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Jun 11, - 10 Philly LGBT activists keeping on the post-marriage-equality fight. But now, with the headlines of same-sex marriage about to come to a serious . as a gay community, to not just keep score but stop playing those games . Today, he's working with civil liberties advocacy group Liberty PA to Videos.

Actually is that '65 or '66 when the first march at Independence Hall took place. I knew does obama have gay boyfriend single person in that march. And I was in the march with twelve of us. In fact, I could almost name all twelve of them. Yeah, it was Clark Polak. And we met over at Trojan Book Service.

Craig Rodwell, who later formed Oscar Wilde Bookstore. We were in a Falcon convertible. And we packed all the signs up, put them in the back of the convertible, and went down there. What's gay scrabble group in philadelphia name from Washington? I was trying to think, but no, she wasn't there. There were twelve of us. And I don't remember froup else. Frank Kameny was ni, it was very hot that day, was insistent that we not take off our coats or loosen our ties.

We were wearing gay scrabble group in philadelphia and ties because we wanted to make a good impression. The first impression, you know. Now, did you literally walk over from an antiwar gay scrabble group in philadelphia Is that what you were saying or no?

I met over at Trojan Book Service and we drove over there with the picket signs. And we didn't know how many people would show up.

scrabble in philadelphia group gay

I didn't know there was going to be an antiwar demonstration. On the other hand, it was a pretty big coming out with that group.

I mean there were other groups that knew I was gay. But people that knew me from civil rights movement, including one person, I can mention his name, Horace Godwin, who's still around, came up with his mother and his sister and thanked me. And later he came over to 27 th Street to talk to me. But he was, I guess, somewhat closeted at the time. Possibly, and I couldn't be certain about this, but he would gay scrabble group in philadelphia at these events very regularly, Randy Wicker.

But I knew some of these people. There were maybe twenty, maybe twenty-five, of us there. I had gone up to New York to meet with them and this actually is in the videotape interview on Outrage '69, the Arthur Dong tape. Scrable showed up there and suddenly realized--I was used to civil rights activists--and I thought, "These are the activists and gay scrabble group in philadelphia really courageous and everything, but they were accountants and librarians.

Gay scrabble group in philadelphia were harrisonburg virginia gay flaming radicals. It was a pretty staid group of people. And I was mostly looking for information. And the note said we were or I froup considering forming a Gay Liberation Front.

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And if anyone was interested, free cum sucking gay movies should contact me at the back of the room.

And they made an announcement at the meeting. And what was surprising to me was they changed all the wording around and everything. And I thought, "Well gee, that's odd. Same announcement, same meeting.

So that's when I first met Basil O'Brien. And that was the beginning of Gay Liberation Front in Philadelphia. Gay scrabble group in philadelphia Basil died in gay scrabble group in philadelphia And yet Clark Polak seems to have been a little different from the other folks. Not nearly so respectable. I guess I was attracted because of that very fact. I was fascinated with Drum and with Trojan Book Service. Because it had a little more of the feeling that I was used to 'cause I'd been in civil rights.


I had been in the sit-ins in November of on Route 40 in Maryland. We had lusty puppy free gay video chased out of restaurants and bars there.

And played God Bless America endlessly on the jukebox while gay scrabble group in philadelphia were refusing to serve us. And split a grilled gay scrabble group in philadelphia sandwich that they did serve a New York Times reporter.

And I said, "Well we've been sitting here for six hours and hadn't been able to get anything. They won't throw us out because this is a Continental Trailways official stop and they would lose their license. But we found they got some good music on the jukebox.

philadelphia gay in scrabble group

And so God Bless America, we played it over and over. They finally unplugged the jukebox. The New York Times reporter gave me half of his grilled cheese sandwich. I broke it into little pieces and passed it down. And we were florida gay information travel eating these gat cheese sandwiches. That's when the management got really angry. They were giving out free beer to all the townspeople.

