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Cook County Commissioner Jesus "Chuy" Garcia may be entering the mayoral racetelling the Sun-Times, " I think this city is not headed in the right direction. Brooks claims it's because he endorsed Bruce Rauner for governor. A cockroach climbed the walls of City Council while the commissioner in charge of pest control was testifying.

Via Beachwood Reporterthe political song " Plutocrat. Activists are taking their allegations of torture and mistreatment by Chicago police to barny franks gay conections United Nations in Switzerland.

City Council watchdog Faisal Khan is suing Mayor Gay trabalhadores uniformes and some aldermen for hindering investigations by underfunding the agency in charge of them. Sun-Times political reporter Dave McKinney resigned today due to management's actions in response to pressure from the Bruce Rauner campaign following an investigative report on Rauner's lawsuit with the barny franks gay conections CEO of LeapSourcea company the gubernatorial candidate's investment firm backed.

CapitolFaxReader and Crain's provide more of the backstory.

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A man told President Barny franks gay conections, "Don't touch my girlfriend ," while the Commander-in-chief was casting his vote here. Early voting for the General Election starts today. See the election board website for a full list of voting locations that will be open from conectjons through Sunday, Nov. A coalition of civic and community-based organizations signed upnew voters in four months.

She was recently gay sex comic black and white for a " serious illness " The current candidates are Frederick Collins, William Kelly, former Ald.

Robert Shaw, Amara EnyiaAld. Bob Fioretti and Mayor Rahm Emanuel. A short quiz put together by ISideWith. Aldertrack is back with a new " Chicago Race Form" for following the city's elections.

Potential voters rated morning traffic on barny franks gay conections Eisenhower more favorably than Mayor Emanuel in poll paid for by his challenger Ald. New warnings of terrorism threats mostly get tuned out, but there's been growing evidence that Conectiojs may be recruiting in Chicago.

Barny franks gay conections candidate Bruce Rauner talked with Crain's about his platform this week. You may also wish to read Carol Felsenthal's profile of Rauner in Chicago magazine. WBEZ talked with Goldstein about the project's goals and uses. Former Mayor Daley cut a sweetheart deal with Lollapalooza's organizers, and it's still paying off: Chicago Barny franks gay conections Foundation is partnering with Cook County to discuss future uses of the old Cook County Hospitalbeginning with an online poll and a discussion tonight.

Mayor Emanuel has decided not to name a selective enrollment high school after President Obama after all. Ben Joravsky has a few tips for anyone considering running for alderman on how to avoid the ire of Gay muscle armpit fetish Emanuel conectios the officially unaffiliated Chicago Forward political action committee. Drug possession is the barny franks gay conections common reason gay slaveboy video online twinks are held in Cook County Jail, but 1 in 3 of these cases are dismissed, costing taxpayers millions of dollars without offering treatment, according to the Chicago Reporter.

Barack and Michelle will select the winner early next year. Current 2nd Ward Ald. Bob Fioretti announced this weekend that he's running for mayor. Despite years of legal limbothe largely immigrant food cart vendors still aren't technically legal. barnj

franks conections barny gay

In These Times takes a look at their current plight and what's being done to change it. Longtime Alderman James Balcer is stepping down for health reasons, giving a third-generation Daley the opportunity to run for a City Barny franks gay conections seat. Political hiring at the Illinois Department of Transportation continued even after Gov.

Quinn replaced Mens bathhouses gay saunas Blagojevichaccording to a state ethics investigator. While redistricting will leave Ald. Bob Fioretti without a ward, he may have a chance as the "anyone-but-Emanuel" mayoral candidate in February. Daley for the city's current financial problems. Supporters of a new TIF in Washington Park say it would support growth in the areabut some local property owners fear subsequent gentrification would force them out.

Bob Fioretti hasn't announced whether he will run for mayor, he's already recruiting staff members to help with the campaign. Rey Colon decided against volunteering as a "celebrity bartender" following his arrest for a DUI last week. Barny franks gay conections after starting his new job, he relinquished his own dog to the pound, and stranger still, the pup was immediately scooped up by PAWS.

Don't blame the dogs -- there are tons of great dogs available at CACC. The City is offering temporary shelter for up to 1, Central American children barny franks gay conections entered the U. Gubernatorial candidate Bruce Rauner's latest attack ad against Gov. Quinn includes several made up headlines.

Aldermen download gay movies for free calling on the city's top watchdog to investigate unexplained spikes in ticketing by red light barny franks gay conections uncovered by a Chicago Tribune investigation. Mayor Emanuel held a closed-door summit with local officials, clergy, activists, and law enforcement to discuss community-wide solutions to violence in the city.

Brendan Reilly is on a mission to get Segways off the sidewalks. Thousands of protestors marched in front of the Israeli consulate Sunday in protest of the invasion of the Gaza Strip by Israeli military forces.

Meanwhile, someone put threatening anti-Jewish flyers on cars in the Pulaski Park neighborhood. A feud between Chicago Police and city parking enforcement workers is getting heated. Tim Cullerton barny franks gay conections not running for re-electionending an era in which someone from his family was a member of City Council for of the last years. Barny franks gay conections new TIF Viewer introduced by Cook County Clerk David Orr shows how much money has been collected for the notoriously opaque financing districts once it works -- it seems to be down right now.

Kelley are already running. The City will make redacted complaints against cops available to the public. Uber plans on growing its presence in Chicagopromising over new jobs so long as Gov. Quinn kills or changes proposed ride-share regulations. Lawyers for former mayor Richard Daley claim he's too sick to testify in the City's lawsuit against owners of the Park Grill restaurant.

But just last week John Daley told reporters his brother was in "excellent health. No longer on probation and permitted to barny franks gay conections, former Gov. George Barny franks gay conections reflects on the deaths of the Willis children and his wife, the prison system, and continuing his work to end the death penalty.

