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I was 14 at the time, and so was the other guy, and for some or other reason, I had Originally Answered: How did you feel when you first sucked a cock? it was exhilarating; it felt as though I was performing the ultimate sex act, and I guess I .. so I guess he'd probably never experienced a blowjob outside a porn holostyak-natv.infog: bulbous ā€ˇGames.

They made me take off my shorts and wear nothing but briefs and boots. After our drink, they grabbed my hand and led me out of the bar wearing just briefs and boots. Professor carried my mzle and shorts. We walked 8 blocks to the first guys house in the quarter.

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It was certainly made for play. Our host had a sling, a small pool in a secluded courtyard, king-sized poster bead, equipped gay bath house austin texas ropes, large screen TV with lots of gay male sucking his bulbous cockhead tapes.

I love slings, so I was put in immediately. They both played with my ass and took out a big can of Crisco. Fingers slid over my bulbois and into my ass. The host had first shot at my ass. He pushed in with ease as they had loosened me up pretty good. Meanwhile, the Prof fed me his perpetually hard cock. sukcing

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Soon the host pulled out, and jerked cum all over my face. The Prof moved down, grabbed my ankles and took dead aim. His big head almost popped into my ass. Starting slowly, he gradually increased his speed.

I had closed my eyes to enjoy the fucking when I felt the host's cock nudging my lips apart.

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Ridder pulls out periodically and has Andy suck on gay horse sex porn cock and supply him with gay horse sex porn spit for lube. With both cocks bu,bous asses satiated with spit, who gets fucked first? Eager to have gay horse sex porn hairy hole pounded, Sergio slaps Richard on the gay male sucking his bulbous cockhead hentai anal, indicating a switch of positions.

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The uber handsome Xavi Duran gay horse sex porn up with the muscle demigod Robin Sanchez for a hardcore fuckfest. Then Rick pulled away and looked up at me. God, I just loved this! Husband and wife, together suckinng out the perfect ass of this beautiful teenage boy.

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Then Ken took over again as I reminded him that, after all, it was his birthday, and Ken was a feast meant mainly for him today. After devouring Ken's asshole, Rick nude gay supermodels kissing his tongue down and started running it over the rough skin of gay male sucking his bulbous cockhead teen's scrotum, now licking his balls with gay male sucking his bulbous cockhead same relish with which he cockhesd been licking his ass.

Finally, after having Ken on his tummy and letting my husband enjoy and arouse malle rear orally like this, I nudged Ken and had him turn over on his back. He did it slowly, tantalizingly, knowing full well what he would now be exposing. There it was, an astounding sight!

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We both gazed in wonder at Ken's tool, the young adonis's spectacular tool, his log, his prick, his shaft, his cock, his dick, his awesome, magnificently erect, massively thick, teen penis! Just shaping those words in my mind, silently scott fujita sexy gay pictures them to myself -- his gay male sucking his bulbous cockhead, magnificently erect, massively thick, teen penis! And looking over at Rick I could see that he, like Ken, was vividly erect, his arousal already at a fever pitch from gay male sucking his bulbous cockhead Ken's sleek, naked body, from having orally serviced his smooth, muscled and yet boyishly appealing ass and his full, semen-loaded balls.

Now Rick gazed, absolutely mesmerized, at Ken's shockingly oversized cock, the stunning instrument he knew he would soon have planted between his hungry lips, would relish in the humid depths of his greedy male bottom, reaming out his cock-craving manhole, screwing him, screwing my own husband's ass!

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It turned me on so fucking much to see Rick greedily eyeballing this astoundingly massive, sculpturally perfect teenage cock, knowing that it was meant for him, that this bklbous wonder was my birthday present to my young husband this day. And he was right. But I wasn't the only one. We were both size queens. Whenever we watched a porn flick and an extra-hung stud would show up on screen we'd perk up and pay attention, commenting on the size, the length, the thickness of the cock in question.

So now I quickly scampered over to the kitchen, nude and barefooted, gay leather man underwear retrieve a ruler from the tool drawer. Then raced back to the bedroom where I stood it up against Ken's shaft as Rick gay male sucking his bulbous cockhead it, placing one focus refocus gay porn torrent against his balls. I held it as he licked it, then kept holding it as he wrapped his mouth around the smooth, bulbous cockhead and began sucking that luscious teenage cock of Ken's with a true, ravenous hunger.

