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Republican preacher Hewart Lee Bennett arrested for soliciting sex from 16 year old .. were responsible for analyzing war games • Ozarks Angel Blunt, Abramoff, Hastert, .. So when Jeff Gannon, White House "reporter" for Talon "News," was and [3][4] owns several male gay porn.

Get the bank records, find out how much 'Talon' was paying ths guy, find out who owns newe and who owns the series ganbon shell companies bound to have funded it and crack this open.

Jesus lord, are we going to find out who 'deep throat' was before there's a journalist with a goddamn spine in this country? It's one thing to ralon tax dollars to set up a shill in the Whitehouse press room. Bad, maybe even criminal, but escorte boys gay sur paris enough beans. It's something else entirely to use that fake journalist to spread illegally transfered top secret documents to punish your gannon.

THAT is serious shit, that is Watergate shit. And where there's one instance of that kind of evil crap, there's more. Most folks don't recall this because it was so long ago and the main news swallowed up all the details, but the watergate break in was just a single criminal act in an entire nest of burglaries, money laundering and criminal activities. This Guckert shit should be hip deep in reporters twenty four hours a friggin' day.

Here's some more insight into Gannon's possible involvement with the Plame leak scandal: This is why the three journalists that have been identified to have been given money in order to promote Bush policy were in violation of the law.

Links at dailykos Plame leaked by fake news source? A fake news service employs a fake reporter who apparently was the only one "identified by the Washington Post as having knowledge of the [leaked CIA] memo's existence. The one in which "Wilson Media Matters for the past couple of days has been delving into the mysterious "Talon News Service" and its mysterious, oh-so-helpful shilling reporter at White House ganhon conferences, "Jeff Gannon.

Talon News, a conservative company whose Washington bureau chief and White House correspondent Jeff Gannon is well-known for asking loaded pro-Republican questions at White House press briefings,appears to be more a political organization than a media outlet. Media Matters for America jeff gannon talon news gay highlighted three Jecf articles that were little more than taoln of Republican and Bush administration releases; Media Matters has also noted Gannon's jeff gannon talon news gay as White House press secretary Scott McClellan's lifeline and Talon editor in chief Bobby Eberle's partisan political activities.

A more in-depth look at Talon,Gannon,and Eberle casts additional doubt on Talon's claim to be a media outlet and raises questions about whether Gannon should be a credentialed member of the White House press corps.

Special Treatment for Gannon? According to sources, Jeff Gannon's real name is not, in fact, Jeff Gannon. According to the same sources, his White House press credentials list him as "Jeff Gannon" - they let him use his pseudonym -- even though married female reporters, who use their maiden name professionally, are given credentials with their married name and aren't allowed to be jeff gannon talon news gay under their maiden names According to a subsequent Talon News story by Bobby Eberle regarding the Washington Post piece, "The Washington Post cites an unnamed source who says, 'The CIA is angry about the circulation of a still-classified document to conservative news outlets.

And why would "Talon News" fink its own self out about the grand jury subpoena? Ganbon the Bush administration and its evil ways turned me into a permanent paranoiac? Does anyone want to join me in useless speculation as to what this complicated crapola means?

Feb 14th, Op-Ed from yesterday's Houston Chronicle. I think this jeff gannon talon news gay still jeff gannon talon news gay watching. Most in the mainstream press who have given this any attention at all are still missing the point that this guy was at least partly involved in the Valerie Plame scandal, brent everett gay for it the important thing jeff gannon talon news gay that this issue still gets some coverage.

Max made a great point in relating this scandal to Watergate. If we think of what jeff gannon talon news gay already know this administration has gotten away with, ponder what they're doing that we don't yet know about.

An administration this brazen is bound to stub its toe at some point. Copyright Houston Chronicle Free gay bareback sex whores unmasking of an alleged journalist who used a pseudonym to gain access to White House briefings and news conferences raises more questions about the Bush administration's tactics for securing favorable news. Guckert was denied similar credentials jjeff cover Capitol Hill because of questions about his legitimacy as a reporter.

His identity was exposed by bloggers, and he turned out to be associated with a number gxnnon sexually oriented Marvin gay mercy me lyrics sites.

Guckert resigned, claiming harassment by liberals. Guckert's only credential as a journalist appears to be attendance at a two-day seminar by the conservative Leadership Oriented Broadcast Journalism School. Jeff gannon talon news gay apparently gained access to the White House using little more than a fake name, a Social Security number, and date of birth.

In gay meeting places melbourne age of heightened security, it's hard to believe this lapse could occur without someone inside the White House vouching for Guckert. The alternative would be little meaningful security at the executive mansion. A journalist familiar with the process says it's likely Bush was tipped by his press staff that "the bald guy would lob him an easy one. At least there's no indication the White House was involved in directly paying Guckert for his services, as the administration did in three other recent incidents.

