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Not to be confused with Straight Gay, who is out of the closet but just of gays, or tsundere behavior toward the object of such a character's same-sex affection.

While some straight politicians might sincerely believe that being gay is wrong, these famous anti-gay legislators who turned out to be gay men prove that all along, while they're out there in the public hating on the gay lifestyle, gag are secretly gay republican out of closet it. Maybe these homophobic and hypocritical! He also served as the director for the Center for Gender Wholeness. The organization Truth Wins Out broke the news and reached out to Matheson for comment.

He gave an official statement to the group, but did not seem to feel any remorse for his involvement in the movement:.

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I remember most of it with fondness and gratitude for the joy and growth it caused in me and many others. But I had stopped growing and was starting to die. These materials include 'a book depicting nude children' found in the singer's 'arcade room'; first time gay teen stories book which contained nude photographs of men' in the 'master bathroom'; and multiple books found gay republican out of closet the 'master bedroom' that included one with 'naked and semi-naked gay men' and another with 'pre-teen or early teenage individuals' who in some cases were 'nude or semi-nude'.

The police report claims that in Jackson's bedroom and bathroom alone at Neverland above there were at least seven collections of work with nude teenage boys.

Jackson filled his home with life-size mannequins and superheroes like Superman above. The video shows almost all of Jackson's home, from the arcade room to his bedroom. Another life-size mannequin in gay republican out of closet home was of Lara Croft above. Puzzles and children's books inside the secret closet in Jackson's home. Jackson was ultimately acquitted in after being charged with seven felony counts of child molestation and two felony counts of providing an intoxicant free pics gay twink boys a minor under the age of 14 when Gavin Arvizo came forward claiming that he had been sexually assaulted by the singer.

Gavin was a year-old cancer survivor at the time of the alleged incidents. The gay republican out of closet made by Gavin were similar to the ones made a decade earlier when another year-old boy, Jordan Chandler, came forward to say he had been molested by Gay republican out of closet.

No charges were ever filed against the singer however after police discovered the Chandler's father may have been attempting to extort Jackson and the young boy's mother claimed Jackson never touched her son. Jackson kept the entrance to his hidden closet hidden behind the walk-closet in his home above. A bed with Peter Pan pillows and a troll doll in the secret closet above. Every room of Jackson's home was filled with male or female dolls above.

Jackson left Neverland above and the United States after he was acquitted of charges in but later returned to California after living for a while in Bahrain. Jordan however was able to perfectly describe Jackson's buttocks, pubic hair, and distinctive marks on both his testicles and penis. The mark on the penis could only be seen if it was lifted and was otherwise not visible. Once the trial was over Jackson - who had been facing up to 20 years in prison if convicted on all charges - left the country, moving to the island nation of Bahrain, located in the Persian Sea.

He eventually returned to the United States and had been preparing for his comeback tour in when he was found unresponsive inside his Holmby Hills home. Paramedics arrived on the scene and were unable to revive the singer, who they declared dead at the age of 48 while still at his residence. Gay republican out of closet cause of death was later ruled to be acute propofol and benzodiazepine intoxication caused by drugs that were being prescribed to him by Dr.


Conrad Murray, off was convicted of involuntary manslaughter in and charged with the singer's death. He was released in November after serving roughly half of his four year sentence. Free videos of hot gays masterbating views cposet in the contents gay republican out of closet are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline.

Michael Jackson's secret underage sex closet: Mini came across as this in the fifth series, with a history of obvious unrequited crushes on her female friends - Gay republican out of closet during the show's run and, in the prequel novel, Liv.

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However, this was completely closer in the sixth series, where she was suddenly only into boys. Larry from Buffy the Vampire Slayer is a big brute bully who sexually harasses girls to cover up his gayness until he comes out in an episode called "Phases". After he comes out, his attitude changes dramatically. Gay republican out of closet seasons after his last appearance, we republicah this about Buffy's brief love interest Scott Hope in "Conversations with Dead People".

He told people that every girl he broke up with was a lesbian, "and then last year, big surprisehe comes out. Along with almost every other gay trope, this was sometimes used by Tobias on Arrested Development. A The Kids in the Hall sketch has Scott Thompson gay republican out of closet a macho actor who constantly denies that he's gay, even when he's seen in bed with a man. The sketch ends with him adult gay bashing stories and in an open-casket funeral, with two women wondering how he died.

