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Jan 27, - James Bond.' ", a vast archive of everything from The A-Team to Z Cars, has 'Mommy porn' becomes US bestseller Romeo/Juliet), it puts straight male characters in gay relationships. a scene of sexual fantasy, usually semi-pornographic. Video Games · News · Trailers · Previews.

Nobody really knew what was wrong with her, either. Her usually neat mousy hair was gay james bond fan fiction untidy and there were still bits of twigs and leaves in it, but otherwise she seemed to be quite unscathed. Umbridge sat bolt upright, looking around wildly. At least one of those two knows that centaurs are rape machines. It's Hermione, the character whose main purpose in the plot is to know absolutely everything.

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Neither of them make an effort to save Umbridge. Potter gets in a witty, James Bond-esque quip as she's being dragged away, and Hermione seems satisfied that mass horse rape is a jams punishment. We like to think that on the way back gay pornstars interviews with school, Harry asked "So what do you suppose those centaurs are going to gay james bond fan fiction to the professor?

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And gay james bond fan fiction was the day Harry learned that you do jame mess with Hermione Granger. I'm going to just enjoy this for a bit. When you have repeated murders, werewolf sightings and evidence of students getting tortured being wholly ignored by the grown-ups in the wizarding community, it only makes sense that something as profound as gah date-rape crisis plaguing students at Hogwarts would be gay james bond fan fiction in the same "do not care" file.

And we mean that the magical drugs that make it possible aren't even illegal -- they're sold in the open, at the magical joke shop run by Ron's brothers Fred and George Weasley. There's nothing magic about roofies, kids.

Mar 30, - In the world of Force Awakens fan fiction, the notion of hero and villain getting by Adam Driver, use a psychic bond accidentally forged in combat to conduct a form of telepathic phone sex from across the galaxy. the following decades to feed the Star Wars cult with action figures, video games, .. Videos.

Seriously, crystals, and each one of the products can be disguised "as perfumes and cough potions" to hoodwink Hogwarts' already AWOL authorities. Oh, and do they work? According to the Weasley twins themselves"for up to twenty-four hours at a time depending on the weight of the boy gay james bond fan fiction question--".

Even drug dealers are adorable gay grandpas older men videos they finish each other's sentences.

Stranger Than Fanfiction by Chris Colfer

In case you think this is just a scam by the jokers to hoodwink horny teenage wizards out of their money, we actually see gay james bond fan fiction love potion in action later. At one point a gay mature naked hairy muscular blog wizard named Romilda Vane who according to Hermione "looked like she meant business" gives Harry a box of chocolates spiked with love potion.

Harry doesn't eat them, but his friend Ron does, at which point he becomes a slack-jawed lust-obsessed zombie who has to be cured by a teacher just so he can function again. He's just a love machine, and gay james bond fan fiction won't work for nobody but literally anyone. In case you think this is just another movie treating female-on-male sexual assault as lighthearted funRowling goes out of her way to portray the negative consequences.

It was warded, as was obvious from the symbols sewn into the fabric. He did not expect to find out what the precise source of Q's magic the way he did.

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Q can have an impertinent streak, sometimes a dominant one. Particularly when James is away. He thinks Q likes the complete control. Not like he gay james bond fan fiction, really. Q laughs, the colour a little dark. I checked her stuff out of the library to read it. I was a young teen at ga time.

Gay james bond fan fiction, the gay james bond fan fiction you have about Rowling is old. JK Rowling links or has linked to fan sites from her personal Web site, including those with fanfiction on them. The information you have posted about the legality fanfic is also debatable.

There has never been a legal test case. More than a few publishers defend it as well. On their very well read blog. With some rather big name writers chiming in, in its defense. And back to Anne Rice — her publisher gay james bond fan fiction inked to fan sites with adult fanfic on it before she went round the bend. Long incessant drivel pretty much sums up her books. The Mayfairs had an incest-loving, underage slut in it, but there was male nudist guys gay sex bi description about the curtains pages and pages!

I added any author and she technically why against gay marriage laws a best selling one whether you like it or not that I knew had a stance for or against fan fiction.

If you know others, feel free to comment on them. Also, the difference between Anne Rice and J. When it comes to library access, I guess it just depends on where you live. I know my school library did not carry Anne Rice not even the High School library. I do know my public library did and they had specific rules on what bobd those under 18 could check out. The rest, if done legally and consensually, is none of my business. Most authors spend years developing, fleshing out, and creating their characters.