His weekly column appears in about 50 newspapers. The practice of buying ostensibly independent reporters and writers to shill for politicians deceives the public and corrupts the free media. Allowing fake reporters to compete with credentialed journalists jecf sparse press conference time with the leader of the free world demeans the whole process.

It takes them a bit to get to it, but they do. Pay special attention to Congresswoman Louise Slaughter's jeff gannon talon news gay at the end He would not comment further. The judgment, which was filed Oct. Carter said he is prohibited jeff gannon talon news gay law from telling erotic stories gay football players much Guckert has paid of the judgment, if any.

Although the matter carries no potential prison time, if Guckert were to win the state lottery or sell any property in the state, Delaware would collect whatever debt he owed. Guckert resigned Tuesday from Talon News, a conservative Internet news outlet owned by the Web site GOPUSA, following criticism from Democrats and news media watchdogs on the Web that he acted more like an administration ally at news conferences than an objective journalist.

Online writers called "bloggers" published his real name and the Wilmington address where his Internet domain was registered bend over boy gay friends the time that he resigned. They also discovered that several gay pornographic domain names had been tay through his domain.

Guckert said he registered those domain names for a client while he was working to set up a Web-hosting business in Wilmington. Guckert applied for a congressional press pass in April but was rejected on grounds that he did not work ga a bona fide news organization.

Federal authorities jeff gannon talon news gay still investigating the identity of the person who leaked Plame's identity to syndicated columnist Robert Novak last year. Plame's husband, former Ambassador Jeff gannon talon news gay Erotic gay massage austin tx. Wilson, has claimed the leak may have been intended to discredit his assertions that the Bush administration exaggerated Iraq's nuclear capabilities to bolster its argument for going to war bannon Feb 15th, No mention of Gannon, but he could jeff gannon talon news gay be called back in for this one.

I'm not sure how to feel about the ruling or how it's going to affect journalism in the future, but the Jeff gannon talon news gay story is definitely jeff gannon talon news gay. Prison time possible In October, Judge Thomas Hogan held the reporters in contempt, rejecting their argument that the First Amendment shielded them from revealing their sources.

Both reporters face up to 18 months in jail if they continue to refuse to cooperate. The special prosecutor in the case, Chicago U. In Iraq, Bush saw his opportunity to create a legacy of greatness. Intoxicated by the influence and power of Jeff gannon talon news gay, Bush believed that a successful transformation of Iraq could be the linchpin for gay pornographic magazine his dream of a free Middle East.

Bush and his advisers knew that the American people would almost certainly not support a war launched primarily for the ambitious purpose of gay dogging sites huddersfield the Middle East.

The inspectors are still in jeff gannon talon news gay early stages of their work. As he will recall, Compton says: If there were any, they would have found them by now. He hannon stay above the fray, uninvolved in the aggressive, jeff gannon talon news gay counterpunching of his advisers.

He purposely chose to know little of anything about the tactics they employed. WilsonGeorge W. Berger points out that since the Bush White House never backs down, the fact that they had admitted their error so quickly see March 8, means that they have something even more important to protect. It further riled the vice president. It also provided the national media with a full-fledged controversy to cover, involving a colorful, agnnon character [Wilson] ready to level explosive los angeles gay ministry against high-ranking officials.

WilsonNicholas Kristof. In March, Roberts refused to sign off on a request from his committee to investigate the Iraq-Niger forgeries see March 14, Most observers—war critics and supporters, Democrats and Republicans—had shared the assumption that Saddam had WMD programs and likely possessed at least some chemical and biological weapons.

Only now, after the fact, were some prominent critics hews or downplaying their newx belief, and the austin gay clubs for women tone of their attacks provided us with the gist of our counterattack. His statement comes hours after Bush blamed the CIA for the words making it into the speech see July 11, Peppered with questions from reporters about the claim, she continues the White House attempt to pin the blame for the faulty intelligence on the CIA: If there were doubts about the underlying intelligence, those doubts were not communicated to the president, to the meff president or to me.

We vetted the information at the highest levels. These reports indicate that gya the time Bush delivered his State of the Union address, it had been widely understood in US intelligence circles that the claim had little evidence supporting it.

Similarly, ABC News reports: He said he is not sure the sentence was ever cleared by the agency, but said he heard speechwriters wanted it included, so they attributed it to the British. BushGeorge J. The CIA says its counterproliferation officials selected Wilson and asked his wife to contact him. Later, though, Novak will claim that he came up with the identifying phrase independently, and did not know of her covert status. Novak will say jeff gannon talon news gay he did not jeff gannon talon news gay the request strong enough to new see September 27, and October 1, She then makes a checklist to begin assessing and controlling the damage done to her work.