And it looked like it might get seriously dangerous so we left. The roads were icy. They chased us down the roads and cars were sliding all over the highway. So the three of us met at Trojan Book Pniladelphia and in I'm not sure whose car it was. It was an old early gay scrabble group in philadelphia Falcon convertible.

And we put all the picket signs. We gay scrabble group in philadelphia many too many picket signs. And some people from other cities had showed up. Well I do in that he was doing stuff hroup other people weren't.

philadelphia in scrabble gay group

And so I'm not gay pride transfer wholesale about personalities. I'm sure the personalities would clash and I'm sure people thought he was a purveyor of porn and all that kind gay scrabble group in philadelphia stuff.

But that didn't bother me one bit. And you probably could have said the same thing about Craig Rodwell. But Oscar Wilde Memorial Bookstore is pretty respectable.

Was your feeling that the movement in both the Clark Polak wing and the other wing in the '60s treated lesbians well? I can't say that, O. And I do acknowledge on the Outrage '69 interview that these people were really courageous, because there was a period of time when people that had respectable jobs could be ostracized and fired. There was a period of time when people did lose their jobs. And I was part of the movement and of course probably people didn't like me for other reasons.

I thought it was absurd, Frank Kameny telling us we couldn't hold hands in the picket line. That we couldn't loosen our gay island rhode woonsocket or take off coats. There were women in there. You couldn't wear slacks if you gay scrabble group in philadelphia a woman. He had made up this set of rules. It was purely for the press.

gay scrabble group in philadelphia

It was the idea that this is the first event of its kind and we want the press to concentrate on the fact that we look and act like everybody else, not like a caricature, whatever that meant to him, of what people thought we were.

What about race in the movement? Did you ever experience any kind of racial discrimination or prejudice in the homophile movement in the '60s? Did gay scrabble group in philadelphia seem pretty open?

I don't think I saw any "people of color" in the early days at gay scrabble group in philadelphia. I'm trying to think. There may have gorup at the ECHO conferences, philadwlphia they certainly weren't in a free black gay dick pictures place there.

I'm thinking about the picket line in '65, I don't think so.

in philadelphia gay scrabble group

But my memory could be faulty. It's been thirty-two years or something. And that's why when Gay Liberation Front was formed inwe were particularly proud because we had a significant proportion of African-Americans, Latinos, and Asians. I mean we were a small group, a dozen or maybe at most two dozen people.

But we had more than one Asian. Lee Claflin's mother is Japanese. We had ministers, ministers of philadslphia churches in our group. Gay scrabble group in philadelphia would meet, actually we predate South Street. Some of our earliest meetings were at a gay scrabble group in philadelphia called the Gayzoo at 2nd and South.

I've found traces of that, too. And yet [an anonymous oral history narrator] said something agy meeting at the TLA. He thought he had helped get some space at the old TLA. We met wherever we could. And I can name a number of places. We met on 27 th Street, we met in people's houses, we met regularly at the Gay porn fucking hardcore for more organized meetings. We scrabblee at the Casket Company scrabnle Powelton Village.

We fay at places on Gaskill Street. There were places in that South Street area, but there were no businesses. Gayzoo gay switzerland tour groups one of the very first. Actually, can you maybe step back a second and talk to me about how you think gay liberation differed from the movement that came before it?

What was different about it? Well the racial composition. We tried to do something about gender balance, but that was never really worked gay scrabble group in philadelphia.

group philadelphia scrabble gay in

And later we resigned ourselves to it and said perhaps it's inappropriate. I don't want to define the women's movement, but it was almost the idea that gay liberation had to do gay scrabble group in philadelphia men's consciousness-raising.

And the women's movement generally had to do with looking for a woman-identified woman. And these were kind of parallel consciousness-raising movements with the leadership on both sides being gay. I think in the early days of a movement, this may be quite appropriate. Because there's a level of life and death camaraderie that's got to be in there.

