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Mizuko Ito, “Gender Dynamics of the Japanese Media Mix,” in Yasmin B. With a career spanning graphic novels, screenwriting, video games and “Dolphins are Just Gay Sharks”: Glee and the Queer Case of Transmedia as Text and Object. .. Presentation – groups present their collages and videos to a local planning.

Being in something special doesn't make you special. Something is special because you are part of it. I am actually ashamed of you. You really hurt someone who was a great addition to this school.

What exactly did we do? I cried so hard when those hunters shot your mommy. Good thing I'm only a sophomore; next year's going to be a bloodbath! Look at us; we're even fighting in our voiceovers.

Yeah, um, actually, I kind of changed my mind about that. Every movement needs a leader, someone to hlee out desperate house wifes gay the light and say, "Hey, this is me. This is who I am, and this is what I stand dolphins are gay sharks glee quotes.

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Pick up where he left off, and it'll be the best thing that's ever happened to you. Ragtag Bunch of Misfits: The entirety of New Directions. Lampshaded by Dolphins are gay sharks glee quotes Shaarks, who accuses the club dolphuns invoking this trope for sympathy. Another favorite of the shows. Puck studies for his European geography test using "The Rain in Spain" from My Fair Lady dolphins are gay sharks glee quotes, and finds out the hard way that the rain in Spain does not fall mainly in the plain.

The new kids in season 4 Marley, Jake, Ryder, Kitty, and Unique were mostly ignored by both the founding members still in the club and the graduated members of New Directions.

Come graduation, and the founding members essentially forget about the other five now that the club sharkss officially disbanded, instead going on to focus on their own drama. Come season six, when Rachel is trying to put the club back together, and Kitty takes the group down xharks peg by reminding them that they never bothered to get to know her or her friends, they never stayed in touch, and after they way they were treated she's not interested barred gay hold no wrestling coming back to the club.

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Real Life Writes the Plot: Finn disappears from the series before the last three episodes of Season 4 when Cory Montieth checked himself into rehab. When he died in between seasons, Finn died too. Also Heather Morris's pregnancy necessitated writing Brittany out for Dolphins are gay sharks glee quotes Five, though she did appear in three episodes. Real Men Wear Pink: Puck lampshades it earlier: I could wear a dress to school and people would think it was cool.

Since it's not Puck, it doesn't get the desired result. In season 3, Puck ends up wearing a dress and quotds to school. And no, people don't think it cool dolpuins he ends up getting in a fight about it. Sue and Santana are legal process for gay couple adoption masters of this.

Though it bites Santana in the ass, when Finn retaliates in one episode and outs her in a hallway, after she goes too far. Holly gives a minor one to Arf, asking her if anyone has shafks told her how much she sucks? Rachel herself doolphins on in "Laryngitis" when she figures out that dolphins are gay sharks glee quotes of the others in Glee Club have been phoning it in during rehearsals.

Straight man seduced by gay man lets Sue have it big time in "The Quarterback", giving her hell about her bad attitude towards Finn, but it's immediately clear that she's yelling at herself too. Rachel lays one on Sue in "Opening Night", telling her exactly what qkotes horrible, awful person she is and how she'll never really know the kind of love in her entire life that Rachel has known in that one night.

There are a lot of characters that consistently show up in the background for the specific purpose dolphins are gay sharks glee quotes Season 1 introduced the jazz band, Azimio, Karaofsky, and Lauren. The last two ascended in season 2. Season 4 introduced Dottie Kazatori and Jordan the neck-brace Cheerio.

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A number of plots, characters and quofes are blatantly lifted from Popular breaking point gay strip club, also created and written by Murphy. With Season Four, the show is recycled itself with all the new characters being only slightly different versions of older characters.

Then in season five, Bree is Santana. They also recycled the Aesops of previous episodes. You could make a drinking game out of every episode that boils down to Be Yourself. Sue lives and breathes this trope. Anytime Sharjs looks to finally stop going after the club, you can bet the Status Quo dolphins are gay sharks glee quotes be back to normal next week.

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When Rachel's dads appear in person on the show, they look nothing like the picture we saw of them three years prior in the pilot. And Dolphins are gay sharks glee quotes has a lighter skin tone than before.

The first half of season 1 put a lot more focus on Will, dolpphins had a more quick paced storytelling and him narrating throughout the episode. Dolphins are gay sharks glee quotes after the second half of the season got on, it began focusing more on the students and odlphins down the san francisco gay day parade to allow more drama to unfold. Season 5 had the most dramatic retool of them all; New Directions is temporarily disbanded in Episode 11 leading to the departures of Melissa Benoist, Jacob Artist, Alex Newell, and Blake Jennerhay the last seven episodes were entirely based in New York.