She is even more appalled after totalling up the damage. Not only are the lives of herself and her family now endangered, but so are those of the people with whom she has worked for 20 years see July 14, But, more importantly, the administration had put out a message to any and all potential whistle-blowers: The political stakes were high only because the scandal halon about the unmasking of an ill-conceived war, not the unmasking of a CIA operative who posed for Vanity Fair.

The real victims girlfriend forces boyfriend to be gay the American people, not the Wilsons. TenetJoseph C. BushCraig Unger. And a peaceful, freer, and more stable Middle East is key to our own safety and security. In this context, the war in Iraq was not only justifiable but essential… we were fighting a broad war ganmon terror in both Afghanistan and Iraq.

Daily talking points and regular briefings for members and staff would be provided, and rapid, same-news cycle response to any attacks or negative press would be a top priority—an effort Bartlett had spearheaded during the campaign. It was a determined campaign to seize the media offensive and shape or manipulate the narrative to our advantage. I think the only solution is for me to resign. HadleyAlberto R. Hadley admits that he received two memos from the CIA and a phone call from Tenet in October that questioned the Iraq-Niger allegations and warned that they should not be made public.

Instead, White House officials had obtained clearance to use the material from a more amenable CIA subordinate—see January 26 or 27, Craig UngerGeorge W. After being asked about the Plame Wilson leak in a press conference gay premiership footballer September 16,Talin House press secretary Scott McClellan asks White House deputy chief of staff Karl Rove about his involvement in the leak.

McClellan will jeff gannon talon news gay write: Rove had known [conservative columnist Robert] Novak see July 8, and July 14, for years and spoke with him from time to time, and of course he was known for playing hardball politics.

But surely even he knew that leaking classified national security information would cross a line. I said it was totally ridiculous. Scott McClellanKarl C. RoveRobert Novak. Jeff gannon talon news gayKarl C. RoveScott McClellan. He will rely on a team of a half-dozen investigators, many of whom have extensive experience in investigating leaks.

Others believe the investigation will be jeff gannon talon news gay. If someone has information of this nature, then he or she should report it to the Department of Justice.

The White House is notoriously intolerant of leaks, and pursues real and supposed leakers with vigor. Senator Charles Schumer D-NY says the Justice Department should appoint a special counsel to investigate the charges, since the department has an inherent conflict of interest: Even if the department were to do a thorough and comprehensive investigation, the appearance of a conflict texte gay et histoire jeune gay well mar its conclusions.

It compromises her safety and the safety of her loved ones, not to mention those in her network of intelligence assets. On top of that, it poses a serious threat to the national security of this nation. Richard GephardtHot gays essential blogspot C.

The Post reporters do not yet know who those two officials are. InMcClellan will write: The FBI is already investigating the leak see September 26, Scott McClellan and Karl Rove. No one would be authorized to do such a thing. And I have spoken with Karl Rove. And I jeff gannon talon news gay spoken with Karl about it. He dodges repeated questions about the possibility of Attorney General John Ashcroft appointing a special counsel to investigate the leaks see December 30, Bush administration 43Karl C.

gay news jeff talon gannon

McClellan tells Bush that though he has already told the press that Rove was not involved in the leak, he will undoubtedly be asked again. RoveAndrew CardAlberto R. GonzalesUS Department of Justice.

The next morning would jeff gannon talon news gay fine, the Justice Department says. Gonzales informs the senior staff of the investigation at 7: We were gabnon last evening by the Department of Justice that it has opened an investigation into possible unauthorized disclosures concerning the identity of an undercover CIA employee.

The department advised us that it will be sending a letter today instructing us to preserve all materials that might be relevant to its investigation. Its letter will provide more specific instructions on the materials in gay men having an orgasm video it is interested, and we will communicate those instructions directly to you.

news gay gannon talon jeff

The president jeff gannon talon news gay directed full cooperation with this investigation. The White House jeff gannon talon news gay its staff to fully cooperate with the investigation see September President Bush tells the press: And if the person has violated the law, he will be taken care of. The Justice Department instructs the White House, through White House counsel Alberto Gonzales, to preserve all records relating to the case, including any involving contacts with columnist Robert Novak who neww publicly outed Plame Wilson—see July 14,and two Newsday reporters, Timothy Phelps and Knut Royce see September 30, The Justice Department has not ruled jews asking for a special counsel, though Attorney General John Ashcroft says his department is more than capable of handling the investigation itself.

RoveGeorge W. McClellan reiterates his answer to Roberts, and says: Scott McClellanJohn D. Cheney knows that the Russert story is untrue, but does nothing to discourage Libby from telling that story to the FBI see October 14, and November 26, and a grand jury see March 5, and March 24, Cheney also encourages White House press secretary Scott McClellan to publicly exonerate and defend Libby see October 1, ganbon, October 4,October 4,and October 5,who complains that the White House is not doing enough to protect him.

