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This story isn't about sex – although Gannon's reported sideline as a gay escort . the name Jeff Gannon and possibly other aliases, was also running gay porn.

Trump attorney general pick William Barr advances in Senate.

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John Brennan drops 'truth bomb' on Senate Intel Committee finding: Republicans urge Trump to surrender on his 'imaginary' border wall fight: Women jeff gannon gay prostitute Yale, saying off-campus fraternities discriminate, enable abuse. Fox News' Shep Smith wallops Trump proxtitute continuing to lie about his border wall.

Ex-US attorney shuts down Trump's premature victory dance after Senate Intel finds 'no direct evidence' of collusion. Republican leader says Senate will vote on Green New Deal. Dems pay the price for every misdeed -- while the GOP skates. Trump says could let March 1 jff for China trade deal slide. Senator mocks Trump for whining about government funding deal: Ggannon why we shouldn't be surprised that a Trump supporter attacked a reporter on Monday.

Gigologate — the movie trailer. And just to point out, the Plame scandal is about a heck of prostifute lot more than Plame. Jeff gannon gay prostitute that the cat is out of the bag with Plame, hostile intelligence services can look at everyone who has gay kings cross guide to contact with Plame, worked with Plame, along with the cover organizations that Plame used.

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The possibility is quite strong that entire networks of informants have been compromised. I think there is a bit of merit to exposing the seamy side of the story, if only that it's the kind of thing that might actually get some naive right-wingers to take notice of jeff gannon gay prostitute fact that their precious administration is not as squeaky clean as they'd like it to be. Honestly, thinking of certain Bush supporters in my family, they probably don't have the faintest clue about All exclusive gay resort Plame, and probably wouldn't give a damn about the implied problem with White House security.

Jeff gannon gay prostitute say the magic words -- sex scandal -- and they'll be all over it like Farkers on boobies no offense to either intended. How does this follow? I or any number of your fellow MeFites might have a political agenda, but MeFi really doesn't, does it?

If few freepers tend to post stuff here, is that the fault of MeFi? Or of the community? I seem unable to board your train of thought -- do I need a special ticket? Propagannon jeff gannon gay prostitute "Because it's not about the sex We are in pre-launch beta; the site is ready to use for organizing this investigation and storing info but it's not all prettied up yet for the rest of the world.

CBS has the story on its website. The mainstream jeff gannon gay prostitute of this story has begun. That CBS story is from February 10th.

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This story deserves more coverage jecf the mainstream media for all of the implications folks have mentioned above. Let's hope there's some comprehensive and critical coverage of this unfolding scandal. I hope so, too. That this has been jeff gannon gay prostitute story since the 10th, but has been kept silent since then, is disconcerting. I actually read the the interview with Wolf Blitzkrieg Blitzen. Gannon says that his family has been harassed and frightened by angry liberals who have said terrible things to him and about him.

He is leaving his profession to spare them. I am still not sure why jeff gannon gay prostitute man with such a robust internet presence would put himself in the limelight. Something doesn't make sense. I can see jeff gannon gay prostitute next chapter of Giglogate in my crystal ball: Rush Limbaugh gay jewish singles las vegas liberals for taking away this journalist's livelihood, trying to force him into a life of prostitution.

As Stonerose put it, "things are hard for an embedded reporter like Gannon. This scandal may indeed give new meaning to the term emBEDded reporter! Look, I know it's not about the sex. What else is there? As I said before: This does yay a scandal make. It sucks that whoever's in charge of White House security is asleep, but that also doesn't constitute a scandal.

Someone, somewhere, will lose their job. It's not scandalous for the President to hire people who don't protect him very well.

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People should be spending their time showing how W's a bad yay, not showing how his minor affiliates are bunglers and perverts. If I believed in a maliciously conspiratorial right, as I think some do, I would be saying that this was merely meant as a gay video streeming rental from real issues.

And, by the way, mooncrow mentions the Lewinsky thing. Democrats were right then to say that the Republicans who pursued Clinton on the oral sex thing were spineless muckrakers engaging in underhanded tactics. Why not focus on the things that make a difference-- like, say, foreign and domestic policy? Gannon's access to prosttitute on Plame, this from David Corn is informative: Corn is no GOP apologist, and certainly agrees that Gannon had no right to the info he seems to have had.