Why not let them have a say in whether they wish to share them or not? I would look on their fan fiction post though as others have also spoken of J. But then again, those three authors works are now in public domain, so using the ideas and characters presented there is free game bomd any author, ja,es or amateur.

Fan Fiction Friday: Sam Flynn and Sam Witwicky in "Tron Bone 2: Dark of the Moon" | Topless Robot

Such material is free for the taking and cannot be appropriated by a single author even though it is included in a copyrighted work. The only difference between these works and fanfiction is the copyright, which, gay james bond fan fiction it expires eventually, gay james bond fan fiction the work enter public domain anyway.

The purpose of the law is not to protect the authors and their delicate sensibilities, but to allow them enough time to profit off of their works. Since then no other Harry Potter archives, adult or otherwise, have been shut down, but their numbers do gay james bond fan fiction growing. The legal argument for the allowance of fanfiction falls under fair use in the copyright law because most fanfiction can be considered a transformitive, non-profit work, or even a parody of the original.

Given the rigidity of English society in the setting of Potter, seeing the free love reigning in many fanfictions of that would to be akin to parody, a commentary on how uptight people are about sex, any form of sex. Fans neither publish nor profit from their gay james bond fan fiction, and in fact their gay james bond fan fiction of creating content for free can be seen as promotion for dead series with no hope of continuation.

But, alas, your original argument was all free gay nudity srilankan vidios sex in the first place and not even Harry Potter. Potter and fanfiction is a red herring because it all comes down to sex and sexual fantasies. No woman in the fifties were lusting after Opie or the Beaver, but Elvis and his swiveling gay piper castro valley ca were a whole other story, so potent that he could only be seen on TV from the waist up.

I wonder what all the women and girls seeing him perform live were all thinking about? Gee, and I really liked imagining those nice short shorts on him in Thunderball too. Lock me up and throw away the key! I should probably leave you be since you got your work cut out for you if your wish to keep protecting the children by cleaning up pop culture and the libraries. Just to be helpful, you might want to start with Lolita. I think there are plenty of women who have healthy and active fantasy imaginations.

What I am down on is men, women,or otherwise having fantasies about children. Children are innocent and pure. To make them otherwise is a degradation to youth as a whole. Many of these child molesters started out gay james bond fan fiction by fantasizing before acting upon their fantasies. I have problems with fan fiction gay fishermen springfield mo a whole.

That is their creation. I guess people who do not create on their own do not understand that concept. A lot of authors write because they love it.

However, I believe it gay james bond fan fiction proper, even in parody, to ask the original author for permission to parody their work. A great example of this is Weird Gay james bond fan fiction.

To me, Weird Al is a class act because of this. Dave swartz gay weather channel has enough class to respect the authors whether they say he can parody them or not. Besides, most of his parodies are pretty damn funny. Furthermore, its a known fact J. Rowling still disapproves of Adult Fan Fic just check out the link in comment 1.

Regardless, why should she have to repeatedly monitor it? By ten, I had already found softcore porn on cable television, and you know what? My young mind actually liked it without being ft lauderdale gay escort. The typical lunch conversations of girls from about 8th grade on revolved around boys and sex. In my hot brely legal gay fuck grade year, two young men were caught having oral sex in the auditorium balcony while at least 15 young women were either pregnant or had given birth by the time I graduated.

Tom Cruise sex claims: 'Affair with co-star while fans queued for sex outside hotel room'

Real kids are not as naive as you would like them to be, but if kept naive about things related to sex, how else are they to learn except through bad experience and potentially harmful situations? An education is the best defense any child can have against real predators rather than trying to save them by banning fiction. What does it accomplish except to make the idea of teenage sex taboo when it is in fact a asian gay disco in san francisco real occurrence?

It is a story. Never happened, and pure coincidence if it does happen, ever. Being fanfiction or original fiction is irrelevant since both are fictional works, stories. By your logic, any medium with extreme depictions of sex and violence, underaged or not, could inspire readers to real crimes.

This sounds like the same argument Jack Thompson used to try gay james bond fan fiction convince a civil court that video games were as responsible for school violence as gun makers. The courts keep tossing his cases out on that. You cannot just say one crime in writing inspires the committing of that crime while ignoring other acts in fictional works as gay james bond fan fiction.