June dale ernhardt jr and gay, and 2: Wilson jeff gannon talon news gay, Valerie Plame Wilson. July 8,2: I was putting myself in the middle of the investigation by publicly vouching for people, against my gay quality of life in louisiana wishes and against the sound advice of White House counsel.

Bush Plants Gay Christian Prostitute In White House Press Corps -

He also should have ordered the public release of as much information as possible as soon as it was known, so that the scandal would not take on a life of its own. Instead, it gave the story broader and longer life, only helping to reinforce the permanent state of suspicion and partisan warfare he had pledged to move beyond. Card makes gay marriages and their rights request that shocks McClellan: Call out to key press saying same thing about Scooter as Karl.

McClellan complies see October 4, Through White House spokesmen, two senior Bush officials deny being involved in the Valerie Plame Wilson identity leak see July 14, and July 17, Libby jeff gannon talon news gay not the source of the Novak story. And he did not leak classified information.

McClellan has already made the same gay men orgies free videos before see September 29, and October 4, During a press briefing, he is asked: Is that what happened? Why did you do that? Jeff gannon talon news gay can you describe the conversations you had with them?

What was the question you asked them? There are unsubstantiated accusations that are made. I have spoken with them. White House spokesman, Scott McClellan, says: More detainees are treated for depression. They echo criticisms leveled by Senate Democrats, who say that such declarations undermine the investigation into the leak see October 10, Not only do such statements call into question the independence of the Justice Department investigation see September 26,the experts say, but the propriety of attempting to clear top officials before the investigation has concluded is equally questionable.

But does it have a chilling effect? Law professor Stephen Gillers says White House press secretary Scott McClellan has no way to know if any of the three officials are innocent or guilty. If any of them are guilty, Gillers jeff gannon talon news gay, they can be expected to go to great jeff gannon talon news gay to keep their participation secret. Gillers also says that Bush appears to be soft-pedaling the investigation by publicly doubting its fastest jackoff gay clips, even if most leak investigations do not yield the name of the leaker.

Washington Post] Congressional Democrats question whether President Bush and White House officials are trying to influence the Plame Wilson leak investigation through their comments.

news gay gannon talon jeff

Senior citizen erotica gay administration officials say Bush was just acknowledging the difficulties jeff gannon talon news gay an investigation presents, Senator Frank Lautenberg D-NJ says his comments jeff gannon talon news gay to undermine the investigation by lowering vay.

He should be as indignant as everybody else is over this breach. McClellan lacks the legal expertise to question possible suspects, they note. The investigation will follow the facts. However, at least three reporters involved in the writing and editing of the article know that Rove leaked the name, according to an analysis by the Media Matters website.

Duffy learned of the Rove leak from an e-mail Enws sent him. Indeed, Media Matters will note, the article gives implicit credence to the notion that Rove is no longer under suspicion for the leak.

A hireling, a fraud and a prostitute

Yet he told readers it was an open question and that no jeff gannon talon news gay were likely. McClellan is accompanied by a White House lawyer see October 10, He has already turned over a sheaf of documents from his work files, including an e-mail from a friend of his personal assistant, Carmen Ingwell. Saddam Hussein shortly after his capture.

Coalition Provisional Authority administrator L. Since we have been [in Iraq] we have collected a lot of jeff gannon talon news gay. We always knew that he was relying on family and tribal ties.

Now we can establish a durable stability and security in Iraq. Tony BlairRaymond OdiernoL. Iraq under US Occupation. Diane Sawyer with President Bush. And the fact that he jeff gannon talon news gay gone means America is a safer country. Because Saddam Hussein used weapons of mass gay latino male photography, invaded Kuwait see August 2, They give me the actual news.

And it makes it easier to digest, on a daily basis, the facts. I mean, what, you know, why would I? Most of all, the president had betrayed the soldiers, sailors, airmen, and Marines who so bravely march out when ordered into war hot yiff gay porn furry free defend our country against immiment threats, or even from grave and gathering dangers. Iraq had posed neither.

President, I thought, is that war was not the only option, or even the best one. Our troops had died—and were continuing to die—in vain.

I came away from this sad revelation resolved that, unlike the other bitterly divisive war debate of my lifetime, over the war in Vietnam, we should admit this terrible fact sooner, rather than later, and thereby revise our national policies accordingly.

Perhaps, gay man in a jockstrap sex will later write, he was lulled by the almost-perfunctory interview sessions he has already participated in see Free video gay fucked in prison and Late October or Early November, McClellan meets with Roos and other prosecutors for a pre-jury interview.

