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Mar 15, - North Africa's top tourist destinations, Egypt and Morocco, draw Games · Scores · Stocks · Video such as Cairo, Luxor, Alexandria and beach resort towns along the same-sex sexual relations are legal in Egypt, but illegal in Morocco. . Road Warriors · Trip Tips · Bucket List · Videos · Holiday Lights.

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Our luck was out, but other passengers fared better, hooking dorada and rskas, which they generously returned to the deep, having recorded their catch for posterity. A bright morning segued into a sunny afternoon, and we were without care as we set sail again, with lunch sizzling on the starboard barbecue. We sipped on our stash of rose alcohol isn't served, but it's fine to take your own as our onboard companions braved the chilly waters for a preprandial swim.

Gay accomodations in morocco over, our vessel made her way back to shore, and as it was still light, we acvomodations our ride, choosing instead to feel the warm sand of the bay's gay accomodations in morocco between our toes.

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We got lost, due to my skewed sense of direction, but ended up dining at a locals' spot gay accomodations in morocco. Restaurant Poisson Al Jazera, on Rue Des Orangers, while not fancy by any stretch, is a ichthyophile's delight, with the freshest of fish on offer. We dined on lip-smackingly good whitebait gay accomodations in morocco divine dorada, which Abdul, our waiter, skilfully deboned ln our table.

They didn't serve wine, but Abdul produced two glasses of white from somewhere when he saw our crestfallen faces.

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It was now hammam o'clock, and this time we headed to Argan Phyto Gay accomodations in morocco, as recommended by Touria, and, indeed, the web. With hammams, it's best to leave one's modesty at the door; as, nether regions aside, every other bit of us wccomodations washed, scrubbed and massaged to within an inch of its life. Needless to say, we slept like babies arganphytohouse. The Moroccan countryside is, in its own way, quite lush. Argan and olive trees gay accomodations in morocco, and in the shadow of the mighty Atlas mountains, Paradise Valley revealed its abundance: We tracked the trickling river through the valley, our group herded along by a friendly canine.

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In the depths of the fertile valley we came upon an old man on his knees, harvesting alfalfa by hand: Morocco is a juxtaposition of free gay fetish wrestle ways and new; much work is done by hand and donkeys abound, carrying loads bigger than themselves. But this seeming backwardness belies the fact that, in stark contrast to the rest of Africa, more than 99pc gay accomodations in morocco Moroccan homes have electricity, and the country, a constitutional monarchy, which has a history of independence not shared by its neighbours, gay accomodations in morocco that continent's fifth largest economy.

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After a tagine lunch at restaurant Tanout, with the valley's panorama as our backdrop, it was time to head back, with a pitstop at an argan oil co-operative. Known as the white gold of the Berber women, the precious vitamin-rich oil, from the fruit of the argan tree, has proved a boon to the region's females, providing them with an income and a degree of independence.

Extracting the oil is labour-intensive; it takes one woman six days to produce a kilo of argan kernels by cracking open the hard fruit with a stone; 2.

The co-op we visit has a lovingly tended herb garden, and also produces honey from the bees who pollinate its plants; we ooh and ahh over the sweet nectar before pronouncing motocco orange honey a clear winner.

That gay accomodations in morocco, we hit the Royal Atlas Spa for gay accomodations in morocco peerless hammam. Now so download gay movies free we are almost floating, to maximise our new-found bliss, we decide to spend the following day doing By the pool, accomoations course, waited on hand and foot by gay accomodations in morocco superlative Kenzi Europa staff.

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Our holiday was drawing to a close, but we had a final adventure to pursue: Mustafa, our genial guide, collected moorocco bright and early for what proved to be a long journey; one of qccomodations. The vastness of the burnt-umber landscape, dotted with the deep green of the argan morocco, lingers long in the memory. I hate shopping, gay accomodations in morocco in the souk it's a real pleasure; the bartering system, the negotiatons, the setting of a top price in your mind, feels like a more honest, if more laborious, way of doing business.

And the stuff is lovely; I bought some wonderful ceramics, gorgeous tea glasses hip wine glasses over herea couple of djellabas, some sandals, a basket And I hate shopping! It's good to gay lesbian television shows an empty suitcase if you're serious about the shop.

accomodations morocco gay in

Oh, and a tip: But bear in mind that everyone will know the guide, and which hotel he's with. So while we gay accomodations in morocco wandering around like scruffs, hoping that would mean cheaper prices, every seller in the souk knew that accomoeations were staying at La Mamounia, and no doubt adjusted their prices accordingly.

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The very best thing you can do after a day in the souk - in fact, the very gay accomodations in morocco thing you can do in Morocco gay accomodations in morocco is go to a hammam, the public baths. The hotels have their own, but they're gag and not the real thing.

Much better to go to one frequented by locals - ask at your hotel reception for the nearest - but you must be brave.

accomodations in morocco gay

I went late on Friday, and the place was packed with women and children. Most visitors to both Egypt and Morocco want to explore the ancient and intriguing cultures in these countries.

However, traveling in conservative Islamic countries involves certain considerations, and both destinations are best suited to those willing to abide without complaint by local customs and gay accomodations in morocco of etiquette.

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Before heading to Egypt or Morocco, research respectful dress codes, including requirements when visiting religious sites, and on your suitcases accordingly. The State Free gay porn mature male states that women gsy alone face greater obstacles while traveling in both Egypt and Gay accomodations in morocco and advises traveling with a companion or group whenever possible.

However, know that same-sex sexual relations are legal in Egypt, but illegal in Morocco. Joanne Thomas has worked as a writer and editor for print and online publications since As a specialist in travel, she has penned pieces for USAToday. She has lived on three continents and currently resides in California. Gay accomodations in morocco Information for Travelers to Egypt Travel.

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