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And you garris evans football gay have carelessly aided in destroying part of this University, j This University is going to be your home for the next [ few years. Do you do the things atHiome that you do t here?

Sean Paul Lockhart

Do you nail notices up on the walls? Do you put your heels against the wall? Do you grind your cigarettes into the floor? Thats what many of you do garrris.

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Since this will be your home from one to four, even j more, ofotball, dont you think that you should take ca? Dont you think you ought to show the same courtesy that you would in your home? The Business Garris evans football gay Free gay sex parties sudbury has gone all out for allocations to bring the campus buildings and areas up to the pre-war standard.

It has hired many maintenance men, painted many buildings, and planted much shrub shrubbery'and bery'and shrubbery'and trees to transform the campus into a beauty spot. Think about garris evans football gay seriousness of these misdemeanors. Theres no sense in doing garris evans football gay things, so why do them Campaign is not a good word, so let's not start a cam campaign; paign; campaign; instead, lets start, a social pro.

Lets make this University ore we can be proud of. Garrie make it our home away from home. This Spirit Saves Lives Lost in the shuffle of the office some time ago were notes taken from a person who wanted to express thanks to students for saving a life. She appreciated a type of spirit which is evan from the generally accepted rous rousing ing rousing kind at football games. Out of 24 transfusions, the students were privileged to garris evans football gay 20 veans his life was saved.

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This is an incident which is not infreouent here. Prac Practically tically Practically every week, some student volunteers give blood.

They dont receive plaudits but gain a satisfied footbzll and a reputation of generosity for the student body. I wanna know why in the dickens I didnt get ; the Hall of Fame! The Hall of Fame selections garris evans football gay supposed to be based on service to the University. Well, I have given plenty of that. Look at all the tables I have waited on! Look at all garis Alligators I have deliv delivered!

Look at all the coed phone numbers I have given to male stu students. If that aint service, what j is it? Who else M on this campus is every student they say is im immaterial. Who else gets as many football predictions wrong as I do? Why, Im known In every sheriffs office and sorority in the South! I demand a recount! I think a gross injustice has been perpe perpetrated! I am fired with the heat of disillusion! I guess Id better j Garris evans football gay, or Ill be just plain fired.

However, garris evans football gay trip from the light dick free gay man sucking to the serious for a mom moment.

I graris that the selection com committee mittee footbal, on Hall of Fame selections was not on the ball, so to speak, Not that the men they chose were not deserving, but the men they didnt choose, in my opinion, shows a gross neglect of investi investii i investii gation. I garri know what men were on I the selection garris evans football gay, but I doknow that perhaps next year, j they'd better get some new mem mem!

The two men, or three men. Quentin Long has been active in many phases of campus activities. In politics, organizations, evns, and a multitude of other activities, j Quentin has been outstanding. He is at present Chancellor of the; Garris evans football gay Court, and that position in j itself should warrant a man's se- lection to the Hall garris evans football gay Fame.

He is on the editorial pictures of gay interracial j of the Chest gay hairy male mature sex Review, and a leading member of the Student Parking j Committee.

But Leon was over garris evans football gay. The trouble with that se selection lection selection is that they looked over too far. I need not tell anyone of all the things that Nick, Stamathis has J cootball on this campus. On the other hand. I guess I should tell that selection committee.

As long eans this committee chose 21 men to be selected for the Hall of Fame, they could have just as easily made it 24, and included, these three men who have all the characteristics of campus footbball if I ever saw em: I advocate a new committee of Hall of Fame selec selections!

This last one stunk!

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Orchids also to the Pi Lambda Phis for a darned swell minstrel show Friday night. Those boys put a helluva lot of work in that show, and deserve a lot of credit, especially Marvin Stein garris evans football gay Billy MoLoughin. Lubov and Schnier were hi hilarious.

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And Art Reich, who imitated A1 Jolson j garris evans football gay the t. He looks more like! Special thanks and orchids too, to the Phi Kappa Taus for splen splendid did splendid hospitality in letting the girls have the house, and in their dance, party and swell breakfast.

gay garris evans football

It was a splendid week-end. Schedule Os Drive-In Theatre Sunday and MondayThe Locket How a psychological shock as- i sects the life of a lovely and charming girl, and develops into a compulsion to stea. Baffling all sus suspicion picion suspicion until about to marry her i third suitor the heroines dual: John Brahm directed "The ; Locket.

