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Can power more devices from one hub. I like what Sora's thinking! As for the fight itself, Cloud's main attack consists of He also has 2 sleights: Cross-Slash which doesn't correlate into screenshots well at all and http: He doesn't retain Braver from the original battle with him in the Colisseum unfortunately, which makes sense to an extent. He has the potential to use cards that are actually a high number he uses 7s fairly frequently which you need to go out of your way to break at times.

Sora and Goofy vs Cloud http: Regular Potions don't actually do that. They act as shops, but there's no Munny the, somehow, univeral currency of the Kingdom Hearts universe in this game. So, what do we use? If you look in the top-right corner of the menu, you can see Moogle Points. Final fantasy xs tidus is gay Points are what is actually used to buy extra cards, and what you get final fantasy xs tidus is gay selling spare cards.

The first time you enter the actual Moogle Shop, you get an explanation of this. And here's something that happens the first time you speak to the Moogle in the generated room which means if you just cycle through Moogle Room cards, you can get free cards ad infinitumunfortunately you only get one type of card: At this free gay chav scally porn, you can only afford basic packs which cost: Attack - Moogle Points Final fantasy xs tidus is gay - Moogle Points Items - Moogle Points Mixed - Moogle Points I had one goal in mind, as I ran a minor circuit of selling excess cards which amount to anything with a value below 5 and duplicates where they're unnecessary such as 2 of the 3 Blue Rhapsody cards I hadI managed to pick these cards in a Magic pack: Once I ran out of MP for the time being, I re-ordered my deck with one specific purpose in mind And that purpose can be seen behind the final door Well, both of you are still living so he's kind of correct.

Looks to me like you're slowing down a bit. All you did was wear him down. This doesn't look good for your performance final fantasy xs tidus is gay Let me put it this way: You, my spiky-haired-friend, are fired. We had a deal! Deals with the Devil hardly ever go well This time I'll take care of Irk-ules myself! Considering this is Hercules' world, who else final fantasy xs tidus is gay going to be the antagonist? Pack your pita, Herc, 'cause you've just won a free trip to the Underworld-paid final fantasy xs tidus is gay nfl + gay players + 1960s Hades is considered by many new His sleight, Temper Flare, is pretty much all he will do until it succeeds that's not to gay dining in palm springs he won't fight back before he performs it and when he does he gets slightly trickier.

He gains two new attacks: I reccomend breaking it before he performs it, since it can be hard to dodge. He also gains a second sleight whilst under the effects of Temper Flare: Final fantasy xs tidus is gay you can tell, he also uses enemy cards making him the first boss to do so ; Berserk is granted via the Hades enemy card most bosses will, indeed, use their own cards against you which is really bloody annoying at times and he also uses a Red Nocturne card which - as you can probably guess - gives Fire Boost; which is the same thing as what Blue Rhapsody does, only for a different element.

That's a pretty good middle ground; 2 words, 4 syllables But you wouldn't want me to compete in this condition. Let's have a match when I'm fit again. Sorry I messed up your games. I couldn't have made that up if I tried O each world actually ends with something like this, but the plot of the actual worlds are self-contained http: Sometimes the tiniest thing can make you remember stuff you forgot years ago. If it's an important memory, there's no way it could ever be gone forever. That's what I think anyway.

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As a return for some actually good advice, Cloud gives Sora one of the best cards in the game. One of final fantasy xs tidus is gay, if not the, best summons in the entire game. As an interesting twist, Cloud is actually only a summon in this game, and he's remarkably overpowered With this, Olympus Colisseum is finished, so which world is next? I'd have to say, go with Halloween town. It sounds the coolest to me. Yay final fantasy xs tidus is gay breaking games, I suppose.

Let's see how long we can keep the Italians, i. Pinocchio and Gepetto out of this. I vote Halloween Town so you have to listen to the music which - albeit good - gets annoying as soon as you played any KH Halloween Town for three minutes. Also, you forgot one important thing in the Colliseum: If I had a good opportunity to use that, Zwobie, I would've As for breaking Hades, that was pretty much because Blizzard Boost makes that fight easier without sleights.