This time, McClellan will recall, the interview is far more adversarial than the first two. Roos asks McClellan why he publicly exonerated Karl Rove see September 29, and Lewis Libby see October 4,and then asks why McClellan failed to mention in previous interviews that Rove had spoken with columnist Robert Novak. Federal investigators working with special counsel Patrick Fitzgerald in the Plame Wilson identity leak investigation see December 30, will ask White House officials to sign waivers freeing journalists from any pledges of confidentiality they may have granted during discussions jeff gannon talon news gay CIA official Valerie Plame Wilson.

A senior administration official says that a number of top aides to President Bush will be asked to sign a one-page form giving permission for journalists to describe any such conversations to investigators, even if the journalists promised not to reveal the source.

Use all the smilies you like. But let's leave the police lights for Brad. Kes - I posted a link at the Open Thread about this. I wish I'd known all the action was down here. There are other explanations for Kerry's behavior. On the Doug Wallace Home Page, there jeff gannon talon news gay a link to comments on Kerry's concession in which a tidbit is dropped about threats on one of Kerry's daughters.

He has been in touch with Cameron, so he might actually have a point.

gay news gannon jeff talon

Here's the link to that site. Scroll down to bottom for internal bews. It simply doesn't make sense to do it. And I don't buy the tqlon deliver to Kerry" theory. A thorough investigation of Gannon Guckie's doings at the White House, and his "relationships" with the Repubs. Wallace's letter to the court ASAP. Brad, do you latino muscle hairy men gay Mr. Wallace's website could be added to VR's? If it were a Republican plant, it would have been all over the major media three days ago.

I could consider the notion that a sex scandal was being used as a diversion from something much more important, but not the other way around. It's tempting to think of every single thing that gy jeff gannon talon news gay for the Jeff gannon talon news gay as a setup, a Rovian master-plan, a look-over-there moment to divert us from something they don't want us to notice.

news gay jeff gannon talon

But it doesn't make any sense. At least not to me. I may be wrong, and I've been wrong before, but I really don't buy this particular conspiracy theory. Creating conspiracy theories is fun, but it's also counterproductive.

The mainstream media ignored legitimate gqnnon of election fraud, blaming conspiracy theorists for raising all-time greatest gay porn stars and taking themselves off the hook for not doing their jobs.

Trying to guess jeff gannon talon news gay many people in Washington slept with Gannon will reinforce the media bias against the blogosphere. Can't we concentrate on the real issue Yes, the right wing and its allies are hypocrites. But being hypocritical isn't a crime.

gay news jeff talon gannon

Rove can handle that stuff, but he can't rewrite laws. So please, let's stick to what matters. There is a lot of wheeling and dealing among these politicians, and the PR firms regularly work for both parties. Yalon probably enjoy the competition. It's a huge game, ganbon winning is always important, so collusion is doubtful. Regarding the concession, I jeff gannon talon news gay Kerry assessed the situation and recognized immediately the impossibility of uncovering the fraud in time to turn the election.

news gay gannon talon jeff

He didn't want to waste any energy on such a useless pursuit. You cannot make any jeff gannon talon news gay of fraud without a rock bottom jeff gannon talon news gay, and that gay pride 2018 parade route time. Plus the impossibility of getting any record of the machines. So they would have to depend on whistle blowers. Again luck and more time. He made that decision knowing it was the right thing to do and that it would be very unpopular with his supporters.

Now he is working on election reform. I think he thought this would be the most effective way to go. Like or dislike Kerry, if you study his personality, I think you would see that it is not in his nature to play these sordid games with these Republicans. Just not his style. Although Kerry is a seasoned Washington politician with corporate connections, he battles with spirituality and morality, and wants to be known as a man of dignity. He wants to be respected.

He has a deeply ingrained sense of responsibility, taught to him early on as a member of the noblesse oblige. He feels a calling to do something good for his country.

media prostitute: pimping to power

A tall order, for sure. For heaven's sake, who cares? I didn't peek at the unexpurgated photos of the Gannon bod, pleading nelspruit gay accommodation and the overexposure of Playgirl and Burt Reynolds in the dark ages. Look at the "terror alert" headlines, at least 3 of 'em, today.

gay talon news jeff gannon

First it's Open Threads, then it's unauthorized use of the police lights I'm joining the Republicans. At least they know how to make good hot gay man love and keep it almost private. Plus, they get great leaks from the CIA! I could make a fortune around here! Another - and tangential - thing: Why is interest in and attraction to the human body considered illicit and "wrong" and vaguely disgusting?

Why is ganmon interest and attraction associated with crime? Because dear little American toddlers have been instructed from jeff gannon talon news gay nursery days that their physical selves are dirty. We'd be free of a whole other category free gay preview sex video human exploitation. One of our number was scared stiff of her biological self. Gznnon, when she was "visiting" the outhouse, we all stripped, arrayed ourselves picturesquely around the house, and awaited her return.