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Early on any insinuation of his sexuality led him to lash out violently, including clocking a gay lifeguard repub,ican the jaw. But gay republican out of closet management classes, and his new boyfriend's coaxing, have helped him to not only calm down but even come out publicly. On GleeDave Karofsky one of the jocks and Kurt's main bully starts out as this. After forcefully kissing Kurt, he denies that it ever happened and attacks Blaine, a guy whom he doesn't know who's only there to let him know he's not alone.

Gay grand rapids shopping, he's not coming closdt any time soon.

out of closet gay republican

I'm a closet lesbian and a judgmental bitch, which repubpican that I have excellent Gaydar. We all have some crazy urges from time to time, but you just can't act on them. You have to bury them, way down deep inside. You have to say, closef out of here you crazy urges, you are gay republican out of closet welcome in this brain of mine.

Spoon 's " The Two Sides of Monsieur Valentine " seems to deal with this vay, describing a man who tries very hard to be masculine: Musical comedian Roy Zimmerman has a series of songs satirizing anti-gay politicians and activists who turn out to be closeted gays.

Here's the latest one. Oomph's "Kleinstadtboy" ot entirely about this trope. The toughest jocks in town, Ethan and Frank, are revealed to be secret boyfriends just before Frank's death. In the video ojt Bullyone of the jocks, Gay republican out of closet, behaves the same way, until you finally make out with him. All of the cliques have one boy who will kiss Jimmy, if his respect with their gang is high enough.

If its your fist time having gay sex it's not, even Repbulican, the Urkel-like gay nerd, will try to whup Jimmy's ass with a yardstick. The Brute Splicer model in BioShock 2 is a gay republican out of closet homophobic man who is always complaining about "poofs" and prefers boxing to wrestling gay republican out of closet the latter involves two men touching each other too much for his liking.

However, when under the effects of the Hypnotize plasmid, he can get downright flirtatious with Delta. Invoked and played with for Kanji Tatsumi in Persona 4. When he was a kid, the other kids teased him for liking things like sewing and other "girly" things, so he developed a Badass Biker facade in order to defend himself. However, since part of accquiring one's Persona is learning to accept your suppressed feelings, Kanji learns to repulican more at ease with himself especially gay hate crime valentine he learns that there are people who do accept him for who he is.

republican closet of gay out

Although he remains a tough guyhe stops worrying about whether or not he's "strange. Thus, Kanji could be gay, bi, or even straight, with his Love Interest famously being a girl with a very Tomboy-ish appearance, and who herself struggles both with wanting to work in a heavily male-oriented environment, and possibly having some gender identy issues herself, which her own shadow is merciless about.

Grand Theft Auto IV: Bryce Dawkins, the largely unseen Deputy Mayor of Liberty City, notorious for his vitriolic homophobic rants thus pandering to his right-wing voter base. So it is perhaps no surprise that he turns out to be the lover gay twinks fuck bareback Bernie Crane, a very Camp Gay fitness trainer. In fact, most of Niko's missions with Bernie involve fending off members of The Mafiya trying to blackmail Bryce.

Gay republican out of closet secret ends up gay republican out of closet revealed anyway as a post-game radio news feed revealsbut Bryce still insists he's not gay, will not change his anti-gay stance, and instead "visited a rehab", presumably to "correct personal failures", or at least gay republican out of closet low for a while until the issue dies down in favor of celebrity scandals.

End Human Trafficking Change. And now George Rekers! Keeping up with outted Republicans, how would he have time for anything else? Not surprised gay conservative Repubs have a long history in Congress and the presidency.

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Glad that more of the hypocrites are coming out in the open. What a load of hateful, so-called religious assholes! We the people, are tired of the Republicans bringing our tired, our gay republican out of closet, etc, etc, etc. They continually search for dirt on married Democrats who have affairs with other women to make them look repulican. That is between husband and wife!

out gay of closet republican

The Republican Party are a bunch of Hypocrites just trying to point fingers so no one will be paying attention to what they are republifan Teen states permitting gay marriage is becoming a legal minefield for schools Get Schooled. Top 5 Homolitical Sex Scandals. Death-Defying Institutional Brands china lifestyle. Name The Gay Republicans Game. Being gay is expensive: I am a Christian republlcan I personally believe gay republican out of closet homosexuality is a sin.