Because we're talking about affinity groups, O. An affinity group, I think you have to share certain kinds of perspective. And it's easier to deal with that, I think, if you share on all levels, including gay soldiers in world war ii. It would be hard for me to discuss, let's gay scrabble group in philadelphia, what it means to be a woman-identified woman. In fact I would be thrown out of the meeting if I tried to do that.

But on the male side, that philosophy, which I've read a decent amount about, sounds like, in part, this was about creating some bridges between straight-identified and gay-identified men.

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And you, I know, talked to Tommi about how gay liberation was against the idea that gays were a minority. It had to do with male consciousness-raising, but it's sort of putting men in touch with their feelings, whether it was sexual or on some other level.

scrabble philadelphia gay group in

But it was certainly not a denial of sexuality. In fact, it was very sex positive in every way. But it had to do with trying to deal with the fact that people were isolated partly so that they would identify only with their sexuality.

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You compartmentalize the sexual part of your life because you certainly couldn't be as open feet in stocks tickling gay it as you might like to be. Because it would end you up in a lot of trouble. I knew that 'cause it had ended me up in jail. So it was based on personal experience, but it was also based on the social mores of the times and trying to deal with our own feelings so that we could talk about these issues.

Not the sexism out there, but the sexism in here. And this continues today. The idea that we can't deal with the racism out there until we gay scrabble group in philadelphia deal with it gay scrabble group in philadelphia ourselves. Philadephia is something that I guess came out of the scrable culture of the mid-'60s, when people really intensely looked into their psyches and began to deal with the most primordial aspects of sex and race and being a human being versus a rock or something else.

And what it meant to be self-assured about what you are, who you are, how you dealt with these issues and that you didn't hide them away.

And you didn't compartmentalize them internally.

group in philadelphia gay scrabble

So I guess we would deal with a lot of these issues. So there were aspects in other movements that were also dealing with similar kinds of issues on gay scrabble group in philadelphia level of consciousness raising, where you would confront people.

Or in a closed session, you would confront particular issues within yourself and in front of a group of people. And so there were tears and emotions and catharsis. And would you say that GLF tried to encourage that kind of process in all men? Or was it directed, would you say, to already radicalized men who hadn't thought so much about sexuality?

Well more than in all men, although my view probably bordered on all men. Because for years a lot of the people I had sexual relations with didn't identify as being gay men.

More than in all men, it was the gay boys sniffing underwear that we don't gay scrabble group in philadelphia to put down someone who may be a repressed gay person. We don't want to put down someone because he's internalized things and they've come out in some distorted way.

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Gay bashing or a negative way of relating to other people. But now it sounds like you didn't necessarily believe that everyone should experience same-sex desire, have the ability to experience same-sex desire. Or would you have said that?

in gay philadelphia group scrabble

I don't think I would have said that, O. I don't think I would have said that in the same way that Philaelphia think it gropu be perverse for me to have sexual relations with a woman. On gay scrabble group in philadelphia other hand, I don't think that it's perverse for me to have sexual relations with a man. But I don't think everyone's in touch with their natures. So that plumbing porn full length gay be something I have to deal with.

Gay scrabble group in philadelphia the other hand, I think there's a range, certainly not Kinsey's picture of ten percent this and ninety percent that or forty-five percent, sixty percent. Gay scrabble group in philadelphia think many bisexuals are bisexuals of convenience, but I don't want to categorize or define any group of people.

Even the names, I think, could be offensive. Maybe we could take up a specific case of what you're talking about, the Black Panthers and Huey Newton. Because I know some about your involvement with the Black Panther convention in Philly in And I've gotten curious about whether you think GLF, in some ways, was drawn in some erotic way to the Black Panther male leaders.

And whether you think, in some way, they were drawn to GLF. At least that's not my experience in Philadelphia, although I think that there may be even political as well as social reasons for this being healthy. But Huey Newton, when he came out gzy his statements, that in a sense validated for Black Panthers a gay liberation movement, I thought, "Well, maybe Huey Newton's gay or something.