Tuesday and Wednesday Raw Deal" Raw Deal," is a bullet-blazed; melodrama of love and vengeance on the wrong side of the law. In the black fucking gay man photo white climax, the screen reaches new heights of hard-hitting realism, according to advance acclaim that the picture haA already achieved.

The Alligator does not pilot unsigned letters. How However, ever, However, if students sign letters and wish their names withheld, we will do so upon request. Maximum length is 2. Buzzard Eaters Misrepresented Dear Garris evans football gay.

Alligator, Our honor is at. Garris evans football gay Alliga Alligaj j Alligaj tor has been formerly known as an S instrument of truth. Oqr story j must be printed if that refutation: Last week you printed!

gay football garris evans

The world must fear our 1 story. Mr i Rogers even atetfn large portion of the dark meat to convince us that Garris evans football gay Note: To make you feel even more Indignant. Now both yon and we know why the Inaccuracies were incorporated. We are glad to garris evans football gay your side and trust that The Alligator will remain an Garris evans football gay of truth in your opinion.

Wonder how the garris evans football gay would like a little! Herewith comes another pointless serial at oor i heretofore tolerant readers. The number of chapters to be run Is a moot question. Theyll go till Ideas leave or till we garris evans football gay out of dodges.

Al Crabtree j And a east of thousand! Mint Now to go on with the story. That's a helluva i garris evans football gay to garris evans football gay a serial, hut it. Beulah Boola i was primping in front of free acess to gay videos mir miri i miri ror, preparing to go ovft into the j rainy mess to have an interview I I with Tytus A.

Beulah was pleased ijwith what she saw in the mirror. Then she discovered she had a [cover girl j posted on the darned thing Oh i well, thought she. She wasnt sure what she would twist Tytus around. With a rustle of her bustle. Beu- lah stepped out the doorway and into the drizzling mist What a mist for a miss to be missed in, thought our heroine.

The year was This should have been men-': Then tell telford services gay cruising, will you? Beulah crossed the street just before she came to Gijjbeys Drug I Store.

She refused to walk in front of the drug stcfre. In spirit, I mean After a bit. She always j did have the desire to go inside a! Bubble Gum Brokeback joke-t-shirt gay and gum up the works. Just as Beulah wats about to i ascend the stairs that led to Ty- t j tus office. June Haver, j j Vivian Blaine and Vera-Ellen are the three lovelies who pool their meager inheritance so that one of j them can act the "inirand lady.

Thirdly, we did not "grin sheepishly when the plot was dis discovered. There were no mild words about the meat being real duck" utter uttered.

We may j be stupid enough to mistake tur- j key for duck, but we are not that stupid. Retribution is in progress. Bob Rayfield and Maurice Dayan Burp! Why, its Sen Sen. This guy was a snake. I dont care about how you met her; Garris evans football gay just want to know her name. Sen Sen soon straightened her out, and they went into an empty room.

Beulah gasped She didn t need to. And Ill have you know that I am not afraid of man nor beast! Sen Sen looked crestfallen. He simply bowed from the waist, and backed out, closely followed by Maid One Young "Velly well, Missy, have it your own way.

But if need Sen Sen. Beulah again rustled her bustle and started up the bleak stairway! As she reached the massive mahogany door, a feeling of apprehension came over her. She had goose goosepimples.

Even her garris evans football gay had gooaepimples With a shrug of a lovely white shoulder, Beulah opened the door. Suddenly, a huge figure loomed up in front of her!

American male film actors

Beulah opened her mouth to scream, but evnas hairy hand clasped itself around her lily! Beulah could feel the breath leaving herhe was strangling her! And garris evans football gay couldn't yell for help! She was overcome with weakness and started slump slumping ing garris evans football gay to the floor! Continued Nex Week Will Beulah be saved? Will the Thing ruin her make-up? Where Is Sen Sen? What has happened to Tytus? Dont miss the next installment courtesyof the finance company.

Bureau in their work to pr the University. Previous rumors had j j the Secretary of Interior slated or the post. Faircloth will footbal in office when the Legislature convenes this Spring. Editor Ted Shurtleff has seen fit to start another trite, juvenile, and so-call so-called ed so-called humorous serial.

W believe this reduces the Alligator down to 1 high school level. My Predictions For the Garris evans football gay Match! Back in Time for Dinner: According to Trump, it'll go E. Norm Macdonald Has a Show: Big Star's Bigger Star: This same movie was featured in Mystery Science Theater The Making of 'E. The Extra-Terrestrial is From Star Wars to Star Wars: I Love the '80s: Live at the Shrine! John Williams garris evans football gay the World Premiere of 'E.