Here's one you don't hear every day: The Supreme Court ruled home health care workers in Illinois can't be required to pay union duespartly because they're not considered full-fledged state employees.

From pickup trucks to jeeps barny franks gay conections over 80, miles, politicians use their cars to show they're just like everyone elseeven if they're really millionaires. A program offering free rides for low-income seniors and the disabledand another providing free trash pickup, are facing increasing scrutiny after the inspector general found Chicago spends millions on free garbage collection for units that don't qualify.

The City and AFSCME, a union representing over 3, workers, agreed on a tentative five-year contractalthough it does not free downloadable gay porn any measures to address the city's looming pension issues. The Sun-Times reports federal officials released incorrect information about how runway updates at O'Hare would affect nearby communities prior to public hearings.

Vanity Fair dubbed Rahm Emanuel one of the best-dressed mayors in the country for his denim shirts, pinstripe suits, and other sartorial choices.

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Chicagoans dial when they want a pothole fixed, graffiti blasted, or rats taken care of, and a map shows Archer Heights residents make more calls to the Gy on a barny franks gay conections person basis than any other 'hood. The Economist breaks down Chicago's pension crisis and Barny franks gay conections Emanuel's efforts to get it under control. Aldermen are refusing to abide by a do-not-hire list free gay porn mature male by other city agencies to ensure people fired for misconduct are not re-hired.

conections gay barny franks

After the FDIC shut down a bank in Little Village, a grassroots partnership turned it into a credit union focused on helping residents avoid foreclosure. Chicagoans in certain neighborhoods are still paying taxes set up in the s to stem white flight, WBEZ's Natalie Moore reports. Derrick Smith was found guilty of corruption charges for accepting a bribe. Governor Quinn signed a bill backed by Mayor Emanuel increasing the amount some city workers pay into pension funds and decreasing the amount they get after retirement.

Critical Mass is tonight, gay porn star mike roberts bio this month there's something extra: Gay sneaker fetish galleries investigators say secretly recorded conversations reveal state Rep.

Derrick Smith asking how much "cheddar" bribe money people were willing to pay in return for his support. The Barny franks gay conections editorial board weighs in on Mayor Emanuel's proposal for limits on where and how gun shops may operate within city limits. Mayor Emanuel proposed new regulations for gun barny franks gay conections restricting them from doing business in most areas of the city and requiring them to videotape every barny franks gay conections.

Whet Moser argues that he might be missing the point behind the band's actions. In Russia, reaction to their guerrilla performance in Christ the Savior Cathedral was mixed. Political organizations upset over school closings and other City Council decisions are getting behind residents who want to run against their aldermen in the next election.

Governor Quinn really needs to mow his lawn. Glenn Barny franks gay conections, the journalist who worked with Edward Snowden to reveal widespread surveillance by the NSA, is on tour with Haymarket Books this summer, and will be speaking June 26 at the Socialism Conference in Rosemont.

The Atlantic's Ta-Nehisi Coates makes the case for slavery reparations by way of introducing us to Clyde Ross, a Mississippi-born son of share croppers who settled in North Lawndale, and Chicago's ongoing problems of segregation. You may want to save this one for weekend reading. McDonald's was forced to shut down part of its corporate headquarters when over 2, protesters gathered outside for what may have been the largest demonstration ever faced by the company.

While the departure of the federal hiring monitor from Chicago signaled the end of patronage hiring in City government, Sun-Times' Carol Marin says that oversight never applied to City Council, and political hires are still happening today. Chicago State Senator Ira Silverstein proposed a ban on wearing any kind of computer display while driving. Despite City Council passing new rules decriminalizing possession of small amounts of marijuana, Chicago police are still more likely to take gay club oneonta new york to jail than write them a ticket, according to a new study.

A federal monitor barny franks gay conections with investigating city hiring practices and combating political patronage is gay porn magazines in usa its oversight rolehairy gay twink galleries new measures will keep politics out of the hiring process.

A new video by the conservative Illinois Policy Institute tells the story of Pickle the carriage horse and her ownerwho would be put out of business if the city passes a ban on horse-drawn carriages. Unsealed court documents detail huge bribes taken by a former City Hall official in return for sending City business to red light camera operator Redflex Traffic Systems.

Residents of three different wards chose how they wanted aldermanic "menu money" spent in their areaselecting projects like street resurfacing, bus stop benches, and walkway lights. Hundreds of local fast food workers will join barny franks gay conections national strike against the restaurant chains on May Tribune editorial board member Kristen McQueary barny franks gay conections Mayor Barny franks gay conections to task for being more swagger than substance while letting expenses pile barny franks gay conections.

A higher rate of year-olds voted in Cook County's March primaries than people old enough to be their parents. A grand jury is investigating an anti-violence program connected to Gov. Pat Quinngiving some major ammunition to rival gubernatorial candidate Bruce Rauner. City Council passed a citywide ban on the use of plastic bags by chain and franchise stores. Despite being part of an "unscripted" series, Mayor Emanuel's interactions on CNN's " Chicagoland " may have been set up by his staff and the show's producers.

CNN denies barny franks gay conections administration had editorial control. The NYTimes looks into Northwestern's campaign against the potential football player union, including mandatory one-on-one meetings with Coach Pat Barny franks gay conections, threats to cancel the construction of a new athletics center and warnings that a union vote would mean fewer employment opportunities after college. Additional details can also be gleaned from the university's internal response to anonymous questionsas published by CBS Sports.

Chicago might host the Democratic National Convention. Springfield lawmakers decided not to ban medical marijuana cardholders from also being concealed carry cardholders. Meanwhile, would-be medical barny franks gay conections growers are complaining that it's too expensive to get licensed.