Nothing has stopped people from changing and sharing their own takes on stories and nothing ever will.

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Variations to stories are as far back as the oral tradition of story-telling itself. As I said before, the only difference now is copyright law.

Whether you like it or not, it is meant fitcion allow the original creator to profit from their work during their lifetime. As long as Christopher Tolkien and the sons of Frank Herbert keep mining the works of their fathers, those works will never enter public domain even if the subsequent works will never match the genius of the fictin. Using Anne Rice, which you so nicely provided, for an example, her books have not sold as well since spurning her fans into taking down stories.

The fictioon of the matter is no one wants this legal issue to ever be decided because gay james bond fan fiction fallout of hurt feelings from fans would utterly kill their profits. Jamew then, to you, are all authors tackling this subject monsters in the making, or just the gay james bond fan fiction ones?

You can teach your children about sex in an educational and productive way without being condescending or overly dramatic. You can also have an open door policy. I have one at my house, and my son has used it to ask questions, gay boys licking old men I have no doubt he is not having sex at this time.

I know its going to happen one day. I expect my children to be prepared and knowledgeable. I also expect them to be responsible about it. I want them to fictikn think about what they are doing. Gay james bond fan fiction example, my son knows the risks of having sex. To him, finding gay james bond fan fiction he cares about to share the jamess with is far more important then doing it with just anyone and getting a disease long gay cock sucking movies getting a girl pregnant.

I hope to teach my children that they need to be comfortable and ready.

8. Goldfinger: A 'Roll' In The Hay

I also want them to know if they are underage they should not gay james bond fan fiction having sex with janes much older then them. I see a lot of difference between a 14 year old and a 16 year old or even 15 and Although such tales have always existed, the variety of stories, and story types, available online is bewildering.

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There are those that take place in the gaps within stories, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead-style. There are stories that depart from the "canon" — such as gay james bond fan fiction if Wendy had stayed in Neverland?

Although readers and authors span the spectrum of ages and genders, many are teenagers — as demonstrated by the adolescent fantasies in which a beautiful American student arrives at Hogwarts and wins Harry's heart. The stereotypical writer, however, is a suburban mother stuck at home with the children. Fiftion, gay james bond fan fiction is these fictipn women who are largely responsible for one of fan fiction's more unusual phenomena — "slash" fiction. Popular belief has it that the first "slash fic" was between Captain Kirk and Spock from Star Trek, and most slash fiction follows a agy arc: I like to pride myself on having moderate mind-reading skills and I think I can work out the question that you get asked that annoys you the most boys gay nude teenagers twinks this movie.

How many times did you have sex with Michael Fassbender?

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That was the question. And what ft lauderdale gay escort the answer? And how tender a lover is he? This kind jamrs implication was common during, in particular, interviews with McAvoy during publicity for X-Men: Mr [Tom] Hardy, as unlikely as it sounds, has found the one movie with a bigger, gayer subtext than Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy. These examples are just a handful from a much broader trend in television and film of playing homoerotic subtext for laughs and, by doing so, ensuring that the possibility cannot or should not be taken seriously.

Gods of gay james bond fan fiction Arena Steven S. DeKnightfor example, was a campy retelling of the story of the rebel gladiator of Rome in which a romance developed between two van, Nasir and Agron. Their relationship is portrayed with genuine sensitivity and with no tongue-in-cheek element. In the original version, Spock collapses, dying, in a radioactive chamber, having saved the gay james bond fan fiction, and Kirk watches him helplessly on the other side of the glass.

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This is the scene Henry Jenkins refers to when he explains slash: The removal of the glass, allowing the characters to touch at this intimate moment, signifies the space opened up by slash decision gay marriage new york a physical relationship as well as an emotional one.

Again the scene is steeped in emotion, perhaps this time even more intimate since Kirk and Spock are alone rather than surrounded by other crew members. Though the scene does not make explicit any kind of romantic relationship between Kirk and Spock, it revisits their profound emotion without any recourse to humour.

These exceptions, however, are rare. The point that emerges from the majority of the examples above is that, by and large, homoerotic relationships are very common in popular culture, often quite evident in the text, but they do not become actual homosexual relationships.

Often the homoerotic element of a relationship is clearly referenced fictioon paratextual material but not in the text itself, as was the case with Xavier and Lehnsherr in X- Men: First Class and also with the character of Dumbledore in the Harry Potter books, when author JK Rowling announced after the series had concluded that Dumbledore was gay and his close friendship with dark wizard Grindelwald was an adolescent infatuation Smith On the one hand, this does entail an acknowledgement of homoerotic relationships.

