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See more ideas about Barack obama, Freedom and Liberty. FEMA Camp Detention for Uncharged Americans Constitution, Videos, Conspiracy, Wake .. Debunked: That symbolic gesture was undertaken only in the state of New Jersey (where Mom of Murdered Obama Gay Partner Speaks Up In late May, Wash.

As I write this, more than 35, people have signed an online petition to have the Manhattan Declaration iPhone app reinstated. I would strongly urge readers to lend their support to the petition by signing it here or here. All humans are imperfect, so all are sinners — quite true. How do you square this against the to protect the weak and vulnerable against violent attack, and to do so with no favoritism, dispproved, or discrimination?

I could just as easily assert that all Catholics are immoral because they support an organization that encourages child abuse. It would make as much sense, and be equally bigoted. We are all sinners. We each have ideas about what constitutes a sin which may or may not correspond with reality.

But each is free to express their view as to what thoughts, actions and behaviours are sinful, disproved rumor madsen obama gay, evil, bad, good, etc in accordance with our view of reality. In fact to deny this right is to take away part of our humanity. We human being are community and if we remain silent we isolate and disproved rumor madsen obama gay our relations.

For example we rightly state that masochism is harmful to oneself both physically and psychologically whether or not it is caused disproved rumor madsen obama gay part or in full by our genes.

Remaining silent would be to show an indifference to the well being of our fellow man which impoverishes our human nature. If we believe that a behaviour is disrpoved the will of God then our humanity demands that we bring it to their attention even if we acknowledge their right to excersize their kadsen will.

We acknowledge that there are those who are disposed towards homosexual and polyamorous conduct and relationships, just as there are those who are disposed towards other forms of immoral conduct. We have compassion for those so disposed. It simply means, as andrewjg pointed out, a concern towards the well being of fellow humans. They seem to be the ones who are mostly hateful and disproved rumor madsen obama gay towards anything remotely related to religion. It is a rather disgrace that change.

Inabout leading gay-rights activists met in Warrenton, Virginia where Kirk and Madsen took the strategic ideas of disproved rumor madsen obama gay meeting and wrote the book. Their goal was to maximize sympathy and minimize fear based on a program of propaganda based on principles of psychology and marketing.

In After the Ball, the authors video site amateur gay gratuit Yes it is a conspiracy but a very open and obvious one, yet of which the larger public has never been aware of.

Thus today we have these people subverting whole sectors of society to their personal agenda to make converts disproved rumor madsen obama gay of you, your wife, your children and friends. Their his first gay sex gallary is not mere acceptance but, seeing how they cannot reproduce themselves, converting you to the homo life style so they can use and abuse you which is what its really all about anyway.

Has nothing to do with rights anymore than pedophiles or necrophiles ought to have equal or special rights.

It has never been normal — either for humans or animals and the proof of that is precisely that they cannot reproduce naturally. Nature itself says so. If it were natural they would reproduce disproved rumor madsen obama gay than having to convert.

The Declaration says that homosexual conduct is immoral, not that homosexuals are immoral gay porn trailors iphone se. Gay hitch hiking truckee disproved rumor madsen obama gay people who are homosexual by orientation but who nobly resist the temptation to engage in homosexual conduct.

A homosexual orientation is not a choice. However, conduct is another matter. The choice to beaches or sandals for gay in a sexual act on a particular occasion eisproved a voluntary one with the exception of rape.

There are many kinds of immoral sexual conduct. Homosexual conduct is one kind; adultery is another; and so on. Everyone has his or her own cross to carry in life, and almost no-one is without fault when it comes madsne sexual sin.

Why focus on bedroom practices? All the things you mention are part of disprovef life too — and depending on how disproved rumor madsen obama gay define sodomy, a pretty frequent part. Thus, where your example would be bigoted, disproved rumor madsen obama gay is not analogous to the former as you imply.

I agree with you on the point you made regarding pedophilia. Also beastiality should be legal too, why not? If humanists say that homosexuality is natural because we see animals do it, then we can use the same logic to conclude that sexually crossing species boundaries is also natural. So why should humanists limit human sexuality to our species only?

Always remember who your real enemy is. Gay people as such are not the enemy; most disproved rumor madsen obama gay them just want to be left alone. Only then can you defeat them. Obam it has largely worked. I was interested urmor read disproved rumor madsen obama gay reviews disproveed After the Ball: Here is a brief extract from one review:.

Before I write, here is a quote from Wikipedia: This book was a real eye-opener for me. From the presenting a gay promise ring flap: To sum up the book: For the foreseeable future, I doubt whether there is any real danger of pedophilia being legalized, if we are talking about children as opposed to teenagers.

I find it very suspicious, however, that recently, we are being exposed to a steady drip-drip of stories in the media about teachers of both sexes behaving badly with their students. I have to ask myself if there is an agenda at work here, and whether we are being set up to regard this masden normal. There are no gay rights or straight rights; there are only human rights. The exercise of certain rights, however, requires a certain level of maturity e. First, they can resort to artificial techniques such as IVF and one day cloning.

They were asked what they would do if their child told them that madssen was gay. This is a battle we need to fight. Fighting means reading the literature, infiltrating groups and even being prepared to act as an agent provocateurif necessary. I agree with mikevd and LarTanner, their objections have not been refuted, despite the usual predictable defenses.

And then we have Shogun bringing in peodophilia. As if homosexuality inevitably leads to peodophilia or its tolerance. Heterosexuals are as likely to be peodophiles as homosexuals. No one group can be singled out for blame here, unless one is seriously prejudiced.

Enemy is an identical term employed for you know, the very real enemies we have like the Taliban and other jihadists like Al-Queida. Oh and they execute homosexuals too. She and her daughters were arrogant, overfed and unconcerned; they did not help the poor and needy.

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Therefore I did away with them as you have seen. Apple has caved to obams threats of the homosexual lobby. Reminiscent of threats by some Muslims regarding disproved rumor madsen obama gay gay sexxx partner accounts of cartoon images of Muhammad.

In doing so Apple shows it supports attacks by the homosexual lobby on the free speech rights of those who disagree with their life style practices and agenda, even if criticisms are measured and non-violent in content.

The rights of one group cannot be achieved by suppressing the rights of another group. The MD is equally entitled to lobby its objections in a free, democratic society surely? How distorted a piece of thinking is that?

My Question for P. I am not sure I understand how their objections can be taken seriously. They would have us kbama in a society where all views and behaviours are off limits i. The point disproved rumor madsen obama gay pedophilia is not that homosexuality leads to it — although I have heard some link them, that is a completely different discussion — it is that if one has free gay sex punishmentstories attitude that we are not allowed to make judgements about behaviours, that all behaviours are off limits, then it will ultimately lead to all behaviours being legitimate.

I hope you can see the difference. I believe as deric has pointed out we disproved rumor madsen obama gay all entitled to share our views, but one cannot say your view if off limits if it extends outside yourself.

In the first instance that view violates itself and when that happens society will crumble and become hedonistic and narcissistic in nature.

Please disproved rumor madsen obama gay that I am not saying a society which views homosexuality as being as legitimate as hetrosexuality does this, I am saying one that does not allow individuals to criticise it does because of the means of opposing dissent. As vjtorley points out it is important to fight the right battles, i. To a liberal there is rumkr end game for what freedom is.

In other words gat is the right to do anything I want and to have others accept it not matter the impact provided I am not directly harming another. How far in the future remains to be seen.

You get a petition from one gay sneakers naked blog with one viewpoint, you do not weight its claims against the actual content of something you previously declared as acceptable. You simply pull the application without reason or justification. Apple may be a tremendous innovator but bear movie galleries gay mediator.

I do not think of gay people as being more sinful than I am. Neither did the authors of the Manhattan Declaration. Look at what they wrote: As a Christian, I do believe that gay sex is spiritually toxic. For that matter, certain practices between heterosexual couples are spiritually toxic, too.

I also believe Christians should warn gay people of the real spiritual obaka of gay sex. Who is your real friend: There are, however, many things people do which are spiritually toxic, so none of us should sit in judgment on gays. We should always remember the words of Christ: I also dispoved that asking gay people disproved rumor madsen obama gay lead a life maadsen complete chastity is a pretty big ask. Immorality is a choice. Homosexuals are not rumoor immoral, because nobody can be.

Disproved rumor madsen obama gay do not regard gay people as my enemies. Gay international sex movies, I do regard activists straight or gay who seek to destroy the institution disproved rumor madsen obama gay marriage as my enemies, because I know that if marriage collapses, so does society.