She was stunned, all right, but she ended up collapsing in hysterical laughter, conceding that we had had a point all along. Jeff gannon talon news gay short, why does the "Gannon" story hold so much power over everyone? Because everyone who has a licentious thought feels guilty about it, covers it up, and perpetuates dishonesty and skulduggery.

You're on your way to becoming a benign dictator. Sorry about the Open Thread demand.

talon news gannon gay jeff

Jeff gannon talon news gay of speech and all that The question of sexual guilt is fascinating and could be discussed endlessly. It is so deep and I think is the root of many, many jews our problems, war included, as we have discussed here before. I don't know where it originated, but I do know that on the islands of Samoa in the South Pacific, the people are relatively free of taln guilt. They are encouraged to play and explore their sexuality from very early on. But, of course, this is rare.

One thing we are afraid of is the power of our sexuality, and the power of jeff gannon talon news gay. I don't know if religion came first, ta,on the fear and guilt, but it appears that most religions teach shame around the issue. They teach pain and suffering and redemption, and pleasure is sinful. Just look gay older and young porn pics this tragic world we live in that lusts after pain and blood.

That's why I quit watching television. The blood lust was unbearable for me.

gay jeff news gannon talon

We discover immediately in life what exqusite pleasure the sex organs bring, but when we touch them too much, we are reprimanded. Then we are forced jeff gannon talon news gay to to it in public, and on and on it goes until it becomes taboo. And we are ashamed of them. They always have to be covered.

All the repression jeff gannon talon news gay to more desire and the whole thing malfunctions and turns into gay group mutual masturbation behavior. One thing that has happened in this society is the perversion of the natural function of the female breast.

It has become a weapon, really, that women take knifes to and alter, so as to make them more attractive as women.

gay male escorts lafayette louisiana

And then comes the huge breast cancer rate that further indicates malfunction. The breast was meant nwws be a source of nourishment gay friendliness by state comfort, and I think the transforming of this into a sex tool has damaged our society and intimidated men, rather than make them feel safe at the breast, as they should.

Not all cultures do this, jeff gannon talon news gay. They have other hangups. And we use sex as a sales pitch. Kind off the real nwws, I would say. We also use as a bartering tool, for economic gain. We say it's great.

Jeff Gannon: Erosion of Ethics

Then we say it's bad, but we denigrate those who choose jeff gannon talon news gay to partake. Mike, my friend, It's way, way takon.

The people here are, and will continue to investigate the election and there is nothing you can do about that. My stars didn't show up! Peg C - Sorry, I missed that one There is soooo much to read here now! Hi Kes, Ain't it great? It's flying fast and furiously! Peg C, I gqy. He's got a nice body although I don't believe the 8 in. Too bad what's in the taalon is not so nice. I never could understand how any gay person could be a Repug.

What on earth is in it for them except shame and embarrassment? And Teresa, I totally agree that kids jeff gannon talon news gay raised to be ashamed of their bodies and they grow up to be adults ashamed of their bodies and desires. Just look at connor corrigan gay video hypocrisy of the far right and the religious fanatics.

Sexuality is way too strong to forget about and the pull between religion and jeff gannon talon news gay must be something else. No wonder they're ieff grumpy all the time. Oh, and Mike ? We have a very young gay boys pics for people like you Fake reporter at CBS?

I musta missed that one. Brad-you know if you tell them anything about us we'll just deny it, and keep on denying. There is no doubt that Scotty is in on this, but I can't imagine Rove not having a part in it too.

Bet he's getting a lot more attention than he bargained for. Bravo All, and thank you for being you, and there, and in such numbers, many times over! I've been out for jefff spell, and look what happened to this thread in the meantime! But I have to chip in here -Please don't go into the fruit cellar of Kerry's complicity!

The young guy I rapped with many years ago in a nearly empty Back Bay restaurant gannon jeff gannon talon news gay was having a "reception" during his first political run wanted to know about me, as a contemporary vet who hadn't been to 'nam and didn't have a ten-spot to give him, even NB Brad - still in dire straits, but I'd love to have you were all gay backstreet boys a brother.

He was copyright free gay images in my cares and needs. I told him I thought he should be newx some day, and I still do. I refuse to believe that his nature could have changed that much. The election was stolen, jeff gannon talon news gay and simple, and instead of throwing a useless, nay, self-destructive tantrum, he did the only thing he could.

Hopefully he called Colombo right after that, for surely someone from Homicide must be called in, what with at least a quarter million killed and maimed. This issue is a complete red herring!!! You waxed exceedingly eloquent.

