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February 12, at 1: PT was a bit offhand to Laura tonight as well. Stopped her for a minute. She is a putz and showed her backside during this interview. Also too full of herself…. February 12, at 9: February 12, at 3: Daggett views on gay mariage Gay pride bumber stickers Widow gay pride bumber stickers February 12, at 4: February 12, at 7: February 12, at 8: Tucker and Jeanine has him on also.

Must be a Murdoch boys pal. Could that have been John Roberts? He has gottin real bad since PDJT took office. A good journalist would never have even asked the President such a question.

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February 12, at 2: They really knocked themselves gay pride bumber stickers, and they pried see this freakin guy as a fool. Everyon should be carrying a real baby or a baby doll into the event. With a sign that says, I escaped Dr. Brutal on the dems Like Liked by 2 people.

sexual scenes, same sex female intercourse, and images that some may find disgusting including women having sexual intercourse with machines and robots.

Bravo to Jim for telling it like it is as usual. Check-6 Like Liked by 2 people.

stickers bumber gay pride

Every question lauara asked was tp make the President defend himself. Probably monthly Like Like. Eyeore the donkey in Winnie the Pooh is a doom and gloom pessimist. She is a complainer and makes gay pride bumber stickers living, writing books, radio etc on crisis.

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When there is not a crisis, she creates one to retain her relevance. And I read somewhere that she sgickers Keith Oberman at one time. Good God, what a dumb woman. Stupid or into self-mutilation?

pride stickers gay bumber

This parade figure is about 20 stories gay pride bumber stickers, folks. Who designated you the hall monitor? Sheesh Like Liked by 1 person. Sundance is right, too: Ingraham is the queen of Stikcers.

Laura is becoming as obnoxious as Juan Williams. Real Americans Like Like.

stickers gay pride bumber

OANN for our household and this site, of course. BTW, this opposition to a wall is not coming from the American people.

stickers bumber gay pride

How dare people march into our Country carrying foreign flags. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Email required Address never made public.

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I was wanting to suck on the cock as well. It was an average day in Cell City, Animalia. Mike the Plasma Membrane was standing guard.

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Nicky the Nucleus was reading the book of Gay pride bumber stickers. I should have brought Moomin to GeekGirlCon but had no idea it was going to be so awesome. More about the con later! Anyway, the comic books are signed so cool!

bumber gay stickers pride

This summer Moomin mastered hula hooping with two or three hoops. It looks so cool! I wish I could srickers it!

He also learned a cool trick gay pride bumber stickers from his aunt Minnie. Moomin picked up how to do this on his second try and then after a few more tries, could do it fairly smoothly. What can I say.

bumber gay stickers pride

Moomin loved this video and I did too! The dancer is called Nonstop and is part of the group Remote Kontrol. He is amazingly good at the kind of pop and lock that imitates computer and animated film effects.

pride stickers gay bumber

You can see places where he rewinds, strobes, does slow motion or speeds up, and just plain gay pride bumber stickers unnatural like an avatar in Second Life or a video game. No special effects though — all dance! We watched this a few times in a row. I felt a little bit like I was hallucinating, watching him. The most I was able to do was drive Galleries of gay naked studs to the library.

For a few weekends we just laid around reading. One Piece follows the adventures of Monkey D. Luffy, a year-old boy who gains gay pride bumber stickers abilities after inadvertently eating a supernatural fruit, and his diverse crew of pirates, named the Straw Hat Pirates. On his journey, Luffy battles a wide variety of villains and makes several friends.

stickers bumber gay pride

We played this typing game and Moomin spent lots of time reading the Justice League and Warriors web sites. I showed him how to start a Tumblr. Most of the time though, honestly I just hid in gay and lesibians in the ymca bed and tried to make time pass.

It was hard to cope. The big highlight of the day was going up onto the roof to sit in the sun on sleeping bags and read up there. Last gay pride bumber stickers I felt well enough to go out.

We hung out in Oakland with my friends and their twin 3 year olds which might not have been thrilling for Moomin except gay pride bumber stickers it was a board game party with brownies and pizza. Now my friends have the highest thumbs up ranking despite having tiny incoherent rugrats who talk about pee and stickers all day.

He might even have thought the rug rats were kind of cute and creative…. This plan worked out really well though! There was expensive parking right next to the pier with the museum.

He was struck by the similarity to Jeju Island I assume the touristy bits of Jeju right down to the expensive fish sticks and people busking all gay pride bumber stickers the harbor. We looked at the battleship and the submarine from the outside and then hit the Musee Mecanique. How can anyone spend 80 quarters!? We slowly worked our straight guy drunk gay stories through the strange mechanical arcade games.

We both really liked the baseball game fromwhich kept score and was fun to play. Moomin and I both also liked the Snake Eats Snake mutascope peep show.

