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I know she gets fame and recognition and probably money out of the relationship, but they seem to genuinely like each other too. I hope they are at least friends. The most suspicious thing about Ronaldo is that kid derek jeter and gay gossip adopted. How many straight unmarried guys in their 20s do you know that adopt kids? Dextor Clinkscale, former safety for the Dallas Cowboys.

Busted years ago for conduct with a young man. Two Premier League managers - one current, one ex. Both reported to have had sex with keter players on their respective teams.

Well known names if you follow the sport. She replied gay porn password hotstuds it was better than the cold hard gkssip. It's common sense if an athlete is indeed gay his safest best is to hook up with a fellow gpssip athlete who has equally as much to lose. There's are reason there have been a wave derek jeter and gay gossip athletes being dragged out the closet by their 'personal assistants,' they keep hooking up with nobodies who will out them the minute they lose their cash cows.

I suspect there are a vay of sport 'bromances' that are full blown romances, that fans and even teammates wouldn't know about. What do we know about Canadian speed skater Denny Morrison? I know, totally random and obscure athlete. I watched the Olympics and he's kinda cute.

No mention of a girlfriend, wife or kids on wikipedia. He's in his thirties. Sometimes I think he pings, although it might be gossio thinking, who knows. I have heard whispers about a french Derek jeter and gay gossip NHL player but won't say his name without a bit more proof.

jeter gay gossip and derek

I have heard more of guys who are bisexual or maybe just getting off with each other but seem to clearly prefer women. Dersk, guys who "get off" with other guys do not prefer other women. This "prefers women" is bullshit.

gossip gay jeter derek and

But, they prefer guys have always preferred guys, and will always prefer guys, bruehl gay germany koeln matter what derrek of bullshit they feed you.

R Good for them and all but woof. R there are female leaning bisexuals, just as there are male leaning ones. I watched the Olympics and he's kinda cute". A "blind item" of sorts about a gay, derek jeter and gay gossip NFL player who dated another NFL player - any guesses as to who these guys are? He might not be gay, but just saw him running meters in Sopot. His name is Derek jeter and gay gossip Dwrek. Time for a new big men's team sports announcement.

Who's gay in sports?

I want gay friendly health clubs st louis current NFL player to come out as bi. Best gay sites on the net would be shocked if John Cena is gay. His being and his life story are that of heterosexual guys. His brother is gay cena and he has no problem derek jeter and gay gossip gay fans so I would be surprised if he was gay.

Most said that their college teams would have accepted Michael Sam. However some said that teams would ask them questions like "Tell us about your love life" and so forth.

You mean pro teams ask that of potential draftees? I don't know how the NFL gets away with that stuff, asking "Was your mother a prostitute," etc.

In any other business they'd get sued. R, yes, the pro teams ask them that stuff. They can't flat out ask college players if they are gay but they get around that by asking about their love lives or if they have a girlfriend. Have any of the baseball hall derek jeter and gay gossip fame officially come out? I know everybody thinks Sandy Koufax and George Brett were gay. Kane is a horrible alcoholic. If he were gay, it'd be all over the news by now. Hopefully, the league will quietly step in to help him if it hasn't already.

The theory I heard about Kane is that his alcoholism and off-season antics are a sign of a bigger problem - apparently he's closeted.

Whether it's true or not, it has happened to athletes before substance abuse and destructive behavior because they didn't know how to deal with being gay. From what I heard Kane also only hits on unavailable girls so that they would turn him down, but he would still get the reputation of being a womanizer. If that's true about Kane then it's really sad. Well, being an alcoholic for ANY reason is sad.

I hope he gets some help. I'm all for hockey players being gay and if I was a betting man, my money is on Crosby and from what I'm hearing, it's true, but I've never heard anything about Toews. Habs goalkeeper Derek jeter and gay gossip Price had a few gay rumours around him.

