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Jun 5, - Mr Lee noted that same-sex marriage is gaining acceptance in some if asked, most Singaporeans would not want the LGBT (Lesbian, Gay.

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In citing his children, the president echoed many others who have changed their mind on this issue. So does this explain the huge shift in public opinion?

Dec 3, - Tim Wilson proposes to his partner during his speech on marriage equality 'A final act of acceptance': George Brandis on the same-sex marriage bill Topics. Marriage equality · Tim Wilson · Australian politics · Liberal party. Most viewed videos Protesters in Madrid call for their prime minister to resign.

Surveys suggest that kids younger than 18 in same-sex families still number fewer than a quarter-million. We see this hugely blown out of proportion.

It's why, by the way, in Gallup [polls], Americans believe that a third to a fourth of Americans are gay.

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In fact, studies estimate that it's more like 3 percent to 4 percent. And Peters argues that the media image of gay marriage's impact is misleading. His group put out an ad last fall stating that "young adults with a parent who has had a same-sex relationship fared worse on nearly two-thirds of outcomes measured. That study is also cited in a Supreme Court brief, even though it has been widely debunked.

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Still, children are making their own heartfelt case. Eleven-year-old Grace Evans, with her long hair in a braid, testified this month as Minnesota lawmakers considered legalizing same-sex marriage. Which parent do I not need — my mom or my dad? She looked up from her paper to a long silence. And a teen who testified against gay marriage in Maryland last year received online death threats.

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But Peters says kids are central to this debate. Yet public opinion is moving rapidly in favor of same-sex marriage. Another important argument that was ruled in favor, was by the United States Supreme Court that stated that it is now a fact that it is a citizen's constitutional right to get married, regardless of their sexual orientation.

Pro same-sex marriage supporters have always focused on the 14th Amendment of the Constitution that prohibits States amendment gay marriage ohio depriving any person of liberty without 'due process of the law.

Flipping the coin over and examining the more traditional approach to marriage is important to understand where this argument stems from. Traditionally, in Biblical terms, marriage has always been defined as a union between a man and a woman.

This has been due to the view that nature plays a part in marriage and allows for procreation gay marriage debate questions to ask the human race. Another major argument against same-sex marriage is that it offends God and violates the natural moral order. The teachings of Jesus Christ as characterized in the Bible, discuss specific scripture that is against homosexuality.

For example, different verses in the Bible include Mark, Same-sex marriage is a controversial debate throughout the entire world, with only 22 countries allowing same-sex marriage gay marriage debate questions to ask of In Junesame-sex marriage was ruled constitutional by the United States Supreme Court, and as of Novemberapproximatelysame-sex couples have wed.

Same-sex marriage has a long historical context to this issue, being allowed in ancient Egypt, federal laws on gay marriage Ming Dynasty and other ancient European times. There are many arguments both for and against same-sex marriage, including those that are pro same-sex marriage and those that are pro-traditional marriage. Individuals for same-sex marriage gay marriage debate questions to ask that it is a Constitutional right through the 14th Amendment that guarantees citizens the ability to freely marry whom they love.

Individuals against same-sex marriage discuss the importance of following God's law, allowing for human procreation and fertility.

Gay marriage: Erin Molan clips AFL over gay marriage involvement

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Anyone can earn credit-by-exam regardless of age or education level. To learn more, visit our Earning Credit Page. What is the fundamental principle mqrriage the New Testament?

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It is one of universal love. Loving your fellow man. And if we get obsessed with a particular definition of that through a form of sexuality, then I think we are missing the centrality of what the gospel, whether you call it a social gospel, a deabte gospel or a spiritual gospel, is all about.

And therefore I go back to my question.

What Does the Bible Say About Homosexuality? The Christian Response

If you think homosexuality is an unnatural condition then, frankly, I cannot agree with you based mariage any element of the science. And, therefore, if a person's sexuality is as they are made, they you've got to ask the second question.

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Should, therefore, mrariage loving relationships be legally recognised and the conclusion I have reached is that they should [after] some many, many months and years of reflection in good Christian conscience. Rudd's fiery Christian defence of gay marriage was a viral hit around the world, but it didn't turn the election: Tony Abbott was finally elected and as prime minister maintained his hard-line against any change to the Marriage Act. The debate continued with anger, passion, fear, outrage, heartbreak and occasionally a flash of light — like Josh Thomas gay dragon ball z gat dragon ball z Bob Katter in Rockhampton:.

Tony Abbott went and Malcolm Gay marriage debate questions to ask questjons prime minister, bringing a personal commitment to marriage equality, but pledging to maintain the government's policy amrriage marriage. Now after two years, an election and a defeated proposal for a plebiscite, the Same-Sex Marriage Postal Survey is almost completed.

And through it all the questions have gay marriage debate questions to ask coming.

Apr 30, - In , no country allowed same-sex marriages. arguments, there were no good answers from gay-marriage advocates to several questions.

It's justice in the end that wins the argument. You always have this pattern: Or why they care. They knew that the people writing the laws were human, and could not possibly be expected to be exactly just at all times.

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They created avenues for course correction. Obama changed his mind and spoke about it publicly because his base was losing patience with him on the issue and campaign contributions from gay donors were drying up.

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qestions How can this be? Elsewhere on blogs last week, two tech stories, an academic controversy and an actor in trouble were the most popular subjects. The second-biggest story involved new products from Google, a very popular theme on blogs. Advice for business owners regarding search engine optimization was the third-biggest topic.

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And sexual harassment allegations leveled against actor John Travolta were the No. Two all-male singing groups, Super Junior and One Directiontied for first last week as videos and tweets from each band drew significant interest.

Homosexuality and religion

News that that 55, Twitter usernames and passwords were stolen by anonymous hackers was the fourth topic. This house believes that advertising does more harm than good. What is important with this type of motions is that you set a standard to determine who wins. With these debate topic, you need to debate if something is or is not of inherent value.

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You can say that the number of readers, the longevity of his works, the number of languages that his work has been translated to etc. Of course, your criteria needs to be reasonable and linked to the motion.

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This motion always calls for an action, by the government, an individual or an international body. For example, This house would legalize prostitution.

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When you build debatw model think about what could the opposition say. If you propose that everyone can be a prostitute, your opposition will see that you are allowing children to be prostitutes.

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The model should be a good base on which you can build your arguments, but should not take more than a minute to explain, because your role is still to provide the best edbate why this motion should be supported. This is a list of funny debate motions.