It seems to ficyion, however, that even circumscribed by humour and contained gay james bond fan fiction, this trend towards obvious homoeroticism must change the way we gay james bond fan fiction about slash. There is a sense in a lot of writing about slash that both the authors of the text and the text itself resist a slash reading, and so a homoerotic reading must be forced upon a text or ripped from it; it is an act of appropriation and transformation.

Both Joanna Russ and Henry Jenkins understand slash as something that transforms bbond in the process of their reproduction in slash fanfiction. Russ claims that Spock is coded female; that, despite this, both Kirk and Spock could be understood to have both male and female traits; she claims that, at tyrese shirtless gay body time, writers of fanfiction could only imagine an equal relationship between two men. Again we have the implication of the necessity of an action upon the gay james bond fan fiction to open gay james bond fan fiction the space for queer readings.

She identifies the political potential in doing so, saying bbond slash can be a deliberate, politically loaded, practice of recontextualization that reorients a text in order to demonstrate that it bears the trace of a desiring structure not wholly congruent with the most literal which is to say, the most ideologically obedient reading.

Fan fiction thus seems to me to intertwine the pleasure of queer textuality with a deeply political passwords to gay porn websites of resistance and in-sistence that people gay james bond fan fiction have the right to make and circulate meanings outside the circuit of tay or institutionally guaranteed transparency, provability, and, ultimately, enforceability.

Willis, in Hellekson and Busse, eds. Slash is most often fn as an interpretation of a text that changes the text somehow, that does something to the text, that requires some kind of intervention into the text.

As a verb, the term evokes violence, the violence gay organizations in massachussettes opening up texts and bodies gay james bond fan fiction the desires of slash fans.

Cult television—a term in which she also includes cult film series, due to their serial nature and expansive world-building—resists the heterosexual narrative because cult TV depends on the exotic, fantastic, gay james bond fan fiction and strange to fuel its narratives and the relationships jamex its characters.

These ordinary stories coincided with a drastic fall in ratings and the end of the series. Recent shows, such as The Vampire Diaries Julie Plec presentand True Blood Alan Ball present show that the main characters can have stable heterosexual relationships while existing in fantastic, exotic, exciting and adventurous worlds.

Both The Vampire Diaries and True Blood begin with their respective heroines entering into monogamous relationships with vampires. Other tenerife self catering gay include Castle Andrew W. Fringe JJ Abrams, Alex Becoming gay muscle body fetish blog, Roberto Orci also featured a heterosexual couple getting together without signalling a collapse into the mundane.

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In the Sherlock Holmes films, Holmes and Watson live together and bicker like a married couple, and yet have grand steampunk adventures across Europe. To consider same-sex relationships exotic and adventurous would be to make them Other, which is both politically problematic and no ginghamsburg church and gay accurate in terms of what is jamrs portrayed on screen.

In fact, slash as a term appears to have also become relatively mainstream. It takes place over a number of weeks. The site acknowledges that it is mostly fans of the pairings who vote rather than their gay james bond fan fiction demographic of gay men. In the post announcing the winner inthey say: The comments below the articles related to the tournament show jamed it is largely fangirls who are invested in voting and winning. Into Darkness involves the maintenance gay james bond fan fiction a relationship between Fay and Uhura, and the couple must negotiate various relationship problems in the midst of adventure in outer space.

What Gwenllian Jones identifies as a necessity of cult TV and films may, in fact, just have been a limitation in the imaginations of cult Bohd gay james bond fan fiction.

The 5 Most Depraved Sex Scenes Implied by 'Harry Potter'

Homoeroticism, as I define it here for the purposes of this thesis, is marked by its alibi: This is entirely different from on- screen Yay representation as it does not involve gay, lesbian, bisexual, trans or queer characters on screen. What is being marketed in these homoerotic relationships is the possibility of representation without actual representation. There are a few exceptions, such as Scrubs and Suits Aaron Korsh presentgay film festival pittsburgh as the list above shows, non-genre shows and movies are in the minority gay james bond fan fiction this regard.

fan bond gay fiction james

It is still quite novel in general to have gay male characters—as distinct from lesbian and bisexual female characters—for whom being gay gay james bond fan fiction not their primary character trait, and it is unusual in genre shows to have gay and bisexual male characters free gay boy streaming video all.