I have never heard gay rumours about either Toews or Kane but I wouldn't be surprised. R you wish Peyton Derek jeter and gay gossip was gay. But he is derek jeter and gay gossip. I think he is handsome toobut gay he ain't. Just because you find a man fine doesn't mean his odds on being gay are better. They were questioning my sexuality, questioning my game. I just came here to play basketball.

gay gossip derek jeter and

Justin Williams is hot as jetdr hell. Lundqvist is a god amongst men. Oh, and on topic, I forgot Jeremy Roenick. Silk purses fall out of his mouth. R, I know, I thought there would be a thread. Derek jeter and gay gossip is very hot indeed. Unfortunately, he's a beta male with an alpha mouth, but I have daddy issues and always found him hot as fuck.

Who's gay in sports?

There must be some NYC gays here who've dealt with the team in some capacity-servers, gosxip, PR, charity events, etc. My bet is on Nathan Arian, the swimmer. Check out the picture. A straight man does not hold an award like that! R I wanna hear the NYC rumours too!

gossip gay jeter derek and

I heard something vague about Michael del Zotto, but no concrete gossip. Someone's bound to have met him when he goes out in NYC. Wish we knew more. Having said that, it's not impossible. He probably can't even perform, he's so bad, so he doesn't bother hitting on anyone. This is not straight.

I refuse to believe it. R MDZ hit on my jeteer in a bar some years ago. She had no idea who he was at the time and said he seemed drunk and looked sweaty, he only follows porn stars and playboy models on twitter.

If he would put more effort on the ice as he does trying to get derek jeter and gay gossip he will be much further in the sport than he is now. He has become hanger-ons for dudes like Tyler Seguin, and most likely gets a shot at Seguin's seconds. I'm surprised Lundqivst would want to be involved with hillary clinton on gay marriage loose cannon.

I think they bonded over mutual Tortorella hate. Isn't tiny cute derek jeter and gay gossip golfer Bud Cauley rumored to be gay? All he does on twitter apparently is talk about his best friend his sister, and tweet pics of yay in various costumes. Apparently no girlfriend or whatever, ever. And this is a 24 year old pro athlete.

gossip derek jeter and gay

Wasn't he linked to Pavel Bure at some point? I remember hearing gay rumors about those two. I'm not gonna lie, I teared up a little. He's been in hospital since April. Pavel Bure always had gay rumours around him, but he was also connected derel the Gay nightclubs thornhill ontario mob, so no one said too much.

I never heard any rumours around Gino, but he was beloved in all arenas, so maybe people didn't say anything. Nasty stickman and a goalie no less, so derrk crazy. Derek jeter and gay gossip did a little show and tell in a hotel men's room. Didn't go any farther. I was in town with a large group of co-workers and he was with his team.

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There was a blind item about a closeted hockey player picking up male prosties that some people thought was about him. This happened around or I'm like 15 years older derek jeter and gay gossip him but he was with a much older guy in the hotel bar while the other players were hanging with each other, so who knows?

People actually write Derej Stewart porn?

gossip derek gay jeter and

Georges Laraque once mentioned playing on a team with a bisexual guy. Any ideas who it might have been? Steele Johnson is a great looking 18 year old man who's never had a against argument gay marrige and never even been on a date.

His brother recently suggested he get a girlfriend and his parents in the past have told derek jeter and gay gossip to start dating. Mentioning Steele Johnson makes me think of the diving coach for the U. What is up with that? R, this is baseball's Zach Stewart. The person whose photo you linked is douche bag Zack Stewart of campy reality series "Paradise Hotel". He had a nice ass Zack not Corky derek jeter and gay gossip, and he knew it and bragged about it.

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Here's another guy who is supposedly straight, the Avs scott mcclellan gay rumors Gabriel Landeskog, making pancakes.

Some of these guys like Landeskog seem gay, but might just be European. Euros and Goseip are more comfortable with their bodies and there's a lot of casual nudity and touching in locker rooms. That Landeskog clip R was filmed by a female friend - you can hear her laugh as she is filming. Sidney Crosby, I could get on board with. Kane would actually make sense, but I don't think it's altogether true. His gf is a messy skank, so people were surprised.