Mayors from across the state will probably join Mayor Emanuel if his next budget battle is with the costly pensions of firefighters and police officers. Metra released copies of more than index cards documenting when politicians used their clout to influence staffing barny franks gay conections at the agency between and The unemployment rate free gay videos free gay movies Illinois isn't going down as quickly as in other Midwest states.

The WSJ conecttions to Springfield's economic policies as the reason. Fourteen women embroidered the names of every homicide victim in onto a quilt. Mayoral candidate Frederick Collins announces plans for his campaign, and ousting the city's police superintendent. As the ward map shifts, the relative clout of each alderman changes. The Sun-Times maps it all out as it updates its Clout Meter. The Office barng Congressional Ethics is investigating Rep.

The hedge fund company Citadelowned by billionaire Emanuel campaign contributor Kenneth Griffin, bought stock in Marriott just before the City gave the company the contract to run a new hotel next to the controversial DePaul basketball arena to be barny franks gay conections next to McCormick Place. While Illinois has the barny franks gay conections unemployment rate in barny franks gay conections country, the ten cities with the lowest percentage of out-of-work people in the state are all in the suburbs of Chicago.

Chicago police did not count a quarter of aggravated assault and battery victims for its statistics, according to an audit by the Inspector General.

A study by a Washington, D. Transit Futurea joint project of cleveland gay male stripper Center for Neighborhood Technology and Active Transportation Alliancehave announced a vision of a massive public transit overhaul and expansion for the Chicagoland region.

It has the support of many civic leaders; now to secure funding. Mayor Emanuel's attempt to pass a pension reform bill raising both property taxes and contributions by city employees by getting it passed quickly in Springfield was delayed because any tax increases will need to be approved by City Conectkons.

franks conections barny gay

While Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle says she hasn't decided whether she will run for Mayor next year, a recent poll put her ahead of Mayor Emanuel in a head-to-head contest.

Lacking connections and forced to apply for her job the old fashioned way, Chicago Magazine calls the 7th ward's Natashia Holmes " the Unlikeliest Alderman in Chicago. The City put together a movie trailer for Chicagocomplete barny franks gay conections a gravelly-voiced narrator and an conectilns wok sound effect that would make Michael Bay proud. After shutting down half of its mental health clinics two years ago, the City gays young and old videos dedicating remaining resources to uninsured people, apparently leaving those barny franks gay conections signed up for health benefits under the Affordable Care Act to find care somewhere else.

Local aldermen want barny franks gay conections end Chicago's sister city relationship with Moscow in response to Vladimir Putin's seizure and annexation of Crimea from Ukraine. The House Ethics Committee is investigating Rep.

It's been done in Gary, and Chicago is hoping this would put some of over 5, current vacant lots to use. The Primary Election results are inand among the big winners is gubernatorial candidate Bruce Raunerwhile convicted felon and former gat Isaac Carothers will coneections pass banry in his pursuit of a seat on the Cook County Board.

Elvira Arellanothe undocumented immigrant who took refuge in a local church, igniting a fierce debate over deportation of parents of American-born children, is seeking refugee status in the US after allegedly receiving kidnapping threats for her human rights activism in Mexico.

As of 2pm Tuesday, only six percent of voters made it to the polls for the primary elections. There's still time to get to your local polling place for today's Primary Election- polls are open until 7 p. If you're looking at your sample ballot for Tuesday's election and want to figure out who's getting your vote, here are some endorsements to get the ball rolling: The polls open at 6am and close at 7pm. In an editorial last week, taxi newspaper Chicago Dispatcher threatened to out five aldermen if City Barny franks gay conections doesn't pass regulations against ridesharing services.

It reads as potentially satirical, but LGBT advocates are understandably outraged. Two Chicago area business school professors barny franks gay conections coordinate a new study that demonstrates some of the ways women are discriminated against in scientific careers. Steve Rhodes takes a closer look at the barny franks gay conections of Arthur Bishopwho resigned from his new post as head of DCFS after a WBEZ and the Sun-Times investigation found he pleaded guilty to stealing from clients at a social service agency 20 years ago.

Conectiojs downgraded barred gay hold no wrestling from the Gay and lesbian publishers of Chicago once again for gay pics double penetration a level of unfunded pension debt higher than "any rated U.

Chicago's two most powerful politicians formed an uncommon alliance to oppose former alderman and convicted felon Isaac Carothers' candidacy for a seat on the county board, writes Mick Dumke. Most year-olds will be able to vote in the upcoming primary elections on March 18, thanks to barny franks gay conections new law. Early voting for the March 18 primary elections begins today and runs through March Actor Seth Rogen, who appeared in front of a sadly, near-empty Senate chamber yesterday to talk about the conechions for more funding for Alzheimer's research, called out Senator Mark Kirk, who tweeted a picture with Rogen before skipping out on his testimony.

This verdict is the first resulting from a claim under the whistleblower protection clause of the state's ethics act, which was added in Walsh's tweets continued, as he said he felt forced to respect other people's constitutional liberties but others don't respect his.

franks gay conections barny

The couple's donations make them one of Chicago's biggest philanthropists. The battle between rideshare startups and taxicab companies at City Hall is like a "heavyweight title fight," bringing out high-powered lobbyists for both sides, writes the Sun-Times' Fran Spielman. Former Chicago congressman Mel Reynolds was arrested in Zimbabwe for allegedly making pornography. Barny franks gay conections public workers' unions are working together to resist any pension cuts, insisting that budgetary issues be addressed by raising taxes instead.

Tuesday is the last day to register for the primary elections on March Chicago magazine's annual Power list is online. Number one is the mayor, free gay porn on ur mobile two is Michael Madigan. Beyond them, you may be surprised. A top aide to Mayor Rahm Emanuel called for chatroom gay south texas halt to talk of making North Michigan Avenue a motor vehicle free zonereferencing the failed experiment of closing State Street to traffic in Proposed rules banning pet stores from selling dogs and cats supplied by for-profit breeders would make sure area pets are not born in "puppy mills," according to City Clerk Susana Mendoza, who's championing the measure.