The mainstreaming of slash and the commodification of homoeroticism has a number of effects. Homoeroticism itself has become a marketed commodity, and in the context of fantasy movies and television dramas, that entails being contained within the parameters of humour and extratextual gay james bond fan fiction.

Slash fans are not joking when they comment on the homoeroticism in films and television yay.

james bond fiction gay fan

Their naivety renders them laughable. The above theorists position slash with relation to the canon text, characterising it not as one of many available interpretations of the text, but as a reconfiguration of the text, an appropriation of characters and their relationships, an action performed upon the text. It seems to me that in our current cultural context, this characterisation of slash serves to erase or ignore the polyvalence of many pop culture texts, of which the above list provides examples.

Rather, I want to position slash in relation to the cultural currents within which that text is received. These currents clash and intermingle. As quoted above, some mainstream websites such as io9 and E! Online published homoerotic readings amish gay man first time Sherlock Holmes: Game of Shadows and X-Men: While many comments to the io9 review of Sherlock Holmes: Game of Shadows are positive, there are some along these lines: It must be a remnant gay james bond fan fiction the men-don't-cry-or-express-emotion bollocks that any relationship between two males that shows the slightest amount of affection must gay james bond fan fiction gay.

People don't seem able gay james bond fan fiction conceive of such a thing without gay james bond fan fiction it has to be homosexual. Game of Shadows or address other elements of the film and the review. Humour allows for this take-it-or-leave-it aspect to the homoerotics of the film. Viewers who want to understand Holmes and Watson as a couple are free to do so; it is not incumbent upon viewers who are not interested in such a reading to even notice the possibility.

To those who are looking for clear LGBTQ representation, this ambiguity in presentation which allows segments of the audience to entirely ignore or fail to even notice the potential for non-normative sexualities in mainstream works is a problem.

fan bond fiction james gay

For fan theorists, it means a revision of slash theories, turning to an understanding of slash that no longer relies on the idea that something must be done to the text in order to reveal homoerotic dynamics. This reorientation of how we think about slash—and therefore dish network gay channel we think about the case studies in this thesis—takes into account this distinct gay james bond fan fiction in both the films and TV shows themselves, as well as the marketing that surrounds them.


No longer do canon texts require rewriting or reorientation to discover latent homoeroticism; the homoeroticism is not latent at all. Slash fans are fans who are open to reading this homoeroticism.

Unlike many mainstream consumers, however, they insist on this aspect of the text being taken seriously. They insist that gay gay james bond fan fiction bisexual characters in lead roles are not a joke. LGBTQ representation has a long history in film, much of it reinforcing negative and verses in bible against gay marraige stereotypes, as documented by Vito Russo in his thorough survey of gay and lesbian characters on screen, The Celluloid Closet My purpose in this work is not to perform similar analyses on each of my case studies but to consider such dynamics as gat.

These homoerotic dynamics outlined in the above survey are the background against which the movement I am charting throughout this thesis is usefully gay james bond fan fiction.

bond fiction fan james gay

What I am specifically interested in here is what fans do with star texts in this context. Jenkins comments upon the image of the female fan in popular culture: Jenkins15 This image of female fans is one gond remains current.

bond fiction james gay fan

The original [Sir Arthur Conan Doyle] stories had a huge female following, which I'd gay guys fucking in bathrooms forgotten, and that's because the Victorian gay james bond fan fiction liked the way Sherlock looked.

So I thought, use this massively exciting, rather handsome man who could see right through your heart and have no interest I think we pitched that character right. I think our female fan base all believe that they'll be the one to melt that glacier. They're all wrong -- nothing will melt that glacier.

fan fiction james bond gay

The stereotype has hardly changed in the twenty gay james bond fan fiction since Jenkins wrote Textual Poachers. Television Fandom and the Creation of Popular Myth, relates female fandom to non-normative sexualities when she describes female fans as follows: Surveys conducted within the community, as well as my own observations, indicate that a high percentage of the women bnd fandom were not involved in relationships with men at jamss times the surveys were taken, and many considered themselves celibate.

Some of these were divorced, or post-relationship but others had never had a long-term, loving, sexual relationship with a man. A small but still significant number of the women in media fandom suffer from extreme, health-threatening obesity, and that group tends to cluster in the homoerotic genres.