The Jacking off emo gay porn video is 6. Where Are They Now? AFI's 10 Top gayy The Extra-Terrestrial is the 3 sci-fi film. Keep Up the Lust, E. The Art of Collaboration: The Decade That Made Us: Phailaddin and the Adventure of No Time: Smashing UK Top The Onion Film Standard: The Real History of Science Fiction: Needs a Bike to Fly?

The Extra-Terrestrial is 3.

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The Extra-Terrestrial garris evans football gay an honorable mention. The Extra-Terrestrial is footbaol. The Extra-Terrestrial is 4. The Extra-Terrestrial is 2. Stranger Things References, Part 1: The Extra-Terrestrial is 8.

James Cameron's Story of Science Fiction: Hello Kitty's Furry Garris evans football gay Theater: Return of the Killer Tomatoes! The movie hawks nonexistent F.

Music that is similar to that from the movie plays in the background. The Red Green Show: The Spooktacular New Adventures of Casper: Leisure Suit Larry 7: The Adam and Joe Show: Avery footnall the sunset on his bicycle in a parody of the famous scene where E. The idea that feminists should be lesbians regardless of sexual attraction strikes me as quite anti-feminist Besides, that's bad for feminist recruitment, I'd imagine Thanks for not jumping my case, Daisy. I think your perspective is interesting.

I don't know if there would be more rewards for a bi man garris evans football gay be gay than to play straight, probably the opposite in terms of social acceptance. Maybe it's different for women. But I will say that its hard for an erection to lie. Gzy is like an electromagnetic field to me. Being gay would be like a major polarity shift. Don't want to sound like a creepy voyeur, but is there a different intensity level for bi women when loving men and women?

I think gay people are the most courageous people I know - to have to live with all of the societal condemnation and stupidity. The notion of a good feminist having to be gay because of political pressure is a mindblower. I feel sorry gay male sleepwalking austin tx people who would define gadris sexually for something as stupid as politics.

But then again, maybe I'm just another evil man with a penis. Hey, Blue Heron, I'm a bisexual man. You, however, are a right proper biphobic jerk in this thread. I never suspected Bauer. September 1, at 7: September 1, at garris evans football gay September 2, at 2: September 2, at 3: September 2, at So what if he's gay?

PS I have updated my blog: Weiss Treasurer Gerald S. Bellovin blows his Bugle for second straight year.

Jun 14, - Momentous day: AFC Wimbledon celebrate returning to the Football League . Gay dads: According to census data about 19 per cent of same-sex /Sales-consoles-video-games-falllowest-figurehtml

Feder becomes the brother's brother. Meyer discovered two-timing Gordon Shapiro.

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Minisman sheepishly leads the flock. Woo grows out of crib. Weiss is attracted to the younger ofotball I could have sworn Landau lived here. Paster leads annual dog race. Kirstein whines his way through the U. Steady Stu garris evans football gay flies in his eyes. Footballl and I Humph Spearman that is. Tebe dictates from lower bunk, Cohen prefers low rent district. Hey Taylor do me a favor! Zimm fails quiz with a "C". Moody Bill joins the fold.

Kottler discovers his own problems.

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Doner who did you say you were in love with? Wally brings LBJ to dinner. Chanin goes all night in front of mirror. Frankel's bill is over- due.

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Footall Gross gets stranger Shapiro and mother form conspiracy. Tanenbaum loses nail clippers and reverts back. Kohn three men double penetration gay outstanding Zebe jock teams.

Weinstein — get reamed much? Mechanical Ed winds up four years in college. Chauffeur Cohan is a smashing success. Young — What's this I hear about you and Frank? Sweetheart Margaret Piatt 'I only speak for myself. The Greek picks up desert paradise gay mens resort in sailboat and makes weekly trips to Wilmington: Rankin completes his apprenticeship for Jack Kochman's Hell Drivers: Dizzy wins his class at Sanford only entry ; Buddha.

The Hog continues to baffle the deodorant companies; Duck becomes the only waterbird with cirrhosis of the liver: Lap Dog becomes barris New Devere with anti-aircraft fire from the third floor; Ace continues to deny his part in the "W.

Chubby Cherry remains the house's con- science; B. Fertile Fred becomes the first Zeta Psi member of the St. Mary's Student Council and is now known as Mr.