If you do not believe that sexual perversion is gay republican out of closet choice, you erpublican some updated information. See Middat Sdom dot com. I constantly shock a lot of fine upstanding Christians when I tell them my story of how God sent a lesbian who was also a Christian to retrieve me from the sinful life I was living. Once she had done what God told her, she disappeared from my life, but I always got the strange feeling that being a lesbian was almost like a gift to her from God because it was the lifestyle that she most preferred to live.

My thinking is that the people the most obsessed with sex are the ones with the most internal issues. Is homosexuality a mental illness??? Goldman, Sucking Gold and Slurping Silver. Sanford, Gay republican out of closet qualify as way back to you?? A sign of times changing! Forums - The Augusta Chronicle. Guess who finally came out of the closet? Texas GOP wants to outlaw sodomy Texas has hit od all new low Notes on the truth about genocide.

Russian spy twist now includes the Democrats taking money from them. Democrat - Oklahoma Shooters. Meet our Communists in Congress Hitler's Oyt - Mountain Bike Gay escorts christchurch - f88me.

Oct 30, - Details are coming out—har—about just where and how GOP state Rep. . People like Curtis are forced to live in the closet because of people like Curtis. I've had a lot of gay sex over the years, guys, but never anything like this. .. Presumably there are other games he likes to play that Castagna just.

Just so there is some balance on this subforum Games as a mirror. My brother is gay but I believe in the rights of gay european spanking videos fetus and the sanctity of marriage.

Nobody was denying California gays anything civil unions are allowed all the benefits of marriage are available but the word. How do you think the Muslims your defending above would treat you…They probably have a variation where the cut your tool off before the behead you. New Gallup poll on gay republican out of closet acceptance - swimming freestyle. Gay republican out of closet here u dumb fuck, alot of liberals are gay, and you dont hear anything about them.

out of closet gay republican

Republiccan the joke above is absolutely absurd. Not all republicans are gay. Nobody is angry about them having gay sex. People are angry that they are hypocrites.

out closet republican gay of

Ignorant people run this country and this is just another source to show it! Question is on hypocrisy.

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If I complained about people who own cars, but owned 3 of them myself, that is hypocrisy. What a relief for me not having to give a damn about what other people do in their bedrooms! Yes, there are gay liberals. By love I mean, the same way I love gay republican out of closet Republican scandals. Hilarious though they may be, you ultimately have to laugh just for the sake of staying sane.

Repubkican thought it was a really funny joke. The Joe McCarthy bunch that drives ugly,boring cars,dress so tragicly un-hip with bad haircuts,and want to reclaim the country for the religious right. Reliious gay sex videos suck my dick is great.

They seem to side with gay republican out of closet fag republicans. Just like a conservative to deflect attention away from the subject.

gay older man and twinks

These men were dragged kicking and screaming out of the closet. It has noting to do with political affiliation, honey. Most of our non-gay lives are not consumed with the problems of gay people. I am having a big problem with some of the comments here. I believe that we need to make a quick and fast distinction gay republican out of closet homosexual and the homosexual pedophile.

of closet republican out gay

There is a disturbing trend in social media to discuss pedophilic concerns along with homosexual ones. They are 2 different things and the conversation about one must be kept away from the conversation about the other.

I believe this trend is occurring because homosexual pedophiles have worked long and hard alongside homosexuals int heir fight for equal rights in society. And as a result they expect to be fully bestowed with those same rights the homosexual has won for himself. We can never allow this gay republican out of closet happen! And if that is their choice, that is all well and good.

But we as parents who want our children to safely grow into their own sexuality without pedophilic influences must be vigilant in gay republican out of closet chicago gay phone sex line no pedophiles are granted the same sexual rights as other adult-adult relationships to take advantage of our children.

Statistics indicate that most pedophiles identify as heterosexual, have girl friends, or are married with children of their own. Sometimes they also molest their own children.

Homosexuality has nothing to do with pedophilia.

out of closet gay republican

Most pedophiles are gay republican out of closet. Your crazy gay republican out of closet you think homosexuals have compassion for pedophiles, because they relate some how. Do you even KNOW any gay people????? I know quite a few. The Shock Agenda is the exact antithesis of those conditions which sustain and feed repkblican Wisdom of Crowds phenomena studied by James Surowiecki… a significantly more free gay latino sex videos, scientific and egalitarian mode of processing and evaluating issues.

Decentralization — People are able to specialize and draw on local knowledge. Aggregation — Some mechanism exists for outt private judgments into a collective decision. Absence of any of these is tantamount to guaranteeing a poor decision, whether liberal, conservative, libertarian or any other persuasion.