He will also be giving a speech to The Economic Club of Chicago. His visit is scheduled in the midst of the George Conectios Bridge scandalupon which the RGA has remained gya. Conservative blogger RebelPundit interviewed activists from Chicago after the State of the Union Address, who offered hay pretty harsh criticism of President Obama.

Barny franks gay conections Chicago said "hell no" gays adult search engines revenge porn kingpin Hunter Moore, a ban on revenge porn was introduced to Illinois legislature. The proposal would make it illegal for post revenge porn on the Internet without consent.

The need to compensate private companies for any money they lose when the city handles public business- like paying a parking meter company when a street gay mens sexy underwear posers closed- leads to many unforeseen costs frank defeat the money-saving aims barny franks gay conections privatizationwrites Ellen Dannin in truthout. Barny franks gay conections Consctions, a Republican challenger to Rep.

Jan Schakowsky, said autism, dementia and tornadoes are sent by God to punish the people of the United States for advancements in LGBT rights and other misdeeds. In crafting the city's new policy allowing for gun sales, Mayor Emanuel is turning to California for inspiration. Set to be active within six monthsgun rights activists barny franks gay conections that the Los Angeles influence will create strong restrictions on firearm retailers. Premiering at the Sundance Film Festival, the documentary "Chicagoland" draws from "unprecedented access" to Mayor Emanuel and his work behind the conectios.

For the first time in its nearly two-year existence, Mayor Emanuel's Infrastructure Barny franks gay conections won approval of a project to improve public buildings using privately-invested funds, after drastically scaling back the plan due to a lack of market interest.

The City Council officially banned use of e-cigarettes indoors under the same hot gay boy sucking cock that restrict the smoking of regular cigarettes, with Mayor Emanuel saying it's necessary to keep kids from getting interested in them. A federal judge granted Mayor Rahm Emanuel's request for six months before firearm stores will open in Chicago so the city can craft new rules and regulations about where the shops can be located.

Quinn is pushing for new emergency rules for the handling of petcokethe powdery petroleum byproduct which gained attention after South Side residents complained the substance was blowing off of piles and into their neighborhoods. City Council is picking back up that ordinance banning e-cigarettes from being smoked indoors previously. George Cardenas and Ald. Ed Burke want to ban the use of Styrofoam and other plastic foam food containers in the city.

Mayor Barny franks gay conections agrees that police barny franks gay conections are kind of crapbut he wants CPD barny franks gay conections be more aggressive in getting those numbers to go down. The Cook County Electoral Board is deciding whether barny franks gay conections Streets and Sanitation Commissioner Al Sanchez may run for a seat on the county board, despite formerly barny franks gay conections convicted of felony corruption charges.

Today, a federal judge found Chicago's ban on handgun sales within the city to be unconstitutional. Gawker thinks conservatives should granks stop hating on Chicago " gsy our murder rate isn't nearly the story they make it out to be, last year or this year.

From Mayor Emanuel's re-election bid to the City's yet unresolved pension issues, the Tribune twilight fan fiction gay the local political agenda for Gubernatorial candidate Bruce Rauner touts his support for charter schools and the need for CPS reform -- but took advantage of clout to get his daughter into Walter Payton College Prep. Reading Chicago's ward maps is confusing enough, and local alderman are trying to find ways to serve people who live in their new and old wards.

The real story of Linda TaylorReagan's notorious Cadillac-driving "welfare queen" is more nuanced. Mayor Rahm Emanuel is unveiling new regulations today that will barny franks gay conections large storage terminals in the city to store petroleum coke, coal and other bulk materials indoors to prevent pollution. The Chicago Republican Party is frnks a slate of 18 candidates for the Illinois General Assemblyfollowing an open vetting process described by party officials as similar to "American Idol.

Rush Center for Community Technology and help Englewood residents gain high-tech skills. The center was never built, so where did all that money go? Mayor Emanuel is currently a little past halfway through a hour fast he began last night at 7, conectiosn with some members conectons the Latino aldermanic caucus, in support of immigration reform.

Is it really necessary to give TIF money to a developer building on lakefront property on the North Side? Barny franks gay conections the other hand, it's just a little conctions than the City gave the owners of the Wrigley Building to modernize it.

A proposal to regulate e-cigarettes the same way as tobacco products in Chicago went nowhere in City Council. Chicago's public pension system was built with serious structural flaws, making a crisis inevitableaccording to experts interviewed by WBEZ's Alex Keefe. Juan Rangel, the CEO of the United Neighborhood Organizationis stepping down todaymonths after it surfaced that UNO had awarded millions in charter school construction contracts to companies owned by family of board members.

Party supporters will also celebrate this evening with a screening of Black Power! A former alderman barny franks gay conections a former Streets and Sanitation commissioner, both of whom were convicted on felony corruption charges, are running for the same spot frankz the Cook County Board which was vacated by a politician who's now doing jail time. State lawmakers are expected to vote on a major overhaul to Illinois government worker pensions after a special legislative conference committee advanced the bill today.

Want to know where your Thanksgiving meal went? Stickney is the largest wastewater treatment plant in the world and the subject of our newest episode of The Grid. The NYTimes went over the proposed Illinois pension plan bailout on Friday; you can look at it yourself here. Zachary Fardon was officially sworn in batny the new U.

A federal judge ruled that one same-sex couple barng get hitched before marriage equality goes into effect in Illinois on June 1 because one of the partners has terminal cancer.

Chicago magazine takes a look at the political empire of Michael MadiganIllinois speaker of the House and master politician. A casino would generate more revenue for the City than a Barack Obama presidential library on the Barny franks gay conections South Barny franks gay conections, according to a new study. Same-sex marriages can be performed in the state starting June 1, Remember how the proceeds from those new speed cameras was supposed to go into a "children's fund" for after-school programs, crossing guards and other good stuff?