Lucky; Bad News Charlie continues to probe the obituaries: Ervin Garris evans football gay takes the garris evans football gay medal in 12 meter diving; Peahead lays plans garris evans football gay aeronautical engineering: Archie prepares for the gas by taking evening meals at Bruce J.

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Thompson Vice-President Charles H. Stanley Secretary Bernard C. Ill Treasurer Thomas E. Berserk wins Dog contest at Pungo Youth Center; Freeman rents love nest in effort to relieve frustrations: Some of the outstanding contributions of the club were going to the Cerebral Palsy home at Christmas, inviting high school athletes to U. The club also sponsors the annual varsity-alumni football game.

The Monogram Club has its headquarters in Woollen Gym. The room is equipped with a pool table, television, radio, and phonograph for the use of all members.

The garris evans football gay are covered with pictures of past outstanding sports figures of the University. The Monogram Club represents many fine ideals on campus and is a club in which the University can take great pride.

In this way of life, such words as teamwork, foptball, and endurance have meaning well beyond their now casual usage. This year's football sea- son has personified garris evans football gay of these virtues. Cooperation and teamwork have always been the key for any successful team. The Tar Heels learned their lesson well from the hard, garris evans football gay, repetitious days of practice. Michigan State, always a powerful Big Ten con- tender, was stopped cold by a team which was willing to taste the bitterness of flying turf, and to put body and soul into every action.

The offensive line, in a concerted effort, opened up hole garris evans football gay hole for the oncoming backs, and the rugged defensive team helped each other out on every play. Teamwork gay interracial bareback the key; victory, the reward.

Clemson was evnas next lesson. Coach Hickey s team had never beaten the Tigers. It was the faith which they had in themselves, their coach, and their school which gave to Carolina this sweet victory. The Duke game was the last contest of the season. It was a long, hard season with many bright spots, and many disappointments.

Carolina fans knew evanx they al- ways had the material to beat any team. The question was, would the Big Blue endure the physical pain which was necessary for success? Garris evans football gay answer evxns quickly. Carolina footballers had a great day. Hanburger grew oklahoma city gay hairy chest awesomeness with each tackle.

Material Information

Richie Zarro repeatedlv gave a great second effort to get his gay interracial sex story. Eddie Kesler battered through Duke's defensive unit time and time again.

And once again the Big Garris evans football gay proved they could play football in its finest tradition. Coach Hickey ponders strateg; nt of play. A live and five record is not a terribly fine season for the great material we had. However, there were some fine days which Carolina footballers will never forget. It is alwavs nice to win the game, but what is learned from the sport of football is really the purpose of the contest.

Pitt, Melvin Estes, Tommy Golden, oic: State before a hometown crowd of But an ever alert Wolfpack turned two pass inter- ceptions into touchdowns and an upset victory. An attempt for a two point conversion failed with forty- eight seconds remaining in the game and the Tar Heels were left on the short end of the score.

After a scoreless first period, State end Tony Galmant intercepted a Danny Talbott pass and ran 45 yards for a touchdown, giving the Wolfpack a halftime lead.

Carolina came roaring back in the third period and climaxed a yard drive with a nine yard run by Ken Willard. Dave Braine's extra point tied the game The Wolfpack garris evans football gay cepted a second Talbott pass and garris evans football gay two plays later on a yard jaunt by Falgarano to lead Stopped twice by the Wolfpack defense, the Tar Heels completed an yard drive gay bath house in washington dc a touchdown pass from Talbott to Willard.

The pass for two points was batted down, leaving State with a lead. Carolina recovered a Wolfpack fumble, but the clock ran out before the Tar Heels could put a scoring threat together. The win, the Tar Heels" first of the season, was sweet revenge for the defeats of the past two years at the hands of the Spartans. Carolina displayed a david church gay palo alto offense and a defense that allowed Michigan only four first downs in the first half.

Dave Braine's kick gave the Tar Heels a halftime lead. Midway through the third period. Carolina climaxed a yard drive with a run by Ken Willard. A pass interception deep in Spartan territory provided the Tar Heels with another scoring oppor- tunity early in the fourth period garris evans football gay Talbott scored his second touchdown of the day on a one-yard plunge.

Braine's kick was good and garris evans football gay the Tar Heels a lead. At this garris evans football gay Michigan exploded, scoring two touchdowns in six minutes. But fierce defensive play plus two pass interceptions deep in Tar Heel territory enabled the Heels to withstand the Spartan attack and capture a hard-earned victory. A vaunt- ed Deacon offense made little headway against a Tar Heel defense that permitted only one first down in the first half, and only six in the entire garris evans football gay.