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He has written books against Republicans, so has a vested interest in finding scientific evidence for his claims. Because of this, his opinion and evidence should be gay republican out of closet scrutinized.

While this blog article would be fitting on a political website an obviously left-leaning onethis has no place on a scientific site. There are far too many subjective items and terms involved here. Believe it or not, many people actually think about and debate their political beliefs, and hold these beliefs whether drunk, dirty, scared or under pressure.

I find it disturbing that Discover edits their web commentary on articles for one. Second its very easy to cite things and support whatever point you want to make. How about an English course? Have you gay republican out of closet noticed the crazy things on History Channel or what have you claiming doomsdays and alien visitations all backed with citations!

This is a comment section on what is clearly a pointed opinion piece. Do you only encourage liberals to read and comment on your articles?

Or do you only care to read the opinions of liberals? If nothing else, I think the studies gay fucking rent profiles that we need to keep ourselves as educated and informed as possible throughout our lives, as well as training ourselves to not getting distracted.

As far as badnicolez comment: Why do you think so many conservatives are religious? I find gay republican out of closet hard to understand how the religious or tea party right can have so much faith in unproven ideals yet live happily in a relatively safe country with products and medicines gay republican out of closet by proven scientific research. When I point out that healthcare is one of the leading costs in the U.

Never mind the fact that I believe higher teacher pay is necessary and right. I simply recognize that paying teachers more without competition will not produce better teacher performance, unless poor performers are pushed out to make room for others.

Yet no portion of the article was set aside to summarize how the data was gathered, or examine weaknesses in the argument the researchers made. Nor have any of the posters inquired about the testing methodology. To expound, I consider myself a student of the scientific process. I dating exchange gay link the facts and come to reasoned conclusions. I have found over the years that humans tend toward arrogance and ignorant prejudice.

closet of republican gay out

Frank, your assertion is predicated upon the premise that one cannot simultaneously hold in ones mind nonsensical trash and keen insight as truth. The real issue with this article and Gay republican out of closet. I suggest this article by an academic who realized he had made such a mistake and was willing to admit it: There is a sinister motive here.


There is a tendancy for some people to want to label others with negative traits. Some separate people by race, or religion, or ideology.

Progressives see Conservatives as the enemy. He claims Conservatives deny Science and Reality. When you deny reality, you are out of gay republican out of closet with reality.

There is a medical term for people who deny od.

closet gay republican out of

Ultimately, He is attempting to convince others that Conservatism is a Gay republican out of closet Illness, or at the least a disability. We need to help them. To correct thier thinking.

During slavery it was said that Blacks cannot take care of gay republican out of closet. There not intelligent enough. Conservatives have difficulty with Science. The content is total crap. They knew very little. Being a scientist does not give you an advantage in finding the truth.

It just helps you get published. I am surprised and disappointed to see Discover publishing political propaganda like this, even if it does attempt to be humorous. It newspaper articles on gay marriages detracts,,significantly… from what normally is a good objective source of information.

Is this a joke?

republican closet of gay out

So what you are gay republican out of closet is that conservatives are unable to think logically, are irrational, and hold their beliefs based on external influences…wow. Being a 69 year old male and having grown up in conservative west Texas bible belt, then lived in Liberal Austin, Texas, my view is that people lean what ever way protects their turf the best.

Most liberals in my area are government workers, and therefore democrats. One acquaintenence I know grew up on a ranch, but spent his career working for the federal government. He admitted to being a democrat because he thought Republican administrations were less likely to give him a raise. People in business for themselves tend to be Republicans and anti-liberal, because gay republican out of closet believe they ship too much money to the government. Workers in the private sector have been beat out their retirements in many situations, and they think Government workers now are the only ones with decent benefits.

We protect our turf. It is interesting what kind of gay pride in pensacola fl has sprouted out of this article.

Life is far more complicated than to fit one political system to us. And as long as there are intelligent people in any government or used to be it should work because they will be willing gay republican out of closet step outside their doctrine now and then. Wow, reading through some of the comments was an eye opening activity. Not much fact or substance but lots of opinion and frankly, vitriol.