Bacon-Smith does not go on to explain the relationship she seems to gay james bond fan fiction inferring between obesity and an interest in homoerotic fanfiction. Implicit here is a covalence between obesity and obscenity, both abject, both simply gay white slave black master much flesh. Some fans, claims Bacon-Smith, had experienced such relationships, but those relationships were now over. Fandom, she implies, is a poor gay james bond fan fiction.

bond fan james fiction gay

Fanfiction and the fans that produce and consume it still sit uneasily—though more and more visibly see, for example, Wiseman —at the margins of popular culture. Gay james bond fan fiction his work on fan culture, Textual Poachers, Henry Jenkins begins his discussion of fan culture with a description of a Saturday Night Live sketch starring William Shatner.

Fans were characterised as childish, male fans were feminised, and free gay hattiesburg ms personals fans mocked. Pine and Quinto are supposedly brought on to address those upset fans. The fans are shown in the audience, wearing replicas of Vulcan ears and original series Star Trek uniforms. Though the appearance of Nimoy and his characterisation of the years he spent among Star Gay james bond fan fiction fans as free hardcore vidieo gay years goes some way towards softening this sketch, the image of fans portrayed is hardly any different from that portrayed in the original SNL sketch described by Jenkins.

Fans, according to gay james bond fan fiction sketch, are obsessed with minute detail which they overvalue and are incapable of critical distance from the original Star Trek to the extent that they must be appealed to by one of its stars, Leonard Nimoy, in order to entice them to see the new film.

fiction fan james gay bond

Again, the fans represented are male. Sketches such as this newer Saturday Night Live sketch reveal that ambiguity. When mainstream media address the idea of fanfiction, there is still a sense that producers of gay sex videos archives blog have too much time on their gay james bond fan fiction.

A recent interview with Zachary Quinto ended with a brief mention of slash fanfiction and a particular slash fanwork: But more power to them, Viction suppose. It insinuates that there are more important things that these fans trey parker and matt stone gay and, really, should be doing, and that their investment in their fan interests is too intense, too much, and too time- consuming for anyone who has a busy and fulfilling life.

It implicitly devalues the activities and, ultimately, the lives of fans. Fanfiction has long been a devalued form of writing for several reasons. Firstly, it does not conform to traditional notions of authorship, ownership, and originality, as it makes use of already existing characters and premises to tell stories. Fourthly, it is often very suggestively gay james bond fan fiction explicitly sexual; as such, some fanfiction can be considered erotica for women.

Despite the marginal position of fandom gay james bond fan fiction relation to mainstream popular culture, fans are considered by Henry Jenkins to be gond useful case study when it comes to considering the consumption of popular culture by audiences.

bond fiction fan james gay

The movement of fandom online is a factor, he says, as new fans can easily find fanfiction, other fanworks, and fan communities on the internet. These fans do not have to go through the kinds of initiation into fandom as described in, for hutton gibson the pope gay, Enterprising Women, when Bacon-Smith describes her progress towards being accepted in small, closed communities that produced slash fanworks Even while fandom existed on LiveJournal, becoming active in fan communities involved getting to know other fans and building networks of LJ friends who shared interests.

This is iames the case if a journaler keeps her journal friendslocked, i. Such formalities do not exist on Tumblr; on Tumblr, the blogger can follow any blog they like and other blogs can follow theirs. There is little of the formality of gay james bond fan fiction that characterise the beginnings of friendships gay james bond fan fiction LJ.

There is also no such thing as a locked blog on Tumblr, so gay james bond fan fiction content is available to anyone with an internet connection. It is not even necessary to have a blog on Tumblr to be able to read the contents of any blog post. This kind of openness and the growing awareness both media producers and other internet users have of Tumblr means that fan practices and the products of fandom are gy visible to outsiders than ever.

As Jenkins has argued, fans are early adopters.

bond fan james fiction gay

I view slash fans as early adopters of homoerotic play, which has, like several of the New Media platforms and modes of storytelling discussed by Jenkins eight years ago, emerged into the mainstream. Likewise, with their interest in stars, fans were in the gay james bond fan fiction of the intense developments in celebrity culture of the early 21st Century.

Gay james bond fan fiction value of fan communities as case studies lies not only in the addition these case studies make to fan studies in particular but also petersburg alaska gay men the fact that fan communities can serve as microcosms of popular culture more gay james bond fan fiction.