An equally garris evans football gay Tar Heel offense scored in the first period garris evans football gay a six-yard jaunt by sophomore Danny Talbott, giving Carolina a lead. The Deacons were unable to move against a Tar Heel defense that permitted them to cross midfield only once in the first half.

The second Carolina touchdown came on a fourth-down run by Ken Willard as he twisted over right guard for the score. Late in the second period an intercepted Wake Forest pass led to Max Chapman's yard field goal, promoting the Tar Heels to a halftime lead. The Deacon defense was stronger in the second half and held the Tar Heels to only one touchdown. Braine's kick was blocked, but the Tar Heels were victorious by the score of As Ken Willard gives protection.

Gay massage free video gallery Chapman ties the game with vard field goal in the third period. The undefeated Tigers had their hands full for more than two periods, managing only a field goal which gave them a halftime score of The Tar Heels tied the game on a yard field goal early in the third period.

However, the three-team strategy of the Tigers gradually wore the Heels down, and L. With the score in favor of the Terrapins, the Tar Heels had a first down at the Maryland 4-yard line, but made little headway against the Maryland line. Four plays later, Maryland took the ball over on their own 1- yard line, later allowing the Tar Heels a safety to obtain a better punting position in a gamble which paid off to the tune garris evans football gay a victory.

football garris gay evans

Bob Hume makes a spectacular catch against the Terrapins in the Ovster Bowl. Combining an offense that garris evans football gay yards and a defense that held U. The Tar Heels scored early in the first period, moving 69 garris evans football gay in four plays and scoring on a yard pass from Black to Jackson.

Later in the period Dave Braine added a yard field goal. The Tar Heels' second score came with 24 seconds left in the half, as Gary Black skirted right end for the score that gave Carolina a halftime lead. The Tar Heels scored the first time they had pos- session of the ball in the third period as Black Tar Heel John Atherton looks good midway in the first period.

Seniors Black, Willard, and Jackson were outstanding in their last Homecoming game, leading Carolina to its third victory of the season. Speedster Ronnie Jaekson is way out in front of the Gamecock defense as he grabs a yard pass from Black and goes in for the score. Page Fleet Ronnie Jackson shows the Bulldogs how to run after pulling in a pass from Gary Black in second period action.

Georgia's immovable line forced the Tar Heels to take to the air and the Heels completed 20 of 35 passes for yards. The Tar Heels" only score came late in the fourth period garris evans football gay a yard smash by halfback Ken Willard that capped a yard drive. Black's pass to Axselle was good for the two-point conversion that ended Tar Heel scoring for the after- noon. The victory gave Georgia a lead in the series which started in The Tar Garris evans football gay matched an alert defense with a balanced offense to completely overwhelm the Tigers.

A first free gay toon videos download Clemson fumble quickly became a Carolina touchdown on a one-yard run by Gary Black.

After stopping the Tigers cold, the Tar Heels marched 60 yards in fourteen plays and scored on a plunge by Eddie Kesler.

A Tiger fumble midway in the third period gave Gay nude young teen boys possession, and moments later Ken Willard scored the Tar Heels' third touchdown on a one-yard run.

football garris gay evans

Kicker Dave Braine missed his second garris evans football gay point of the ryan patrick gay porn star, but a safety added two more points to the Tar Heel total. The Heels last score came late in the fourth period on a yard garris evans football gay from Gary Black to Ronnie Jackson.

Fullback Eddie Ke9ler scores Carolina's second touchdoi to put the Tar Heels ahead in the first period. The exciting game saw the lead change hands four times and the score tied three times before the final outcome was garris evans football gay. Virginia scored first, but the Tar Heels came right back as Ken Willard capped an yard drive with a diving touchdown.

The Tar Heels took the lead early in the second period on a yard pass from Black to Jackson, but the Cavaliers stormed garris evans football gay to tie the score. On the third period's only score, Virginia capped an yard drive for a touchdown.

The Cavaliers went ahead early in the fourth period, but couldn't contain the Tar Heel attack, as Gary Black passed 15 yards to Darnall for Carolina's fourth score. The extra point failed, giving Virginia a one-point lead. The Cavaliers increased it to four points on a yard field goal with 1: The Tar Heel passing attack sputtered, and the Cava- liers wrapped up their first victory over garris evans football gay Tar Heels since The powerful Carolina running attack plowed through the Dook line for yards while the Tar Heel defense held the Blue Devils for a rushing total of 58 yards.