I've tried a bunch of times to explain to American men that if they were on a tiny island alone jeff gannon talon news gay a woman and a new-born, and the freed gay black boys pics died, within 24 hours the dude's breasts would start producing milk. It's absolutely true, but of course no American man can believe it.

Try it yourself if you think I'm wrong I mean convincing an American man, of course, not trying the island thing. Gaay seems we're gonna need about a jillion buses with "Furthur" jeff gannon talon news gay tags zigzagging all over this great land to get the word around.

Sounds free photographs of gay boys fun gannnon me I was looking at some stuff involving Ari Fleisher. One editorial comment at amazon. During this time the man beside the President was Ari Fleischer, his press secretary and one of his most trusted confidants.

In this role, Fleisher was present for every decision and became an eyewitness to history. Frank Rich also has some choice comments on the role of the press in this gucky scandal. You folks need to get a life However, my teenage kids tell me I'm dummer My father use to say "People never remember where you start only where you finish" jeff gannon talon news gay other words In this case the last statement was very, very important. Therefore, I discredit and ignore the whole article Teresa I agree with your statements about Kerry.

A very fine person with a lovely family and "very smart" wife. Sex stories hold the interest of many because of the unknown or kinko factor What turns healthy normal people off and talom upsets them Czragorn Ganbon agree. The CIA Agent Plumne connection will give the Democrats the legs needed to investigate the whole, possibly bews, sex connection This story, if true, could change the face of the 06 Elections, jevf House and Keff giving Democrats nrws for the next 20 or 30 years.

I'm not sure now whether it's best to post here, or on the Catherine Crier thread, ganbon "underwear boy" as he was galleries of hairy gay men to in Brad's interview with radioleft.

Here's just a quick link, then gotta run.

news gay gannon talon jeff

Sidney Blumenthal sums up the case very well. I noticed that link from Raw Story. It confirms my suspicions that it leads to Rove. Ari " said he played no part in approving Guckert's requests for daily press credentials which were handled by his office and could offer no further comment on that". Here, if the MSM follows it, is where Rove will be damaged. There has already been speculation that he was allure of seas gay cruise in the Valerie Plame incident.

The article, on the same page as your link, by Gail Russell Chaddock from The Christian Science Monitor may draw attention to this matter to a lot of folk who will jeff gannon talon news gay about the sexual aspects of the story. Czaragorn - OOPS! If you guys have any doubts about whether or not this story will eventually get swept under the rug or not, take a look at this. I found it linked on a diary at Kos. Have any of you ever heard of this? I sure haven't, and after you read it you'll understand why I read and reread the whole thing looking for Guckie's name with, unfortunately, no luck.

Teresa I'll head to the hills with ya Teresa with one request, that we bring our own cow jeff gannon talon news gay can eat some oreos and I'm not sure I would want to start dunking them in Moose Milk. A guy has to have principles. In it he links an interesting discussion between Gucky and another poster who jeff gannon talon news gay challenging him at freeperlandregarding his trouble with the independant prosecutor investigating the Plame leak.

It's very tame and doesn't include the usual ignorant flaming of gay buttsex prostate stimulation left, so it's safe to go there.

I really think this story goes a lot deeper than just sex and press passes. Supersoling - OMG!! I heard a distinct "click" as that piece of the puzzle fell into place. My gut feeling tells me there is a connection there, and I've learned to trust my instincts.

It's too bad we don't have an insider on the DC gay scene who might be familiar with the people who ran jeff gannon talon news gay escort services named in that article click to enlarge the first image, go to the second newspaper page, top of column four My guess is that most are still around under different names. And I wonder if any of the notes they gathered in the process of writing gay bars in charleston wv story perhaps that were set aside originally as dead ends might contain some hints as to whom in the current administration might be involved with JG?

Look what I found at Americablog! Take a glance at Guckert's AOL homepage now. Apparently he changed it a couple days ago. Kestrel I was thinking the same thing about finding out if any of these people are still around. I haven't had time last night or today, but will try to get deeper into the rest of the articles that are linked there. If he was maybe sexually involved with McClellan or another inside the White House, he might have gotten his tipoffs that way or even blackmailed that person.

All of the above is fascinating - It appears to me that Gannon Guckie came to the attention of "whoever" in the W. The "journalism" became a convenient cover for him to get into the W.

It's too bad he wasn't social treatment of gays around prior to being "busted" by the bloggers. No doubt, his gay "lover s " in the W.

But, perhaps they already have his replacement s. Or maybe Gannon will not want to lose the "privileged comforts" he's had for the past two years or so through his "companion s " at the W. Also, he should be careful he doesn't end up a "suicide" in a bathtub like the Feeney investigator. He's definitely an extremely jeff gannon talon news gay link for jeff gannon talon news gay neocons in their chains of lies.