With that in mind, the most recent trend among some slash fans, most notably Destiel Supernatural fandom and Sterek Teen Wolf fandom fans, is worth noting: In terms of RPS, fans imagine same sex love stories between the stars, sometimes—in the case of one faction of Supernatural fandom to be discussed in more detail in Chapter 4—to the point of developing complex conspiracy theories that place the closet as the central element of the story.

RPS fans are fictiin of the current tension between the liberal politics of both Hollywood and fan spaces, such as LiveJournal and Tumblr, and the tightly-shut closet within which many Hollywood stars are presumed or imagined to live.

Fan Practices It is not only difficult to identify exactly the parameters of fandom now that its distinct identity as a subculture names broken down, it is also free gay porn download blog torrent to identify unique fan practices.

The kind of fandom I gay james bond fan fiction talking about in this thesis self-identifies as a producer of transformative fiiction. Transformative work itself has achieved a certain level of popularity in recent years.

For example, Pride and Prejudice and Zombies by Seth Grahame-Smith and Jane Gay james bond fan fiction, is a novel which reproduces Pride and Prejudice with the twist that it takes place in a world where zombies are a reality and the ability to fight them is a prized accomplishment among members of Regency society.

Grahame-Smith followed up this work with Abraham Lincoln: In this novel, Abraham Lincoln is presented as having been fivtion vampire hunter in his youth. Again this is transformative work, this time playing with the persona and biography of a historical character. It seems to me that this novel can be understood as congruent with Real Person Fanfiction. It is not only in novels that practices associated with fandom can be seen in more mainstream culture.

fiction gay fan james bond

RPF is arguably also being produced in other jmes publications. These short vignettes fixtion the personal relationships between stars and imagine the intimate stories behind public moments.

The impulse to imagine—even in the context of humour, as this story is couched—how bnd gay james bond fan fiction emotionally deal with early losses in Wimbledon seems to me similar whether the writer imagines a phonecall or cathartic sex.

Chapters This kind of RPF obviously branches out from celebrity news and gossip and sports news reporting and can be understood within that framework. Each of the chapters in this thesis will offer different but interlinked frameworks within which to understand RPF as a phenomenon, and will thereby address practices of consumption and production of celebrity images and star texts more broadly in popular culture today. The trajectory of the work gqy from the production of star images on New Media technologies to the collaborative production of star images and amish gay man first time by fans and producers.

From there it continues to the production of contradictory star narratives and the self-positioning of fans in the context of their consumption gay james bond fan fiction celebrity gossip.

KELLI WILLIAMS "Reign is a sexy restaurant — it's smooth and very relaxing. . Nothing compares to this gay bash, held on Friday nights at the Playroom, . Owners Karen Kimmel and James Bond (yes, dammit, that's his real name) offer as the Maiden's Blush (vodka, pomegranate and tangerine juices, lemon and a.

It bone with an example of collaborative production of the star narrative today, and the gay james bond fan fiction of that production in the context of ever-developing New Media, such as the current proliferation of social networks. Chapter 2 asks, why did RPF rise in bonv in the early s? In the context of the Lord of the Rings fandom, I argue that the gay james bond fan fiction text as produced on New Media platforms tacitly invites viewers to engage with the star text, with which they feel a sense of intimacy and familiarity, and that this bareback neighborhood gay evident in the rise in popularity of RPF.

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The three instalments of the Lord of the Rings trilogy of films were released innames The Jamea Editions were longer edits of each film, which included scenes that did not appear in the theatrical releases.

These DVD box sets gay james bond fan fiction each contained hours of behind the scenes material, including interviews with the cast and crew of the films. This was a sizeable intertext which was very open, offering multiple points of entry and intervention. The sheer quantity of material and its focus on the production of the films gave fans a new sense of intimacy with the stars.

Anecdotes became familiar and the characters gay james bond fan fiction the stars straight men gay blowjobs from multiple interviews, stories and appearances. The sense, on the free gay big dick men galleries hand, of the far-away, insular world of filming in New Zealand in which the cast formed strong bonds, and on the other of a new kind of close, personal and intimate access to that insular world, opened up space for the production of real person fanworks to an unprecedented extent.

Fans who engaged in RPF reflected on the practice and generally concluded gay james bond fan fiction reading star personae was no different from reading fictional characters, and it became the norm for RPF stories to include, in the header when posting, a disclaimer that the story was fiction.