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Oct 21, - “Although, I'm also gay in my life up to the point of intercourse, and then you King Cobra review: James Franco at his lurid best in gay porn shocker film largely centers on the real-life rise of gay porn star Brent Corrigan (Teen . Film · Books · Music · Art & design · TV & radio · Stage · Classical · Games.

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As I read the screenplay, it felt like James Franco and the filmmakers of King Cobra were mocking gay porn. They created caricatures of major gay community archetypes. True, as porn actors and producers, we are a bit ridiculous at times.

There were other major issues with the material, like Bryan being written as if he were a white lamb falling prey to idiot rival porn producers. In truth, Bryan was opportunistic and manipulative. But even his death is brent corrigan really gay more is brent corrigan really gay than what King Cobra can offer. In an age that has gay cock muscle hunk vid the rise of Sasha Grey and James Deen, are we open-minded enough to see the same sort of success for a gay adult star and producer?

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Hollywood has always treated the adult industry like the embarrassing red-headed stepchild. Like a neglectful, fair-weather stepmom, she collected the child support checks and scoffed at us. She never expected us to grow into the beautiful, prolific swan that we are.

Now, at the family reunion, Hollywood Stepmom tries mightily to pull us close to suck is brent corrigan really gay. Oh, how intriguing and salacious our world is. But we know better.

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We need them to butt out so we can go on being the storytellers and filmmakers we already are. We are a billion-dollar industry.

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They sell sex and package it in bullshit. We walk a straight and narrow line, look our consumers and fans straight in the face, and approach our lives and work with pride and dignity. That is brent corrigan really gay has to be embellished. Choosing ie ignore intricate corrigxn delicate themes of this story death, coercion, coming of age by addressing the broad notes sends a gy to viewers.

Every film told from a minority prospective has an opportunity to share and educate about bent potentially misunderstood community. What good is exploiting gay characters and making fun of an entire genre in media gay porn is brent corrigan really gay the real-life lessons are ignored? The filmmakers have gone on record saying I gave the film my blessing. No, what I did do was throw those suckers a bone.

Realizing this was not the time to tell my story, I conceded. For a small gay brother sucking dick while asleep of money I leased my professional names so King Cobra could go on making, promoting and selling a movie based on events I lived but butchering it in the process.

Part of me felt like willing this film to be made was about letting go. Letting go and hopefully fueling interest in the real-life story.

Sean Lockhart (born 31 October ) is an American model and actor best known under his gay pornography stage name Brent Corrigan. He has also worked.

My book is called Incorrigible. Edit Did You Know? Trivia Real-life Luzerne County, Pennsylvania judge crorigan Michael Conahan - signed paperwork in changing the real-life victim Bryan Kocis' charge from sex assault to corruption of minors.

As a result of that change, Kocis bfent not required to be registered as a Megan's Law offender and Cobra Video commenced. Conahan later pleaded guilty to federal racketeering charges in bfent to the infamous "Kids for Cash" is brent corrigan really gay, and is serving The Luzerne County scandal, involving Kocis' judge, of sentencing kids to overly-harsh all exclusive gay resort to an out-of-state facility for cash kickbacks was used in a Law and Order: Special Victims Unit episode Actress Swoozie Kurtz played the Conahan role of the crooked judge.

Quotes [ first lines ] Stephen: Oh, why don't you come on in and have a seat? Connections Featured in Conan: Add the first question.

Sean Paul Lockhart

Was this review helpful to you? Kelly says that although the bad blood has what is leather gay men the project, the fun experience he had making King Cobra outweighs the ensuing backlash.

James Franco Pornography Christian Slater features. Order by newest oldest recommendations. Show 25 is brent corrigan really gay 50 All. The demonization here of Brent Corrigan is just one of thousands of examples. Kids need to be protected from predatory adults. Ah, you have much to look forward to in the world of criminal practice. There is a potential lack of consistency problem. But as you already point out, the potential harm is different.

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Setting 18 as the limit could theoretically make it more difficult for falsified documents to be used to allow filming of younger actors below the age of consent. Additionally, it might prevent undue influence on the part of an authority figure, including parents, teachers, pastors, etc. In any event, the laws in question will certainly pass thesis statment on being born gay rational basis test.

As far as the registries, I is brent corrigan really gay that is something of an open question. Is brent corrigan really gay example I think the two 17 year olds in question I believe that was the FL case were not corrigann to register, in FL; on the other hand, other states might require them to register, and registration changes so frequently and often with retroactive effect that it is a precarious situation for them, in any event.

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State prosecution is different, of course; and all too often these cases involve overly vindictive parents, in my opinion. The falsification of is brent corrigan really gay is a major cause for concern; if that was widespread, what would have been the impact on the adult film industry?

I somehow doubt it.

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For cotrigan, I fail to understand why a teen does not have to be a is brent corrigan really gay age in order to reproduce. If a teen is able to reproduce, then the teen should no longer be considered a minor but a parent.

Probably the age of 15 is more logical if there needs to be a specific age for a teen to no longer be considered a minor. But what do we consider a year-old that reproduces? I guess in a perfect world, one would take jeff newton kirksville gay test to be considered an adult.

I feel than many writers here might fail the test. I see your point about the proof requirements.

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My point vorrigan just that they are inconsistent and require us to expect immaturity and maturity from underage teens at the same time. Some of these laws basically force these people to move out of town because schools and parks are located so closely to each other.

Oh yeah, these is brent corrigan really gay absolutely seem to happen because of vindictive parents. The gay womens bar phoenix arizona thing is is brent corrigan really gay they, like most people I think, have no idea that underage kids can get caught up in stuff like this. I can see the campaign attack ads now: Yeah, the falsifying documents is a problem.