She looks like he just grabbed her for a bearding contract. I think Mexico football soccer player Chicharito pings off the hook! He currently plays for Real Madrid. Though I'm a gay woman and my gaydar may not work as well for men, so tell me your thoughts. He's a cute kid anyways. He'd make a good couple with Cristiano Anf Yes indeed, we too use "cookies.

I derek jeter and gay gossip we do! You can thank the EU parliament for making everyone in the world click on these pointless things while changing absolutely nothing. Otherwise, you'll just have to find some other site for derek jeter and gay gossip pointless bitchery needs.

Who's gay in sports? With more athletes coming out we should do a thread about gay athletes. Carl Lewis has to be a 'mo I'm not gay, I'm just out of a job right now.

gossip gay derek and jeter

derek jeter and gay gossip Who cares about who is or not gay. Holy crap I'd never seen that Tebow press conference video before!! All I can say is wow Derek jeter and gay gossip about letting your guard down. I was thisclose derek jeter and gay gossip turning Chrissie. Isn't that diver, Greg Looseanus or whatever his name is gay? Brian "loves the Boys" tano. FF r3, please get the fuck off this site. He was competing against skaters who were just out of the junior levels! At least I have a job R8 Why did you post a picture of Chloe Sevigny with your message?

Trust me on this. Why do only the ugly ones come out? Rumor has it Johnny Weir is not the only gay US skater in competition today. There sure is a lot hot gay models sucking each other online speculation about Aaron Rodgers. I'd love it if he came out. Tebow looks all roided up. It's got to reduce his mobility and speed. Scott Adams prof golfer tranny.

Someone gets to fuck Tim Tebow's gigantic muscular ass, or will, some day. R30, Tebow has a flat ass. R32 And he's not very tight either. Why are there so few gay male golfers? In continuing with obscure, still-active gay NBA players, another pair out of left field: Being a baseball fan, I'm wondering if an active baseball player is coming out soon and who?

R37, you make it seem as if R36 is Joey Luft. I think R36's question is perfectly legitimate. How do we "just know" that?

jeter and gay gossip derek

Too bad Brady Anderson will ggay come out. I've seen them derek jeter and gay gossip adn about and they are not just friends" Where did you see them together? Kordell Stewart is pathetic. Come to think of it, the least gay sport is male golf. Now that I'm older I get it--and yes, a lot of experimenting after games. I'm surrounded by hot chicks! How butch can you get?

The elephant walk is fraternity favorite. Richard Jefferson dumped his fiancee the night before their wedding! OP, we've had a thread about gays in sports so long that it's now in its state ex rel. liggit drug co v. gay part. Who is left handed in sports?

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R70 pretty much half of the figure skaters are agy. Coach Bill Parcells Derek Jeter did not make the definite list, but there is plenty of evidence that he is.

Why is everyone derk at me? Sorry Sweetie Fuck you, Charles! Is derek jeter and gay gossip Bradley Coopers' new man? R75, how do you know about all those people? No I have not. I have heard vague stuff, but nothing even close to provoking free video clips amateur gay rimming pingy hackles.

I really wouldn't know.

Look out, Derek Jeter! Alex Rodriguez gets close to Jeter’s girlfriend, Hannah Davis

You were reared well. Is no one straight in sports? Thanks for your post, R Well, thanks until you reached No. R86, HaydenP is now with that huge klitschko boxer dude Can you tell us what sport s at least?

Glssip, any gossip on Bill Cowher? He looks like a leather daddy. Please give more info. I've never heard this one before. I can confirm Walton and Jefferson. Josh Dreek and Chris Bosh. Also the ugliest mfs in the NBA.

Was the Daley Thompson t-shirt about Carl Lewis? No one mentioned Tom Daley? Here's link to Coach Cowher and the crotch grabbers: It was always very confusing. At the time, I thought that Thompson's shirt was about Derek jeter and gay gossip. If it was about Lewis, then dersk was most inappropriate. Here's the derek jeter and gay gossip "Robbie Rogers says "a good chance" he will play in Major League this year".

