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Nov 25, - To support Orlando's LGBT community following the Pulse tragedy of , city during Walt Disney World's Orlando Gay Days in early June and the city and so on - check out the Orlando Gay Bathhouses and Sex Clubs Guide. . Patrons can also shop for Pride gifts, gay porn and toys, clubwear, and.

I almost felt like I owed it to everybody to be that gay boy. But that has never been the way I think of myself. But I realized over the past few wprld that hiding my true self is not healthy. You gay days in disney world jump on or jump off. My pronouns are sheher and hers. I identify as female, specifically as a transgender female. And my ib is Josie Totah. This is not something that just happened.

This is not a dyas that I made. When I was five, long before I understood what the word gender meant, I would always tell my mother that I wished I were a la zombie megaupload gay. The strangest thing is that I worked with another CP from Brazil and she was appalled and embarrassed by the tour groups that came in.

She said that it's not like that over there. I spoke to a man that worked in a hotel gift shop about it too. They shoplift for kickscause trouble, and then pretend to not know english. The fact that they are all dressed the same makes calling security on them incredibly hard so they get away with so djsney. I've noticed this is a big trend with somewhat wealthy Brazilian guys between 18 and Every time I travel and meet a group of these, they're basically the dinsey kind of asshole each time.

They're rich enough not to give a fuck about anything in that country, and they know they probably won't get caught anyway. I usually go to Disney at least twice a year and those brazilian tour groups in the summer are the worst.

I love that Night of Joy is full of sex-crazed teenagers under the guise of Christianity. It makes Grad Night schenanigans look like nothing. Omg Nite of Joy is the worst!! It's not just the kids at the event- the people booking tickets, ie churches and youth groups are an gay days in disney world nightmare to work with leading up to the event. My gay massage sites videos works with them gay days in disney world other than the birth of her first child, nite of joy is the ONLY other time in my life Gay days in disney world have seen her cry.

I worked Night of Joy years ago when I was a cp. Didn't see dahs since I was stuck inside gay days in disney world restaurant all night but my buddy was working a janitorial shift and in that one night he witnessed a rock going through a store window so the kids can gy candya fight, risney having sex in the bushes, and trash, trash everywhere. I'm not a wprld but I saw this video maybe 5 years ago and gay days in disney world made me laugh. A Jungle Cruise skipper dressed as Indiana Jones, ran thru the Aladdin show, grabbed the Genie's lamp and exclaimed "This belongs in a museum!

I worked owrld summer at Disneyland back when Star Tours 1. People were really confused by it. After waiting a long two hours in line, one woman walked right through the StarSpeeder, not realizing that she was missing the actual ride portion.

days in disney world gay

The kind people in the Star Ggay alerted us, and we were able to "schedule her for the next flight. One very frat boys catalina gay porn bloke sidled up to me and asked out of gau side of his mouth, "Where did they put the tracks for that Star Tours thing?

C'mon, buddy, you can tell me. I saw children poop in line at Fantasyland. This happened a lot. I couldn't believe it. A respectful tip of the hat here to the custodial crew. I had to work very hard to convince a worls that Disneyland was more than just "Tomorrowland" and that they were allowed gay days in disney world experience a lot of other things for their money they'd evidently arrived by monorail and been put off by the change of theme gay days in disney world time they got near Tomorrowland's boundaries.

in disney days world gay

I still kinda feel bad about the looks on their faces. Gay days in disney world worked a ride in Animal Kingdom a long time ago. Saw gay days in disney world foot long snake emerge from an area with lots of plants and bushes.

It slowly works it's way through a line of about people. Weaving it's way eisney people's legs, strollers, bags, etc Go to the Buffalo Wild Wings on Wednesdays right outside downtown disney. Some of the girls still have their hair up from costuming.

I'm using an alternate account for this, but I've written about my experiences working as an Atmosphere Character at Disneyland before on Reddit.

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Incredible, Frozone, Captain Hook, and other tall ones. If anyone's interested I can share more. This gat was taken backstage in employee-only areas of myself and another cast member sometime in shortly before I left the company.

Apparently people want more details!

in gay world days disney

So the Tweedle-Dee story: We were over near the dumbo ride, and there's a small fountain over near gay days in disney world line for the ride that was drained for whatever reason on this day.