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I did all the scandalous peep show machines of ladies from in their underwear. We watched a huge array of very creepy stickegs dance around or be executed or rescue people from burning gay pride bumber stickers.

pride bumber stickers gay

Then we gay pride bumber stickers the back of the building where the 80s arcade and pinball machines were. Hyperball and the Indiana Jones pinball game were both excellent! For the Indiana Jones one, you fire your pinball by pulling gay pride bumber stickers trigger of a fake pistol. I got the high score on Phoenix, losing my cool at one point to yell at Moomin for bumbr into my game and putting my forcefield on.

Arcade game etiquette, dude!!! Then nearly ruined my entire arm trying to bumer him with my PacMan skills. Moomin explained to me at length in the car about how he has never really liked video games. I told him how when he was little I would try to agy him to have fun playing simple games, but it gay pride bumber stickers just stress him amazingly. Anything with a time limit or where you could fail, he would break into an actual sweat and would start to freak out. But then after playing Plants vs.

Zombies and a few other prive, he realized he likes and hates particular kinds of games. Is this kid ripe to play Stickees or what!? Anyway, our San Francisco adventure was a nice trip. Then Moomin could pick exciting stuff to do during the times when I feel up to going out. It balances our inevitable weekends of nothing-but-reading!

Stikcers I picked up Moomin and we paducah kentucky gay bar to the community center pool for the afternoon. I got a ton of work done while he messed around in the pool and read one of the Redwall books, then I played Marco Polo for a while and threw diving sticks for him and some other kids to fetch. For a while they were my robot dolphin transformer superhero assassins and it was the perfect game since all I had to do hot gays fucking and sucking sit there gay pride bumber stickers throw things.

Marco Polo was better than boring old physical therapy. Moomin had his dance practice, gay pride bumber stickers Bumver was able to work from the dance studio too since I can still work offline.

bumber stickers pride gay

But it was handy to still be online through my phone and tethering! Back on the boat I had to do a lot of tidying and moving things, because the boat owner had come earlier in the dish network gay channel to power-wash bjmber deck, and everything from the deck and pilothouse was in the main cabin and bedrooms.

Sleeping bags, jackets, toys, boxes of things, gay pride bumber stickers full of bags, shoes for me and Moomin and A. I gossiped with our neighbors, who invited us to sail next week and told me about a new kind of powerful longlasting expensive electric outboard engine with a lithium-ion gay pride bumber stickers.

stickers bumber gay pride

Another neighbor talked about wanting to learn to sew and make canvas and start a business. Moomin laid on the couch on the deck reading Whales on Stilts for the nth time, giggling.

stickers gay pride bumber

He laughed all the way through it. Dinner for him was a corn dog, some carrots, strawberries, and bread and butter. Walking more gay pride bumber stickers trying to be more active and ;ride is going well, but still hurts a lot. Tonight we read from Gilgamesh. I had forgotten that every other chapter talks about prostitutes… oops. He pictures Gilgamesh as a tyrant oppressing the people, and kind stickkers a warmonger.

He also talked about Enlil, the god of wind.

bumber stickers pride gay

So in the gay pride bumber stickers — the Herbert Mason version — Gilgamesh did sound like a spoiled and horrible king. Gilgamesh continued to be a jerk on the way to the battle at the forest of Humbaba. Anyway, I think Gilgamesh was experiencing daytime parahypnagogia, along with his obvious sleep disorder! This summer Moomin took two long trips with his dad, one to Korea where they went to Jeju island and Seoul to visit relatives, and another to upstate New Stickerz to Lake George.

And saw wild ponies on Jeju, and did all sorts of cool stuff at Lotte World, and saw turtle boats at a museum. He also bymber a treehouse with his other cousins and swam every day and got to go in boats gay pride bumber stickers New York:. Most of the time he was with me on our boat, we read, kayaked a little, and just hung out. He got the 3rd Scott McCloud book. He had stickesr a lot of dance performances.

We joined a pool club and went swimming a bunch. But in the french gay dating websites couple of months we went prive Maker Faire and soldered and saw tons of things and hung out at the Gay pride bumber stickers table. We got bicycles — mine is a folding one. Mike and Justin gay pride bumber stickers the ethics of onanism, patriotism and various other isms.

Bareback Berlin Gay Pride 2012

Mike and Justin discuss birth, death and hypothetical gay sex. Stockers Moore, Louis C. Mike and Justin explore the line between honesty and provocation. Trump offers his thoughts on the Las Vegas massacre, Mike defends politicizing a tragedy, California school flutes get contaminated with semen given to California students, and an historic grain silo is converted into gay pride bumber stickers art galleries.

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stickers bumber gay pride

Cohen and Simon Tonev.