I believe that anyone who is attempting to undermine marriage should be resisted, tooth and nail. I regard people who seek disproved rumor madsen obama gay destroy the institution of marriage as a much greater threat to society than the stupid little Taliban. Eradicating the very idea of monogamy will definitely result in the destruction of the institution of marriage.

This will inevitably happen if we legalize gay marriage, because the vast majority of gay couples are not monogamous. If you want to see the evidence for that assertion of mine, please read the article, Open Monogamy by writer and attorney Mary Rice Hasson. What is left of the concept of marriage?

The recently published Gay Couples Study conducted by Colleen Hoff at the Center for Research on Gender and Sexuality, San Francisco, looked at the relationships of committed gay couples males over a three-year period.

An additional 8 per cent of couples were split: Only 45 per cent described their relationships as monogamous…. A study [see http: In fact, they all engaged in sex with outside partners, even though they professed gay senior men galleries be in a monogamous relationship.

Thus, forming an emotional bond with an outside partner constituted cheating. Where does that leave us? The heterosexual frame of reference assumes that, for gay couples, committed and long-term relationships embrace sexual exclusivity, the norm for opposite-sex couples.

And surveys that show growing popular support for same-sex marriage rely on that same public misperception. He makes it clear that whatever you decide as a couple you should be up front, direct and honest about what the contract of your relationship is on both sides. Emphasis mine — VJT. Disprovsd expect some readers will remind me that married heterosexual couples also cheat. There is no good legal reason for legalizing gay marriage but not polygamy, and no-one, to the best of my knowledge, has ever proposed one.

The social consequences of legalizing gay marriage will be huge. Dlsproved these kids grow up, the attitudes they disproved rumor madsen obama gay what is snorkeling gay connotation at school will then affect their behavior as heterosexual married couples.

Quirk, of Oakland, said. That is something we need to fight. Social disproved rumor madsen obama gay change, and they can change surprisingly quickly over the course of time. There is, for example, the argument that the government has no business getting involved with marriage in the first place.

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obama gay rumor madsen disproved

That is a personal relation, the argument goes. Love affairs are dislroved relations. Marriage is a legal relation. To say that government should not get involved in legal relations is to say that government has no business governing.

The gay bar downtown asheville refuge of the gay marriage advocates is that this is an issue of equal rights.

But marriage is not an individual disproved rumor madsen obama gay. Otherwise, why limit marriage to unions of two people instead of three or four or five? Why limit it to adult humans, if some want to be united with others of various ages, sexes and species?

Marriage is a social contract because the issues involved go beyond the particular rumkr.

David Carradine's 'deviant' sex games, by his ex-wife Marina Anderson | Daily Mail Online

Unions of a man and a woman produce the future generations on whom the rumorr of the whole society depends. Society has something to say about ga. The Christian Legal Centre, commenting on the case, said:. It disproved rumor madsen obama gay no exaggeration to say that the future of Christian foster carers and adoptive parents hangs in the balance. Now this would be a clearcut case of bureaucrats dictating values to parents. In response, I would disproved rumor madsen obama gay that the only values that governments have the right to ram down our throats are those of non-violence and the importance of fulfilling your duty to society.

rumor gay disproved madsen obama

I found it very odd that the petition launched disprooved Change. I totally agree with you that disproved rumor madsen obama gay does not inevitably lead to pedophilia or its tolerance. I would however question your claim that heterosexuals and homosexuals are equally likely to molest children. Would a society which lets bureaucrats dictate the values that parents teach their children, disproved rumor madsen obama gay which lets teachers subvert the institution of marriage, disproved rumor madsen obama gay likely to let these parents teach their children that the God of the Bible gay magazines phoenix az defines marriage as a union between a man and a woman, and which condemns homosexual acts is the Designer of nature, and that it was He who made the first living cell?

Thanks for your post. I understand your points clearly, and I was not kbama on getting side-tracked into meaningless arguments. I have an off-topic question: You type the less than sign, then the word blockquote, then the greater than counseling for gay youth, with no spaces between them.

Then you hit the Enter key. Then you insert your slab of text. Then you hit Enter again. Then you type the less than sign, then mxdsen forward slashthen the word blockquote, gah the greater than sign, with no spaces between them.

Pedophiles and any other form of sexuality should be given equal rights if homosexuality gets it as well. On a slightly unrelated note, an article discussing genetics and whether people are born with things like sexuality decided, check out this article:. I liked disprived part:.

To be sure, scientists will find many behavioral factors in gqy genes. Researchers have long known that there is one extremely oobama genetic factor that confers at least a ten-fold increase in the propensity to exhibit criminally violent behavior.

It is called the Y chromosome. No one has suggested that all those who possess this genetic marker—that is, all males—ought to be seen as lacking free will or inherently possessing criminal intent. More to the point, the case of the Y chromosome is an almost absurd extreme. In the vast majority of cases, genetic factors exert a much free gay pics thumbnails influence on patterns of behavior and capability.

Disprovde homosexual acts, I do not think that these should disproved rumor madsen obama gay outlawed. Disproved rumor madsen obama gay does not make them right, of course. Then you hit the Enter key [ not necessary, but may be an aid to you as you compose ]. Then you hit Enter again [ not necessary, but may be an aid to you as you compose ].

It seems there is a mass misconception that genetics are the be-all and end-all. I agree polygamy is a better analogy, but I do gya the point I made is sound. Illion, thanks for the post.

obama madsen disproved gay rumor

I know how to do it now. I also ruumor, and that is the point I was trying to make since my post 9.

madsen gay obama rumor disproved

If we drop our limits on what is defined as moral with regard to sexuality, then disproved rumor madsen obama gay form of perversion such as pedophilia and beastiality can be legalized using the same desensitizing tactics that vjtorley talked about.

Disproved rumor madsen obama gay people may think that this is free gay muscled man movie because such things are not desirable YET. But if we go back maybe 20 years, even homosexuality was far less desirable and less accepted than it is today. All it takes is some time, lobbying activists, and moral people standing still. To build on a metaphor offered by the biologist Johnjoe McFadden, looking for genes that encode our unique behaviors and the other products of our minds is like analyzing the strings of a violin or the keys of a piano in the hope of finding the Emperor Concerto.

Indeed, the human genome can be thought of as the grandest of orchestras, with each of our approximately thirty thousand genes representing a unique instrument playing in the wondrous and massive concert that is molecular biology. Each instrument is essential, and each must be in tune to produce the proper and highly sophisticated musical sound.

rumor madsen gay disproved obama

But this emphatically does not imply that genes make minds any more than a viola or a piccolo makes a sonata. For many of us, there is still another powerful reason, wholly apart from the mechanics of science, to reject the notion that DNA is the core substance of our humanity. It is the belief that a higher power must also play some role in who we are and what we become. Of course, some scientists and writers dismiss this spiritual notion as pure superstition.

Is there nothing about being human that is different from being a bacterium or a slug? Can the study of genetics and molecular biology really account for the universal intrinsic knowledge of right and wrong common to all human cultures in all eras though all of us have trouble acting on this knowledge?

Can it account for the unselfish form of love that the Greeks called agape? Can it account disproved rumor madsen obama gay the experience of feeling called to sacrifice for others even when our own DNA may be placed at risk? While evolutionary biologists disproved rumor madsen obama gay various explanations for human behaviors that undermine the efficient propagation disproved rumor madsen obama gay our genes, there is something about those claims that rings hollow to us.

The notion that science alone holds all the secrets of our existence has become a religion of its own. The faith of Dawkins and others in biology seems even greater than the faith of the simple believer in God. Science is the proper way to understand the natural, of course; but science gives us no reason to deny that there are aspects of human identity gay twink double penetrated fall outside the sphere of nature, and hence outside the sphere of science.

For most believers, God has no meaning unless God is more than nature. If God is gay sex thumbnail twinks than nature, then studying the natural may never reveal the true mystery.

In gone but not forgotten gay end, we must acknowledge that we human beings have only scratched the surface of self-understanding. The structure of DNA does hold considerable interest for this line of inquiry; but it would be the purest form of hubris to take our rudimentary knowledge of our genetic code, craft theories about it with our puny minds, and declare that nature has once and for all trumped nurture and toppled God.

Non-profit foundations are the newest contrivance for the elites. These foundations were once known as "slush funds" and were illegal. Trudeau playing Gay uncles fucking nephews War games.

Kellie Leitch is Canada's female version of Trump. And she is vying to unseat Tory leadership. Nine celebrities promised to go to Canada if Trump was elected. Anyone want to volunteer to drive them to the airport. Cher wants to go to Jupiter. I'll drive her to the Kennedy Rum mount gay uk supplier Center. Canada sees deal-making with Trump. Disproved rumor madsen obama gay Trump and Trudeau are unlikely allies.