As Against gay marriage statistics combined it with the best Ice-type attack and being almost perfectly set-up i. God I hated when I fought Zaldin in that run. Well, final fantasy xs tidus is gay I were to guess I'd say; [spoiler: The entire fight with Luxord is pretty much reaction command based and trying to not get turned into a card or die.

It'd be more fun to use Hidden Dragon or even Sweet Memories. Why can't you just play a game for fun? I do the challenges for fun: P As for my gummy ships, on KH1 I've finished it insofar as it matters. I'm missing a few rare-drop blocks on KH2 and a couple of level 3 S ranks and them I'm done there as well: I've pretty much finished country and western gay singers exams next one that I care about is at the end of Junefree gay amateur photo galleries back to weekly updates: Unfortunately, the only way to avoid this, is to skip this section entirely.

I'm sure I didn't make it up. That was the castle where Sora used the Keyblade to free Kairi's heart. When I turned into a Heartless! Well, I remember it perfectly. I already answered that, and it was called Hollow Bastion then as well. You don't know, do you Donald? I've only said it twice. Maybe you'll remember later in the game?

That's not final fantasy xs tidus is gay happen. I finished off the first volume right before we got to this castle. I coulda swore I finished it before the final battle with [spoiler: Wait, why do I care? This means a whole new journal to fill in, which means more perfectionistic tendencies get to shine through! It's just a book. What kind of question final fantasy xs tidus is gay that Anyway, time to see what [s: During the transition; http: Anyway, back with our heroes on the third floor: Goofy said we've been to some other castle.

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But I don't remember it at all. Fzntasy us really do. Maybe we don't remember because those memories are gone. Is Sora actually being a decent character two updates in a row? Shame it's yay going to last, but it's good for now. Remember what that guy in the black hood said? Well, I can't argue with that. Jiminy's slowly losing his crappy status I must admit, final fantasy xs tidus is gay intro doesn't do him justice.

As long as you forget how to be a bad game character Final fantasy xs tidus is gay content with that. Just because one character being awesome and logical final fantasy xs tidus is gay enough for the cutscene, there's another! I'd never forget you! No matter what happens, you won't forget your friends. For once, I'm inclined to gay sex shitting on each other with Donald.

Just this once though. Right, a repeat of what you said in the scene. That's just plain lazy. If it's not up by the gxy of tomorrow, Balla'll nag me til it is. Don't worry about that. Okay, now this time I promise that I'll be updating regularly If I don't, I know at least one person will get angsty http: Maybe it's for the best if I don't. Who knows what creatures we'll encounter in an eternal Hallowe'en setting?

Probably not flowers though; that'd be stupid. I can't at the best of times, either, but this is just an outright impossibility. You know, I've been thinking: Maybe he's actually a good character who's useful and I'm just tifus against him for gsy reason.

Maybe I just hate ducks. Then I remember that's wrong, and the reason is simple: I'm sure most other people can as well, and agree that even not knowing what's coming in this case isn't scary.

In other cases, knowing in advance can make it much, ifnal worse. There's a paedophile joke there somewhere, but either I can't find it or I'm not looking hard enough. Anyway, who is this mystery man?

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Might as well find out; http: That's not exactly dramatic, and it's not scary either you [s: Final fantasy xs tidus is gay be anything oklahoma city gay hairy chest though. Considering you're in your 20s -- if not more -- you must have a good nightlife or something. I mean, really, this is getting ridiculous! You hired me to flaunt I think they'd have left by now if they weren't dedicated! Did I just get sassed by a fictional character?

Halloween Town is my town. I'm the king of nightmares and the master of terror! If you wants chills and horror, you've come to the right place!

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If I wanted chills I'd rather go to the local- http: Now, I'll just wait until I'm needed again. That's not what I expected from the Pumpkin King. Anyway, new world, new heartless; http: As you can see, I haven't final fantasy xs tidus is gay my deck since the end of Olympus Colliseum; this doesn't make the fight any harder.

Bisexual gay man married sex woman difficulty of the game is fairly constant throughout really, until near the end where it's noticably a bit more challenging. The heartless encountered here are Wight Knights and Creeper Plants.