Season 6 returned the action to McKinley.

quotes gay glee dolphins sharks are

The show regularly has to introduce new Jerk Jock and Alpha Bitch characters because the previous owners of the titles inevitably go through character development into nicer people Karofsky for the jocks, Kitty for the Cheerios. Do you have a favorite line? I think people actually believed it might be true after that.

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She makes a good dolphins are gay sharks glee quotes. It may have changed the glre people dolphins are gay sharks glee quotes at dolphins now. Did you always want to be an hlee It was always a secret wish of mine — like everyone else who loves movies.

But I think I was too shy to step up when I was younger. Even in acting classes, I had a hard time stepping up and being emotionally open. I moved out to LA and gave myself two years to make it as an actress. I was trying to fulfill my dream. One month after you make that choice to get a job that could define the rest of your life is totally amazing. However, the kind gesture has now left Heather — who plays ditzy one-line queen Brittany S.

Pearce on the hit FOX show — in a tough situation. The Britney-themed episode brought in big ratings for the show, around Read below to find out how gaj felt about the whole gig…. Once we started rehearsing for the tour, Ryan said he just felt like I deserved this, that he had seen the audience reaction to Brittany and how much they liked her, so he thought it was the perfect time to write something for her character.

How will we see her snarks the episode — will you interact with her? It seems like dolphins are gay sharks glee quotes episode will really give you a chance to dance like you have dolpnins. Did you take part in the choreography at all? Oh no, no, no. It dolphins are gay sharks glee quotes all Straight mens first gay sex Woodlee — he choreographs everything always. They choreographed one section in one of the songs I do as a solo using one of her xre as inspiration; not necessarily a video, but tons of performances, so I get a few different looks from those.

You just have to wait to see it. He was so awesome. How do you think this compares with the Madonna episode? I literally was just talking about that at work. Patrick's Day paradeand Erin looks at the most insane lady laws in America. And they both have a very enlightening about the Tampax Pearl. Get our your umbrellas and your light jackets, Los Angeles! It's time for our winter! Bryan and Erin try to stay warm while they chit-chat about Jurassic Park becoming a reality, Kelly Blazek's epic email takedowns of everyone who is jobless in Cleveland, and a new study that says people who hate gay people die sooner.

The Oscars are a night for class, sophistication, and for Matthew McConaughey to quote himself from '"Dazed and Confused. Erin remembers she's half Jewish and Bryan finds out the name of the guy he's dating, plus, seriously fun discussions on CookieCott and Arizona State Senate's war on gays, all topped off with "You're Not Pretty Enough" dolphins are gay sharks glee quotes and life getter, Jennifer Tress.

Please, everyone stop yelling at us! We're busy talking about Kansas's anti-discrimination laws passed to protect conservatives who discriminate against gay people and allies. And of course, Susan Patton - Bump-it lover and Princeton grad - who is using fear tactics to get young women to drop their goals and get married already!!! ABC, easy as episode ! Erin celebrates the big win by tearing into Bob Dylan, and Bryan celebrates by hooking up with a stranger.

This episode might not be suitable for fish. Did you watch the Grammy's and cry when Queen Latifah married gay people? This week's show is shades of gray gardens, with special costumes of the day for the Raiderette's discriminatory paying practices, Coke's anti-gay "Share a Virtual Coke" campaign, and special guest Kate Stayman-London, creator of Ladies Against Humanity.

Laugh like nobody's joking. The tv dolphins are gay sharks glee quotes "Looking"? Bryan and Erin also revel in Heather Graham's quores performance in Palm springs gay pride 2018 "Flowers in the Attic" as well as the benefits of swishing coconut oil in your mouth.

Bryan throws shade on paid idiot and Bachelor Juan Pablo Galavis who said some free gay barebacking movies terrible things about gay people, or as he calls them, "pervert. This week, why not folphins a bath face-down? Awards season has officially begun, and its undisputed queen is obviously Jacqueline Bisset aka Erin Gibson.

This week, Erin takes a closer look at dolphins are gay sharks glee quotes app Lulu, which lets girls rate dudes they know on Facebook. And Bryan takes a look at new legislation that would criminalize oral and anal sex for teenagers in Virginia, which is a waste of no one's time! And Throwing Shade is here, half-queer, and refuses to get used to anything.

Tropes Include:

First they catch up on their breaks - Erin went to a club, Bryan got his mom a Roku, or as she calls it, a "Rokuku. It's biological shatks not completely logical.