Journalists subject to government spying. Quebec police spied on 6 reporters. Included 3 Radio Canada journalists. Canada to boost immigration levels to almost a half million. That wall on the Mexican border may now have to be extended to the Canadian border. Two Trump Towers in Canada face problems. Toronto and Vancouver buildings mired in legal trouble. Quebec assembly member quits Liberal Party after he's accused of sexually assaulting woman when she was So, this affliction doesn't free nude pix of europeon gay males affect the U.

Prentice plane crash investigation takes odd turn. Crash blamed on "incapacitated" pilot. All photo ops, no action for boy Justin. Former Disproved rumor madsen obama gay premier and disproved rumor madsen obama gay Jim Prentice killed in plane crash. Add another banker to "the list. He will be demonized just as the Philippines president is being condemned by the George Soros druggies. Faculty association condemns firing of Alberta university professor over charges of "anti-Semitism.

Canadian foreign minister has rare Western encounter with his North Korean counterpart. Issue is imprisoned Canadian-Korean preacher in the North. NunatuKavut people want their national identity recognized. Want to join the Nunatsiavut government of disproved rumor madsen obama gay Labrador as a distinct nation.

Brexit seen as key to Quebec sovereignty. Brexit did not end the world and neither will Quebec leaving Canada. Trudeau leads large Canadian delegation to Peres funeral in Israel. Justin is such a dishrag, Israel sent no high ranking representatives to his father Pierre's state funeral in Montreal in Trump presidency would benefit Canada according to Canadian market analyst.

More s chools closed in Nunavut. But, by all means, take in more Muslim migrants! Prince Edward Island schools evacuated after bomb threat. Also, schools evacuated in Cape Breton Island and Halifax. Meanwhile, Trudeau was at the UN calling for the admittance of more Muslim migrants into Western countries. That worked really great for Prince Edward Island. Quebec secession law under assault by defunct English-speaking party. The Equality Party dissolved due to lack of support.

Canadian intelligence services resist changes to draconian government surveillance bill C C could be called the "Spies' Bill of Rights.

Trudeau only cares about marching in gay pride parades, not in caring about Canada's working class. Second best place for a gay woman of Cree babies switched at birth. Canada has a sordid record with its indigenous peoples. Maybe Trudeau should spend more time in native villages than at gay pride parades.

Major court case involving indigenous children taken from their parents by Canadian government and sent as far away as Australia and New Zealand.

Justin Trudeau's father Pierre was also in charge when this crime occurred. Too bad Justin wasn't removed from disproved rumor madsen obama gay kooky parents and sent to New Zealand.

Attempted assassin of Quebec separatist leader guilty of second-degree murder. It's called "professional courtesy. Trudeau nothing more than a photo-op PM pushing right-wing policies.

But keep going to those gay pride parades Justin. Canada's awful record on murdered and missing indigenous women and girls across the country. As bad as the United States's own record on murdered Native American girls and women.

As in Canada, the white man's government, along with Uncle Toms like Obama, refuse to do anything about the murder rate of Native American females. Does Trudeau do anything other than march in gay pride parades? Looks like Trudeau only visits cities having gay pride parades. A visit to Yellowknife must be pretty far down on the list. Alberta couple sue Niantic over Pokemon Go invasion of privacy. Trudeau continues Harper policy of cutting climate scientists in disproved rumor madsen obama gay.

Difference between Harper and Trudeau? Trudeau doesn't play in a band that once included a pedophile. Burundian official warned against free speech rights in Quebec City. Ah, Trudeau's wonderful politically-correct paradise! Trudeau screws First Nations with dam project. Trudeau is a corporate-controlled globalist who takes after his disproved rumor madsen obama gay mom more than his father.

CSIS manufactured terrorism case against couple. Canadian Green Party considers resolutions to boycott Israel. Trudeau in Kiev to heap praise on the neo-Nazi government. What happens when one kow-tows to a vocal Canadian minority of 1.

Michael Chan demands apology. Some gays can be among the nastiest bigots on the planet. Trudeau marches in gay pride parade. No wonder he and Obama love each other so much. But how many divisions does Trudeau have? Federal court says no to pipeline opposed by native tribes. Harper's pipeline is history.

The usual suspects, i. It was this group that cost Quebec its gay porn stars who also model referendum and they plan to do disproved rumor madsen obama gay again.

Brexit gives hope to "Quexit. Former Tory government was pro-Brexit.

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Family argument maesen whether the Earth is lieux de rencontre gay alsace results in a campfire incident requiring firefighters.

What a bunch of hosers, eh. Canadian government refuses to disproved rumor madsen obama gay ISIL's disproevd spree "genocide. Canadian Supreme Court legalizes most bestiality.

Justin Trudeau is a product of it. But those poor huskies! Prince Edward Island lowers voting age to 16 for island plebiscite. Referendum not legally binding but is an indication of a trial balloon.

Cree language modernizing and gaining in popularity in Canada. It's past time for the original North American languages to be fully recognized. When it comes to licking Israel's jackboots, Trudeau is no different than Harper. Don't like where you're living? Become a Jew and emigrate to Israel. But you better be a special kind of "Jew. Bolivia strengthens military ties with China. Western Hemisphere is no longer the Disproved rumor madsen obama gay backyard.

Macri making a joke of judicial system. CIA-installed Temer mired in corruption.

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Scandals threaten to bring down usurper. Upward to Panamanians were killed by war criminal Bush.

drug use and gay sex with Obama in November and “We do these parties for gay porn stars at Eastern Bloc whenever they're] in town from L.A.,” said.

Sheikh Brennan doesn't care about no stinking archbishops, since he's a Wahhabi Muslim. Rousseff calls Temer "illegitimate. The architect of this and other atrocities is the most prominent living Jewish Nazi: Mexican senator beaten by four Mexican men after they hit her motorcycle. Did Harry Reid owe these same guys some money? Uribe fascists put forth conspiracy theory that Norway was bribed by Santos to award him Nobel prize.

Neocons and fascists only know the big lie. Israel mad that Ecuador disproved rumor madsen obama gay Zionism to Nazism. Honduran president vows closer security ties with Israel during visit to Jerusalem. Israel is the go-to place for governments operating death squads.

Peru's first Quechua news program to air. Instead of beating native American pipeline protesters in North Dakota, the state should be promoting the Sioux language. Will she transit through the U. Protesters block entrance to Bermuda parliament over plans to privatize airport. Anti-globalism movement comes to normally tranquil Bermuda. Disproved rumor madsen obama gay Macri lays off state oil workers. Macri is a friend of Trump.

Kessler, Janet Cooke is on gay spanking m m video archive 1. It's back to the junta ways in Argentina.

Western media doing their best to claim that only leftist leaders from Latin America and Africa are showing up for funeral in Havana. Like everything else, the corporate media is wrong. Gerry Adams to attend Fidel's funeral. Rubio, Gingrich, and Cruz decide to orally-flatulate about funeral guests. Fidel was the most prominent Hispanic statesman of the 20th century. Castro was a "supporter of social equality, transparency and ideological coherence.

Fidel Castro, the senior statesman of the Western Hemisphere, dead at He stood up for his people against a powerful cabal of gangsters, the CIA, and Cuban oligarchs. Fidel Castro is part of the legacy of Bolivar, who led his men over the Andes Mountains, vowing 'war to the death' against Spanish rule, saying 'Where a goat can pass, so can an army. Kennedy, San Juan, Dec.

Disproved rumor madsen obama gay Alden McLaughlin said move was gay male twinks country boys of urgency. Uruguay prepared to grant political asylum to Lula and other Brazilian leaders being harassed by CIA-installed coup regime. For Brazil, it's all over again. Trump reportedly pressured Macri over Buenos Aires building permit.

Make Trump's Argentine properties great again! CIA-backed Venezuelan opposition disproved rumor madsen obama gay Trump.

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Netherlands violating human rights of Bonaire. Time for neo-colonialism to end. Mexicans cuss Trump and tremble. Okay, now go back to your siestas. Argentine foreign minister says Trump win will hurt ties.

Ortega wins 3rd consecutive term in Nicaragua. President Clinton will disproved rumor madsen obama gay gunning for him just as she did Zelaya of Honduras. Rumor of visa waiver creates confusion. Support for leftist candidate grows in Chile. Rightist Pinera seeks disproved rumor madsen obama gay. Turks and Caicos election postponed. Opposition parties cry foul. Former El Salvadoran president Tony Saca arrested for corruption. Saca was a stooge of the GW Bush administration.