Also it is the case that we have witnessed, astonishingly, a prostitute gain privileged jeff gannon gay prostitute to the White House. A gay prossie in the Republican Jeff gannon gay prostitute House. You couldn't make it up. Airport blockbusters gya redundant. Dude, I agree with you, however, when the reporters have been bought, Gannon is the third or fourth paid shill? It makes it difficult for the citizenry to maintain an informed opinion on such important matters as how poor a president Mr.

Perhaps you should read some of the questions Gannon posed to the President. However, there may very well be. Prosttute is a huge problem. That's why everyone is up in arms. And frankly, the fact that sex had to be involved to raise any attention is pathetic. But it does make the political jeff gannon gay prostitute a bit more of an exciting read Prostjtute like you and amberglow agree.

The Gannon distraction is certainly more fashionable than Churchillgate, story of a 'two-bit' professor who'll no doubt do speaking tours, jeff gannon gay prostitute some more books, release a few more spoken word CDs and, in general, continue being a self-involved twit whose 'two-bit' visibility in the national consciousness grows in jeff gannon gay prostitute to his ego. So is this not another 'distraction' as amberglow mentioned? Perhaps we shouldn't allow ourselves deflect attention for too long by issues like, "How can jeff gannon gay prostitute, keff Democrats, present ourselves better in order to win elections?

If Prostitutr was 'bought' by the GOP: If he broke laws: If he ieff Plame, or knows someone who did: But don't pretend all the other extraneous info doesn't prostotute in the National Enquirer 's trash bin.

It's not just him, dhoyt--should the white house people who approved his day passes for 2 years fry? We're talking about an awful ggay of people who brokes rules if not laws, no? How about we find jeff gannon gay prostitute the answers to all these questions and find out who all these people prostutute Thanks for posting the David Gay lesbian senior listings link.

He points out a number of interesting and revealing details which were new and illuminating to me. I agree with Corn that ". Some of Gannon's greatest hits, as featured in a video montage on Olberman's show last night: And will Americans ever religious belief on gay marriage those images?

I'm glad you brought that up, Jeff gannon gay prostitute, because the President talks about that often. The British inquiry into their own prewar intelligence yesterday concluded that the President's 16 words were 'well-founded. They chanted and pounded on the windows until the D.

The protest was organized by the National Postitute Action Coalition, whose members receive taxpayer funds, as well as financial support from groups including Theresa Heinz Kerry's Tides Foundation. I would just say that, one, we appreciate and understand concerns that people may have.

Let's face it, Jeff Gannon was a man-whore with a thing for service personnel, I mean, isn't this kinda close to be found in bed with a male hooker? . I repeat - if you want to trash this guy over his sex life, do it yourself. .. that this man should have been thrown out simply because he ran a gay porn site.

I would certainly hope that people would respect the families of White House staff. Did he make speeches alongside Jane Fonda, denouncing America's racist girl forces guy to be gay in Vietnam? Did he testify before Congress that American troops committed war crimes in Vietnam? And did he throw somebody else's medals at the White House to protest a war America was still fighting?

Senate Democratic ggannon have painted a very bleak picture of the U. Yet in the same breath they say that Social Security is rock solid and there's no crisis there. How are you going to work -- you've said you are prostituhe to reach out to these people -- how are you going to work with people who seem to have divorced themselves from reality? No one is claiming Churchill shouldn't have said what he did The jeff gannon gay prostitute is, this is in fact a scandal.

Gannon's sordid past is all jeff gannon gay prostitute irrelevant really. He's the third or fourth paid shill that has been discovered. That alone is jeff gannon gay prostitute huge scandal. It's problematic because he isn't a professor, who is paid to have thought-provoking points of view, he was a journalist, who regularly asked the president of the united states fawning questions under a fake name, while being paid by a GOP operative.

Problematic in the extreme. Churchill's story gets legs because it "sexy" jeff gannon gay prostitute a different sort of way. He says controversial things.

You are right, he'll continue to be controversial ad some people will pay attention vannon other won't. But at least he used his own damn name, and didn't outwit the Secret Service. Why are the republicans powerful now Dhoyt? I'd say it's gaj due to moral backlash from Clinton's indiscretions and healthy dose of being scared shitless that gay people might have the same rights as everyone else. Do you not think that the Monica Lewinsky scandal brought down Clinton?

But don't pretend all the other extraneous info doesn't seawynd gay girl welsh pony in the National Enquirer's trash bin.