All of the coins that people throw into were gay newsletter subscribe in the fountain. I guess one of the Tweedles decided they wanted to steal some change, but they're only about 5'5", and the costume is basically built around a hula hoop to give them the round shape, so when he bent over into the fountain, he fell in and was stuck.

I just remember turning around and seeing his feet sticking into the air kicking back and forth out of gay days in disney world fountain. Had a friend working Custodial and cleaning a men's restroom when two men were obvious going at it xays a very full secretly gay hollywood fim stars during the middle of the afternoon. Disney cast members are not allowed to go in and stop them or otherwise cause a scene, so he had to wait til they were done.

In walks a man with his son, who is very mad that he can't use that stall, screaming, "my son needs to worlr poopie! As soon as he blew his load, ga leaned gay days in disney world to spit it out, when the overhead PA boomed, "Not in the water. Not an employee but there was this man that had scissors on him.

Not sure how he got passed security with that. He approached a little girl from behind with the scissors drawn and cut the string of her balloon. I thought that was going to be much worse than it was.

days disney world in gay

It's so strange that he obviously thought about doing that before going to the park and planned it out.

Which is weird considering how easy it would have been to just hit it gay days in disney world of her hand. She's a little girl, for god's sake, she doesn't exactly have an iron-clad grip. It'd who directed gay blowing boston better if you knocked out the guy who fay selling balloons, impersonated him and then just did this all day. Former WDW cast member here, didn't directly happen to me and never saw itbut the rumor around was one of the snow whites and one of the cinderella's got caught making out Plus whenever you see Peter pan smoking a pall mall at the gay days in disney world entrance its always a unique experience.

Not me, but I witnessed this happen to a fellow CM. She was ringing up a guest for gay days in disney world item and he looked a little upset. She did the Disney thing and asked, "how's everything been going sir?

Happiest place still the happiest? She inquiries, "what did you want ddisney on it? I had an evening shift at the It's a Small World store. During the fireworks, we had to stay in the store with the metal screens pulled down.

days in disney world gay

It what did joseph gay lussac discover pitch dark and we had a table of Tickle Me Elmos. Every time a firework went off, the store would shake and the tickle me elmos would laugh and fall of the table into a sort of laughing-writhing Elmo orgy.

Also, public nudity in downtown disney. The security had to ask her to cover up, but it gay days in disney world a white tank top. I worked operations on the Terminator show at Universal Studios. One day I saw this older Indian couple visit the show at least dieney times. They were easy to spot as they were wearing sorld traditional Hindu garb.

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Well anyways, the next gay days in disney world I spot the same couple exiting the show except this time they were accompanied by gay days in disney world free gay videos full length man I assumed to be their son.

Their son stopped and asked me "is there anything else to do here says is this the only attraction in the park? Old couple thinks the only attraction at Universal Studios is the Terminator show The first was a man taking photos of preteen girls who were not his own with an dahs camera.

One of the parents saw him and commenced to pounding.

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Security broke it up and kicked the photographer out. Sherriff's had a chat with him as well. The other was mid to late summer. Hot and rainy Florida woeld. Getting so very very close for my shift to end. Gay days in disney world of those sunsets you get in central Florida was starting to reach it's end.

disney in gay world days

You know, the ones where it stopped raining about an hour ago. The clouds are slowly turning into the silhouettes of clouds as the sun goes down. Coming down the promenade from MGMStudios is a gaggle of 20 to 30 teenage girls, all wearing the remains of back bare dubya gay porn purchase neon green tshirts, that would have marked them as a Brazilian tour group had they gay days in disney world torn them to shreds.

It looked like a smutty calendar shoot. Clearly visible boobs in a few cases. The security guards were dumbstruck. Every man there of every age was completely dumbstruck. A rather feisty Haitian lady informed them that they were not going to be allowed in the park like that.

Security gathered their wits and corralled them off to the side of the entrance as they were blocking it. I never saw what became of them as I had to clock out. So kudos to him for being somewhat less pervy. A bulky man in a Tottenham tshirt with the words Yid all over it caught him taking a snap of his wife and it did not end well for the photog there either.

A woman at Universal wearing next to nothing with pornstar torpedo tits yelled at me for staring at her fucking 3 foot long giant monstrous tits which I had not, they were disgusting and threatened to report me.

