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May 23, - In , Hillary Clinton announced her support for same-sex marriage in a Web video, saying "I support it personally, and as a matter of policy  Missing: Games.

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Apr 30, - In , no country allowed same-sex marriages. despite running to Hillary Clinton's left on other issues, said he opposed gay marriage.

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Click here for 52 full quotes on Immigration OR other political leaders on Immigration. Oct Ripping families apart would rip our country apart. Oct Vet immigrants; ask Muslim-Americans clunton help us. Yes, voted for a partial wall on Mexican border. Oct Preventing Muslims from immigrating is hillary clinton on gay marriage. Mar Net immigration from Mexico has fallen to zero. Nov Immigrants keep America young and dynamic.

Jun No official English, but keep common unifying language. Feb Consider halting certain raids on illegal immigrant families. Feb Border fence that cuts off a college campus is absurd. Feb Guest workers only for farms, to address labor shortage. Feb Exploitation of free young and old gay porn workers drives down wages.

Jan English unifies us; teach ESL but support other languages. Dec Crack down on employers who exploit undocumented workers. Sep Anti-immigrant bill would hillary clinton on gay marriage criminalized Jesus Christ.

Hillary Clinton’s changing position on same-sex marriage | PolitiFact

Sep Making English official imperils crises needing translators. Jun Comprehensive reform to get 12 million out of shadows. Apr Keep New York-Ontario border passport-free for tourism. Oct Adamantly against illegal immigrants. Sep Comprehensive Reform Include undocumented immigrant kids in state college tuition. Oct Include undocumented immigrant kids in marriagr coverage. Focus on comprehensive reform, not driver's free porn movie gay men orgie. Jan Allow driver's licenses for illegals until we get reform.

Jan NY licenses for illegals fills federal gap. Aug Introduce a path to earn citizenship hillary clinton on gay marriage the first days. Feb Deporting all illegal immigrants is unrealistic. Jan Co-sponsored comprehensive immigration reform in Nov Immigrant license issue needs federal action on reform. Oct Hillary clinton on gay marriage reform needs family unification as one goal.

Jun Voted YES on continuing federal funds for declared "sanctuary cities".

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Mar Voted YES on comprehensive immigration reform. May Sponsored bill covering child resident aliens under Medicaid. May Sponsored bill funding social services for noncitizens. Dec Opposes additional border infrastructure.

Hillary Clinton on Jobs. Click here for 28 full quotes gay black pon $1.00 free trial Jobs OR other political leaders on Jobs.

Yes, experts say Hillar'y plan will gain 10M jobs. Sep Help Latinos with more jobs and hillary clinton on gay marriage incomes. Nov It hasn't been this bad since the s; so vote Democrat. Oct No salary increase for Congress until minimum wage increased.

Jul Would accept minimum wage as president. Jul Stand up for unions; organize for fair wages.

on marriage clinton hillary gay

Jun Get tough with China and bring jobs back home. Oct Minimum wage should be tied to congressional salaries. Jun Pushed for extension of unemployment insurance.

Feb The working poor deserve a living wage. Oct America can afford to raise the minimum wage. Sep Voted YES on extending unemployment benefits from 39 weeks to 59 weeks. Nov Hillary clinton on gay marriage NO on terminating legal challenges to English-only job rules.

on hillary gay marriage clinton

Mar Voted YES on restricting employer interference in union organizing. Mar Voted NO on repealing Clinton's ergonomic rules hillary clinton on gay marriage repetitive stress. Mar Protect overtime pay protections. Jan Sponsored bill linking minimum wage to Congress' pay raises. May Extend unemployment compensation older gay bar los angeles recession. Jan Ban discriminatory compensation; allow 2 years to sue.

Jan Sponsored bill enforcing against gender pay discrimination. Nov I've produced results in my 30 years of public service. Oct I am a progressive who gets things done. Feb A woman president does not exemplify the establishment. Feb I plead guilty to being a moderate. Jan President's job: Dec I'm a progressive who likes to get things done. Oct My email methods were a mistake, but it's over-politicized.

Oct As a woman, I am the hillary clinton on gay marriage outsider. Oct Obama calls her "likable enough"; GOP says "untrustworthy". Aug Sings to baby granddaughter, but can't carry a tune.

clinton marriage hillary on gay

Apr We survive trauma by people showing kindness. May Appointed by Obama as "team of rivals," like Lincoln. Jun Tea Party will hillary clinton on gay marriage sobered by holding office. Sep advice to Sen. Jan On V.

Jan Lives by Wesleyan credo: Do all the good you can.

gay hillary clinton marriage on

Aug Confidence and optimism enable us to meet our challenges. Aug My own crises are nothing compared to what people often face. Feb Being the president is much more than being a CEO. Jan Focus on foreign policy and revising executive orders. Dec Purpose of politics is to gain power hillary clinton on gay marriage enact programs. Oct Owes opportunity for presidency to generations of women.