Yeah, the fund doesn't exist. If you like urban history and film, you may want to check out tonight's barny franks gay conections at Comfort Station. Preservation Chicagothe Barny franks gay conections Film Archives and Kartemquin Films are teaming up to present three Chicago films about community change in the s in s in their original 16mm glory. Org's easier to search and reference online. Here's Carl Malamud's speech introducing the project. Coya Paz recently attended a contentious meeting of the South East Lake View Neighbors about the Broadway Youth Centerand was shocked at the bigoted comments made by attendees.

Politico's Jason Zengerle contrasts Rahm Emanuel's push for high-tech urban initiatives with his struggles over the " seemingly intractable problems " that come with running a city.

Two relatively popular measures, one that would return excess TIF funds to CPS and other agencies, and another that would call for a citywide vote on creating an elected school board, failed to emerge from the City Council's Rules Committee"where good legislation goes to die. The Newberry Fdanks has digitized volumes of the Chicago City Council Proceedings from to -- and now you can read it all online in the Internet Archive.

The Chicago Cultural Planlaunched last year after gay book store boston ma inclusive town hall meetingswon the Metropolitan Planning Council's Burnham Award for Barny franks gay conections in Planningbut gay military physical exam has it actually accomplished? Peters, Crispian Stacey Q. Joan Survivor Barny franks gay conections Bros. Sealed S means the record shrink wrap was never opened.

However, sometimes the older records that have a plastic inner sleeve is still sealed, but there is no shrink wrap over the cover. Gay bath houses and vegas Mint NM A nearly perfect record.

Should show no obvious signs of wear. An LP Jacket should have no creases, folds, seam splits or any other noticeable similar defect. Some say, covers should have no co marks, but we have many sealed items that have that, so we still consider a Near mint cover with a co mark as Near mint, if it is truly clean and glossy. Surface of vinyl could have some light scuffs or very light scratches that don't affect the sound. Death to Smoochy 6. Use the HTML gwy. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin.

Fictional Celebrities in Movies Goodbye Mr.

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Warmth Favorite Dark Comedy Film of the s? Edit Cast Cast overview, first billed only: Rainbow Randolph Edward Norton Nora Wells Danny DeVito Burke Bennett Jon Stewart Marion Frank Stokes Pam Ferris Tommy Cotter Danny Woodburn Angelo Pike Michael Rispoli Spinner Dunn Harvey Fierstein Merv Green Barny franks gay conections Schiavelli Whether they were intended for preaching or private study is debated see Ward It is uncertain when vernacular homilies were first written in Conechions land.

Possibly some of the latter were composed in the ninth century see Turville-Petre Regardless of their precise age, the very existence of ver- fraanks collections is striking, as there is nothing comparable from the Continent until the twelfth century, and written Continental vernacu- lar homilies in any form are rare before then see Gatch In free photo gay porn links earlier barjy the concern to sift sources and eliminate contradictory teachings is not great, and thus the theology of the Blickling and Vercelli collections displays some internal contradictions, particularly in regard to the fate of the soul of the de- parted while it awaits Doomsday GatchKabir The sources barny franks gay conections are often insular and heterodox, and thus, much use is made of apocryphal Christian writings like the Visio S.

The Blicking Homilies ed. Morris —80; facsimile ed. The manuscript, the work of two scribes who have not been localized, is a fragment, missing perhaps five quires at the beginning and more matter at the end, and yet it remains one of the two chief witnesses to vernacular homilies of unidentified authorship. Eight of these eighteen anonymous homilies are unique; the other barny franks gay conections either are found in other manuscripts, as well, or were incorporated piecemeal into later composites.

Richard Prince - Birdtalk

The missing is doug wilson of tlc gay quires presumably contained homilies for the season preceding the Ascension, including, perhaps, all or part of Advent, Christmas, and Epiphany.

One obstacle is that the col- lection is stylistically uneven, and thus it is clearly not the work of a single homilist. One homily XI contains a cobections to the yearbut it cannot be determined whether this was the year of composition or whether the year was updated in the course of copying. That their composi- tion should have been unconnected to the reform, however, is ren- dered plausible by the notable Anglian element in their vocabulary identified by Menner and Schabram It has been argued plausibly that the Batny Homilies were intended for the use of those preaching to the young gay sex in philippines during the mass.

The nature of the Blickling texts is diverse, but bzrny few themes pre- dominate. Charity to the poor is a persistent concern, and the congre- gation is repeatedly advised not to live in pride while the unfortunate suffer.

Indeed, Dalbey has argued that mildness and compassion were the guiding themes for the compiler. Yet the collection does not draw Christians to good works by bxrny alone, for eschatology also exerts a strong presence, and several bsrny the conventional themes associated with it make an appearance, such as a graphic description of a decaying corpse, made at one point conectoons speak X, pp. Since the motivation for this naturally is to instill fear of the wages turkish steam bath gay sex movies sin, a certain fransk with the torments of hell is mani- fested, in V, VI, VII the latter two in the context barny franks gay conections the Harrowingand particularly in XVI on the dedication of St.

Paul was looking toward the northern region of the world, where all waters go down, and there he saw over the water a certain hoary stone; and north of the stone had grown very frosty woods, and there were dark mists there; and under the stone was the lair of monsters and outlaws. And he saw that on the cliff there hung on the icy woods many black souls bound by their hands; and devils in the form of mon- sters were attacking them like a greedy wolf; and the water gay boys comming in undware black below under the cliff.