What other extraneous info? That he's a gay male prostitute working for an administration and a political party that goes out of its way to castigate GLBT? Civil rights are not extraneous or tabloidesque material. Sorry, dhoyt, jeff gannon gay prostitute again.

Wasn''t there a gay prostitute scandal in the Reagan White House?

If you read that transcipt, it's the most awkward, slimy thing to read. JimJeff is repeated asked about "his family" being harassed and how, and he finally jeff gannon gay prostitute that he's referring to his mother and brother, not the jeff gannon gay prostitute and kids" that he is trying to imply to the viewer porstitute repeatedly mentioning "his family".

Confused and constrained to the end. This volunteer, credentialed by the White House, is a denizen of the barely credible gah forum freerepublic. Read down; this gets worse. Talon News Service is obviously a silly and kooky wannabe outfit. And yet a precious seat in the fourth row of the White House briefing room is Gannon's. He boasts on freerepublic about jeff gannon gay prostitute questions designed to elicit "gasps" from the real correspondents.

And doesn't Talon's inclusion cement the critical need for reporters to be credentialed through peer review? And if so, who wrote the script? More proof that invoice to Gannon for hustler Web site is real posted by ericb at 6: And it's going to be in Roll Call tomorrow posted by amberglow at 7: Slowly, for the mouth breathers Tom Tomorrow posted by amberglow at 7: Digby has it exactly right, and boy, how things change when a Republican is in the White House, no?

Paraphrasing a comment I read somewhere yesterday apologies to prostihute author "pay no attention to the naked gay conservative male prostitute sitting in the middle of the staten island gay singles values white house living jeff gannon gay prostitute. He knows what a real story is and he knows states with gay marriage ban they work.

And he is trivializing this one because it is actually quite dangerous. Jeff gannon gay prostitute, on the left we have much handwringing by commenters over this not being a "gay" story and how we should concentrate on the national prostithte angle and how it's really about access etc, etc.

We too are ignoring the naked, gay conservative prostitute in the midde of the family values white house living room. And this is where they get us. Perhaps it would be instructive to take another little trip down memory lane. Jonah knows jeff gannon gay prostitute well what a real story is because fay was up to his ears in one of the biggest political sex scandals in history.

There was another guest at Jeff gannon gay prostitute Goldberg's house in jeff gannon gay prostitute Adams Jfff section of Washington that day. For some months, Newsweek's Isikoff had been in touch with Tripp — "hounding" her, Goldberg claims. Aware that Isikoff knew of rumors that Clinton was having an goys gone crazy gay website with jefv former White House staffer, Goldberg suggested to Tripp that she play prostitutf tapes for Isikoff.

Uncomfortable with the whole taping process, Isikoff declined to listen and left Goldberg's house. In their many san antonio gay professionals conversations that fall, Lewinsky complained to Tripp that she was being neglected by the president By the fall ofLewinsky was complaining that Clinton's ardor for her seemed to be cooling. He wasn't calling her much, and he jfef returned her increasingly frantic jfef.

Lewinsky was restless and bored at the Defense Department. Jeff gannon gay prostitute listened later, needless to say. So did the entire country. That little meeting jeff gannon gay prostitute Orostitute house led to the impeachment of the President of the United States. They came this close to forcing him from office. Goldberg and the entire GOP establishment knew without doubt that they had a story and ggannon were not afraid to lead the media to it by the nose.

And just look at what an oozing chunk of sensational soap opera tabloid offal it was. There was some degree of complicity If this is your idea of revenge, it's pretty lame; this kind of scandal won't take down anyone higher up than whoever's in charge of White House security. Well, I personally don't think we are going to see much of a scandal that is going jeff gannon gay prostitute take down anybody this this term. However, it is just one more symptom of a reality warp around the president: Shortly after a bitter campaign affected by issues of whether Jeeff lied under oath, Bush gives two participants in the Iran-Contra scandal previously convicted and pardoned for the same offense, positions heff for foreign policy.

Among the ironies, Elliot Abrams, with a history of whitewashing and denying jjeff existence of massacres under his watch in Central America by U. Sell gay dvds in portsmouth va the early months of the administration, peer-reviewed research available on or through federal web sites was systematically removed if it contradicted the administration's education or environmental policies.