And he told me an interesting story that Gay scrabble group in philadelphia had never heard and I don't think it's in print anywhere.

But earlier that year, before Huey Newton made the statement, he was in San Francisco. And I know they were prominent there in Lincoln Park. And it was Genet's influence that was behind Huey Newton coming out with that statement. They had spent some time together and talked. And I know Genet had published things in Black Panther newspaper before Huey Newton's letter, so that also makes sense.

Let me ask you another really specific thing. I actually found a letter in Gaay Panther newspaper that cuts right into the contemporary political scene in Philadelphia. It's a letter signed by someone named Mumia, just one name, that talks about Frank Rizzo and violence against the Black Panthers before the convention. And it talks about how Rizzo gay scrabble group in philadelphia been producing perverts and faggots on the Philadelphia police force and, in his own family, in his gay son, Frank Rizzo, Jr.

And I actually tried to get a philadelpiha to him, to see if he wanted to say anything about that. Anyway, does this ring any bells for you? No, I don't gay scrabble group in philadelphia that. I'm aware that this philadelohia a sentiment not just in Black Panther Party or Young Lords or any other group.

It was pervasive, which was what we had to deal with. I remember the very first People's Fund meeting. But I gay bars glendale los angeles about the very earliest gay bars + san francisco + 1966 when it was called the People's Fund.

Gay Liberation Front was the only gay group that was applying for funds. There were twelve groups applying erotic male art nude gay funds. Only two of the groups were denied funding.

We were denied making a presentation even. We came with a presentation. Forty percent of the people at the earliest People's Fund meeting were gay liberation people. The groups that were getting money, many of them we had worked with, we had gay scrabble group in philadelphia them, we had doubled the size of the picket lines. And yet when it came down to money, we were voted out. So we were used to the idea and we assumed it was all pervasive.

Other radicals and other groups, welfare rights and mothers, well a number of groups, leftist groups, that were uncomfortable and even abusive in terms of gay rights issues. Gay rights issues definitely were not accepted. I want to ask something about the internal dynamics scgabble the Gay scrabble group in philadelphia Homosexual Workshop at that convention. Because you delivered the statement, right, at the convention? And how were you picked? Were you one of the only Philadelphians there?

Because Gay scrabble group in philadelphia haven't found much documentation. I think it was partly social-political.

scrabble philadelphia in gay group

We want someone to represent us. Well I phkladelphia know all philadelphhia dynamics, but curtis mayfield dad shot because gay was kind of based on social consciousness. The idea that, "Well, we have an Asian. We didn't have the term gay.

It was the Male Homosexual Workshop. We had spent a long time at this church in Germantown, living together basically. I know people who would remember. Horace Godwin would remember. I'm not great gay scrabble group in philadelphia names, but I can say this: We were more organized than any of the other workshops or caucuses at this meeting.

I think the Prisoner Rights group may have been fairly well-organized. But most of the groups didn't have philadelphiw statements. We said this is important. They don't know who we are, they've never heard of gay scrabble group in philadelphia, they've never heard of the movement. So we've got to set out a specific list of gay scrabble group in philadelphia, and we were thinking this really is a Revolutionary People's Constitutional Convention.

And we've got to sit down, work hard, and actually grou; out each of these demands. And make this list of demands and present it to this group. But through the years, the gay caucuses at general leftist meetings tended to be organized, provide the entertainment, do the cooking, do the logistics, make sure that it looks good and looks professional and everything is done right. So we kind of got used to it. I know the Lesbian Workshop had a very different reception at the convention and ended up walking out.

Do you have philadelpia of your own theories about why the gay men's and lesbians' experiences were so different there?

scrabble in gay philadelphia group

No, but I do think that Black Panther Party is very male-dominated. Young Lords, very male-dominated. It's something that we were gay scrabble group in philadelphia to deal with. Because we understood this whole concept of machismo and marching scrbble with rifles and having a underground press conference in Milwaukee with fox holes gxy real weapons around the farm.

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