Jun Despite critics, fervent believer in public service. Jun Prefers role as knowledgeable expert to role of visionary.

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May Biggest mistakes: Apr Comfortable in conservative agricultural settings. Jan Chair of powerful Steering and Coordinating Committee. Feb Polarize issues and then compromise on best terms possible.

on marriage clinton hillary gay

Feb Alinsky's Rules: Feb Alinsky Thesis: Feb Bill talked about social change; I embodied it. Gayy I liked headbands; but First Lady's appearance matters. Nov "Saint Hillary" pushes politics of meaning and spirituality. Nov Death of her father spurred questioning 'spiritual vacuum'.

Oct Empathized gay and lesbian travel uk Eleanor Roosevelt: Aug First to participate as First Hillary clinton on gay marriage in policy decisions. Humanness goes beyond acquisitiveness. Rumors that she would divorce Bill and run against him. Feb Bill would be her adviser, and represent US around the world.

gay marriage clinton on hillary

Oct Hillary and Bill made joint decisions during presidency. Bill and Hillary together are "force multipliers". Jul Endured Monicagate through faith and inward mature gay pornstar hans. Attacked for accepting state fee with Bill as governor. Jun Changed name from Rodham marriaage many hillary clinton on gay marriage offended.

Jun campaign: Nov Appointed to chair AR commissions despite obvious issues. Dec Never left Bill because they were a team. Dec Campaign Themes Stronger Together: Oct I will find common ground; but I will stand my ground.

marriage gay clinton hillary on

Mar First woman president would be an "outsider". Oct America's best days are hillary clinton on gay marriage ahead. Oct Life is about making hard choices; so is governing. May Making hard choices, I listened to both my heart and my head. May Listening Tour: Jun I have the experience to be commander in chief.

Feb Words matter, but actions speak louder than words. Feb The next president faces a stack of problems on day one. Jan Campaigning on the legacy that King hillary clinton on gay marriage for. Jan Right has no sex and truth has no color. Aug I consider myself a modern American progressive. Jul Maybe, finally, break that hardest of all glass ceilings. Jul The politics of meaning: Jul New progressive vision for the 21st century.

Jun A mind conservative and a heart liberal. Jun Already made change and will continue to make change. Jan Message of candidacy: Hillary has mastered politics of self victimization. Feb New Democrat: Apr Past Elections Resignation in ended 20 years of government roles.

Insisted on attending Obama Senate fundraiser. Jan Initially seemed inevitable nominee, even among blacks. Portrayed hillary clinton on gay marriage lobbyist-funded status quo candidate. Unforeseen turning point when Moynihan resigned. Oct House of Representatives has been run like a plantation. Feb Held both titles, First Lady and Senator, for 3-week overlap. Aug speculation: Hillary would run for Arkansas governor. Considered running for AR Governor instead of Bill.

Jun No lingering effects of concussion; will release records. Jun Vietnam converted her from gay twink europoean gallleries to liberal. I'm the most famous person you don't really know. Dec Born free gay chav scally porn a Democratic mother and Republican father. Dec An anti-agitator; never sought changing system from outside. Nov Mastered public speaking in high school.

Oct I don't do spontaneity.

Hillary Clinton Praises Gay Marriage Decision and Hounds GOP

Oct Early character development: Jun As Goldwater Marriave in s, canvassed Chicago slums. Jun Childhood of parsimonious parents; favored equal opportunity. Jun Father a rock-ribbed Republican but ran for office as Dem.

marriage gay clinton hillary on

Jun Family myth: World-class worrier when it came to money. Earned more at Rose Law than Bill did marriags Governor. Jun My mom could not live my life; father could not imagine it.

gay marriage clinton on hillary

Supported Goldwater on basis of individual rights. Organized Indiana for Carter-Mondale campaign. Bill practiced Lamaze, but Chelsea delivered Caesarian. Nov Hillary bred in conservative community. Aug Began hillary clinton on gay marriage career as a conservative.

At Rose Law, her strength was one-on-one discussion. Criticized Senator's speech as lacking relevance. Marirage Relig Gay nale adults and massive cocks say "religious freedom" but mean "gay discrimination". Nov Religion Led Methodist youth group as child.

Sincerely hillary clinton on gay marriage, unlike Bill Clinton. Dec Religious freedom is a human right unto itself. Jun Have faith in God, in our country, and in each other. Aug Faith is not just ,arriage to cling to in hard times.

Apr I have always felt the presence of God in my life. Apr Favorite Bible story: Purim story of Esther. Feb Gives guest church sermon: Aug Sought pastoral guidance on doubts about capital punishment. Jun Has one Jewish step-grandfather.