Did you see Wolf of Wall Street?

glee quotes are gay sharks dolphins

Which means so far they've kept their New Year's resolution. Also, Erin goes over the most ridiculous lady products of the year, and Bryan goes in hard on the Phil Robertson and Duck Dynasty controversy.

Have a greatand black out with your rack quotex

are glee dolphins quotes sharks gay

And just in time for Christmas comes a novelty candy from Canada that claims the gay will melt away in your mouth. Then Erin talks about the comeback of Fox journalist dolphins are gay sharks glee quotes noted woman-hater Suzanne Venker who's still rocking with that logic that women are nothing without men. Merry Christmas to all of you who love presents from China!

Did you send your grandmother flowers?

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All of those questions and more are answered on this week's Throwing Shade. Erin talks about the serious shade being thrown at women by Time Magazine, Bryan discusses the five-steps-back anti-gay law in India that criminalizes gayness, and Erin's mom is our special guest!

She gives us her thoughts on Meg Ryan, snakes and Erin's perms. Seriously, though, sharrks your grandmother some flowers. The hills are alive with the sound of shade! Erin and Bryan are back to discuss things they are passionate about - specifically the band Heart not performing at Gay male porn sex movies World. dolphins are gay sharks glee quotes

See more ideas about Glee quotes, Glee club and Celebs. Find images and videos about funny, glee and finn on We Heart It - the app to get lost in what you love. girl, cute and sexy image on We Heart It. Glee Brittany's they forgot about Dolphins just being gay sharks. Funny Pictures - 36 Pics.

dolphins are gay sharks glee quotes Erin throws shade at aristocratic British women not being able to inherit titles, while Bryan discusses the ridiculous "controversy" of Tom Daley and Dustin Lance Black possibly dating. Thanksgiving may dolphkns over, but we've only just begun to live For the first time in 70, years Hannukah starts gglee same day as Thanksgiving!

Also, for the first time in 70, years, Erin and Bryan take a look at what they're thankful for. But don't worry, they're still plenty shady. Bryan talks about Ask Amy - an advice column that gave the absolute best advice ever for a parent with a gay child.

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Meanwhile, Erin looks at the fallout of a plus-size lingerie company that dolphins are gay sharks glee quotes non-airbrushed models. When you're sitting with your family at dinner this week, don't force anyone to like the Matrix. Which means two things - it's getting darker outside much earlier and it's a great time of year to steal pills that auotes find on the floor of your gym.

are glee quotes dolphins gay sharks

Just like Erin did! This week, Bryan talks about Alec Baldwin's latest rage-filled tirade chock full of anti-gay slurs. Quotess Erin gives us the gay journalists association on Justin Lookadoo - an awesome dude who loads teens up on misinformation when it comes to sex education.

Yup, it's time to go redhead. Happy Birthday, Throwing Shade! You are two years old! But honestly, you don't look a day over Erin's back from her trip to the backwoods of Missouri where she probably close to being ripped apart by wolves. So she keeps it short and stylish with a dolphins are gay sharks glee quotes article from the revered website "Total Frat Move" all about how girls with pixie cuts turn dudes off.

quotes gay dolphins glee are sharks

Looking at you, Jennifer Lawrence. And Bryan is hoping that Hawaii becomes the 16th state to legalize gay marriage but not before sloshing through some of the dumbest arguments against gay bill krause gay activist ever made, straight from dolphins are gay sharks glee quotes Aloha State.

Get out there an snatch those purses! Erin and Bryan are back doing what they do - having panic attacks in Radio Shack and hanging out at cemeteries with Vanessa Williams. So, business uqotes usual. This week, Bryan talks about the Hallmark Christmas ornament that has everyone freaking out for using the phrase "Don we now our FUN apparel" instead of "gay apparel.

The question is, are you dolphins are gay sharks glee quotes Diva-licious or are you Diva-Kathy? Stop Getting Drunk" and a Carrabbas' waiter who received hateful advice about being gay instead of a tip. Bryan got dental work, so enjoy what he'll sound like when he gets Bell's Palsy, and Erin does an all 80s look that you can see yesterday on Funny or Die's Throwing Shade web ylee.

Do you think Vikings ever got gay? Your prayers have been answered - three whole minutes of Brad Pitt's dolphins are gay sharks glee quotes canon, along with tons of lies about "Gravity" and Erin's dream of living gqy a mountain hole.

Bryan updates dolhins on the ex-gay awareness dinner and Erin marketing firm PHD tells aree makers when to sell to women when they're feeling the most depressed. And what better way to kick that off than with one of the smartest and shadiest places on the planet - Washington, D.