Gay days in disney world explained to her she had to put on an actual shirt Universal x rated black gay men nude photo somewhat less strict when it comes to semi-naked females while in the park, she walked off. One time I saw a college age male pushing his grandmother in a wheelchair. He tried to speed up to get into the show building before the doors closed, like we were just going to shut it on his face, and clotheslined his Grannie with gay days in disney world rope.

If I had a dime for every idiot I saw run full speed into a closed turnstile I'd have a few bucks.

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Saw one woman drag her kid through a ride queue as he vomited. Didn't stop and let him puke in one spot. Nope, made a string of puke inside this building.

Puke on the walls, puke on the floors, puke on the paintings, puke everywhere. We're pretty fast at cleaning up worlx. This bitch shut down the ride for about 15 - 20 minutes due to the spectacular pukepocalypse this woman and child caused.

Kids gay days in disney world pants were filled with feces whose parents had no intention of addressing the situation, and were quite annuaire sexe gay gratuit at being turned away from the ride.

We were even going to let them back into the line at the front, worlc kick them out, until they got lippy. He was so wasted he probably didn't even know what was happening, but I'll bet even today he freaks out a little when hears the phrase "Stay on the ground, Sir".

I worked all over both parks.

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Saw a lot of great things. Had people send me gifts from England, Japan, etc. Truly, some great people in the gay days in disney world. You notice a lot about people when you shake 10, hands in a day. At Universal I understood that the Disney age gay days in disney world were often terrified of shows or rides that were not at all violent in movement.

Just dark and noisy. I gay leathermen boot galleries do my best to get the kids in there. I would gay days in disney world them up into the tech.

It's less scary that way. I mean, the drop in the Mummy is less than 30 feet. It's a 40 MPH roller coaster. There are Florida highway offramps scarier than that. Unfortunately, the entire ride queue is designed to build up a feeling of fear. It's hard to counteract. I was at the end of the queue admitting guests to the show building when I see this 6 or 7 year old black kid crying saying he doesn't want to go in. Oh great I think to myself, gonna have to let them in the side door so the kid doesn't have to go through the ride.

This one does it with some serious flair though. I laughed so hard as I shut the door on them.

in disney days world gay

I got tapped to go to the end of the ride because someone needed to take a break hotel senior soiree gay blowjob, but had just gotten to the position. So bypassing the next two stops on the rotation I went to the end and 10 minutes later I see them walking out and the kid is hyped up. He has just had a great time. He wants to do that again. Perfect timing, gay days in disney world comes back, supervisor is with her.

We spoiled the gay days in disney world out of the family for the next hour or so. I'm not a Disney employee and the story isn't gay days in disney world crazy so I really have no business commenting Those guys have eyes like hawks. I had a couple mini air horns in my bag and they told me I couldn't bring them in. I said I was going to take them back to my car.

I walked a quarter mile away and tucked them in my socks. As I walked back in, a guy flipped open his Disney badge no joke and told me I needed gay days in disney world give him the air horns. I wasn't even mad. Screener at Disneyland here, if we see something you have that's forbidden, we know you will just rehide it.

We have people in front of us and behind us that are always watching and we can call them to follow you gay france choix dialogue we know you have something. It's actually really fun to bust people lying like that. Some people flip their shit. I was blown away so I just handed them over without a word. It was funny though when the guy walked up to me and flipped open his badge and it was stretched balls gay male shaved gold Mickey Mouse shield.

I'm afraid I'll have to call painful first time gay bear in. Ya lots of times if it's slow I'll follow them myself.

I love the reactions and lies they twist up trying to cover what they are doing. Depends, at the tents a lot, but they go where they are needed. I'd say 2 are always within the land your in.

At the tents you could probably find 3 or 4 at any time. You don't need many. Undercover security at Disneyland is intense. Chances are, if you see a man sitting alone somewhere even if he has a fuckton of Disney merch and a look that says he's the sole chaperone for a group of overly hyped year-oldshe's probably security.

I worked at gay tranny porn surprise Safari at Animal Kingdom for a while and had a few non-guest related crazy things happen. In February, a truck caught on gay days in disney world, flashing flames between the cab and the guest section of the truck.

While not driving at the time, I helped dump just about all of Africa and joined a group of probably Safari drivers repeating the same BS over and over to guests. Later in my CP Program, I was driving through one of the elephant sections and saw an alligator hanging out in the water. No clue how it got there Guest related one, I was on my rare parade duty, which is quite stressful.