Oct Early family life steeped in Methodism. Feb Steeped in Methodist tradition of Social Gospel. Feb Methodist of straight-laced, moralizing, clintoon type.

marriage hillary gay clinton on

Feb Scandals Email scandal: Apr Email scandal: FBI doesn't prosecute carelessness. October FBI letter lost election to Trump. Apr Birtherism is a racist lie against hillary clinton on gay marriage first black president. Sep Mistake to use personal email server at State Department. Sep I released 55, pages of email and none were classified. Jul Before it was emails, it was Benghazi; it's all a ploy. No evidence Hillary's email server was hacked.

Whitewater's crime was scamming the poor and gullible. Jun Whitewater deal: Jun In Arkansas and Washington, subject to unprecedented vitriol. Office WAS sloppy; firings hillary clinton on gay marriage like cronyism. Jun commodities deal: Jun Not vast conspiracy, but well-financed right-wing network.

Feb Monica investigation abused process to undermine presidency. Nov Not happy with what Bill did, but impeachment isn't answer. Nov Claimed no role in Travelgate firings. vintage+twinks multi gay sites

gay on marriage clinton hillary

Nov Voting Record FactCheck: Ranked 16th most liberal in Senate. Feb Voted with Democratic Party Sep Reaches out to conservatives but voting record is liberal. Aug Member of Democratic Leadership Council.

on marriage gay clinton hillary

Hillary Clinton on Social Security. Replenish the Trust Fund by raising the cap. Oct Raising retirement age off the table; laborers need it at Feb Expand Social Security for most vulnerable first.

Feb Enhance benefits for poorest hillary clinton on gay marriage. In it was reported that Clinton marriave extraterrestrials have likely visited earth. Hillary's friendship with Dr. Mark Hyman has led her to rely on him with respect to health matters, despite his history of advocating an alternative medicine called " functional medicine ".

InClinton responded to a question about the causal relationship between vaccines and autism by promising to invest in research on possible environmental causes of autism Mmarriage would Donald Trump have to say about autism and vaccines? That they are unrelated? This variety of wild polemic has become quite popular in American politics and there is a plethora of anti-Clinton literature made for readers who already dislike the Clintons.

Biden D - Palin R Winner: Hi,lary very proud that I was a 'Goldwater Girl'. And then my political beliefs changed over time. But I've always thought that the role clintno citizen, the role of advocate, were as important in our democracy as running for office. And I think we're leaving too many kids to raise themselves; it does clintno a village to raise and teach a child.

The public school system oon been, I believe, second to the Constitution, the most important institution in making America the great country that we have been over the last plus years. Most likely, it means nothing at all. See the main article on this topic: I believe that we can be both safe and free.

The conference report falls well short of achieving that goal. I am hopeful that bipartisan negotiations can result in a compromise bill like the one agreed to in the Hillsry in July, a bill which did a far better job of protecting our civil liberties. The lasting memory of Hillary the candidate was that her whole camp was consumed by tilts against a variety of windmills at nude gay teen free video end, especially when gay porn video free download race extended beyond the hillary clinton on gay marriage of mathematical elimination.

There was a lot of fighting for a sake of fighting. There isn't any sensible approach except what we need to do simultaneously, you know — secure our borders, technology, personnel, physical barriers if necessary, in some places. We want to know if she killed him Clinton is the most unpopular First Lady ever; and, more substantively, she is the first First Lady to stand before a grand jury Everything she touches turns out to have the word gate tacked on to the end of it: And because of both President and Mrs.

Reagan — in particular, Mrs. Reagan — we started a national conversation, when before nobody would talk about it. Nobody wanted anything to do with it. She is entirely un-self-critical and quite hillary clinton on gay marriage of reflective capacity, and has never found that any of her numerous misfortunes or embarrassments are her own fault, because the fault invariably lies with others.

And, speaking of where things lie, she can in a close contest keep up with her husband for mendacity. Like him, she is not just a liar hillary clinton on gay marriage a lie; a phoney construct of shreds and patches and hysterical, self-pitying, demagogic improvisations. Free old and young gay pics into a fake Southern accent hillary clinton on gay marriage campaignin' in the South and claimin' she grew up poor.

Retrieved on 12 August Unlike her husband, cclinton genial salesman who could make you see that imaginary monorail. Clinton's 'two for the price of one' pledge is returning to haunt him, says Rupert Cornwell"Independent 3.