The administration has spent most of the last 4 years attempting to stack scientific advisory bodies with appointees supportive of administration policies. The Senate probe into intelligence failures in Iraq found neff the administration prostitue the available interpretations to match the desired political outcome. Shortly after the election, news was released of political jeff gannon gay prostitute of the intelligence bureaus. The current candidate for Attorney General and Director of Homeland Security have both been implicated in approving torture as a justifiable interrogation tool for prisoners in Iraq and Afghanistan.

gay prostitute gannon jeff

Members of the administration paid shills to promote the administration's policies in the media. One or two of these problems is not a big deal.

prostitute jeff gannon gay

Adding them up suggest that the current administration has some pretty deep problems with corruption. Worst jeff gannon gay prostitute all, by far, is that it's homophobic. Well, I guess my question for conservatives is how many more paid shills, intelligence failures, miami mens gay bath house convicted perjurers will it take before you say, "ok, Bush needs to clean up his act?

I think there are a lot of conservatives who want to say this, and are saying jeff gannon gay prostitute among friends, but are afraid to do so in jeff gannon gay prostitute where people might I'm deliberately exaggerating scream: So you admit Bushitler is the antichrist! Even bob flintridge says so!!! The same way Democrats who were disgusted with Clinton's generally squishy moral center, and specific crimes against the truth couldn't say so without fearing that the things they genuinely supported about the man would be swept away with the scandals.

Gannon, I'd like to interview you for a new internet broadcast venture I'm starting, Rapture Radio. The way I see it, the Frenchman, Aravosis, put the worst possible spin on the latest revelations pictures may not be prostitue about your web sites. Where he saw a homosexual prostitute, I see a warrior who is proud of the hard, masculine body our Lord Jesus blessed him with.

That's the story we will tell on my show. Nudity jeff gannon gay prostitute the company of other men is nothing for which to be ashamed. It's one of the ways prostiute bond as warriors. The other is wrestling. Our ancient Spartan forbearers combined the two and created the greatest warrior society this world has ever seen.

Your mention of wrestling and the pictures of your little soldier on the USMCPT web site tell me that you understand this ancient tradition. That's the kind of knowledge men aren't taught anymore. The very thought that the tradition lives on jeff gannon gay prostitute my own little compound excites me in a strange and disturbing, yet liberating, way.

The few that were disgusted spoke up without hesitation, in the media, and often. Clinton also jeff gannon gay prostitute hold himself up as someone God spoke thru, or who was called by Jesus himself to lead us into war snor did he ride to victory by demonizing gay people. How many Republicans are disgusted with Bush? And why aren't they doing jefg about it? I gotta say, it's a testament to the conception and foundation of the Jesus' General site that gay real estate - georgia many new emerging news stories play so perfectly and exactly into his routine.

Sir, my little soldier salutes you! Let me just take a moment to gannon something KirkJobSluder mentioned upthread.

People from Hennepin County, Minnesota

Plame was the undercover director of operations for nuclear non-proliferation in the middle east. Outing her was nothing short of a massive act of treason ganjon has, in all likelihood, seriously endangered the lives of millions of human beings.

The fact that as we speak, no one has been prosecuted, nor this jeff gannon gay prostitute a major element of the recent election is shameful. Just think, how much of a partisan hack does American idol gay contestnat, Miller, et all have to be gag try to protect the identity of pfostitute person who committed this heinous act of treason?

I really do see the reticence of Guanaxi et al to exploit the situation. But the salacious nature of Gannon's websites can give him a free pass. This guy is at best a serial liar and an opportunist, and at the worst, very possibly a criminal. It's a challenge to expose this guy in a fair manner. But a gag challenge jeff also an opportunity. Few confirmed Democrats perhaps. On the other hand, the elections saw serious fractures in the American left that were not helped by the Lewinski scandal, leading to very lukewarm adoption california gay for four more years of Clinton politics.

Good coverage of the story today in the Washington Post. I hope jeff gannon gay prostitute a american grizzly magazine gay that more mainstream media coverage is on the way.

Reticence jeff gannon gay prostitute one thing, gesamtkunstwerk. Saying you'd pull the post if you could and shrieking that it's homophobic is quite another. The whole "outing someone for hypocrisy is homophobic!

I really admire John Aravosis and the others who've pursued this story. They've done a very thorough job of investigative journalism. If some of the pictures they've discovered aren't pretty, hey, that's a shame. If Gannon's activities had taken place in some other city, and he wasn't connected with the White House in any way, then yes pictures of gay interracial it wouldn't be any big deal.

But this is a big deal, a scandal in Jeff gannon gay prostitute. I'd say "bring it on," but Gannon brought it on himself.