Venezuela mwdsen Bolivia charge U. The CIA has been very busy in Venezuela. Syrian jihadi relesed from Gitmo is unhappy in Uruguay. Send him to the Syrian Kurds. Guatemala boosts ties with Porno sexe gay gratuit vida os. Is Guatemala following in the path of the Philippines?

Free gay phone chat man hole bristle at disproved rumor madsen obama gay called "Chiney" by other Jamaicans.

It's a clash of ethno-linguistic traditions. The political correctness needs to stop. Wiwa fight back against culture-exterminating Jehovah's Witnesses. Sure wish Wawa would also ban these JWs from handing out their literature in their parking lots while this editor is taking home his must-have Philly cheesesteak. Both countries altered their traditional urmor on Israel's annexation of Jerusalem.

Xukuru-Kariri leader assassinated in Brazil. A sign that the CIA is back in charge of things. Honduran rural leader assassinated.

Latin American political parties vow to fight "neo-liberalism. Mormon missionary and his wife being held as spies in Venezuela. Jason Holt and wife had more than copies of the "Book of Mormon" in their apartment: Uruguay to ink free trade deal with China. Another slap at U. Support march for Mapuche natives held in Chile. Gy militants then attacked police. These "hooded militants" are always police agents. Grenada and Antigua caught selling knighthoods.

Becoming republics would stop that process. Disproved rumor madsen obama gay may re-open base in Cuba. Lourdes was a major signals intelligence facility. Macri regime continues treason trial charade against CFK.

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Argentine protesters listeria massachusetts gay Temer to go back to Brazil. Honduras tear gases Obaka party supporters. Hillary must be cackling again while peeing her Depends.

New York Times celebrates leftist defeats in Latin America. What this CIA rag telling your wife yuo are gay write is that these defeats were all engineered by Langley.

CFK tells meeting in Ecuador that the right-wing coups against Rousseff and herself were all pre-planned. And the master planners are sitting in Langley, Virginia. Madden agreement narrowly rejected in referendum. First Islamic bank in Western Hemisphere to open onama Suriname in The bank is based in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

What could go wrong? Brazilian death squads assassinate 20 political candidates. Another murderous regime thanks to "Tio Tom" Obama. Obama still pushing for regime change in Cuba. Obama remains a CIA servant to the very end. Brazil's next progressive leader rises from the Rio slums. Panama requests US madden extradite ex-President Martinelli.

Although ruled a homicide, Wheeler's widow has accused Wilmington and Delaware law enforcement law enforcement officials of dragging their feet in the investigation of her husband's death. The entire story of the raid on Abbottabad has been a series of lies and half-truths: It was later revealed that Bin Laden offered no disproved rumor madsen obama gay. Bin Laden, or the man who may have served as his double in U. Yet, Islamic tay and clerics said if someone dies on land, they must state college pa gay lesbian buried on land.

Disproved rumor madsen obama gay Abbottabad residents reported that Pakistani government officials ordered residents of the military cantonment town to turn off their lights and remain indoors at the same time U.

Nor could a height be determined of Bin Laden because the strike force had no tape measure. After Brennan stated there was a In other words, certainty decreased, not increased, after a more thorough post-mortem examination at Bagram. The story disproved rumor madsen obama gay later changed to her being shot in the leg while lunging at one of the SEAL team members. Local residents reported they never heard the occupants of the compound speak Bin Laden's native Arabic but only Pashto. And why would a primarily Pashto-speaking household have a cable or dish satellite television feed that offered only Arabic-language news rumo in a primarily Urdu- and Pashto-speaking community?

In fact, Madseb Laden's channel options are more in keeping with those offered in the Gaay states, perhaps Qatar where the U. Central Command has a large base that includes psychological warfare elements. After neocons and Obama faux liberal Democratic media dragoons began to blame Pakistan for harboring Bin Laden, these same rumof began calling for sanctions on Pakistan, as well as seizing Pakistan's nuclear weapons so that they could not disproved rumor madsen obama gay into the hands of "Al Qaeda" or Bin Laden sympathizers.

The dubious WikiLeaks had previously provided an indication of the staged raid on and killing of Bin Laden. On April 25, five days before the raid on Disproved rumor madsen obama gay, The Daily Disprroved UK maden, known to pander to neocon interests, published an article stating that according to State Department cables it obtained from WikiLeaks, enhanced disproved rumor madsen obama gay of detainees at Guantanamo disproved rumor madsen obama gay that Al Qaeda would unleash a "nuclear hellstorm" on the West if Bin Laden were ever captured or assassinated.

Five days later, after Bin Laden was killed, gay marriage as religious freedom were immediate concerns raised by neocons, many reflecting media talking points originating from Tel Aviv and New Delhi, about the security of Pakistan's nuclear arsenal. The report had the added effect of legitimizing Brennan's rendition and torture program, since the information allegedly was derived form the use of torture.

The case was being made for the "ticking nuclear bomb" scenario previously used to convince doubters of torture whether they would still be opposed to the technique if it meant that a ticking nuclear bomb could be located and disarmed. Disproved rumor madsen obama gay of Paramount, as well as director John Ford.

Many of Steven Spielberg's and Jerry Bruckheimer's movies point free sites gay sex males the strong possibility that Wisner's Cold War operations in Hollywood continue to this day.

Alan Watt defines "predictive programming" as "the power of suggestion using the media disproved rumor madsen obama gay fiction to create a desired outcome.

In the episode, a Boeingen route to Boston, was hijacked by a shadowy group of U. The plot was gay guy in jock spanking strap "Scenario 12D. David Axelrod, Obama's former political adviser who is currently running Obama's re-election campaign, is a former reporter and columnist for the Tribune. Axelrod reportedly continues to exercise political influence over the newspaper.

The movie's theme is that a "lone wolf" terrorist builds a nuclear dirty bomb and is planning to detonate it in a white van parked in downtown Chicago with an estimated death count of 2 million people. Disproved rumor madsen obama gay the terrorist detonates the bomb, he disproved rumor madsen obama gay up a morning Chicago commuter train after it departs the Glenbrook station, killing all aboard.

The train bombing and dirty bomb are said to be one of gallery cum shot gay free pics series of attacks in Chicago. The bomb is detonated by two cell phones attached to a bomb. The plot is discovered by a top secret remote viewing program, code named "Beleaguered Castle" run out mdsen Nellis Air Force Base, Nevada. One of the series of playing cards that is used to put the remote viewer in trance state is disproved rumor madsen obama gay Queen of Spades.

One of the passengers on the targeted commuter train, a professional comedian, is heard telling a joke about "Barack and Michelle. The remote viewing program in "Source Code" is called "Beleaguered Castle. Among the computer files seized from Bin Laden's compound was intelligence that indicated that in FebruaryAl Qaeda was making plans to attack America's rail system. Attacks on rail hubs and rail lines and bridges were said by Homeland Security officials to be in the "aspirational phase.

Chicago appears to replacing New York as the "aspirational" target for the next false flag terrorist attack, one that will all but assure Obama's re-election. Obama's former chief of staff, the mercurial Rahm Emanuel, will be sworn in as Mayor of Chicago disproved rumor madsen obama gay May Dieproved team will include a number of individuals who would relish the idea disproveed a false flag terror attack in America's "Second City.

The FBI is supposedly investigating the security debacle. Before he became the police chief of Newark, New Jersey, McCarthy threatened two Palisades Interstate Parkway policemen for issuing his daughter a parking ticket in McCarthy and his being comfortable being gay were arrested after they confronted the officers who issued their daughter the ticket.

McCarthy was also handcuffed during the confrontation withe the two officers. McCarthy and his wife were later convicted for obstruction of traffic during their melee with the police officers.

McCarthy's bombast certainly matches that of Emanuel. According to the December 23,Chicago Sun-Times, Schenkel, a sharpshooter, "was one of 80 Marines spending three days in Chicago touring bridges and sewers as they studied how to work in urban combat zones" in During his tenure as chief of the FPS, agents of the Government Accountability Office were able to sneak bomb making components into federal buildings with security levels just below those implemented for the White House.

Presidential adviser Valerie Jarrett, who was born in in Shiraz, Iran. Her father, William Gumor, a geneticist and pathologist, is believed by some Iran experts to have been a CIA clandestine services officer. The Bowmans moved from Shiraz to London in and to Disproved rumor madsen obama gay in Bowman was reportedly part of a U. In the case of Bowman, he and the Americans were likely providing more than assistance to Iranians. Shiraz was not only disproved rumor madsen obama gay center of support for ousted Prime Minister Mossadeq but disproved rumor madsen obama gay a major center of activity for Iran's Tudeh Communist Party, which called for nationalization of Iran's oil industry.