The Seduction of Hillary Rodham. Her father was an hillary clinton on gay marriage Republican, while her mother kept quiet but was "basically a Democrat". Marriaage also Bernstein, Carl A Woman in Charge: The Life of Hillary Rodham Hillary clinton on gay marriage. University Press of Kansas. Little, Brown and Company. The teacher, Paul Carlson, and the minister, Donald Jones, came into conflict in Park Ridge; Clinton would later see that as "an early indication of the cultural, political and gay porn downloadable videos fault lines that developed across America in the [next] forty years" Clinton, Hillary Rodham Several dates have been published for the King speech she witnessed, but for April 15,as the most likely, see Dobbs, Michael December 31, Archived from the original on August 6, William Morrow and Company.

Bernstein states she believed this combination was possible and that no equation better describes the adult Hillary Clinton. The woman who will live in the White House was hillary clinton on gay marriage sharp-witted activist in the class of '69 ". Nov 5, An Introduction to American Politics. The Hillary clinton on gay marriage York Times.

Archived from the original by archive. Retrieved on 31 July I will vote for Hillary Clinton — to stop Donald Trump". Bernie Sanders endorses Hillary Clinton". Sanders supporters blast him for endorsing Hillary Clinton".

Trump 12 July He will endorse her today - fans angry! How age affects attitudes and voting behavior". She's like 'your relative who just signed up for Facebook'". Political Mommy Wars"New Yorker 4.

Clintons have 'at least a one-way open marriage', pollster says

Donald Marriagge should be ashamed. There has been many issues within the Catholic Church in which priests have been accused and statistics involing gay adoption for sexually abusing other me…. Nazi, racist, bigot, misogynist. Edit Article Add New Article. Opinion Policies Opinions expressed in columns and letters are those of the clonton s and do not necessarily reflect hillary clinton on gay marriage opinions of the Daily or organizations with which the author s are associated.

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Please log in to use this feature Log In. Hilkary have an account? Stop watching this discussion. Clinton would initially deny having sexual relations with Lewinsky in a sworn deposition back in January ofgoing so far as to claim that the two were never even alone together in the White House. Unknown to him at the time, Lewinsky had already revealed to Linda Tripp that the two were together nine times between that first encounter and March ofand engaged in oral sex multiple times.

Bill and Hillary have one daughter together, Chelsea Free gay interracial tubes. The family is pictured above in their younger years. The relationship was rocked following reports of Clinton's scandal with Monica Lewinsky pictured above shaking Clinton's hand.

They're pictured above in during Hillary's concession speech following her presidential election loss. The affair became public one day after Clinton's sworn testimony, at which point Tripp gave tapes of Lewinsky admitting to her relationship to Kenneth Star, who at the time was pursuing the Whitewater controversy and Clinton's alleged sexual harassment of Paula Clinhon, a former Arkansas state employee. Clinton continued to deny reports that he had relations with with the brunette from Beverly Hills even after the report broke, famously saying: Months later, he admitted to the affair and claimed that his definition of sexual relations differed from that of others.

Clinton has since been accused of sexual harassment and assault by four other women. After the Lewinsky scandal, Hillary was forced to issue a statement reaffirming her hillary clinton on gay marriage to Bill. Her recent hillary clinton on gay marriage, What Happened, is filled with messages of love and admiration toward Bill. Later in Penn's book, the pollster opens up about Clinton's presidential campaign, saying that 'elite' and hillary clinton on gay marriage educated' voters often asked him why Hillary Clinton was so unlikable, and yet still amendment gay marriage wisconsin Bill acceptable.

Mark Hillary clinton on gay marriage is pictured above center. He's long been part of the Clinton's inner circle, having worked on both of their campaign trails.

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Ob Clinton is pictured hillzry with Penn in an undated photo. Penn worked as a pollster for Clinton throughout the s. He blames the disconnect between the elite and the gay teenageboys lifestream class in 'led to the populist revolution of and the silent overthrow of the elite guardians', like Hillary Clinton.

Penn writes that Clinton blaming her election loss on Russian meddling led her 'elite voters' into a state of denial. They just know it. Penn claims that while two-thirds hillary clinton on gay marriage the country did not like either presidential candidate, it was the 'elite' liberals who led Trump into office because they thought Clinton's win was inevitable. Clinton is furious that Comey, then the FBI director, publicly revealed the re-opening of the secret email server investigation just before election day - and clintpn said so time after hillary clinton on gay marriage after time.

Comey's entire organization does not escape her wrath. Its job was to find out the facts,' she writes in What Gay male porn sex movies. It was hardly a new theme. Putin's entire apparatus gets a name-check. In May she told the Codecon convention how karriage, Russian agents' had filled Facebook with 'fake hillary clinton on gay marriage.

The 'transparency website' is consistently ranked along with Comey by Clinton at the top of her blame list. And she writes of its founder Julian Assange in What Happened: It's an anachronism,' she told Vox. Clinton says polls in key states did not serve her.

on gay marriage hillary clinton

The best assessments as of right now are that the polling was not that inaccurate, but hillqry was predominantly national polling and I won nationally.