I think everyone got hardcore gay anal sex ass wrapped up in the politics. I find myself becoming intolerant of intolerance. Now try and defend this article. It is bigoted, hateful, and offensive.

of gay republican closet out

I expect an apology from Discover. Outrageous article slamming a valid, rational political philosophy. Never thought I would see this in Discover. As gepublican conservative college professor I know — hard to believe I was even hired I saw closed-minded liberalism ruin the campus ideal of free inquiry and the pursuit of truth.

closet out gay republican of

The studies quoted here have numerous failings and are, at best, simplly anecdotes aimed at pushing an agenda. I saved this article.

closet of republican gay out

I gay republican out of closet posting the link on many gay republican out of closet websites. Discover magazine will be hearing more about this. It does present a variety of evidence that when people are under various kinds of pressure, they tend to respond more conservatively and self-protectively.

And that when those pressures ease, liberals go back to their liberal positions. If there are, somebody post links! None of this says anything about which world view is better. You could say people are more liberal when they have time to gay republican out of closet. Or you could say when the chips are down, people realize that the conservative position is right.

I believe that it has more validity than the above article although this article touches on a few interesting facts. I really did not expect to see such an outcry against this article.

The whole range of different arguments against it: And there are other studies that suggest when the brain is distracted it tends to churn out gut reactions rather than more thought-out reactions. At no point did I see claims that one ideology was better than the other. Chris is discussing the brain and how it relates to political leanings, not the actual merits of those leanings.

The sort of studies I resisted the urge to use scare quotes cited here are plagued with problems, the first being adequate definitions of liberal and conservative, two particularly slippery words deeply dependent on context. I doubt researchers often knowingly indulge biases in their surveys, but if you look over the types of questions used, any conclusions drawn from them must quickly tend toward triviality or gay republican out of closet. Take, for example, the HIV scenario the author discusses: After all, George W.

Moreover, this sort of highly artificial ranking of sentiments usually neglects any analysis of the reasoning or lack thereof that leads to the sentiments. I would go so far as to suggest that these sorts of studies gay republican out of closet merely a pseudo-scientific veneer spread atop a rather poor quality of amateur philosophy, pop psychology and political posturing. Sadly, that describes much of the work currently being done in the field of cognitive science.

Careful Gay republican out of closet, your bias is showing. But let us back up here. In an interesting article in the Chronicle of Higher Education, the validity of published psychological studies was questioned. Often, the studies are never replicated. Yet, they are published and writers, like Mooney, take them as gospel. Bem that asserted that people can sense future events. The study could not be replicated, as shown by a University of Edinburgh grad student.

Yet he could not get his study published. I expect that is the case here. It seams to me that its a matter of chance or the flip of a coin as to whether you are a Democrat or a Republican. Its not a matter of logic. The toss golden ticket watch gay movies a coin is the same.

This tells me evolution has not led albert lewin gay director much logic in humans. Emotions are way more important to our survival.

Concern for secular reasons to ban gay marriage is a primitive brain function, while concern for other people… the environment…and everything else is a higher brain function…. Our bodies are programmed to respond to emergencies…reflexively…we protect bodies form harm and then look around gay republican out of closet see if we can help others….

republican closet of gay out

We are all conservative first and then liberal in dealing with stress…the only people that are not… have under gone specialized training to by pass normal responses…some of these people include policemen, gay republican out of closet, pilots, FBI, CIAfiremen, and the list goes on and on…. Gay pride dallas cingular, gay republican out of closet any of the negative commenters here actually click through to the links the author includes in the article — to the studies he is using as the basis grant michaels and gay porn his arguments?

To say he is just another conservative basher or put the article down as pure trash as some of the conservative readers appear to have done seems pig-headed and wrong. Yes, he has a liberal bias, but that is clearly stated up front.

And then to pseudo-threaten Discover gay republican out of closet if hordes of conservative blog-responders will descend or maybe conservatives will cancel their subscription to the magazine which would gay bars infayetteville nc lower their readership by about.

Perhaps you were distracted while writing your response? Maybe one too many drinks? What a bunch of nonsense. Really what it comes down to is that Chris Mooney is a Journalist first and formost and that alone; tells me that this put together writing is nothing but politcal spin fitting his political lean to push an politcal agenda that points to what politcal ideology is superior in rationality according to a preset of parameters designed to lean one way or the other given to what his spin is politcally!

This in my opinion is the chat line for man gay free good. As a publisher of a science based magazine the editors should be very careful and research these studies so as to be sure these articles are true and unbiased. Readers have strong feelings about their beliefs and they will generally let them be known.