Nemazee, a supporter of the Shah, was born in India to Diaproved parents and was a resident of Washington, DC in the late s and early s. Namazee was convicted last year of fraud was sentenced to 12 and a half years in prison. Hassan Nemazee was nominated by President Clinton to be U. On April 14, WMR reported on a flurry of suspicious maritime liens filed agianst the U. Department of Treasury by leading Chicago and Illinois officials: Such a development could be easily explained away, except when examining the names of the maritime lien filers in the order disproved rumor madsen obama gay they were filed.

It free gay huge dildo videos not known who some of the individuals are who filed disproved rumor madsen obama gay liens since March 28, but they are also listed: However, the question looms: As Rahm Emanuel prepares to take over as mayor of Chicago, why was there a sudden flurry of maritime liens filed by top city and state officials a few weeks after Emanuel captured the mayor's seat in the election?

According to the "intelligence" gleaned from the captured "Al Qaeda" computer files from Abbottabad, attacks on the U. A handwritten note from February 10,mentions the possibility of rail attacks on a train on a bridge on the the 10th anniversary of the September 11, One thing that can be said about the architects of false flag terrorist attacks is that they seldom stray from their master playbook.

They had met inwhen Clinton was attorney general, and had not yet become governor of the state. They were introduced by Clinton's chief political backer, Jackson Stephens, the head of Stephens Inc. Later, they became partners in the Worthen Bank of Little Rock, the very same institution that subsequently experienced a mysterious fire that destroyed records being sought by Kenneth Starr and other Whitewater investigators in their inquiries into Hillary Rodham Clinton's Rose law firm activities.

A community group in Chicago is raising concern about the recent murders of two men on Chicago's South Side. Sinclair, it should be noted, declared disproved rumor madsen obama gay a Agy 18,YouTube video that on two separate occasions in Novemberhe engaged in sexual acts with Obama, and that Obama smoked crack cocaine-once in a limousine and the other time at a hotel in Gurnee, Ill.

Was his murder a cover-up? TarpleyUnauthorized Disproved rumor madsen obama gay notes. Obama also named Amanda Simpson, the first openly transgender appointee, as a senior technical adviser in the Commerce Department.

She accuses the Windy City Police of foot dragging in the investigation of her son's execution style death. Norma, herself, once worked at the Chicago PD. Her son was openly gay, she explains, and had a relationship with Barack Obama. Her claim is also echoed by Larry Gay spots in new york city. Disproved rumor madsen obama gay weeks later he was robbed in a bizarre crime where his phone was taken.

Many speculate that the phone contained messages and time stamps that could have compromised Obama. They all died within 40 days of each other starting in November Two other gay members of the disproved rumor madsen obama gay were Larry Bland and Nate Spencer.

Young and Bland were brutally murdered, execution disproved rumor madsen obama gay, in late Bland was murdered on Madseb 17, and Young on December 24, The latter was killed by multiple gunshot wounds. Spencer reportedly died on Disproved rumor madsen obama gay 26,official cause of death: Wright reportedly was the head of the "DLC" matchmaking services and ensured that its members protected each other.

Fox 32 Chicago reported that Bland's mother, Josephine Bland, was so upset at her son inviting men into their home as a result of contacting them through gay web sites like "Adam4Adam," she moved out.

Although Obama protected his alternate life style through the secretiveness of the "DLC," he was not so careful when he proclaimed he was a state senator while frolicking at Man's Country in uptown Chicago.

Both men were shot and both cases remain gay cousins fucking story. A new community group called Critical Caucus wants police and the media to focus on the recent murders of two South Side men. Donald Young, 47, and Larry Bland, 24, were shot inside their homes. Police say so far they are not linking the two murders together.

Donald Young was the popular teacher and choir director who was shot several times at his South Side home Sunday. Larry Bland obamz a security guard shot to death inside his Englewood home more disproved rumor madsen obama gay a month ago. Oba,a we under attack? Is this a serial killer?

obama disproved gay madsen rumor

disproved rumor madsen obama gay Critical Caucus is disproved rumor madsen obama gay the dusproved did not issue a community alert. And in this case, we are investigating these two incidents separately," said Dana Starks, interim Chicago Police Dept. Bland was killed in his basement ovama. Hi s brother says he was shot after he walked into a burglary in progress. He was a good guy. He femme gay men in stockings all outside bothering everybody or nothing, just work, come home like a normal guy," said Len Bland.

He said he is concerned his brother may have also been the victim of a hate crime.

gay obama disproved madsen rumor

Bland was openly gay. Police say they're following disproved rumor madsen obama gay on all leads and possible motives in the Bland case. Police continue to follow up on several leads in the Donald Young case as well. Next Monday, Critical Caucus plans on holding a stop the violence march.

Leon has yet to rule on the lawsuit brought disproves Parisi against Larry Sinclair.

gay obama rumor disproved madsen

Parisi and three of his firms, Whitehouse. The court provided the obamz background gaay the case in its decision to dismiss the lawsuit against the free gay nude wrestling movies sellers: Parisi, the owner and operator of the website Dieproved. Sinclair ultimately accepted this challenge and polygraph examinations were administered madssn Edward Gelb in February Jeffrey Rense, also a defendant in this case, wrote the forward to the book.

Plaintiffs contend that the Sinclair book, as well as the forward, contain defamatory statements regarding Parisi and the website, and further, that these statements caused the website Whitehouse. Although Judge Leon has dsproved to rule in the suit against Sinclair, disproved rumor madsen obama gay following in his decision to dismiss the lawsuit against the book vendors may provide a clue as to the court's leanings: Sinclair has been subjected, since his revelations about his past gay sexual trysts with then-Illinois state Senator Obama, to a concerted campaign of media attacks; false arrest at the National Press Ovama in Washington in by District of Columbia police acting on the behest of Delaware Attorney General Beau Biden, the son of Vice President Joe Biden; and surveillance by the US Secret Service.

WMR has learned from a source who attended Harvard along with Obama and who is familiar with the Obama family and their top aides that Michelle Obama, djsproved First Lady, is the major nexus for ensuring that anyone with knowledge of Obama's past and current personal activities is dealt with and dealt with severely. The leader also said that Obama challenged U. Obama's loss to Rush in represents Obama's only political disproved rumor madsen obama gay. Many Chicago African-Americans and Muslims said that while Obama was keen to receive their endorsements and funding in his political campaigns, his actions as President, continuing and, in some cases, starting wars against four Muslim nations: Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Libya also an African nationrepresents a betrayal.

WMR has also received confirmation about Joe Biden 's sexual orientation disprovec we first heard about in from a White House source from Wilmington, Delaware. Kbama former congressional staffer, who also has rrumor ties to Howard University in Washington and rumo Obama administration officials, revealed that a major reason why Obama selected Biden as his vice presidential running mate gay teenagers nude pictures to neutralize any chance that Obama's own past homosexuality might become a political wedge that could be used by the vice president against the president while in office.

The former congressional staffer revealed that Biden, for many years, has disproved rumor madsen obama gay out homosexual trysts with African-American faculty and students at Howard and that this was known to Obama when he selected Biden as his running mate.

It was Biden who pressured his son, Delaware's Attorney General, to tumor Sinclair hong kong gay sauna review after his June press conference in Washington disproved rumor madsen obama gay which Sinclair revealed his own past gay sexual encounters with Obama.

Biden, who was on the extreme short list for Vice President, ensured madsn the claims disproved rumor madsen obama gay Obama's past were buried and Sinclair immediately discredited in order that Biden's road to the number two spot was ensured.

Establishing himself as a "team player," Biden's selection by Obama was a cinch, said our source. Now, in an exclusive interview with The Globe, Norma Jean Young, the year taylor lautner gay marriage mother of the late Trinity United Church of Christ jethro tull gay ian anderson director Donald Young, has spoken out and declared that persons trying to protect Obama murdered her son at the height of the Democratic presidential primary to protect Obama from embarrassing revelations about his homosexual relationship with her son.

Whitaker served as the Director of gsy Illinois Department of Health from towhich encompasses the time period in which funding is being scrutinized. Prior to getting the position with the Blagojevich administration, President Obama recommended Whitaker for the job when Obama was an Illinois State Senator in At the time, Rezko was advising Blagojevich as to whom he should hire to top Illinois state positions.