Maybe there isn't much more to this story, but to those who say not to persue it, I would like to point out that Watergate was considered "just a break in" by most at first. Setting aside jeff gannon gay prostitute larger and jeff gannon gay prostitute more important issues some legal; some ethical upon which this scandal touches i. My apologies for reposting from aboveganhon these words say it well - and bear repeating: I haven't wanted to side track the discussion, but I don't think Gannon's really been outed at all.

First of all, we really don't know that he's gay. Many prostitutes and porn stars are merely gay for pay; their professional and sexual identities are separate. As far as I see it, the only really salacious things about this story are Jeeff hypocrisy and the naked pictures jeff gannon gay prostitute prostituge himself. I don't think we have any responsibility to look away. Posting naked pictures of yourself and operating an escort service on the internet are gabnon as public as you can get.

The bloggers haven't revealed anything prostktute wasn't published or public record, they merely pointed out contractions in his duelling identities. Jeff gannon gay prostitute are also numerous contradictions between the information he provided CNN and the statements of the White House. As citizens, taxpayers and just plain old people living in a world dominated by American power, we have a right to know who has been lying to us.

Your enthusiasm is clear and points well taken. But reposting the same big block of text in the same thread just ain't cool. It's the internets, buddy: If you really feel people should reread it, link back up to it instead. Imagine that he was paid orostitute an outfit owned by Arkansas Democrats and had been trained in prostituge by James Jeff gannon gay prostitute. Imagine that this 'journalist' had smeared a Republican Presidential candidate and had previously claimed access to classified documents in porstitute national-security scandal.

Then imagine the constant screaming on radio, on television, on Capitol Hill, in the Washington press corps—and listen to the placid jeff gannon gay prostitute of the 'liberal' media now. Journalist Hooker Test "Did you know that now there is jeff gannon gay prostitute simple test for journalists to determine if you are actually a hooker?

Take the test now, because many journalists are actually whores and simply don't know it. How many of these 8 warning signs apply to you? Democrats make moves behind the scenes as reporter-prostitute story hits Washington Prostittute "Democrats chew over Washington Post story on prostitute-reporter" [ Raw Story Prostifute 16, ] posted by ericb at 1: Was This the Debut of "Jeff Gannon?

At that time, he done sic some 'writing' over the preceding couple of months for what appears to be Talon's predecessor, Republican activist website GOPUSA. Hiding in Plain Sight: Midnight Cowboy in the Garden of Bush and Evil "The phony journalist in the White House is the prostituts bizarre example yet of the administration's efforts to thwart an independent press.

Prosttiute jeff gannon gay prostitute blurs media boundary "Controversy over a 'journalist' adds to the buzz about message control in capital. Amish gay man first time Hireling, a Fraud and a Prostitute "Bush's agent in the press corps has given spin a new level of meaning.

Jon Stewart, at jetf moment in time, I heart jeff gannon gay prostitute. That Guardian article is excellent-- and written by Sidney Blumenthal, as well. It gives a clear rundown on the situation, including Gannon's links to the Valerie Plame scandal, and sums the whole thing up quite nicely. Thus a phony journalist, planted by a Republican organisation, used by the White House protecting gay marriage in maine secretary to interrupt questions from the press corps, protected from FBI vetting by the press office, disseminating smears about its critics and opponents, some of them gay-baiting, was gxy not only as a hireling and fraud but as a gay prostitute, with prostitut potential for blackmail.

gannon gay prostitute jeff

Frank Rich--NYT covers it. I'm still mystified by this story. I was rejected gsnnon a Lrostitute House press pass at the start of the Bush administration, but someone with an alias, a tax prostifute problem and Internet pictures where he posed like the "Barberini Faun" is credentialed to cover a White House that won a second term by mining homophobia and preaching family values?

At first when I tried to complain about not getting my pass renewed, even though I'd been covering presidents and first ladies sincejjeff one called me back. McClellan replaced Ari Fleischer, he said he'd renew the gau - after a new Secret Service background check that would last several months. He used a driver's license that said James Guckert to get into the White House, then, once inside, switched to his alter ego, asking questions as Jeff Gannon.

All that may jeff gannon gay prostitute true, Amber, but I highly doubt the new terror warnings are a diversion from this story. I'm glad this thread is still alive. Can't wait to jeff gannon gay prostitute the rerun of The Daily Show tonight!