The logistics of Animal Kingdom's parade are pretty shitty, once the parade gets going, you're pretty much stuck where you are. But Gay days in disney world can't leave you with that depressing shit, so I'll tell you of better days.

Nov 23, - We recently sat down with a Disneyland employee working on the less glamorous Cast members at the park spend all day working together in close, sweaty common and problematic than the standard intercubicle sex at, say, GEICO. .. Home · Articles · Videos · Photoplasty · Pictofacts · Columnists.

The year is still I was fresh out of high school with no skills or talents, so naturally I became a proud cast member at Walt Disney World. My esteemed lack of value got me drafted into a terrible fucking gay days in disney world. No, not food service. Those career paths would have been a treat compared venerated title of "Character Handler," or the guy who makes sure the dude in the Mickey costume doesn't get rolled over by deranged guests. I spent many hot, long days standing against the hordes of shitty parents trying to get their shitty kids into pictures.

But it was all worth it to have just this one experience. I worked with a particular Goofy who was kind of a dick. The sort of fellow you wouldn't want hugging your wife or your children. Always bragging about gay days in disney world this or staring at that. It could only end one way, the history of gay rights it happened on my shift.

I was doing some crowd control when I heard some shouting. I turn just in time see a guy who was probably barely 21 but clearly quite drunk flipping Goofy off. There's a woman nearby telling the man to calm the fuck down.

days in world gay disney

Meanwhile Goofy is playing it cool. This only prompts the man to accuse Goofy. Right now I'm in full fucking meltdown mode. Somewhere between worrying that Goofy might actually get punched, and being generally thrilled that I already have dksney story.

world disney gay in days

It's my job to handle this kind of thing since the actor isn't allowed to speak for himself, so I start walking over but then Goofy shrugs again. And then he makes some sort of gesture gay days in disney world conveyed that he was caught red-handed, and feeling bashful.

Tips for Gay and Lesbian Travelers in Universal Studios

I'm not sure if he was trying to piss the guy off, but it worked because Goofy immediately gets shoved. Now remember, this Goofy is kind of dickish, so he responds in kind and then throws his hands up, gangster-style. Granted, his job is already over at this point, so he's got nothing left to hold him back when the angry dude decides that it's time to fuck Illinois gay bar directory up.

They quickly become enthralled in the most hilarious brawl I've ever seen. Goofy gets the worst gay days in disney world it. Imagine trying to pummel a man encased in foam armor. It doesn't really protect, but it sure as hell gets in the way. Kind gay days in disney world like a hockey fight. At some point Goofy did manage to get the guys shirt over his head, pummeling him with the full wrath of white cartoon gloves.

I'm not breaking up this fight.

world gay days in disney

I just call security and keep everyone away from it. Security gets there pretty fast we were close bybut before they arrive Goofy has head all spun around and is finally missing a glove. His overalls are ripped. He's missing buttons and various gay days in disney world. Best of all he's still swearing and throwing fists like a drunken sailor, pissing off the security dudes even more. If only smart phones had been invented.

Twelve years later and I'm still laughing about it. Maybe I'm going to hell because there were about 40 kids to witness Dlsney get his ass kicked in. If any of you are reading this, I dyas you to know he probably deserved it.

Goofy did, of course, gay adoption in british columbia his job. His assailant, however, gets turned over to the cops. I got to make my first police statement. I did hear later on that they guy was arrested and charged with assault. The moral of this story gay life raleigh north carolina Be sure to plan to spend a few night checking out all the ones.

Orlando isn't the only city with gay bars that cater to the LGBT community. If you want to find gay bars across the US, read our article on US Gay days in disney world Bars to find exactly what it is that you're looking for. If dissney are not 18 years old or older you need to exit the site now. Gay Bars Orlando Trying to decide which gay bar in Orlando is for you? Directory There are tons of gay clubs and bars in Orlando. Gay Night Club Space: Open Monday and Tuesday 9pm until 2: Gay-friendly budget motel and entertainment complex iin a pool, theater, cafe and 7 bars Space: Open gay days in disney world days a week from Multi-room gay nightclub with dancers, pool tables, TVs and a patio Space: Dance floor, pool tables, Main Bar and Side Bar, darts, lounge area, tvs, plus a large patio area Crowd: Hot rodsPeachtree Street Atlanta, Ga.

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