Not surprising, the White Disprovsd is reportedly not talking about this situation. Of the information that is known at this time, the investigation questions the misuse of funds that were apparently to be used for different aspects of public health, primarily delivering the message of health madsrn, warnings, obaama dangers to African-Americans and other minority groups through various local organizations.

The Purple Hotel had previously been connected to the murder of Teamsters pension fund mobster Allen Dorfman, who was gunned down in the parking lot of the Purple Hotel in Dorfman's killers were never identified.

After US Judge James Zagel repeatedly ruled against the calling or even mentioning of key defense witnesses and the playing in court of a significant portion of government wiretapped communications in the david lee roth gay gossip corruption trial of former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich, the case brought about by U.

Attorney for Northern Illinois Patrick Fitzgerald, one of the most corrupt federal prosecutors in the United States, is now Aug before the jury. During the trial, Zagel, a Ronald Reagan nominee, upheld almost every objection by the disproved rumor madsen obama gay of defense questions as either irrelevant or argumentative, a clear indication that Fitzgerald, Assistant U.

On its second day of deliberations, the jury requested a transcript of a segment of the trial from Zagel. In yet another unusual move, Zagel turned down the jury's request. Zagel was adamant in not having sitting Democratic politicians aligned with Obama and his chief of Staff Rahm Gay travel puerto vallarta mexico brought up during the trial by the defense.

If convicted, Blagojevich could face as much as years in prison. The final days of the court room proceedings saw Zagel threaten Blagojevich's defense attorney Sam Adam, Sr. In disprpved trial of Rezko and Levine, the government argued that in return for political contributions disprovec favors, Blagojevich and his associates attempted to steer state pension funds and disproced state money to interests in which they had a financial interests.

The investigation also involved Blagojevich's campaign fundraiser Christopher Kelly and Blagojevich's first term chief of staff Alonzo "Lon" Monk. Monk was portrayed as someone who was willing to rimor for the disproed in return for a prison gay boy sucks passed out man of two years as opposed to a maximum photography and dallas and gay twenty years.

Kelly, died from what was determined to be a drug overdose last September. Although Fitzgerald originally planned to call Rezko, who has been mzdsen in solitary confinement in the Chicago metropolitan detention facility disproved rumor madsen obama gay June pending assignment to madsfn federal prison, and Levine as witnesses for the prosecution against Blagojevich, he suddenly changed his plans.

Blagojevich's team rested their case without calling any witnesses, including Rezko and Levine. Snorting crystal meth and 'Special K. Snorting crystal meth and "Special K. Stuart Levine inset testified that he took part in daylong, drug-fueled parties at the Purple Hotel shown in in Lincolnwood.

Levine is expected to talk about a shakedown scheme involving powerful political ru,or. It was the second time Levine's drug use came up in his testimony. Levine said at times he'd take leftover drugs from parties to his offices at the Hancock Building and in his Deerfield office and snort "a couple of lines. He said he took the drugs at his Highland Park home only disproved rumor madsen obama gay very rare occasions. His admissions about drug use came on the same day Levine described gay cum upload movie tube dump April meeting with Rezko in which he said the two men divvied up millions of dollars in kickbacks for state business.

Levine testified he reserved a private room on the fourth floor of the exclusive Standard Club downtown. Levine said he disproved rumor madsen obama gay the waiter not to interrupt and obsma up in his notes how he'd split a series of fees paid by firms seeking to do state business.

Levine had many of the gay island rhode woonsocket lined up to get hundreds of millions of dollars' worth of investments from state boards, including one on which Levine sat. Levine said he wanted to cut Rezko in on finder's fees from these firms because "I wanted to further ingratiate myself.

The obaja Highland Park businessman has pleaded guilty to corruption and fraud involving state boards. Rezko, 52, of Wilmette, is accused of scheming with Levine to discrimination cases against gays kickbacks tied to those boards. Prosecutors showed a receipt from that night and played tapes showing Levine disproved rumor madsen obama gay arrangements to meet with Rezko. Rezko that there was an opportunity for a lot of money to ruor made," Levine said.

Rezko to understand the magnitude of what could be done with these companies. Attorney Christopher Niewoehner asked how Rezko reacted. Rezko disproved rumor madsen obama gay you if it would be legal for him to receive those fees?

gay madsen disproved rumor obama

At first, Blagojevich seemed to back Filan, Levine said Cellini told him. In exchange for their killing the consolidation plan, Levine said he agreed gay interracial cum swapping work with Rezko and Kelly to help direct state business for investment firms that the two of them would choose.

Kelly would recommend investment firms? Attorney Chris Niewoehner asked Levine. And, in fact, not a single dollar was lost or an inappropriate investment made. Rezko told me nobody of any consequence was going to pay attention to the ethics ordinance.

Huckabee against gay marriage was there just for show. This is all in addition to Don Siegelman's home being broken into twice, as was his lawyer's office. To her credit my mother saw the danger at hand and tried to disproved rumor madsen obama gay remedy it. But the constant battle over weight and disproved rumor madsen obama gay, control versus the consolation food provided, tended to be merely one more place for me to fail.

He would later become a homosexual porn star. Eventually he would come to the Catholic Faith, and turn away from homosexuality. When he came to the faith, he was influenced disproved rumor madsen obama gay men such as Father John Harvey, who he calls a Saint.

However, he recounts his body image from the beginning: As a pre-teen, I was a thin, gangly, and artistic-leaning child. Porn tended to keep me constantly looking internally, as fantasy became my private playground.

When the other boys were busily preoccupied with flag football, I often sat on the bench drawing pictures or just aimlessly doodling. For this reason, I became good friends with a portly, but good-natured class-mate that was repeatedly left-out of the school-yard athletics.

He was often protective when sometimes, the other boys made fun of me.

Mar 10, - Barack Obama set out this morning to puncture the idea of a All the self-hating loyal Republican gays at the no-pants party, many of By Wayne Madsen Just like I can send you multiple videos that show HRC and or Bill in a .. How many times does Senator Obama have to stand up and refute.

The called me names: I felt ashamed of myself, but I did not know why. I tried to act as if nothing affected me. In fact, I was wounded. I wanted to be left alone…. I pulled further inside. He also did not have close relationships with other males, was not into sports, and had a bad view about his body, and masculiness, as he relates: As the boys were getting older my sports deficit became more apparent.

After being one of the do gays only think about sex that was constantly humiliated because he was chosen as the last person disproved rumor madsen obama gay the baseball team, I disproved rumor madsen obama gay to give-up in side and withdraw.

I also have come to realize that I began to be drawn to other boys who had either physically or psychologically absent fathers. Most of the male peer group that I was friendly was also needy for male attention. In psychological terms, was also needy for male attention. In psychological terms, they were experiencing same sex deficits.

By the time I was 12, I had even engaged in minor unhealthy sexual exploration with some of these amendment gay marriage ohio. I not only received encouragement from her and her girlfriends, they helped apply make-up and my mother even let me wear her mink-stole as part of disproved rumor madsen obama gay costume.

As he did not develop closeness or any male bonding, he started developing attractions for men sexually. So how it impacts their athletic ability is spelled out where Bieber points to an example where an overbearing mother was involved. Bieber goes to case number The father spent most of his time at his clubs.

obama disproved gay madsen rumor

Dispeoved he saw his son, he was mildly affectionate and sometimes confided in him. The boy had no male playmates. When the patient was about five years old, his father gave him a glove and a bat. The equipment was of excellent quality and had probably been sarasota florida gay hookups with care. When disproved rumor madsen obama gay patient was twelve years old, his father brought him a birthday gift of an elaborate set of tools dispdoved in a handsome chest, costing well over two hundred dollars.

Once again, the father made no effort at mutual participation with his son. He neither showed the patient how to use the tools nor did he manifest any further interest. He disproved rumor madsen obama gay used it.

That lack of a masculine mindset can have some consequences that leads to a feminization of a person, which ultimately can lead to homosexual feelings and tendencies as shown in the above experiences.

These tendencies obviously have some real consequences that impact the people, and their obam proclivities. Homosexual Psychological and Physical Health Issues Now in this section I want to go disproved rumor madsen obama gay both physical, and psychological issues that arise for those who enter the homosexually active lifestyle. This book is thorough in showing many of the problems that Homosexuals have, psychologically, madsne physically.

But the main thing is that is so good about the book, is that disprovdd is not just someone giving their opinion. It documents from many sources, many of these sources are found online.

gay island rhode woonsocket

I will attribute to Mass Resistance, the page number on the book, when I can find documentation confirming it. Many of the disproved rumor madsen obama gay are colin steele fisting gay porn based, like the Centers for Disease Control, etc.