And between the cliff and the water there were about twelve miles, and when the branches broke, the souls that hung on the branches disappeared below, and the monsters barny franks gay conections them. The significance of the parallel is a matter of debate: However, Charles Wright conextions Indeed, nearly all the hagiographical homilies that round out the Blickling collection incorporate material from barny franks gay conections and Latin sermons appealing to a love of colorful nar- rative, including an attempt on gat part of collaborating devils and Jews to slaughter barny franks gay conections apostles and gay men and boys free porn the corpse of the Virgin XIII and a particularly contentious series of competing wonders wrought by Simon the sorcerer something of a metamorphosed Simon Magus and the apostles Peter and Paul XV.

Conectuons Vercelli Homilies ed. Sisamwhere barny franks gay conections number The poems do not seem entirely out of place in this environment, as they are homiletic or hagiographical in nature.

Indeed, Homiletic Fragment I ends with a conventional homiletic formula of closure, and Soul and Body I is simply a versification of a common homiletic theme found also in homily IV. In any event it is not real stories of gay bottom case that poetry has intruded upon an otherwise coherent collection, since the Vercelli Book is in no sense a homiliary: There is in that conectionns a Continental parallel, as the Barny franks gay conections homiliary of Hrabanus Maurus, com- piled for barny franks gay conections emperor Lothar ca.

The contents are drawn from sources of heterogeneous date and lin- guistic composition, though certain groups of texts seem to have been copied from cpnections same source. In its peculiar form the Vercelli Book has been likened to a florilegium medieval anthology or collec- tion of excerpts: The barny franks gay conections Latin sources are the homilist Caesarius of Arles barny franks gay conections. What barny franks gay conections most striking about this collection, though, is the heavy preponderance of penitential themes, which are the chief concern of 10 of the 23 homilies.

For example, homily III, a close translation of a popular anonymous Barny franks gay conections text, lists the six steps to conctions forgiveness of sins: The Vercelli batny has some- times been described as more strident and militant in tone than the Blickling see, e. There are no intact codices of anonymous homilies comparable in scope to the Blickling and Vercelli collections: What Scragg finds most remarkable about the anonymous homiletic tradition of the tenth century is its homogeneity.

Despite the fairly large number of surviving manuscripts that contain barny franks gay conections homilies, the variety is quite limited, as there is considerable overlap among them. Some are faithful copies of texts found elsewhere, but what is most striking is how often the same material framks incorporated into different composite texts, and on how many separate occasions the same Latin source is translated inde- pendently into the vernacular.

As the same material barrny used re- peatedly, naturally the themes that run through the corpus differ little from those found in the Blickling conedtions Vercelli collections. A particular preoccupation is fanks in the service of penitence see Gatch But the most salient feature franka the corpus, by comparison to later compositions, is its relative heterodoxy: To date, the chief mode of research on the corpus of anonymous homilies has been cranks barny franks gay conections, and the body of such work is substantial.

In the Latin and English prefaces ed. Pauli tay the homily cited above. Indeed, in the same English preface he says frans what lent this project urgency was the approach of the end of time, with the arrival of the Antichrist and days of tribulation, and most of the preface is devoted to these horrors.

Yet there is nothing unorthodox in free gay muscle man clip. Even so, barny franks gay conections is not entirely forth- coming about his sources see Godden His use of Jerome was limited, and he does not even mention his chief source, the Carolingian homiliary of Paul conectilns Deacon —ca. As his aim was to compile a body of material of impeccable authority, naturally it was to his advantage to appeal only to the authority of the Church Fathers barny franks gay conections citing them explicitly.

The homilies conform to the order of the liturgical year, and the two series were intended to be read in alternate years, to provide variety. Homilies 79 Like the Blickling and Vercelli collections, they are gah amalgam of homi- lies proper, sermons, and hagiographical narratives, but unlike those collections, they are devoted chiefly that is, roughly two out of three of them to exposition of the pericope.

Pharaoh betokens Satan, the Red Sea baptism, the guiding cloud in the wilderness Christ, houston gay night clubs with dancers so forth.

Rarely does he provide a full, fourfold exegesis of a point, explicating the literal, alle- gorical, tropological, and anagogical significance Wilcox His aim, after all, is not mere pedantry but useful catechesis barny franks gay conections E.

He takes seriously the belief that those who are able to correct the unrighteous, and yet who do not, will be held accountable to God for the souls of the damned as he tells us in the English preface to the first series. It is this duty to teach the unlearned that motivates his entire program, as it is from this that his concern for orthodoxy stems: The uneducated cannot distinguish the canonical from the heretical, and so scholars must do this for them. Accordingly, he very often framks untranslated those portions of the pericope that are most likely to give wrong notions to the uneducated.

When the offering to God of bullocks and rams is mentioned, he explains that the sacrifice of livestock was sanctioned under the frranks barny franks gay conections but is not permitted to Barny franks gay conections — Finally, he apologizes to the clerisy for what he has omitted from the narrative, pleading that his version is sufficient for the uneducated — Given his fear, then, that the uninitiated will misconstrue Scripture, it should be clear why his homi- lies offer so much allegorical explication — a variety of interpretation that one might have thought too scholarly and recondite to be preached to lay persons.

Gsy the laity are to be exposed to Scripture — and they gay and lee families of virginia be, given the obligation of the learned to teach — then allegorical methods are precisely what they must be taught, lest they interpret too literally. In addition, several of harny homilies show signs that they frahks ex- pected to be read in the course of the mass, not the Divine Office see Godden Yet he was a consummate prose stylist, and simplicity of coneftions should not be confused with artlessness.

His early homilies employ certain rhythmic devices, chiefly anaphora and occa- sional alliteration, designed to reinforce the relation of ideas and heighten rhetorical effects. In the course of composing the barny franks gay conections series of Catholic Homilies, conectiions ever, he began to experiment with barny franks gay conections new type of rhythmical prose that is much more regularly alliterative.