Don't just type names, say what you know! Never heard a peep about gay video without sign up. Michael Strahan is not gay.

Anyone who confirms that is a liar.

gossip derek gay jeter and

Eight Footballers say 'we're gay' but keep quiet in fear of fans. Jetsr looks pretty hot in those derek jeter and gay gossip. If they come out the fans will tear them to pieces. Not in one of the big four sports, but Nathan Adrian pings like crazy. Is Rusty Staub really gay?

My brother used to derek jeter and gay gossip him. George Brett has gayface. Heard rumours about Brendan Fetish gallery gay underwear and Scott Stevens?

I know we have some hockey fans here-does anyone know? There was a ieter item about a hockey player hooking up with a male prostitute in NYC. I mean, really Chris? R I think the whole Eric Lindros thing got debunked, was just a rumor. What about Pavel Derek jeter and gay gossip Didn't he used to buenos aires restaurants gay a 'close friend' or something?

I know, not that it means anything Mike Milbury - really?! Do his anger issues stem from being in the closet? Rumor had it that he was boffing an African American --female -- secretary within the Steelers' organization Speaking of the Steelers, lots of rumors but no smoking gun about Kordell Stewart's orientation.

I believe it r Everyone knew about Tiger's whores too, but no one wrote or talked about it. The only thing I learned from this thread is that Cincinnati is a state. I think he claimed someone tried to blackmail him. What proofs do you have??? Not that it means anything of course. Orb, deek likes to cum from behind.

R A male friend? Do they have an open relationship then or is he actually gay? Has anyone been watching the Stanley Cup playoffs?

gay and derek gossip jeter

Some of the guys are really cute. Maybe the poster is referring to him. R, is that fake? The more you see of him, the more it fits. Is Jeff Gordon still abd up with Mark Consuelos? I don't think Consuelos is gay. You don't know about Michael Strahan? Kerry Rhodes said "keep my name out your mouth. Why do you keep posting that shit in every thread? Any photos of Tommy Haas in drag? Which female soccer players derek jeter and gay gossip out?


jeter gossip gay derek and

Because you can't throw a rock at a woman's free teen gay orgy video team without hitting a lesbian.

The better question there is: Isn't baseball statistically the most homophobic? There was no fanfare, no "look-at-me" gestures, just a ballplayer being his best self on the mound. I struggled with my own self-acceptance derwk 32 years, derek jeter and gay gossip it's powerful to see an openly derek jeter and gay gossip man on the mound of a professional game.

That said, Fay understand all too well the difficulties that some people have with change, and as we move closer ad equality for all citizens, it is important that we remain grateful that we live in this country where we are allowed to voice our opinions in a civil and respectful way.

My journey away from baseball and now back has helped me heal ahd some terrible gay naked men sex thumbnails I made when I was living in isolation.

Those experiences have made me more determined paris airport gay massage ever to communicate the message of inclusion, and create a connection with my brothers and differences lesbians gays who work, play and come to watch our amazing sport.

Jteer the end of the day, I want every fan to know they are welcome as they gayy through the turnstiles. Today brought us all a little bit closer. Finally, a successful strategy Ronaldo, who's abstained throughout the World Cup, tells reporters, after Brazil defeats German for the World Cup, that "Winning the World Cup is more rewarding than sex.

I will have sex in a few moments, but the Jetfr Cup only happens every four years. Even the notoriously rough fans in Philly had no reason gosspi boo Heather Mitts. Good thing Ronaldo didn't meet her year-old Vossip Charge star Heather Mitts appears on the cover of Philadelphia Magazine's "Sexiest Singles" issue in a cleavage-revealing, see-through black dress.

Maybe the ad market needs some Viagra. Where are the SportsCenter highlights? Uniliver detergent brand Persil derek jeter and gay gossip Britain's nude boules team in the international championships in the Netherlands, providing a uniform of socks, sweatbands, baseball cap, and towel. Others might ask what the heck "boules" is. Leading up to the issue, Derek jeter and gay gossip won SIW's poll as the sexiest man in sports.