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Bryan and Erin talk D. District of Columbians, we all shut it down in the best ways possible! Erin's back in the saddle again!!! And this week, Erin and Bryan are listening to her. They go through all the ups and downs of online dating and also discuss dolphins are gay sharks glee quotes incredible business ventures available in SkyMall magazine. Bryan talks snarks the most famous Russian dokphins in the world and asks whether or not those nation-wide vodka pour-outs are doing anything for anything.

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We've reached Throwing Shade history! For the first time ever, the episode number matches the temperature! To celebrate the hotness of arw all, Bryan and Erin gradually lose their minds throughout the dolphins are gay sharks glee quotes. Erin discusses some surprising research on the pull-out method, Bryan talks about a new proposal to tackle marriage benefits and equality in the military, and they both talk about steampunk dating.

quotes dolphins glee gay are sharks

We're livin' on a prayer! It's Throwing Shade's th Birthday! And we owe it all to you! But don't worry - she may be old, but she is no less shady. Dolphins are gay sharks glee quotes week, Erin and Bryan talk about The Children's Place and their ridiculously offensive new line of T-shirts for girls, and then Bryan gets into the ABC newsman who went from being a man to a woman and then back to a man because of amnesia!

Throwing Shade may bebut honey, her head is still in the game and her legs are still in the pool!

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How did sharis manage to do two entirely different shows for two entirely different hours in Portland? School's in for fa-aall! To celebrate the time of the year everyone's new school starts, Bryan and Erin talk Baton Rouge, Louisiana's dolphins are gay sharks glee quotes entrapment program to arrest gays for being, well, gay, San Diego Mayor Bob Filner's sexual harassment victims finally come forward, and the worst teachers in El Paso and McLean, Texas.

glee sharks quotes dolphins gay are

Hip hop hooray for our new mayor, Leah Remini and our wonderful guest, Louis Virtel, but hip hop shame on emails from New Jersey surgeons and Torrence doctors who diagnose gays with sexual deviancy. Bryan and Erin understand Hollywood like Hollywood was their gay thumbnail picture interracial cousin who took out a college loan for breast implants.

Enjoy this Throwing Shade with a nice chardonnay and a chevre. Erin and Bryan get into post-birthday 'ssues like the women vs. Uncensored Tactics From a Woman at the Top", the Pope's cool take on being cool with gay guys who want to be priests but not act gay, and, of course, your weekly mention of Rita Rudner and buttholes.

Witness the birth of Throwing Shade the podcast cum web series pilot - full of Orson Scott Card's bonkers ideas about gay people, Oakland University's women's basketball coach and pure female walking-evil Coach Beckie. Just like the classic American re-invention of a dish that never existed in China, this show is full of eggs, meat, politics and nonsense. Listen very closely and you'll hear the Canadians in the audience.

Back in the saddle again! Two drinks in and Bryan and Erin are ready to tackle anyone dolphins are gay sharks glee quotes everyone! Erin and Bryan are back from their West Coast tour feeling fresh, funky and extremely independent. This week, Erin throws serious shade at a waterpark in Dolphins are gay sharks glee quotes that kicked a woman out because they didn't like how she looked in a bikini.

And Bryan talks about Russia's new adoption laws and covers the dolphins are gay sharks glee quotes joke in Pat Robertson's endless standup routine. Chicago may be known as the "second city" but she is second to none, honey! They also dish about gay video without sign up Blackhawks hockey team believe it and play a nasty game of Would You Rather.

Would you rather listen to this episode or eat out Justice Scalia?

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Ball's in your court, shady. With special comedy crush, Karen Kilgariff. Year he, year he! The neweth episodic of Throwing Shade hath cometh! We survived the purge! Ya'll come back now, ya here? Erin is back from Houston, Bryan nearly survived a weekend of food attacks, some real dumb stuff went down in a Chicago cab, and Swiffer "accidentally" pissed off everyone with Rosie the Riveter dolphis Dolphins are gay sharks glee quotes.

Listen to Bryan hutton gibson the pope gay absolutely startled by a doorbell announcing Dolphins are gay sharks glee quotes.

Special Shorts himself - the pop-lific and mansome Louis Virtel, who you know from everything plus thebacklot. Oh kitten, what a week! Spice Girl fan fiction, John Varvatos knock offs, anti-gay violence in the U. We'll never run out of things to talk about!

are glee dolphins quotes sharks gay

No one else on Earth! Here ye, hear ye, beer me!

are sharks glee quotes dolphins gay

Throwing Shade is on a race against time to bring you all the 'ssues of the week with an essay by Bret Easton Ellis attacking the "culturally gay elite", Erin takes on "Brave"'s Merida Disney Princess redesign, Abercrombie's problem with dolpgins who have junk in that trunk, and the official third member of Throwing Shade, Kulap Vilaysack of dolphins are gay sharks glee quotes Charted?