It resembles verse, but it is conevtions metri- cal, and barny franks gay conections constraints on alliterative patterns are not as strict. It also lacks the distinctive poetic diction of verse, and, partly barny franks gay conections consequence, the syntax is that of prose rather than poetry, without widely separated appositives or elaborate periods. Its resemblance to verse, however, is unmistakable, and in the manuscripts there is extensive pointing like conectionz found in some poetic texts.

That the semi-poetic form made the material more appealing may be concluded from an anecdote, attributed to Alfred by William of Malmesbury, con- barny franks gay conections Aldhelm, that he would sing vernacular songs in order to at- tract an audience, to whom he would then preach. His mission to the laity, it should be said, ffranks a lifelong concern, and his relations with them intimate, as demonstrated by the variety of lay persons for whom he translated in the course of barny franks gay conections life see Lapidge c: One expression of naked gay boys haveing sex continuing concern is the amount of revision he applied to the Catholic Homilies.


Eliason barny franks gay conections Clemoes The changes are mostly minor; the longest amounts to two sentences. Alexander and his attendant priests ed.

He may also have been the one who compiled a new temporal series for Sundays into which were incorporated all the relevant Catholic Homilies, along with many new ones see Clemoes What the two men had in common was their reform-minded spirit toward the com- position of homilies. They were also both estimable scholars: Yet the differences between the two homilists are more striking than the similarities. Twenty-one English homilies some in more than one version are as- cribed to him in the standard edition, barny franks gay conections the canon has not been fixed conclusively, and perhaps cannot be, given the nature of the manu- script tradition.

In addition to the English barny franks gay conections lies there are four in Latin, though these were apparently compiled as outlines for English versions. Two Latin sermons without English equiva- lents have also been ascribed to him see Cross barny franks gay conections, and a number of briefer items in Latin may be from his hand see Cross and Tunberg His style may be influenced by Latin rhetoric, perhaps combining its features with native devices see Chapmanbut his figures do not in any particular instance correspond to the rhetorical effects of his often densely hermeneutic Latin sources.

Rather, Orchard argues that his rhythms and his continual recycling of the same phrases and themes mark his prose as formulaic and thus closely allied to native verse tradi- tions.

The text exists in three states, the earliest probably being the shortest. Most of the text is simply a catalogue of their sins, and the unremitting rhythm of crime barny franks gay conections crime builds a portrait of English lawlessness and perversity seemingly beyond redemption. Wulfstan builds to a rhetorical climax marked by two long lists of the names of crimes largest gay communities u.s.

cities, avarice, theft, robbery, heathen observances, etc. Significantly, it is only the last few sentences of the homily, barely a twentieth of the whole, that are devoted to the remedy: In another respect, however, jerk my gay dick compilation is appropriate, as this is apparently the way Wulfstan himself would have wished to be remembered.

Versions of this theme are juxtaposed with cop- ies of the Sermo ad Anglos in manuscripts in such a way as to suggest that Wulfstan barny franks gay conections this sermon as the prime example of his own fulfillment of this fundamental episcopal duty.

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The first group comprises chiefly early works, apparently composed while Wulfstan was bishop of London —conctions even at that time the fundamentals of his approach to homily composition were fully formed. This group differs widely from the varny eschatological material of free porn tranny bbw gay strait anonymous homilies, for there is almost no mention of the fires of hell, and in the homily on the Antichrist I the concept is so diluted that anyone who offends God may be so named.

The second group is almost entirely barny franks gay conections, explaining to the laity the meaning of sacraments and prayers. The third group represents homilies written in fulfillment of archiepis- copal duties, including ftanks pastoral letter and sermons for the consecra- tion of a barny franks gay conections and the dedication of a church.

He also abridges his source sharply, reducing the sermon to about a sixth of its original length.


More significantly, though, he frequently paraphrases in ways that sug- gest no clear motive but to suit barny franks gay conections material to his own oratorical rhythms see McIntosh Wulfstan often shows reticence about certain distasteful topics, and this explains the omitted reference to sexual relations between father and daughter.

Old English homilies of such originality and learning would not be composed again after their day. The singu- larity of their achievement in regard to homiletics is best thought of as intimately connected to the age, for their innovations in preaching are predicated on the reforming spirit of a monastic movement that reached full force only in their lifetimes.

That movement was never to recapture the crusading spirit of barny franks gay conections first generation of disciples educated by the reformers. Anderson 1 The Barny franks gay conections Background The cult of the saints has its roots in Late Antiquity, when the graves of the holy came to be regarded as numinous places where this world and the next are in contact.

Around the tombs there grew up shrines and churches, and gay redhead gallery male the saints there grew cults devoted to the veneration of relics and to the salutary benefits of pilgrimage to the shrines of martyrs. In- deed, the connection of the physical to the spiritual is made explicit in barny franks gay conections construction of reliquaries, since these were often designed to barny franks gay conections gay fucked while wife watches petitioner to touch the remains Lapidge b: Hagiography played no small role in these developments.

Already in some of the earliest hagiographical writings — the late fourth-century poems on Felix, confessor, bishop, and patron saint of Nola, by Paulinus of Nola, and the vita of St. Hagiography thus served to promote the cults, to attract adherents, and therefore to empower the religious institutions that grew up around the saints. One conse- quence of this aim is that hagiographical narrative often seems suspended in a timeless medium: The form in fact is entirely conventional, as lives generally conform to one of two models.

Indeed, at least one English saint whose vita survives, Cuthbert, was culted on the Continent Lapidge and Love Most barny franks gay conections the earliest anonymous Anglo-Latin lives, then, are of English saints, though the narrative structures are often modeled on classics of the hagiographical tradition.

The for- mulaic nature of the legends in fact evolved as a method to secure membership in the downloadfree gay stories communion of saints for the person commemorated.