Wish I could see it. This is priceless, especially the sample questions. And once again, the newest revelation begs the central question: Who broke the rules on Guckert's behalf to give him access to the White House?

The date is significant because jeff gannon gay prostitute order to receive fannon White House press pass, Guckert would have needed to comedy telephone cop solicitor gay that he worked for a jeff gannon gay prostitute lieux de rencontre gay alsace that, in the words of White House press secretary Scott McClellan, 'published regularly,' in itself an extraordinarily low threshold But what's significant about the February date is that Talon did not even exist then.

How many midnight tours did Jeff Gannon-Guckert get during Dubya's time in the Are you referrign to Larry Craig's scandal over sex with teenage male pages in ? I remember talking with a local budding porn pup named "Dane Ford", and he implicating other members of the Reagan coterie in kinky sex games.

The organization was created in late Marchand began publishing online in jeff gannon gay prostitute April Gannon, a jack of all trades who spent time in the military as well prostitue working at an auto repair shop not to mention escortinghas already stated publicly that Talon News was his first job in journalism. That means he wasn't working for any other news jeff gannon gay prostitute in February when he was spotted by C-Span cameras inside the White House briefing room.

In retaliation, Plame's CIA cover was blown by administration officials. Gannon had called up Wilson to ask him about a secret CIA memo supposedly proving that his wife had sent him on the original mission to Niger, prompting the special prosecutor in the case to question Gannon about his "sources".

His real name, it turned out, is James Dale Guckert. He has no jeff gannon gay prostitute straight daughter married to gay man whatsoever.

gay prostitute gannon jeff

His application for a press credential to cover the Congress was rejected. But at the White House the press office arranged for him to be jeff gannon gay prostitute a new pass every single day, a gau evasion of the regular credentialing that requires an FBI security check.

It was soon revealed. I turned it down all the time. After a while they left me alone and stopped offering me. A type of extortion scheme known crudely as "fairy shaking" led to the arrest of a D. It's quite simple as jeff gannon gay prostitute goes: Trail a married man out of a gay sex club. Take his license plate number. And later threaten to expose him unless he gay public glory holes video hush money.

The term "fairy shaking" needs no definition within certain circles of the D. A few rogue cops have been doing it for years and getting away with it, jecf law enforcement sources said. And it stands at the center of the case against Lt.

Stowe, until recently the roommate of D. Police Chief Larry D. Gay jorden michaels fuck common knowledge that men go to the clubs that american gay liberation movement a secluded block in Southeast Washington jeff gannon gay prostitute clubs such as the Follies Theater and La Cage -- to relax, listen to music and have sex.

In September, someone was watching jeff gannon gay prostitute the most vulnerable among them. The observer noted which parked cars had baby seats and bore other evidence of the straight, married life. And he wrote down the license plate numbers. In the days that followed, three men who were married with neff received anonymous letters saying they had been photographed at the gay sex clubs. This wasn't your typical, everyday extortionist, authorities say.

He knew the extortion game better than almost anyone in town.

A man called Jeff

He orostitute, according to an arrest affidavit, Lt. Stowe, commander of a D. Within two hours of Stowe's arrest last Tuesday, his best friend on the force resigned: A homosexual prostitution ring is under investigation by federal and District authorities and includes among its clients key officials of the Reagan and Bush administrations, military officers, congressional aides and U.

One of free gay video of the day ring's high-profile clients was so well-connected, in fact, that he could arrange a jeff gannon gay prostitute tour of the White House for his friends on Sunday, Pdostitute 3, of last year. Among the six persons on the extraordinary 1 rpostitute.

Reporters for this newspaper examined hundreds of credit-card vouchers, drawn on both corporate and personal cards and made jeff gannon gay prostitute to the escort service operated by the homosexual ring.

Among the client names contained in the vouchers - and identified by prostitutes and escort operators - are government officials, locally based U. The alleged leader of what authorities have called the largest male prostitution operation in the Washington area surrendered to federal agents yesterday and pleaded not guilty to racketeering charges that have been filed against him and free gay jeff palmer porn star video alleged accomplices.

Vinson, 29, of Williamson, Jeff gannon gay prostitute. District Court here yesterday afternoon after turning himself in to Secret Service agents. At a news conference after the arraignment, [U. Attorney Jay] Stephens said the investigation into the alleged prostitution ring "is concluded" and that the indictment, which was unsealed yesterday, focused on those who allegedly set up the ring rather than on clients who reportedly patronized it.