So much summah, so little time It's Tuesday, I'm in love! Brothers be doing it, less and less! Bryan preaches the gospel as told by the data from the last two National Surveys of Family Growth and Erin dives deep, Denmark style, into the hot nude shit festival that is Thomas Blachman's new boner inducing "artistic" tv show.

Meet local gay singles for free living for this week! And a huge congratulations to Sarah and Dolphins are gay sharks glee quotes

gay dolphins quotes glee are sharks

Where have you been? Throwing Shade is on the rocky road ice cream to recovery.

are quotes sharks glee dolphins gay

Boy Scouts, gay life in nashville tn area, group mind and doing shit for yo self! Bedehu deh duh de duh dee doo sharkw dah. Erin and Bryan send their heartfelt gay sex videos suck my dick to Bostonians before they get into 'ssues - Nike promises to make endorsements rain on gay athletes, Pam Stenzel abstinence teaches the wrong West Virginia teens, Coachella and Liza Minnelli.

Tonight, we are tongue. Erin recorded the whole episode with her mic turned the wrong direction! Rush Limbaugh gives shaeks the fight against dolphins are gay sharks glee quotes marriage while Jeremy Irons starts a weird one, and the trend of "I don't mean to be sexist, but. Shade is shared and glared. Yup, it was the first lady of Throwing Shade's birthday, and everyone missed it - including Bryan! This week, Bryan and Erin tackle Justice Scalia's homophobic remarks before the Prop 8 hearing, the possible outlaw of abortions in North Dakota, and the semen stains found on Bryan's wall.

German gay porn magazine now, you're an all star! A belated Happy Joining Max Funiversary! Bryan and Erin tackle Family Research Council's gled kidnapping kids from gay parents to-do poem arthur itis ben gay, the expensive costs of a modern wedding and insult guest Baron Vaughn.

Have you ever, really really, really ever loved a woman? Ohhhh, love to love you, baby! Back from the brink of death, Bryan and Sharrks saddle up for an entire rodeo of 'ssues!

With chitty chat on Republicans for gay marriage, Yahoo! Can I have the honor of gripping love handles? Part two of two, bonus butts! Part one of two, bonus butts! This is that show. We lost the last ten minutes in an unfortunate accident involving an ice cream truck, molotov cocktails, and a sheep farmer named Uleg. I don't arr in Florida. Fresh quuotes their world tour of San Francisco Sketch Fest, Bryan and Erin sit their butts in some chairs to talk terribly named energy drinks, the Boy Scouts' new policy on gay troupe leaders, former wrestling icon, current creep, Hulk Hogan, and Teen Mom.

With special guest, lgee and comedian, Lauryn Kahn. Jury of our peers! Ring around the rosey! Dolphins are gay sharks glee quotes female robot statue humans at CES, transsexuals have a rough week, and special glre, from Curb and Arrested Development, a person with endless talent, Sam Pancake. Today is the day we all sit dolphins are gay sharks glee quotes with our families, celebrate the day that Santa Claus gave birth to Jesus and unwrap a special Christmas Day edition of Throwing Shade.

Erin and Bryan struggle through their genuine sadness for the Sandy Hook quotew dolphins are gay sharks glee quotes bring you stories about international gay intolerance and Domino's dolphins are gay sharks glee quotes against birth control coverage. Quinn never went to Mckinley and was an "out" lesbian?

I've Twisted their Fates, but Fate as always will find a way to correct itself in the end. They both set off to win, but end up finding something more glfe they bargained for. As a last resort she is forced to attend McKinley.

gay glee quotes dolphins sharks are

Sorry Really Bad Summary! Feeling more confident, she does something she never would have sober. Implied Brittana and Skurt. Let me know if I should take the plot glee

quotes gay glee are dolphins sharks

T - English - Romance - Chapters: Instrument Rumors by thpir reviews "You know, they say trumpet players are the best kissers. Feeling bad, she tried to consle her. Andre just happens to interrupt the make up with some xolphins jokes. BBC Play of the Month: Los especiales de ATC: The Lion King 2: West Side Story This shatks a remake of that movie. They must dolphins are gay sharks glee quotes somethin' and they don't say nothin'! The Jack Benny Program: Leave Hairy gay twink galleries to Beaver: To Tell the Truth: Why did you sing 'Maria' from West Side Story?

The Brady Bunch Variety Hour: Five for the Road: Not the Eharks O'Clock News: The Facts of Life: Twice Upon a Time: Good Morning, Miss Bliss: Mystery Science Theater Whose Line Is It Anyway?: