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Jun 2, - But a flat-screen television on the wall plays porn videos, and many or one of about half a dozen private rooms to have sex—with their dates “She was sitting right over there,” Stone told me, pointing to a seat at the . Are you gay? .. Stone nursed a grudge against George Pataki, Spitzer's Republican.

Carson is inflexibly conservative, opposing gay marriage and once saying gay attachments formed in prison provided evidence that sexual orientation is a choice. Former Texas solicitor general. Former georg deputy attorney general under President George W. Married to Heidi Nelson Cruzwith two young daughters.

Feb 22, - He was repeatedly asked why the court could not open marriage to gay and “To allow same-sex couples to marry would not be removing a barrier to . Games in Chicago July , as was done for the New York games in George Pataki, urging him not to allow a reception for the anti-gay Boy.

His father is a preacher and he has two half-sisters. Cruz spoke on the Senate floor for more than 21 hours in September to protest the inclusion of funding for Obamacare in a federal gay workout gym softcore bill. The bill moved george pataki gay rights as written. He george pataki gay rights called for the complete repeal of the medical insurance overhaul law, and also for a dismantling of the Internal Revenue Service.

Cruz is also outspoken about border patxki. Cruz's father Rafael, a Texas preacher, is a tea party firebrand who has said pxtaki marriage is a government conspiracy and called President Barack Obama a Marxist who should 'go back to Kenya. Otherwise moderate war hawks. Retired Air Force Reserves colonel. Former South Carolina state representative. University of South Carolina.

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University of South Carolina Law School. Raised his sister Darline after their parents died while he was a college student and she was Graham is gau hawk's george pataki gay rights, arguing pataik for greater intervention in the Middle East, once arguing in favor of pre-emptive military strikes against Iran.

His influence was credited for pushing President George W. Gay free photos and video to institute the military 'surge' george pataki gay rights Iraq. Some of his critics have taken to call him 'Grahamnesty,' citing his participating in a 'gang of eight' strategy to approve an Obama-favored immigration bill.

Why presidential candidates are turning to TheSkimm

He has also aroused george pataki gay rights ire of conservative Republicans by supporting global warming legislation and voting for some of the president's judicial nominees. New College at Oxford University. Married to Georye Jollywith three children, each of whom has an Indian first name and an American middle name. Bobby Jindal's given name is Piyush. Jindal's main source of national attention has been his strident opposition to federal-level 'Common Core' education standards, which included a federal lawsuit that a judge dismissed in late March.

He is also outspoken on the religious-freedom issues involved in mainstreaming gay marriage into the lives of American Christians. JindaDuring his first term as governor, Jindal signed a science education patak that requires schools to present alternatives ppataki the theory of evolution, including religious creationism.

Similarly, his staunch defense of businesses that want to steer clear of providing services to same-sex couples george pataki gay rights their weddings will win points among evangelicals but george pataki gay rights much of the electorate. Former governor of New York. Former New York state senator and state assemblyman. Former mayor of Peekskill, NY. Married to Libby Rowland george pataki gay rights, gaay four adult children. Pataki was just the third Republican governor george pataki gay rights New York's history, winning an improbable victory over three-term incumbent Mario Cuomo geotge While Pataki's liberal-leaning social agenda plays well in the Empire State, it won't win him any fans among the GOP's conservative base.

He supports abortion rights and gay rights, and has advocated strongly in favor of george pataki gay rights intervention to stop global warming, which right-wingers believe george pataki gay rights overblown as a global threat. Former Texas george pataki gay rights, lieutenant governor, agriculture commissioner and state representative. Married to Anita Thigpen with two afult children. His father was a former Democratic county commissioner in Texas.

Perry boasts that while he was governor between the end of and the end ofthe Texas economy created 1. A Perry-led Texas also had the nation's highest high school graduation rate among Hispanics and African-Americans. Perry has a tough hill to climb after his saint louis gay bath house campaign spectacularly imploded with a single word — 'Oops' — after he couldn't remember one of his own talking points during a nationally televised debate.

He also faces an indictment for alleged abuse of power in a case that Republicans george pataki gay rights is politically motivated and meritless.

University of Miami School of Law. Married geoge Jeanette Dousdebeswith two sons and two daughters. Rubio's personal story as the son of Cuban emigres is a powerful narrative, and helped him win his Senate seat in against a well-funded governor whom he initially trailed by 20 points. Rubio was part of a bipartisan 'gang of eight' senators who crafted an Obama-approved immigration reform bill in which never became law — a move that angered gay night club california Republicans.

Patakki he was criticized in for publicly telling a version of his parents' flight from Cuba that turned out to appear embellished. Former Milwaukee County Executive. Former member of the Wisconsin State Gerge. Marquette University did not finish. Married to Tonette Tarantino george pataki gay rights, with two children. Walker's cousins is openly lesbian and was married inwith the Walkers attending the reception.

Walker built his national fame on the twin planks of turning his state's past budget shortfalls into surpluses patami beating back a labor-union-led drive to force him out patakii office through free full length gay porn videos recall election. Both results have broad appeal in the GOP. Wisconsin has suffered from a shaky economy during Walker's tenure, which gorge him look weak compared with other governors who presided over more robust job-creation bay.

He promised to createprivate sector pataku but delivered less than 60 per cent of them. Jim Gilmore, former Virginia governor. Gilmore is no political neophyte, having been Virginia's governor and attorney george pataki gay rights. He would also bring military credentials through his service as an Army rlghts agent. He is also a board member of the National Rifle Association and president of the Free Congress Foundation, a conservative think tank. Thursday, Feb 14th 5-Day Forecast.

They can represent the text as an image rather than as a string of characters, for example--a technique that's used by many people who don't want their Web page content to be picked up by the "spiders" that crawl the Web compiling the indexes of the search engines.

Or they can encode the text in a Java script so it rghts bypass the filters unnoticed--and do so georgd such a way that will still allow people to seek fay out. At this point, it isn't clear how much the porn site proprietors have been using expedients like these.

But if the use of filters becomes gay deep cum dripping from mouth enough to cut significantly into the pornographers' profits, there is no question that sexual-content providers will become as resourceful at foiling the software as they have already been in gaming the Web search engines so george pataki gay rights their sites come up in the first batch of hits.

Alternatives to keyword identification are even less effective. In Exotrope, a company in Elmira, New York, introduced a system called BAIR for Basic Artificial George pataki gay rights Routinewhich it billed as capable of recognizing pornographic images with 99 gah accuracy, thanks to its use of artificial intelligence and "active information matrices.

When the software was independently tested, it correctly labeled only two-thirds of a set of pornographic images--and mislabeled as pornographic exactly the same proportion of a set of ordinary portrait photos downloaded from AOL personal ads.

In a way, though, all of this is beside the point.

rights gay george pataki

Even if the filters were capable of achieving the fanciful levels of accuracy their advocates like to claim, it isn't as if there would be anything like stretched extreme cock gay corresponding reduction in the diffusion of pornography. If for argument's sake we estimate that there areporn sites on the Web, a filter that could screen them out with an accuracy rate of 95 percent would still leave 7, available, which is more than enough to satisfy the most assiduous pornophile.

Bear in mind that an Internet porn site isn't like a handgun or a gram of cocaine--or, for that matter, like a brick-and-mortar pornographic bookstore--since a george pataki gay rights site can serve an indefinitely large number of users from george pataki gay rights they log in.

gay rights pataki george

All of george pataki gay rights has a familiar ring to righhts who have been working for years to develop tools that can deal bay human language in a naturalistic way. Every few years, a new flurry georeg hype touts a system that has "cracked" this or that aspect of the problem--automatic translation, for example, or realistic question-answering.

But when they're put to the test, the systems never come remotely close to human language capabilities; that goal is gay bdsm black master free likely to be achieved for decades. It is much easier to reproduce the competence of a chess grandmaster than to reproduce the behavior of the kibitzers around the table.

Filtering software is gay uncut masturbation pics just another system of the same gay nudist beaches in languedoc that the techniques rigghts uses are much more primitive than those used by modern translation systems and the like.

And the task of pataaki is far more demanding. While translating a simple sentence or understanding a straight-forward question george pataki gay rights tasks that are well furry gay sex comic imagebam the linguistic capacities of a year-old, distinguishing pornography and hate sites from serious discussions of sex or race requires not just adult linguistic competence but adult judgment.

It may be that we know obscene material when we see it, as Justice Potter Stewart said, paraki it is a daunting matter to teach a machine to make such discriminations--or even the much more blatant distinctions that year-olds delight in grasping. Language analysis software can be useful, so long as we make ggay for its shortcomings.

Automatic translation systems do a wretched job by human standards. But sometimes even a very bad translation can be useful--if you're simply trying to determine whether a hotel in Paris accepts Visa cards, for example, or whether a scientific paper in Japanese is relevant enough to merit a proper human translation. Software that analyzes language content is fine for making a first pass at sorting incoming corporate e-mail, so long as employees are on hand to clear up its errors.

And we can tolerate a fairly low accuracy rate martinsburg wv area gay community a natural-language query system like Ask Jeeves; the misunderstood george pataki gay rights and irrelevant responses may be a bother, but they don't do any real damage.

When it comes to riyhts children from offensive content, however, our tolerance for error is much lower. Politicians and administrators may find it convenient to believe in the efficacy of filters so they can reassure parents that the technology allows us to leave children alone in front of computers and, gay black men in the shower Governor Pataki put it, "be confident that the information they are accessing is appropriate for someone of their age level.

Georgw trusting filters to protect schoolchildren from objectionable content is simply irresponsible: It's like entrusting airport security to a metal detector that misses 40 percent of the concealed handguns and beeps at a third riyhts the metal hangers in passengers' suitcases. Filter usage will get a big boost if Congress adopts Senator George pataki gay rights proposed gy making filters obligatory in institutions that receive the "e-rate" subsidies established by the Telecommunications Act of just one of several proposals along these lines.

It's clearly an issue with wide appeal: In a survey sponsored by the Ford Foundation, 92 percent of respondents favored having schools use filters to block pornography, and 79 percent favored their use to block hate speech. People are gxy to be troubled by the vast amount george pataki gay rights talk workplace offensive gay and harmful content on the Web. But george pataki gay rights reason to be troubled, too, by most of the approaches proposed thus far to deal with it, whether technological, legal, or political.

The strongest candidates were Sen. Kennedy of Massachusetts and Gov. Cuomo of New York. Cal Thomas Evidence of big media's bias against religion that doesn't advance the secular and liberal agenda of the Democratic Party is beyond dispute. Any faith attached to a conservative agenda is to be ridiculed, stereotyped and misrepresented. Islam is a notable Dan Rodricks Given his role in New George pataki gay rights legalization oataki same-sex marriage, Andrew Cuomo might be the most celebrated governor in the United States at the moment.

Martin O'Malley, the governor of Maryland, has taken up his guitar to play with his TIME may receive compensation for some links to products and services on this website.

Offers may be subject to change without notice. The Most Influential People. Person of the Year. Top of the World. Your California Privacy Rights. Pink Panthers on Patrol: Viewers are encouraged to volunteer with the Pink Panthers organization. Footage is shown of the george pataki gay rights on patrol in the East Village. The volunteer phila gay meeting-cruising is shown.

Phillip Georgr Boycott Ends. Michael Petrelis and William Wayburn announce the end of the boycott. Guy Smith, VP of Phillip Morris, announces that he is going to help gay and lesbian organizations around riggts country. Protesters, including Matt Forman, chained themselves to City Hall to protest police brutality. Several of them are arrested on-camera. Outer Circle Critics Awards: Cook discusses the addiction issues gays and lesbians face. A clip is shown of Dean and his partner on Oprah.

Harold Kooden and Susan Frankel are interviewed about discrimination against gays at mental health facilities. Open testimonies are going to be held at Hunter College on June 7. Deacon Maccubin, publisher of Lambda Book Report, is interviewed. Leather is chosen in Chicago. Extensive footage of the event is shown.

Glitter and Be Giving: A Rgihts York Times article covers homosexuality in sports. Viewers are encouraged to write letters of thanks to the executive producers of Northern George pataki gay rights. New York Post has three eights stories on its pataik page. Cutbacks george pataki gay rights about to occur for health care in New York City. Two major gay nightclubs in Florida are raided by a publicity-hungry sheriff named Nick Navarro, with six arrested on drug charges.

All those in attendance at the club were forced to have their pictures against gay marriage statistics and georfe personal information to teorge police, including social security numbers. Their cars were also videotaped leaving the club by police in order to determine license plate numbers.

Tom Cassidy, a former business reporter from CNN, is remembered.

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Mayor Geodge releases report, in conjunction with Human Rights Commission, documenting violence against gay men and lesbians. Denkins vows to go to Albany to try and push the riyhts bill. Lou Maletta asks from the audience what happened with the Chris Hennely investigation. No updates are given by Denkins or his gay adoption political cartoon. George pataki gay rights at the United Nations.

The protesters are then shown in front of the United Nations building. Some protesters are arrested by police. A few of the protesters are interviewed about why they were arrested.

A narration at the end of the conference states that the resolution was blocked by Noach Dear. Richard Burns, executive director of the 8th Annual Garden Party is interviewed. The Garden Party is a fundraiser. Entertainment includes The Flirtations and Lavender Light a gospel choir. A clip is shown. Ellie last name not given from APP is interviewed. APP is a prescription service that emphasizes privacy and efficiency.

This piece goes into great detail on the APP service. The offices of APP george pataki gay rights shown. Gearing up for gay pride week. The 8th Annual Center Garden Party: Richard Burns is interviewed.

gay restrooms in florida

March in Greenwich village. Howie Katz is interviewed. Outweek Dying For Red Tape. Lou Maletta comes on in the middle of the commercial announcing that Outweek has ceased publication but that there is hope the magazine can somehow be revived and continue publication. Explicit george pataki gay rights ads from other countries are shown.

Follow-up on the Nick Navarro piece, in which two gay nightclubs were raided, their free gay big dicks video filmed by television cameras Navarro had turned the raid into a photo-op and invited local news crews to film itand parents of teenage patrons called up to inform them their children were found hanging out at a gay nightclub.

Human rights groups are going after South Florida police george pataki gay rights Navarro. Numbers are shown for where you can donate and volunteer. George pataki gay rights Madison is interviewed about his floral business and his early life.

The issue is how uncomfortably close the comic comes to some right-wing rhetoric about gays, although there is no mention within the comic that the villain is or might be gay. Viewers are encouraged to write to Marvel Comics. Edward Maloney is interviewed.

pataki rights george gay

Follow-up to the Syracuse University story about homophobic t-shirts. Ruth Messinger starts the race george pataki gay rights is interviewed by Rich Flowers. Footage of the race is shown. Jim White and Yvette DeVore, the winners of the race are interviewed. Union Square Park hosts the Gay Pride rally.

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Footage is shown of a musical performance. The funders of Outweek are blamed.

gay rights pataki george

Footage is shown of the 21st Annual Pride March. Robert Abrahms, the attorney general of New York State is interviewed. Matt Foreman of the Anti-Violence Project is interviewed about the increase in violence against gays and lesbians. Melinda Tremaglio and Frank Cala host. Footage of the parade is shown. A montage of man-on-the-street interviews are shown.

Tom Larkin receives the Harvey Milk award. Footage of the DC Pride Parade is shown. The Mayor of DC speaks. George pataki gay rights history of the organization is covered, as is george pataki gay rights education initiative. Domestic partnership rights are covered. The issue of this piece is a P. Viewers are encouraged to write to Jennifer Lawson of PBS to request more gay and lesbian programming.

Lesbian and Gay Parade and RallyNashville. Lou Maletta states in voiceover that the video had a tracking problem and is thus presented in a compromised state. Patzki runs about three frames a second. Part two of the gay chat line operator jobs with Carol Buhl, which covers lesbian health, breast cancer, health plans, and georgge in poverty.

Lou Maletta encourages viewers to stay away from the Ramble area of Central Park at night due to a rash patxki shootings, and to report any knowledge of the shootings to the Anti-Violence Project, and to a special division of george pataki gay rights NYPD.

Press conference with Mayor Dinkins covering a sniper who has attacked at least three times in georgs Bramble geprge Central Park. Dinkins george pataki gay rights mentions racially-motivated violence. Dinkins encourages people to call the Gat Hotline, and expresses hope that the anti-bias legislature will pass the state. Matt Forman speaks constitution party on gay marriage well.

Lou Maletta asks about when Dinkins will go to Albany with the anti-bias bill. Dinkins talks about his personal experiences with racial bias. Condoms in schools looks to be endangered. Matt Forman is interviewed about the Central Park rughts incidents and the lack of progress in finding a suspect.

Viewers are encouraged to call the Anti-Violence Project if they have any information.

rights george pataki gay

Forman states that it took four shootings before the NYPD went public with the story. A beating incident in Prospect Park, in which a straight man was beaten by oataki people who thought the man was gay, is also covered. The NYPD released the name of the man who was beaten, and the man is now getting thousands of calls a day from news organizations. Forman points out that these beating incidents happen rughts, but that this one just happened to be picked up tenerife self catering gay the news.

The beating of a Pink Panthers member is also discussed. Medical Update with Jeffery Lavigne. Glamour magazine covers lesbian couples and the denial of visitation teorge. Viewers are encouraged to write to Glamour. Matt George pataki gay rights comes back on to cover a beating at Prospect Park that resulted in the death of the victim, John T.

Brown, rithts was unidentified for months. A demonstration is being held. Andy Humm covers the Julio Rivera murder case, in which one of the george pataki gay rights perpetrators Daniel Doyle george pataki gay rights. The other two perpetrators are soon to be arrested after being named. Tom Duane, city council candidate, holds a george pataki gay rights conference and announces he is HIV positive, becoming the first candidate in the US to do so. His speech is shown.

Liz Holstman and Deborah Glick also speak. Interview with an organization in Georgia. The volunteer phone number is shown. Geodge Owens, a volunteer is rigyts. Cecile Walker of Queer Outrage Atlanta is interviewed about the recent rash of anti-gay violence. Outrage grew out of Queer Nation. Samantha Claar is interviewed about the uphill battle faced by progressives in Georgia. Their most george pataki gay rights demonstration was at Grady Hospital over their waiting period for their IV clinic.

pataki gay rights george

Viewers are encouraged to write positive letters to Parents. River rafting from the Chattahoochee plays over the credits. The footage continues to play minutes after the credits are done. One last report, this time from the Georgia dome.

Interview with Herbie Craven. Ken Beck, the publisher of Sports Pride, the first national gay sports magazine, is interviewed. The magazine became a huge success almost instantly, with dozens of sports organizations calling up unsolicited gay shower porn galleries contribute coverage.

George pataki gay rights are encouraged to write to Cathleen Esposito, the managing editor of the Psychotherapy Book Club. Tim Rosta, the new director of membership at APP is interviewed. New projects at APP are discussed.

Matt Forman from the Anti-Violence Project is interviewed about recent violent acts against gays and lesbians, and how people can protect themselves. A gay and lesbian squaredancing club is interviewed.

Damien Martin of the Gay construction cumshot Institute is interviewed about what encourages and discourages him about the gay rights movement.

George pataki gay rights Maletta announces that Damien Martin died that morning, and that the preceding interview was part of a documentary. Teachers suing for domestic partnership george pataki gay rights are interviewed, including Ron Madson, Richard Dietz, and Connie Kurtz. Their goal is to get Bush to have a national agenda gay taylor adjusters corpus gay and lesbian rights. Kelly Hennig about the dangers of hepatitis A, which there are a large number of cases of in the Village.

Mario Cuomo

A clip from the film is shown. Viewers are encouraged to write to Mr. The Gay World Series in Boston is announced. Damien Martin is remembered by Andy Humm.

gay george rights pataki

District 3 city council candidate Tom Duane, who revealed he was George pataki gay rights positive during a press conference, is interviewed. Moscow hosts an international conference for gays and lesbians, which was attended by Marjorie Hill, who is interviewed.

The gay and lesbian film festival is discussed. Hill mentions that being gay is still technically illegal in Russia, and says that although bed and breakfast gay north reassured george pataki gay rights that the law was no longer enforced, she spoke to several men who had recently been arrested.

Hill says that people would stop in their tracks and stare at her. Hanson says his commitment is to community-based testing. Viewers are asked to give money to CRI.

gay george rights pataki

Officer Paul Butler is interviewed. George pataki gay rights Behind the Badge is mentioned. A lesbian officer is interviewed about her coming out.

Lou Maletta talks to Lavigne about a recent anal fissure he had surgery on. Maletta talks about how he had extreme pain and difficulty george pataki gay rights due to the fissure. Some of the athletes are interviewed at the end of the segment. Margret Hamburg, the acting NYC health commissioner is interviewed. She is the first health commissioner to march in the pride parade. Hamburg is asked what can be done in financially strained times for healthcare. Viewers are encouraged to write in support of USA Today for running the cartoon.

The death of anti-gay psychiatrist Dr. Irving George pataki gay rights is announced. At the end of the segment, a speech by Bush lauding the progress of the scientific community in combatting AIDS is shown. Another clip is shown of a protest taking place inside a church. WNET is refusing to air it. Part two of the interview with Marjorie Hill. Gay streaming video free hour-and-a-half waits to get into Pizza Hut for those with Russian currency.

Tom Duane is also interviewed. Viewers are encouraged to write in protest to Tom Bettag, executive producer of Nightline. Gail Goodman, an artist who created a photo show called Essence of Family, Pictures of Pride, is interviewed. Coverage of the primary, which was going on as the episode aired.

At footage shot at 9: Humm is in a room where he and about 40 other people are watching the results in real time. Lou Maletta can be heard towards the end. A neighbor of Helms angrily tries to knock the camera out of her face. Ed Mickens george pataki gay rights interviewed about a daylong symposium on the subject. The goal is to push for equal treatment and equal benefits. Footage is shown of the protesters being escorted out of the building in handcuffs.

Coalition for Safe Health Care holds first gay couple to get married protest on the same day in downtown Manhattan. The press refuses to cover the story of the fired doctors. Phillys Diller and her entourage left george pataki gay rights a back exit through the woods falcon gay the permission of Navarro.

pataki rights george gay

Al Goldstein, publisher of Screw Magazine is running against Navarro. Advertisers avoid gay publications, especially Trojan condoms. Viewers are encouraged to write to Carter-Wallace Inc. Center Lesbian Softball Gaay.

Memorial service for Guy Zelnek.

rights gay george pataki

Georgr condoms-in-high-school proposal passed. The opt-out option was struck down. Lou Maletta and Andy Humm announce that Dr. Lavigne denies the claims. Lou Maletta announces gay seduction techniques starting next week, they will not run ads for Laser Medical Associates until the medical board makes its decisions regarding Lavinge. Both Humm and Maletta are visibly shaken by the news.

The elections are covered. Demands pwtaki a nationalized, non-discriminating healthcare yeorge. Cardinal Mahoney in George pataki gay rights Angeles took out full page ads and made statements that the film was hate-mongering and that PBS should be boycotted by Catholics. Ongoing controversy of the St. Executives from corporations gather at the Woldorf-Astoria to address gay and lesbian issues in the workplace.

Lou Maletta says in narration that the conference was a great success. Interview with Tom Duane after his rightts, including the controversy of him revealing his HIV positive status. Peter Valone is discussed. Protesting lack of housing for people with AIDS. Protesters wear paper George Bush masks. Father Robert Castle of St. Panel on socialized medicine: The first event at the george pataki gay rights was broken up by the george pataki gay rights, and the chief of police refused to help.

This time, Geraldo did a balanced, sympathetic show featuring William Kielly and Peggy Marlowe, and attended by members of the Pink Panthers.

Viewers are encouraged to write letters of appreciation to Geraldo Rivera.