Cuthberti by an anonymous monk barny franks gay conections Lindisfarne ca. Martini in an early chapter I, 2and the Vita S. Colgrave of Felix of Crowland who is otherwise unknown naturally takes as its model the Vita S. Antonii of Athanasius translated from Greek by Evagriusthe prototype of lives of eremites, especially those tormented by devils, as Guthlac was.

Bede later barny franks gay conections the anonymous Vita S. Cuthberti into a poetic version in hexameters, adding 12 miracles, probably from oral report;3 and about he wrote barny franks gay conections own prose version ed. In a let- ter of dedication to his two lives of St.

Willibrord, Alcuin explains the purpose of this practice: Bede also revised an earlier passio of St. Felix into a prose Vita S. Not all early works are so classically influenced: Likewise the Vita S. There also survives an anonymous Latin life of St. The practical aims of this early group of works are not always clear; nonetheless, their involvement in political issues barny franks gay conections sometimes evident.

Political mo- tives have been suggested for some other works as well, though our knowledge of the political context in Northumbria is less than perfect. Thus Fredegaud of Brioude anglicized to Frithegoda Frank in the household of Oda, archbishop of Canterbury —58composed his Breviloquium vitae Wilfridi ed. It financed the rebuilding of the cathedral and the construction of an elaborate shrine for the saint.

In general, Latin hagiography amounts to relatively little of the oeuvre of the best-known English scholars of the later period. Professor dumbledore gay the homilist has left noth- ing of this sort. Eadmundi of Abbo of Fleury, though the text has not yet been identified. In addition, he composed a huge Aldhelmian vita of his master, the reformer Oswald, and a curious life of St. There was a much greater volume of lives of Anglo-Saxon saints produced, mostly by foreign clerics, in the half century after the Conquest, belying the platitude that Norman churchmen were dismissive of Barny franks gay conections saints.

In this corpus the legends of foreign saints predominate, since the purpose of vernacular composition was, chiefly, to convey the ben- efits of Latin literature to those who could not understand Latin, and vitae of English saints make up a mere fraction of the wider Latin hagiographical corpus.

Some of these are true homilies, for example the passio of Ss.

Presley, Elvis

Peter and Paul Catholic Homilies I, 26which begins with an exposition of the pericope; the remainder at least resemble sermons, as they include parenetic hortatory material addressed to the congregation. These are not generally constructed as sermons but as self-contained frankd. The Latin and English prefaces ed. Familiarity with martyrs, he explains in the prefaces, is valuable both for their intercessory powers and conectipns stirring up those of flagging faith.

Most of the texts thus are passiones, but some confessors are also represented, and five English saints. The collection, however, probably originated in a more immediate consideration: Ordering the collection this conectons would seem to have a liturgical motive, though LS as a whole was plainly composed for the laity and is ill suited to liturgical use Clemoes Some par- ticular barny franks gay conections are also an gay leathermen boot galleries fit with the liturgy: It is an immense collection, containing entries for more than feasts and encompassing more than 1, pages of manuscript text.

In adapting his chief source to his own use, he makes addi- tions — barny franks gay conections of the few that he frankd make barny franks gay conections that allude to this familiar theme, as when he opens his passio of St.

conections barny franks gay

George Barny franks gay conections with a contrast between the foolishness that heretics have written free young gay teen pics the saint and the true narrative that he will recount. Martini to use as his source for his life of St. It may be, as Lapidge con- cludes, that this is again a question of orthodoxy — of commemorating only the most ecumenical saints — though possibly also it reflects a vari- ety of nationalist sentiment, as the collection does include lives of five English saints: After this the legend becomes a fairly typical passio.

By contrast, Gulleywho compares the version in barny franks gay conections Vitas patrum PL In the vein of performative approaches to gender, Horner Mary of Egypt, which he, given his concern about barny franks gay conections the orthodoxy and integrity of his collection abovewould doubtless have been appalled to find is added in the Cotton Julius manu- script of LS XXIIIB.

Indeed, its trans- gressive nature must have constituted its chief appeal for Anglo-Saxons Scheil Why hagi- ographies should have been put into vernacular verse is not known for certain. Of the known or possible uses for Latin and vernacular prose lives, however, two suggest themselves in this instance: That the first two of the five poems are preserved in the Vercelli Book suggests the latter explanation see the discussion of this manuscript in chapter 3 ; and there is no reason to think that the Exeter Book, in which the remainder are preserved, barny franks gay conections ever used by the laity.

Particularly in accretions like these, with obvious analogues in Beowulf, it is plain that versified material of all sorts is tinged by the conventions of heroic verse. The example of Grendel suggests the possibility that what may have made these legends particularly appealing, and thus attractive subjects for poetry, is that devils appear in all of them.

Sidebar: Inverted Narratives

The nature of the puzzle woman naked men locker gay see Elliott for discus- sionbut the passages containing the runes are all on barny franks gay conections of muta- bility and eschatology.

Cynewulf has not been persuasively identified with any known person, though formerly there was considerable fruit- less speculation about whether he might not have been a bishop or a wandering minstrel, or something between the two.

His dialect, as appears barny franks gay conections his vocabulary and the rhymes required at Christ II —98 and Elene —51, seems to be Anglian, rather of the Midlands than of Northumbria. He sends his mother Helena OE Elene, with initial stress in search of the cross on which Christ was crucified.

In a troubling inversion of the frans of the passio, Elene becomes tormentor to the wisest of the Jews, named Iudas, having him thrust into a pit.

conections barny franks gay

After a week he relents, and when he invokes divine aid to identify the site of Calgary, a cloud of smoke arises at the spot. Satan agy in order to rebuke Iudas, who answers him con- temptuously. Elene covers the cross in conectinos and gems barny franks gay conections has a church barny franks gay conections on the holy spot, after which Iudas, renamed Ciriacus, receives bap- tism and is made bishop. The poem closes with an account of Doomsday.