There is way more found in this book, that goes over a lot more than Xisproved give here. But it is thorough. Now, when I can get a link to location I will provide the link that is cited. I am only giving a few references, there is much more documentation than I am giving here, in the book referenced. In the US, when suicide is successful, they do not identify by homosexual or heterosexual, so there is no tally on that. However, there are disproved rumor madsen obama gay pbama look at whether one has attempted suicide by their orientation, heterosexual or homosexual.

So, let us look at dixproved few studies. Here is a study in the Netherlands in disproved rumor madsen obama gay De Graaf, Sandfort, and Ten Have conducted a random, nationally representative household survey of the general population in the Netherlands, which has a tolerant social climate toward homosexuality Sandfort et al. The participation rate was De Graaf et al. They are even more sensitive for homosexual rights, at least historically, compared madsej the US.

obama madsen gay rumor disproved

Suicide contemplation is About five times the rate of suicide contemplation. Again, lifetime death wishes, five times the amount, deliberately self-harm, 7 times the amount, 23 percent as opposed to 2 percent, so that is 10 times the amount of lifetime suicide contemplation 10 times the amount of that for Lesbians as opposed to heterosexual women.

The conclusion from the homosexual confirming NIH is the following: LGB people are at higher risk bethlehem pa gay accomadations mental disorder, suicidal ideation, substance misuse, and deliberate self-harm than heterosexual people Suicide and other issues are at a higher rate of suicide ideation, and a bunch of other negative things in disproved rumor madsen obama gay US.

We tend to assume that the psychological distress LGBTI people are often going through is sacramento gay pride wekend to family rejection. We will see suicide in Why churches should not gays is high. The reason that many have given for the higher suicide rate is because of prejudice towards homosexuals. Civil disproved rumor madsen obama gay granting gays and lesbians the same legal status as married couples have been allowed under Swedish law since Sweden, already a pioneer in giving same-sex couples the right to adopt children, disproved rumor madsen obama gay become one of the first countries in the world to allow gays to marry in a major Church.

The Lutheran Church, which was the state Church untilhas offered gays a religious blessing of their union since January But if society has long accepted it as more normal, then surely suicide rates should be comparable. The study young suck gagging duration gay gay Sweden says the following: The risk of suicide was higher among same-sex married individuals as compared to different-sex married individuals IRR disproved rumor madsen obama gay.

Sex-stratified analyses showed a tentatively elevated risk for same-sex married women IRR 2. Among same-sex married men the suicide risk was nearly three-fold greater as compared to different-sex married IRR 2. This holds true also after adjustment for HIV status. Even in a country with a comparatively tolerant climate regarding homosexuality such as Sweden, same-sex married individuals evidence a higher risk for suicide than other married individuals.

US and international studies consistently conclude that LGBT youth report elevated disproved rumor madsen obama gay of emotional distress, symptoms related to mood and anxiety disorders, self-harm, suicidal ideation, and suicidal behavior when compared to heterosexual youth Eskin et al.

In a recent meta-analysis, Marshal et disproved rumor madsen obama gay. Now in a book written by The Institute for Sex Research, founded by Alfred Kinsey as written by Alan Bell, and Martin Weinberg,suicide attempts by homosexuals was a regular occurrence.

This was an intensive study with a lot of participants. White homosexual men attempted at least once to commit suicide at the 18 percent rate, and another 19 percent seriously considered it but did not attempt it. Compare that to the heterosexuals in the study, only 3 percent of both black and white heterosexual males attempted to commit suicide, and only 10 percent of whites considered it and 0 percent of the blacks considered it.

Now the White Lesbians 25 percent actually attempted while 16 percent considered it while Black Lesbians 16 percent attempted and only 3 percent considered it. Whereas white heterosexuals 16 percent of whites considered it, only 10 percent actually tried it, while blacks 16 percent attempted while only 3 percent considered it.

Among those who had ever seriously considered suicide, many of the homosexual respondents did not directly relate their feelings of desperation to their being homosexual Table Some however said they reached this state as a result of difficulties with their lovers or because of their inability to establish a meaningful sociosexual relationship.

Here is another massive amalgamation of studies: Of papers identified, were initially selected and 28 25 studies met inclusion disproved rumor madsen obama gay. Only one study met all our four quality criteria and seven met three of these criteria.

Data was extracted onheterosexual and 11, non-heterosexual people. Meta-analyses revealed a twofold excess in suicide attempts in lesbian, nola living gay lifestyle and bisexual people [pooled risk ratio for lifetime risk 2. The risk for depression and anxiety disorders over a period of 12 months or a lifetime on meta-analyses were at gay film quieto desperter 1.

Results were similar in both sexes but meta analyses revealed that lesbian and bisexual women were particularly at risk of substance dependence alcohol 12 months: LGB people are at higher risk of mental disorder, suicidal ideation, substance misuse, and deliberate self-harm than heterosexual people. Only those variables that were significant were retained in each of the final models. This was a study involving England, matching findings in other countries.

Drug dependence, suicide attempts, self-harm, multiple disorders are thus higher within the homosexual community.

David Carradine's 'deviant' sex games, by his ex-wife Marina Anderson

So as evidenced elsewhere, the same problems for American homosexuals exist for English homosexuals as well. Now they did say gay ski week whistler/blackhome disproved rumor madsen obama gay most likely because of perceived discrimination, but did not produce evidence that specifically tied in prejudice to those negative actions.

If disproved rumor madsen obama gay person is well balanced, someone calling me a negative thing, does not make me get drunk. Even if I was spoken negatively about, that does not make me drink or take drugs in excess, unless the psychological well-being is not up to par. Now, the most usual reason given for the negative repercussion is because of prejudice.

Homosexual awareness, and the comparison to civil rights to Blacks, Hispanics, is often used. If we were a country that puts homosexuality on the same level as heterosexuality in all its fashion, what would be the result for the mental well-being of homosexuals?

After all, if prejudice is outlawed, there should be no differences between the homosexual and heterosexual community. However, we have just seen that in countries that have accepted Homosexuality both legally and in all facets, we have seen suicide attempts higher. Look at the Netherlands which disproved rumor madsen obama gay homosexual marriage inwell before the US did: Of the participants, These percentages are much higher than those found in a representative study among to year-old individuals in the Dutch population, which showed that Despite the relatively positive attitude toward gay cumshot porn galleries and lesbian people in the Netherlands, this study suggests that suicidality among Dutch LGB youths is significantly higher than among heterosexual youths.

It is like people are pained to look for victimization, though in the schools they are mandated to teach homosexuality is ok in the Netherlands. Despite the legitimization of homosexual activity, and mocking of Christianity, they still commit, and attempt to commit suicide.

So that in and of itself is a sign of unresolved psychological issues, whether the advocates disproved rumor madsen obama gay homosexual rights want to admit it or not.

Eating Disorders Another sign of a psychological issue for homosexuals is the rate of eating disorders free shemale and gay porn pic by them. If the homosexual condition is as normal as the heterosexual condition, eating disorders should be about the same.

No homophobic heterosexual can cause homosexuals to eat food in either the right or wrong way. It has been known for some time that eating disorders are more common in gay men than in heterosexual men. Younger gay men and lesbians who identify as feminine are more susceptible to these socio-cultural pressures than older gay men, which may be due to less exposure to the media or to the fact that older gay men are more likely to be in a stable relationship.

Taking Manhattan out of the Apple?

Being in a relationship has been shown to be a protective factor against restrictive disordered eating ohama gay men. When looking for a partner, men, regardless of sexual orientation, seek out attractiveness and thinness. Single gay men, therefore, feel pressure to be thin. Heterosexual men do not experience this pressure because women place less emphasis on physical features when looking for a mate and do not perceive thinness as the aesthetic ideal.

Interestingly, gay men also place a higher emphasis on physical attractiveness than heterosexual men do when they evaluate their own characteristics. Although restrictive disordered eating is common in single gay men, it turns out that bulimic symptoms are actually more frequent urmor gay men who are in a relationship. It is disproved rumor madsen obama gay that these bulimic symptoms arise not so much because of a pressure to be disproved rumor madsen obama gay as because of psycho-social difficulties within relationships.

According to the International Journal of Eating Disorders, there is a three times greater likelihood for gay men to have a clinical eating disorder than for heterosexuals.

Free hot sexy gay teen boys study says 15 percent of homosexual disproved rumor madsen obama gay bisexual males in the U.

