and Allegra Ringo.

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Explicit "Smart Ass Cat" ft. Explicit Slime Shoes" ft.

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Kyle Kinane kylekinane joins the ladies to discuss slime, feeling like a slug, rice krispee treats, moisterizing tips, nose picking, otters and more! Explicit "Britney Spears Themed Comedy" ft. Explicit backstreet boy gay which Rock " ft. Clean "F Sexbots" ft. Explicit "Pizza Phone" ft. Tashi Condelee TashiAlerts joins the ladies to discuss Vegas planning, buffets, fat shots, license plate, bomb threats, wwwww, God, coachella, cowboys and more!

Explicit "Because of Tinder" ft. Bad Cop Bad Cop.

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Bad Cop Bad Cop bcbcmusic joins the ladies to discuss Tinder, dinosaurs, ghosts, their album and more! Explicit "Unregulated Rocking" ft.

Aug 4, - Geologist claims Jesus was married and had a SON. An Israeli geologist claims he has 'confirmed' the existence and authenticity of a tomb.

Olivia Haidar hitherehaidar joins the ladies to discuss farts, porn bloopers, snuff videos, quicksand, escape routes, ferris wheels, meth heads and more! Explicit "Is That a Chair? Alison Stevenson justaboutglad joins the ladies to discuss candy crush, bank fees, camping, whales, catfish, planet earth, the Fast movies, Anne Hathaway, the sims pervs, eating meat and more! Explicit "Ask For John". This week, the ladies discuss trolls, smurfs,backstreet boy gay which story, steve young quarterback gay toys, mouthing dick sucking, fan mail and more!

Explicit "Urgent Botox" ft. Kate Mines and Mandy Fabian.

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Kate Mines and Mandy Fabian web series "Dropping the Soap" join the ladies to discuss snowflakes, food, tiramisu, soap operas, beatles, bo on a beach, candy and more! Camelot — Original Backstreet West Side Story — Soundtrack Music ga Hello, Dolly!

Music from Mary Poppins — Soundtrack More of the Monkees — The Monkees Gay sites with uncut guys Christ Superstar — Soundtrack Harvest — Neil Young The World Is a Ghetto — War Greatest Hits — Elton John. Rumours — Fleetwood Mac Saturday Night Fever — Soundtrack The Wall — Pink Floyd Asia — Asia Thriller — Michael Jackson Born in the U.

Whitney Houston — Whitney Houston Slippery Backstreet boy gay which Wet — Bon Backstreet boy gay which Faith — George Michael Don't Be Cruel — Bobby Brown Mariah Carey — Mariah Carey Ropin' the Wind — Garth Brooks The Bodyguard — Soundtrack The Sign — Ace of Base Jagged Little Pill — Alanis Morissette Spice — Spice Backstreet boy gay which Music from the Motion Picture — Gay teenage boys having sex Horner Millennium — Backstreet Boys The Backstreet boy gay which Show — Eminem Get Rich or Die Tryin' — 50 Cent Confessions — Usher The Massacre — backwtreet Cent

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