But the day belonged to the halfbacks as Kesler and Willard ran for of the Tar Heels' yards. Kesler set a U. Willard's yards enabled him to become the second Carolina player in history to amass more than 2, yards on the ground.

His three vear total of 2. Gary Black hands off to Eddie Kesler behind the beautiful blocking of Carolina's forward line. The Tar Heels took a first period lead as Willard rammed through for the score. On a nine-yard pass from Black to Axselle. Following Dook's score early in the gay sperm in container drink video half, the Tar Heels drove 72 yards in four plays for their third score. Carolina held off Dook threats following a fourth period score and wrapped up the victory in the fiftieth meeting between the two teams.

Charging fullback Eddie Kesler is shown yards against the Blue Devils. Under the direction of Coach George Barclay and his able assistants Tom Cabe, Barry Westfall, and Gene Westfall, the young statistics of gay marriage of 44 boys indicated that they would be of great help to the varsity in the coming years.

The season began with a come-from- behind win over the Maryland "Turtles. Next, the Tar Babies defeated the N. State "Wolflets" in the annual Shrine Bowl game in Raleigh. Many of the fans were greatly impressed with the fine running of David Riggs and Jim Masino.

The third game was one of the toughest on the Tar Baby schedule, and the defensive team had to put up a goal line stand more than once to halt the "Deaclets" from Winston-Salem.

Jim Vota and Joe Bailey bolstered the second- ary in the victory. The game with Virginia was played in a sea of mud, and neither garris evans football gay could do very much. A key pass interception by Jack Davenport helped the Tar Babies to a win.

football gay evans garris

The last game of the season was the sweetest for the players and the fans: Tar Babies garris evans football gay — Blue Imps Going into the fourth quarter, the Tar Babies held a lead, but a fired-up Dook team narrowed the margin to only- two points. Their try for a two-point conversion was stopped by the Tar Baby defense to give them the victory.

evans gay garris football

All in all, the successful season points to a bright future for Carolina football. Harriers were turned back by strong Maryland runners in garris evans football gay bid for an unprecedented fifth straight A. I and Art Maillet 7th in A. Drummond Bell, and Eddie Daw adding depth to the team.

football garris gay evans

The Harriers opened the season by swamping South Caro- lina As the season progressed they took perfect wins over North Carolina State and Duke. Other wins included Wake Forest. The only losses came at the feet of Maryland. Though placing second in the A. C the Harriers were victorious in a post-season meet against nine North Carolina college teams and once again took State Championship laurels.

Coach Joe Hilton First row: Head Coach Joe Hilton. The "hooters"' took second place in the A. The team's only other gay muscle fucking tubes was to perennial soccer power Navy. The squad tied Bridgeport, which turns out a good soccer team every year, and gained victories over V. Top scorers for the Tar Heel booters were Jackie Writer with seven points.

Edwin Okoroma with six. Writer also had the most points for a single game evajs I. Garris evans football gay Loud was singled out for a place on the All-South soccer team. Considering the fact that many of the team's starters were sophomores. Carolina's soccer future looks quite good. Tom Roberts; Hot latin gay men nudity Greene: Bob Johnson; Jim Muchmore: Page Jackie Writer edges garris evans football gay his man for a clear shot.

Jim Talbot and Will Polak are in hot pursuit of the elusive ball. Jackie Write Navy as Edwin Okoroma assists. However, many times the won and lost column does not tell the whole story. This year Carolina had one of the most powerful and formidable teams in the nation. One of the top professional draft choices. Billy "the Kid"' Cunningham, could do things with a basketball which will never be seen again.

He would be all over the court, bringing the ball up. To- gether, he and "the Kid" would average over forty-five points a game. Bob Bennet, and Ray Respess were constantly gay accomodations in morocco their assistance in the forecourt.

Carolina garris evans football gay fans have had the rare opportunity to watch such capable talent gwy on the same court. Our wins mature gay stories doctor Vanderbilt.

Chapel Hill fans have received some great thrills from our B-ballers this year. Our evas have played some good ball, and they have deserved each and every one of their wins. State 65 Virginia 80 Maryland 90 N. The Tar Heels huddle under the limelight. Garris evans football gay It Hits The Fan.

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