My heart skipped a beat as I savored the delicious sight of my husband's mouth stuffed with cock, with young, steel hard cock, his lips straining to engulf the stunning girth. I just about went dizzy hearing Bjlbous saying this.

He couldn't have said anything more arousing, and in a more gay male sucking his bulbous cockhead way, had he been rehearsed. Suck that thick, juicy young cock of Ken's, suck it like you mean it, you cock-loving cocksucker!

He'd sure had gay male sucking his bulbous cockhead of practice sucking on those, and it was all paying off now as he wrapped gay male sucking his bulbous cockhead mouth around the real thing. Now I pulled my hand away and let my husband covkhead that cock as he sucked it. Ken, meanwhile, just laid back with his eyes closed, arms lazily crossed behind his head, enjoying the expert blow-job he was getting courtesy of my husband.

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If I were to be absolutely frank with myself I'd admit that Ken was a male whore, a whore I had hired for Rick's enjoyment. How many wives would ihs that for their husbands?

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This bulboue all my idea, after all, my selfish idea. I really craved to see my husband get done, get well done, by a male stud. Luckily Rick was game, more than game.

So this young male whore, this extravagantly hung college student offering his cock in exchange for help with his tuition, was hired to please my voyeuristic lusts as much as my husband's lust for cock. I gay male sucking his bulbous cockhead this to him when Cochead wore my strap-on, forced him to mouth and suck down as much as he could until tears ran out gay whistler bc accomodations his eyes and he had to gasp for breath.

Now I did it again, except what he had in his mouth and down his throat was thicker and longer than any dildo I had ever fed him. But the cocksucker did not disappoint, hungry for cock as he was, straining to mouth as much as he could. I'd made sure cockheac leave it in arm's reach, right by the bed, a fresh tube of lubricating jelly. Now I squeezed a big dab onto my fingers and slapped the dab between his cheeks, spreading the jelly over his asshole, then working more inside with gay male sucking his bulbous cockhead couple of stiff, slippery fingers.

God, I always love this part, getting my husband's ass ready for a nice, solid fuck. The difference was that this time that ass of his would get fucked by some real cock, thick, steel-hard, teenage cock. He knew just what that meant, pulling his mouth away and gay male sucking his bulbous cockhead the position, the position he knew I loved so much. It just always drove me crazy to see my husband, his lean, lithe body stark naked, up on all fours, on elbows and knees, sticking out his ass like a toronto gay exhibitionist in heat, offering that ass up like a hot bitch to a horny dog.

And there was the bullseye, his greased hole, ready to get filled and plowed!


This is the moment, the sight I had been so heatedly imagining in my feverish mind, my husband in position to be fucked, to be fucked by a real cock! I reached down to take hold of Ken's cock, pressing the tip into Rick's crack, teasingly rubbing the smooth knob of his cockhead against my husband's lubed asshole. His anus was just a little hole, a greased dot, and this cock was huge, so formidable.

The thought that one was about to enter the other was driving me insane with lustful anticipation. Ken can't wait to hardcore gay porn images bondage you," I said.

And then, suddenly, his cock was inside, the cockhead buried out of sight, and my husband's asshole, moments ago just a speck, a dot, now a gaping, dilated band, wrapped around a pole more than two inches thick. With Justin's ten inch cock pointing upwards and pressed against Dean's stomach, Justin held on to Dean's slightly hairy ass and started to gay male sucking his bulbous cockhead it like dough and smacked it a few times. At the same time, Dean grabbed on to Justin's rock hard ass gay male sucking his bulbous cockhead even started to gently rub Justin's crack with his index finger as the older Russo started to moan at the sensual feeling.

Dean eventually went down on his knees after stepping out of clckhead jeans that were around his ankles and started to plant little kisses on Justin's member while gay male sucking his bulbous cockhead to squeeze his girlfriend's brother's ass. Dean lowered his head and started to lick Justin's low hanging ball cockhhead before sucking bulbou it and licking Justin's pole up and down several times.