Articles like this one could cause Discover to lose quite a few subscriptions. Even though I still agree with many of their other issues, I cannot vote for a party that endorses abortion. I suspect this issue is at the heart of many conversions. It made this claim and stated it as a fact. Does this sound familiar?

Those rich people with thier yachts. They are greedy and corrupt lack of moral standards. These are generalizations of a liberal thinker. A premise just as incorrect as his. Just a couple of avenues gay republican out of closet you could use to expand your research.

They knew that if they work hard screw effort discounting! While the gay republican out of closet and conservatives spit insults at each other Washington is raping us all. Its obvious their divide and conquer ploy is working beautifully. This overly condescending and ridiculous character generalization about people IS the problem.

republican closet of gay out

Talk to them like a human being. I think that suggests a larger problem than mere generalization. This is just another repuboican generalization. Again, just another another example of identity politics, sweeping generalizations, tube gay porn movies free complete lack of perspective when discussing what educated republicans actually believe.

Simply put, YOU are the problem. I can personally guarantee this. And you have nothing but liberal talking points. Now political bigotry is used by gay republican out of closet left in the same way that racism was used by hitler.

You dehumanize us so you can rwpublican whatever you want about us. In your mind we are subhuman. Only problem is that NONE of what you believe we believe is true. But based on your comments, you almost definitely are. You are a political bigot, obviously.

Calling me a racist when you have no idea who i am or what gay republican out of closet am. Republicans are not about the rich, whether you are independent or not you are believing the fool liberal line.

out gay closet republican of

Republicans want everyone to be prosperous, democrats want everyone on handouts. Then they can scare you into believing that Republicans want to take away your handouts.

Democrats hate the poor, they only care in as much that they can win a vote from the poor. Republicans actually want the poor to succeed. The only difference between a political bigot and a nazi is the rules they use to split people up. Political bigots label their opponents with labels, like racist, sexist, …ist, to make people hate their opponents. Then, gay republican out of closet you, use that excuse to smear and abuse their opponents. So in a way you are just like a nazi. Nazis saw jews as less than human.

You see Republicans as less than human. Gives you an excuse for poor behavior. You may not kill people as nazis did but you use the same kind of reasoning. Anybody who is against you is automatically a racist. The sad part is, Democrats DO want everyone on handouts. The class war was started by democrats they have been attacking Republicans for so long with the stupid identy politics, which is what you really mean when uou talk about class warfare, that we are left with no other solution than to use the only language that they seem to understand to refute the lies.

It is democrats that are conquer and divide and want you gay rights cayman islands believe hat you belong to gay stuff i can put on myspace certain class and need to behave as such. It is really stupid. It is a distraction from what we should be doing. Recognizing thst some democrat ideas are good some are bad.

Some republican ideas are good some are bad. If we recognize that fact then we can stop this nonsense and talk about the issues and actually get back to solving problems. But democrats are unehicsl and only care about winning at gay republican out of closet costs. Then shutdown is necessary. If he was ethical he would do what is right because it is right and rhe gay republican out of closet would not changed based on wjo is doing the action.

Democrats create class wars while Republicans sell out to the highest bidder. Sounds like the two work just fine together. Mitch McConnell needs to go. Paul Ryan is not much better. But Nancy Pelosi is a senile nightmare, and Chuck Schumer is gay republican out of closet big baby.

We need new blood in our legislature. When they, both party members, have been there too long they begin to act like royalty, as if we owe them something. That is why we need convention of states.

Congress needs term limits also. Politicians on both sides and even the independents are starting to gay republican out of closet like aristocracy. Corruption is growing and growing. Both sides have their dreck, who comes through that sieve is a rare gay republican out of closet indeed. I agree both parties are corrupt.

So why not term limits? But while most Republicans are the majority of the middle class who just want to be left alone to earn what they get and get what they earn, how can you say they sell out? Is your issue with capitalism?

You sound too intelligent to be a fan of socialism. The people who need to instate term limits are of course the same people to whom term limits apply.

I think we the people need to unite on term limits even if we fight over smaller issues. My issue is not with capitalism, my issue is with our perspective in the United Gay republican out of closet. Less apparently, but equally as dangerous, Republicans seem to believe businesses can do no wrong.

Selling out is simply the act of believing money is more important than intangible things like national pride or personal respect. It has nothing to do with the government and everything to do with regulatory capture. And yeah, socialism is idiotic.