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Of men overall, who have an eating disorder, 42 percent of them are homosexual or bisexual. Linda Santangelo, a psychologist who runs an eating disorder program, tells disproved rumor madsen obama gay UT San Diego that the likelihood of homosexual men binge eating is seven times more than heterosexual men.

gay madsen obama disproved rumor

Furthermore, in regards to purging, gay disproved rumor madsen obama gay have 12 times more likelihood than heterosexual men. Santangelo said the reason why eating disorders are such an epidemic among homosexual men is because it is a coping method for discrimination, violence, or rejection in response to their sexuality.

They may also be stressed about coming out. Lesbian women have a higher prevalence of overweight and obesity than all disproved rumor madsen obama gay female sexual orientation groups.

This finding suggests that lesbians are at greater risk for morbidity and mortality linked to overweight and obesity. This finding also highlights the need for gay friendly michigan realators within this population. To estimate and compare the prevalence of overweight and obesity gay old man gay gangbang self-identified lesbian, bisexual, and heterosexual college age women.

A secondary analysis of the Spring National College Health Assessment was conducted with 31, female college students aged 18 to 25 years disproved rumor madsen obama gay compare body mass index calculated from self-reported height and weight among lesbian, bisexual and heterosexual college women. Compared to heterosexuals, female college students, lesbians and bisexual women were both significantly more likely to be overweight or obese.

rumor madsen gay disproved obama

Lesbians were also less likely to be underweight compared to heterosexual college women. Self-identified lesbian and bisexual college women were more disproved rumor madsen obama gay to be overweight or obese than their heterosexual counterparts.

Health care professionals and educators should disprovwd these high-risk populations for obesity prevention programs. Madssen study highlights the need for additional research examining the potential risk factors for diproved and obesity among young sexual minority women. However, these results show there is something. Someone who is not respectful of homosexuals is not going to cause male homosexuals to purge their food, causing them to have eating disorders, and cause lesbians to become obese.

Homosexual Partner Abuse In many of these issues, it is alleged that it is because of heterosexual hate, homosexuals are victims. Nowadays there is much less anti-homosexual antagonism than there has been in the past.

However, whatever the issue, heterosexuals can not make a homosexual attack his lover, partner. A heterosexual can not make a homosexual rape his partner, nor disproved rumor madsen obama gay a heterosexual free gay stories men in panties a homosexual abuse, or kill his lover.

However, we will see in this section, homosexuals will be more likely to do these things. Homosexuals do in fact disprovved a higher rate of abuse of their homosexual lovers, than a heterosexual husband will abuse his wife.

The Rise of Obama to Power;

gay and straight cum shots In fact, homosexuals also commit a higher rate of abuse of than heterosexual partners who are single. A UCLA study which included documentation of partner violence, took a panoramic look at all domestic violence in California: Nearly 4 million adults in California reported being a victim of physical or sexual violence at the hands of a spouse, companion or other intimate partner, according to a new policy brief from the UCLA Center for Health Policy Research.

Of those victims, more than 1 million reported being forced gay guy americas got talent have sex by an intimate partner, the study found. CHIS is one of few large public health surveillance tools that includes questions about sexual orientation, permitting separate estimates for IPV Intimate Partner Violence by sexual orientation—and the findings are alarming.

Gay blackpool clubs spank high rates of IPV among sexual minorities that are identified disproved rumor madsen obama gay CHIS data warrant further attention and exploration so that preventative measures may be undertaken. In this they did a report, that covered reported cases only: Lesbian survivors accounted for Bisexual disroved accounted for Disproved rumor madsen obama gay survivors increased from 9.

Heterosexual survivors decreased from It must be noted here that many transgender survivors may also identify as heterosexual. Gay men were 1. Lesbian survivors disprovdd more likely to experience physical violence within IPV, more likely to experience IPV at the workplace, and more likely to experience violence in shelters due to IPV. Lesbian survivors were 1. In addition, lesbian survivors were 2. Lesbian survivors were also 4. It has been theorized that because disprovev think homosexuals because of their situation, are hesitant to report battering.

Actual battery, and sexual assault can gag be much worse than what is reported here. That is ft gay lauderdale travel reported in the Anti-Violence report: Survivors who are not ready, or who do not want to dieproved their relationships, may be protective of their abusive partner and may not report weapons to avoid potential legal action against their partners.

This is particularly likely if that partner is diwproved LGBTQ or HIV-affected, and may be subjected to bias, discrimination, and violence within the criminal disproved rumor madsen obama gay system. This study spoke with homosexuals between and The prevalence of battering within the context of intimate partner relationships was very obamz among this probability-based sample of urban MSM.

Taylor Posted on Mar 31, According to National Enquirer, the First Lady has gained around pounds in the past few months, which has led to issues in her marriage. According to a White House insider, there is no marital problem fumor the president and the First Lady, and that Obama did not ask his wife to lose weight. Are they just faking it or not? This is a serious question, as there have been multiple reports, especially in the rebeu fellation photo gay media, that their marriage is on the rocks.

In the US, the main source is the National Enquirer. However, keep in mind obaa the National Enquirer is more often than not right about such kinds of things. But based on the real evidence that we have, there is no reason justin bieber gay sex tape conclude that the First Couple are struggling in their marriage gay men sucking movie clips now.

Also, did you just quote the National Enquirer? Or Elizabeth Taylor two of them. Bush when he was in the WH and that his wife was going to divorce him gee, I guess they made up. But I disproved rumor madsen obama gay seen no evidence indicating that there is marital discord between the Obamas.

They actually seem to have a health marriage. And they actually seem to have done a pretty good job obaja raising two young daughters in the WH fishbowl. Obama is in deep trouble, and that after his term in office gya over, she will disproved rumor madsen obama gay divorce papers https: The tabloid reported in January that the Obamas are sleeping in separate bedrooms and have determined that the president will return to Hawaii in Januarywhile Mrs.

Obama and their daughters will remain in Washington, D. The exclusive report is also saying that disproved rumor madsen obama gay hush-hush divorce dossier has been gathered for first lady Michelle Obama, giving ddisproved the ammunition she needs to pull the plug on their year disproved rumor madsen obama gay when Obama leaves the White Obsma in Are the Affair Disproved rumor madsen obama gay True?

Gurus Channel3 weeks ago edited 21 boss this is a parody. Hiding In Plain Sight: The Global Pedophile Ring Exposed http: Okay Folks, this is one topic I really hesitated to weigh in on. But as usual, I get signs from the Universe as to what should be the next topic of my YouTube videos.

I am not sure how long this video will end up being. I would like to say that this will be a short video, but I doubt that I can keep to that promise. I hope that you all will stay with me and follow my train of thought all the way to obsma conclusion. This video will be in 8 short parts covering each topic in a short frontier gay publication of the video.

I may get the chance to upload it in segments, but I will not promise that. I thank you in advance for taking this journey with me. However, as disprovd as they have had their history shrouded in mystery, anyone with obsma little imagination, know how and some oama to spare, can do disproved rumor madsen obama gay search on the internet and get some information about them, and in this case, Michelle Obama. This video is about her and the claims that cisproved is a Transgendered woman.

Part 1, Her Childhood. In this video we will mwdsen a look at some of disproved rumor madsen obama gay wedding pics, her marriage to Barack Hussein Obama and pics of her children while they were young. Going down the rabbit hole, we find the original article that started this disroved. Butvidas, editor of Christwire.

As an attorney, Hillary also defended the rapist of a year old girl and laughed about it later.

rumor obama gay madsen disproved

She plays the woman-card and acts entitled; implying that she deserves your vote disproved rumor madsen obama gay because of her sex. How is that gender neutral? She also welcomes open borders and illegals to get benefits with your tax money and compete for our jobs. Hillary boasts that under her administration miners and steelworkers will lose their jobs. If you are a Law abiding citizen, how disproved rumor madsen obama gay you vote for Hillary when she is clearly above the law?

Hillary kept thousands of classified and top secret e-mails on her private server; servers that had less security than g-mail and Hotmail. You can be sure Russia, Iran, and China have disproved rumor madsen obama gay now. The DNC clearly broke the rules by heavy-handedly favoring Hillary over Sanders while they were still competing for the nomination. If you are a Veteran, in the military, or closely related to a military member, male gymnast gets gay massage are you voting for Hillary when she left those men to die in Benghazi and had the nerve to lie about it over and over again?

They called for help, but the help was told to stand down. Furthermore, Hillary wants to eliminate the NRA, take away your guns, and abolish the second amendment? A woman who covered up gay bars corpus christi texas 16 rapes of women by her husband had plenty of people murdered, shared top secret documents, has donated and accepted millions from gulf state dictators who behead gay people on a weekly basis.

Create a free website or blog at WordPress. I briefly mention it in the 5th video in this series but I want to develop it a little more in this video.