The Creepers are pretty much stuck in one place, but are potentially a threat as much as is possible if you don't have a 6 or higher. Wight Knights are a bit more fun to deal with, but are easier to kill to me at least. Contrary to what final fantasy xs tidus is gay expect, neither is weak to fire.

In fact, I'd love to get rid of them. Wait, you didn't call them?

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Final fantasy xs tidus is gay you acknowledged them as a problem http: Either your a bad liar or horribly unlucky but it doesn't matter, since Sora'll believe you anyway. Same reason they're any where: This is basic information Sora! If you don't final fantasy xs tidus is gay this, then Finkelstein the same question. I'm heading to his laboratory right now. If I know Sora, you'll end up going regardless http: Sounds like a new ability.

I wonder what it does: Another one of them? Jeez, it's like they try and get you to stun the enemies so badly by making it an integral gameplay mechanic but trying to stun anything in the actual battle usually doesn't work anyway so it's redundant. Well, he is our first world specific friend card, and I'll go over his abilities and such sometime in the next update.

Jack is a pretty useful friend card, since he's a world-exclusive variation of Donald. Without being sleighted, he can gay male back seat blow jobs Thunder, Blizzard or Gravity the latter of which I can't cast via any other means at the moment.

When 2 are sleighted, he can cast 2 of Thundara, Blizzara and Gravira by that I mean any combination of one and another or two of the sameand when three are sleighted it's a possible 3 Thundaga, Blizzaga, Graviga or any combination of them. I probably won't demonstrate these for a while though. Might as well get the remaining enemies out of the way; http: Neither is particularly lethal, but Search Ghosts are very annoying since they like to teleport around during the battle making them a lot harder to hit than they seem.

Whilst neither can pose a legitimate challenge, with the wrong set up e. After the battle, I got a little something I'll undoubtedly use a few times; http: In some fights, this is a bad use since there's another enemy card that does a similar effect only better, but against standard heartless this is a good alternative.

On the way to the next plot door, I used one of the few Calm Bounty cards I'd picked up since Olympus and recieved a somewhat-decent ability: Whilst the effect this ability does seems very damn useful restores the card draw number to 1 regardless of what it is at the time of use AND heals Sorathe last few words greatly nerf it: It heals everything in the fight; the few times I'd even contemplate using this, it'd be silly to do so.

Granted, it can break random encounters even more final fantasy xs tidus is gay it makes getting specific enemy cards a bit easier you always get the card of the last heartless killed if you get one at all but it's really not all that useful in the long run.

It's nothing particularly daunting to get past but it's new. Behind this door is a laboratory; final fantasy xs tidus is gay I really hope I'm wrong, because it's ridiculously stupid considering Have you ever stopped to think about "true memories"? It is that subplot The heart isn't a recording device. Even important memories change with time. They warp or fade, leaving us with but a shadow of what we hoped to remember. There's a very good reason why I dislike this world's plot; it's completely different to the original games, and not in a good way.

Of course, that's not the only reason; the above monologue should help with that, but I don't wish to ramble on about this right now. I'll do so later Some memories grow ugly, and some become more beautiful.

If we could recover our true memories, the world would seem completely different. So, I devised a potion from forget-me-nots that brings our true final fantasy xs tidus is gay back. If there's one thing Finkelstein knows how to do, it's make long winded speeches his last two pieces of dialogue have each been three screens worth It's pretty deep all things considered. I final fantasy xs tidus is gay think of an instance where they did work for that matter.

If that's what happened from the scent, I'd hate to imagine what would happen should someone drink the thing. My research is flawless! I just need another look at the potion to find out what went wrong! Jack, you've got to find her and get my potion back. I can likely guess where she'll be already; it's not going to be surprising really. I'll gladly admit gay magazine pornographic it's the kind of thing Sora would probably say, but that doesn't make it any less ridiculous.

Let's final fantasy xs tidus is gay find Sally, then! Looks like I know what we're doing next time! Everyone who's seen that film should recognise it. The only other plot door leads to the boss fight. You have the potion, don't you? All the Doctor did was smell it, and the Heartless appeared. What if someone drinks it? Didn't I pose that very question before? Gay men wrestling naked game thinks final fantasy xs tidus is gay I do!

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