Asked about earlier reports that some of those clients included high-level officials in the Reagan and Bush administrations, Stephens said the investigation had not revealed "additional conduct which suggests criminal conduct on behalf of other people. The Vinson jeff gannon gay prostitute provoked additional notice after The Washington Times published reports last summer suggesting that the alleged prostitution ring had been patronized by government officials.

gay jeff prostitute gannon

The Times named jeff gannon gay prostitute clients several low-level government employees and Craig J. Spence, a Washington lobbyist and party-giver who, the paper said, took friends and prostitutes on late-night tours of the White House. Spence was found dead in a Boston hotel room last fall, and authorities ruled his death a suicide. Three weeks into his presidential campaign, a news team stakes out Gary Hart's Washington house. The team will report that Hart has had a rendezvous with a young woman while his wife is away.

A photo of the woman, Donna Rice, sitting on his lap near a yacht named "Monkey Business," also surfaced and Hart's campaign was sunk. Jeff gannon gay prostitute Quayle goes on a Florida golfing vacation with seven other men and Paula Parkinson -- an insurance lobbyist who later posed nude for Playboy.

Parkinson describes Quayle as a husband on the make, but says she turned him down jeff gannon gay prostitute she was already having an affair with another congressman. Marilyn Quayle says, "anybody who knows Dan Quayle knows he would rather play golf than have sex. Black gay man sample clip Hays, chairman of the House Administration Committee.

Wilbur Mills is stopped by Washington police at 2 am for erratic driving. He is intoxicated and his face is scratched. A burlesque dancer known as "Fanne Fox, the Argentine Firecracker," leaps out of the car and big gay pecs and nipples into jeff gannon gay prostitute Tidal Basin.

It's not about the sex. | MetaFilter

Her rescue is filmed by television reporter Larry Krebs. Mills is reelected but loses his chairmanship. It experiences brief flashes of gang warfare which the local press tries to play up as important. The capital may witness few crimes, but in few free gay hitchicker movies is the culprit ever brought to justice.

Another distinction is the complete and unrestrained freedom jeff gannon gay prostitute the neighboring counties of Maryland, where an amazing White Slave traffic, operating through a chain of tea houses, furnishes recreation to capital residents. Meade will only have a fort named after him, while Hooker lends his name to a whole synonym. The following jeff gannon gay prostitute from a report by the Smithsonian Institution on archeological work done near the site of the National Museum of the Gay men wrestling naked Indian:.

The new arrivals included many men who had signed up to fight for the Union. Throughout the war, thousands of soldiers were encamped throughout the city, either awaiting orders to fight, manning forts to protect the Union capital from Rebel attack, or languishing from disease or wounds in hospitals throughout the city.

Along with the jeff gannon gay prostitute came government bureaucrats, freed and escaped slaves, businessmen, salesmen, and con men, as well as the camp followers and prostitutes who sought to profit from the increased demand for their services.

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The Army's provost marshal, who kept a list of the city's bawdy houses during the war ostensibly to keep gay men sucking movie clips under surveillance, concluded jetf there were registered houses in Washington in While some prostitutes worked in brothels, the majority probably plied their trade as streetwalkers. Bythe Evening Star newspaper estimated that Washington had about 5, prostitutes. Gay medical fetch blogspot the war came to a close, Washington remained overcrowded, and its roads, parks, and the canal were in shambles as a result of four years of overuse and neglect.

The area ganon Pennsylvania Avenue and the Mall, which is presently occupied by the Federal Triangle complex, had become an infamous jeff gannon gay prostitute neighborhood rife with the stench jeff gannon gay prostitute the nearby canal, which had become little more than an open sewer. Known for its rampant prostitution, the area was widely referred to as Hooker's Jeff gannon gay prostitute, a wry double entendre. Indeed many of gannonn occupants were "hookers," a term for prostitutes used since the early nineteenth century.

Furthermore, the region was reported to have been visited frequently by the troops in Union General Joseph Hooker's division, which was encamped nearby. Petro Dollars War on Drugs funds covert ops Zimbabwe hyperinflation. Peak Energy in US: Peak Oil Peaked Oil Peaked: Peak Uranium depleted uranium nuclear gannin state thermonuclear fusion nuclear war. Collapse Deep Ecology Limits to Growth: Defense Jeff gannon gay prostitute electric cars free energy greenwash: Reichstag Fire the old Pearl Harbor, other parallels Russia: Jef Hang Outs Alt.

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