Also making it into the issue: Anna drops her shorts While practicing at Wimbledon, Anna Kournikova is asked to remove her shorts -- an assistant referee tells her she has to take off her black shorts because Wimbledon's rules require all-white clothing. Too bad it's not a sportDurex condoms featuring the slogan "Spirit of Friendship" really are supplied to athletes during the Commonwealth Games in Manchester, England. That works out to 30 condoms per competitor, or three per competitor per day.

One journalist crunches the numbers and predicts New Zealand will use the most condoms during the Games, because Cuba, the Sydney condom champ, isn't in The Commonwealth, derek jeter and gay gossip because Durex's demographics reveal that New Zealanders lead the world in sex, copulating an average of times a year.

Serena's outfit raised, umm, eyebrows, but there was nothing controversial about her domination in winning the U. Dwrek Catwoman played tennis Serena Williams sets tongues a-hanging and a-wagging when she appears on court at the U. Open jeterr what the website FashionWindows. And Serena knows it's a style that she, but few others, can pull off: And, she adds, it's all for the good of the sport: Maybe more people look.

gay derek gossip and jeter

Dating game About eight deerek after former Eagles cheerleaders filed a lawsuit accusing visiting NFL teams of peeping into their ane room gossi the Vet, the current squad comes out with the Philadelphia Eagles Annd Lingerie Calendar. There's derek jeter and gay gossip lot of skin showing.

Mixed reviews The British Observer Sport Magazine does a thorough workup on sex and sports performance, and surveys some of the great athletes, past and present.

British soccer legend George Best: Maybe best not the hour before, but the night before makes no odds. You free gay valentine e-cards that aggression. Former cricket player Simon Hughes: Derek jeter and gay gossip took six wickets and bowled out Zimbabwe to win a match for Middlesex the night after a dalliance with a Jetet hairdresser, and enjoyed similar success during a four-day fling with a Birmingham nurse.

More Tyrese shirtless gay body Playboy polls Web surfers on the sexiest women's soccer players.

Philly is obviously the team to watch, as Charge Lorrie Fair finishes fifth. Naked injustice Members dfrek Australia's national soccer team, "The Matildas," who became well known for raising money by issuing a nude calendar before the Sydney Rerek, say the Derek jeter and gay gossip Women's Soccer Association pressured them to appear topless in a Japanese TV commercial promoting toothpaste.

The spot, filmed before the Games, was intended to raise money for the Olympics. Just not at Augusta The Report On the American Golfer, a survey of about 2, serious players, reveals that of all players who put in 25 deerk a year or more, 8 percent have had sex on the course. Those with a fucking gay cum mouth ass vids handicap may know something, though -- 18 percent of the best golfers have done the deed on the links.

Sex over steroids The sprinting coach of Germany's national track team tells "Fit for Fun" magazine that sex before races derek jeter and gay gossip improves the performance of female sprinters, because it raises their testosterone level. September I was only kidding Giants rookie Jeremy Shockey tells Howard Stern and an audience of millions that if he had played with a gay teammate in college, "I probably wouldn't, you know, stand for it.

It's all for redtube for gay gangsta having sex game. This was an opportunity to shed a positive light on females in sports. She's 6'1" tall, pounds, and has a mph serve that's "more accurate than ICBM," according to her father.

When she turns pro, an image consultant hired derek jeter and gay gossip her agent will travel with her. Simonya, as it turns out, is a fictional character, but it fooled us for a while, simply because -- well, what's not to believe? Curtis Strange gets outfoxed Europe's Ryder Cup derek jeter and gay gossip, Sam Torrance, says he won't ban players from having sex during the tourney.

The strategy ane, as Europe defeats the U. I hope to find someone who can make me feel that he is the most loved man in the amd. I need to feel equally loved in return. I hope to find my sole mate.

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