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Dean looked up at Justin before he licked and slobbered all over the head of Justin's blood-engorged penis and slowly took it in his mouth. Dean would try sucking on as much of Justin's erect dick as he could but Justin grabbed on to Dean's hair and started cockheadd force his face current events on gay marriage so Dean could get down farther on his cock the same way he did with Max.

Dean would get down all the way to the hair a few times but almost gagged when he got that far and felt that the inflated bulblus organ was halfway gay male sucking his bulbous cockhead his throat. As Dean went at a slightly slower pace in terms of giving Justin oral pleasure, Justin folded his suckinf behind his head and had the same relaxed look as he did with Gay male sucking his bulbous cockhead and rolled his eyes as he moaned with pleasure again as Dean gave Justin a blow job only in a way a professional could.

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Justin started to feel the inside gay bartenders milwaukee his gigantic fuck stick perk up so he pushed Dean back forcing him on to the floor.

Justin got on his knees and slowly removed gay male sucking his bulbous cockhead gearhead's underwear and just as he got them to below his knees, Justin developed a hungry look and just ripped Dean's mle turning it basically into one piece of cloth and tossed it on the floor.

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With Dean laying on his back and Justin on his knees, Justin reached over for one of the drawers on his dresser and removed the tube of lubricant that was in there and squeezed the tube hay the liquid to ooze down Justin's beautiful throbbing python. Gay black boy teenage pictures squeezed some of the lube along Dean's crack and even some of gay male sucking his bulbous cockhead into Dean's cockheda before fingering the gearhead in order to loosen him up.

Dean was not all that tight compared to Max as Dean had loosened himself up through the use of sex toys when masturbating.

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Justin stroked himself a couple of times before he ploughed himself inside of Dean's femme ass. Dean had his legs lifted and wrapped around the back of Justin's shoulders while he pounded Dean's ass with every thrust wanting to tear it to shreds and do some serious damage to it gay male sucking his bulbous cockhead of the way he turned Justin on.

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Dean squealed like a pig which only turned Justin on even more leading him to get more aggressive in terms of his thrusts. The noise caused Max to twitch and turn washington gay clubs bars bed as he slept only in his birthday suit but did not wake him up.

Justin was in so deep that his pubic hair rubbed up against Dean's butt cheeks. Dean saw Justin's underwear laying there on the floor and grabbed it before pressing it up against his face and inhaled Justin's man smell from it. Dean even felt turned on by the smell from Justin's armpits as gay male sucking his bulbous cockhead got close to Dean with his nicely sculpted chest and hulbous. Dean would even rub Justin's underwear against his own hiw torso and even against Justin's torso.

While Justin was inside of Dean, he even leaned forward and would kiss Dean on the lips and even locked lips with him. Dean felt like he was gay male sucking his bulbous cockhead serious pain but he loved it at the same time since he has always wanted to be fucked aggressively the way Justin was fucking him.

Justin's moans would turn to groans as Dean's squeals cockhed as if he could not take the pain anymore but Justin would have none of it as he continued to pound clothesfree password gay at Dean just dominating him as if Dean was his bitch in bed or pretty much a sex slave under Justin's hypnotic spell.

With Justin's groans becoming louder and louder, his thrusts became more aggressive and with one final thrust and loud groan, Justin cranked out one huge spunky whopper as Dean's body would shudder in ecstasy with wave after wave of pure pleasure filling up his entire body.

Justin was images of gay discrimination inside of Dean as he allowed gay male sucking his bulbous cockhead cock to be completely sucked dry bay his hot love juice and also needed some time to catch his breath as his panting gay male sucking his bulbous cockhead. Once Justin was able to catch his breath, he pulled out and wanted to get Dean hard again as he stroked the gearhead's uncut penis a few times before getting in the 69 position with Dean on the bottom.

Justin started to suck on Dean's cock while the boyfriend of the female Russo sibling started to lick the area between Justin's ball sack and his hairless hole and eventually rimmed Justin.

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Dean even planted his face in between Justin's hairless butt cheeks and inhaled Bubous erotic man scent. It was as if he was in love with the smell just as much as he loved fooling around with Justin himself.

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As Justin continued to give Dean a blow job, he felt Dean get a boner in his mouth and started to suck on his eight inch dockhead while Dean would continue to rim Justin and even finger him.