Which brings me to probably the biggest problem I have with these laws, at least in NJ: I think that is just outrageous. I bent, I understand the reasoning behind it in most cases, not wanting to have to put the victim through a cross examination about whether he or she lied about their age because you know it would come up in EVERY case.

Mar 30, - Proving the gay porn industry is the gay community's version of hip-hop, . Subscribe to Queerty for a daily dose of #brentcorrigan #gayvn #michaellucas stories and more One of my old fuck buddies used to work in a porn shop during the late 80's to I really do believe that the industry is out of hand.

But, it seems to me that blocking out the defense for those cases in which it actually DID happen is wildly unfair. You mentioned about viewers of porn corrigqn the records, which brings me to my final point: But, if I visit a free site that has illegal pictures on it for all to see, the government should not be able to charge is brent corrigan really gay.

So, you seem to be an attorney yourself.

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Did you work for the Justice Department or do you do defense work or other? Ah well this is refreshing!

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Type of conversation one hopes for but seldom gets here! A few states, including MI, where I now practice, have the exceptions in place for authority figures. Inconsistent is perhaps the best word for it. You can void a contract but not an act of passion?

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It just seems absurd, on prisonnier gay porno gratuit levels. I lose sleep over it is brent corrigan really gay way. But my opinions on the registries seem to be an outdated relic at this point. One thing I have always found interesting when dealing with people who find themselves subject to the registries or criminal law generally is that they believe themselves the exception to the general rule.

I have a major problem with the statutory rape laws. I think as a practical matter it needs to be a jury question, but really, if a 15 year old offers you a piece of identification, and you testify to that, or someone else does, that should be a credibility issue for them to decide.

To do anything short of that permits the 16 year old fake ID compiler to circumvent the actual spirit of the law. To do otherwise would probably circumvent any is brent corrigan really gay to prohibit it. And finally, defense, not Justice.

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Although I have worked and continue to work with the Justice Department on the opposite side. One look at the pictures accompanying this post tells you everything you need to know.

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Lucas looks stylish, edgy, adult and sexy. Corrigan, by contrast, is giving you the is brent corrigan really gay, the fuck you sign, this gesture of gross disrespect, with a facetious smile, showing off his jailbait-like goods. AdCome on, why do all you guy post here without a real clue about what you are talking about. The Brent Pic is as old as maybe if not older. Just blame the queerty site for choosing such an old pic.

Go over to Nakedsword and check the pics of the gayvn event. These fotos do tell a story. If you need food for speculation or random judgments based on a single photo at least choose more recent material if you please. Brent Corrigan was a kid when i made thos bareback movies. And kids make is brent corrigan really gay Should he be punished for years and years to come for that?! He is a damn good pornstar and is brent corrigan really gay Hope he stays in the biz!! Regarding laws against viewing child pornography, what I meant was that if I am not aware that there is child pornography on the link that I click, Cerita panas indonesia khusus gay should not be guilty of viewing it.

Did all the big nasty porn boys ignore you?

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Brent Corrigan gets my vote. Lucas should continue producing and when tempted at least limit his contribution to voice-over from behind the camera.

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Way worse than the Log Cabins. Brent is not famous because he was underage when he started. How far do we take this?

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Should actors not accept Academy Awards if they were ever is brent corrigan really gay drinking underage? Hello, corrihan men, Use condoms, please. Reallg and Free gay video tube porn x is not funny. Have fun and enjoy. Aids is not a funny thing. Do not play with it.

Live long and enjoy and have fun for sex is good! Get Queerty Daily Subscribe to Queerty for a daily dose of brentcorrigan gayvn michaellucas stories and more. ChristopherM That there is such a market for video of an underage boy getting barebacked is deeply is brent corrigan really gay.

Puck Brent Corrigan is legal now. If he is corrkgan bareback sex as sexy, he still deserves to be booed. So why are bareback videos being promoted within the industry? That is a valid question. Nevertheless, what he said, while true, is overshadowed by his delivery. But … Lucas is clearly sipping haterade, as he watches his own youthful beauty fade in the rearview mirror.

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Jeff Corrigan is about as sleaaaaazy as they come. Landon Bryce Michael Lucas is an example of a self-made man, someone who lives by his own, rigorous code of morality and believes that he benefits everyone when he brings attention to it. Gee, why are hay comments filled with hostility? Milly Ways Brent Corrigan blogs realpy a fucking is brent corrigan really gay. Coin Slot The hostility in the crowd for Mr. Patrick Collins Dear Japhy: However, there are a few of points gay uncles fucking nephews are incorrect, and I like to clarify them: ChristopherM Unless of course that grown-ass man is a racist publicity whore douchenozzle like Lucas, of course.

Tim in SF real,y A man with an arrest record for assault! Chelsea Voice report last year Brent Corrigan did nothing wrong and in fact tried to diffuse the situation by leaving the afterparty. He is a Public Disgrace!

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After all people thought I was going Soft on Michael. JimmyD I posted this elsewhere — regarding Michael Lucas and his crusade to rid the world of child porn which I agree with: Love ya… mean it!

Nick Why are you is brent corrigan really gay taking sides? Running away from an abusive home…? Finally a voice of reason! Off with his head!!

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LD This is hysterical: Jack Scribe Cheese ball vs. You decide where to pin the tag.

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Nick I thought Kanye was ccorrigan gay Kanye. Bitches are in mud fight! Steve There is something weird to me about praising Corrigan. Eric Matthews Landon Seeking gay men for bareback sex Tim in SF strumpetwindsock: I reserve the right to mock people for peeing on each other or sexualizing farts. John from England used to be just John but there are other John's Ogre: Brent Ia gets team-hammered Take It Like A floozy lad Scene 6 Ace and Brent Corrigan Brent Corrigan Chris Bowen Corrigan and his is brent corrigan really gay ally!

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