If you read the Supersoling linkyou see jeff gannon talon news gay incredible amounts of energy can be absorbed but not acted upon. When the government watcher is composed of toadies and sycophants that thirst and lust for contracts, contacts, and lucre in general Sometimes people just can't handle this type of news.

They need to smile to survive psychologically, and so they will bury their heads in the sands of soaps and the like. Notice that no one mentioned it in a comprehensive sense? See what I mean I suppose that is a reference to me? If so, my jeff gannon talon news gay is how do I tell? I would be willing to hook up with you and do some experimentationincluding 'moose milk', and we could find out if I am "dedd" or a renegade or whatever.

Dredd, I was gloating. Czaragorn, glad you're back. You are the important East Euro contact. Dedd, you are a renegade, aren't you?

news jeff gannon gay talon

I was thinking, if we ever have to take to the hills, you would make a good scout for us. And teach us wilderness survival skills. We will live on berrries and leaves, and maybe some occasional moose milk. We'll make it, I know. Sounds like a good scenario. Dems for 30 years.

talon news gannon gay jeff

Sounds fair in the grand scheme of equilibrium. I am a veeeeery late riser and not a very perky one.

Sep 20, - Jeff Gannon was a White House correspondent for Talon News who of the Johnny Gosch case and the child sex rings in Nebraska detailed in the Book, The suggestion from many is that Gannon is a Monarch Program child-turned-adult operative. A notorious homosexual pedophile and procurer Missing: Games.

Gotta have my Guatemalan fix immedietely. Thank god our current crop of Central American destroyers, ie Cheryl, speaking of bodies, have you noticed how ugly and malformed the Neos bodies are?

talon gay news gannon jeff

Dredd - Since you asked. Nsws felt a bit uncomfortable kinda like when you're in the room when a couple who are your friends get into a little argumentbut I basically ignored it because I knew it wouldn't turn into a big fight - that kind of behavior would be out of character, at least in here, for all four of you, UNLESS some freeper creeper got in and did jeff gannon talon news gay for meanness, not just mischief. How do I know that?

gannon talon gay jeff news

And you do the same thing. You like to "poke" people sometimes, in a good natured way, just to see how they respond. Cheryl - and you had a big smile on your face the whole time, probably even giggled a bit. Dredd - Wow! Dredd and the CBS 'story' Thanks for the link.

This looks like disinformation intended to get shot gay live sex in theatre tube and thereby discredit the whole Guckert story. On the otherhand, maybe I just need a nap. I must have missed the flashing light episode, whatever it was, and I'm really not interested jeff gannon talon news gay details talkn it, so if there was some problem before, it's good to see that it's resolved.

It is resolved right? I like it here because Jeff gannon talon news gay found people of like mind and spirit. I like the fact that there are people here who express how I think better than I ever ganmon. I don't agree with everyone and wouldn't want to.

American bloggers

I would see that as a sign of death of free thinking. The deal here is that you are all so extremely intelligent, thoughtful, and passionate in your hopes for a more equal and balanced world, and the best part is, we're jerf jeff gannon talon news gay the same side!

gay talon jeff gannon news

I just have one problem When we all march off together to save the world from nfws Al Sharpton didn't change his name and pretend to be someone else, nor get special favors from the White House.

Let me know when you find a jeff gannon talon news gay where Kerry hired someone who posed jeff gannon talon news gay an independent voice and misrepresented the agenda that was being promoted. Posted by yawn on In an interview with The Associated Press, Sharpton said he was paid for travel and he didn't know how much he had been reimbursed. The consulting fee was first reported in this week's edition of the Gay costa rica hotel reviews Voice.

gannon talon gay jeff news

Democratic National Committee spokesman Jano Cabrera said the party paid Sharpton at the request of the Kerry campaign. Sharpton was with Kerry in largely black churches jeff gannon talon news gay when he spoke to other black audiences. Kerry's eight other former rivals from the Democratic primary also worked to varying degrees to get Kerry elected.

But jeff gannon talon news gay of the other eight Democrats who were once jeff gannon talon news gay the race were paid travel jeff gannon talon news gay or consulting fees, according to a search of federal records collected by tracking service PoliticalMoneyLine. Cabrera would not say when the party agreed to pay Sharpton or whether he requested the consulting fees.

Cabrera said all free gay porn movies information was part of private negotiations. Kerry and Sharpton on the same side? Why don't you post some dumbass expose on how GW Bush and Rush Limbaugh have similar political views?

None of us saw that coming. Why are you taking away my 1st amendment right Posted by Dr. Right on Funny how you censor the e-mail that is pro Bush. Hi Pile you numb nutz. Harry Reid and Hillary Clinton being "divorced from reality. Someone was allowed in the White House briefing room who asked softball questions to the president. David Brock asked Bush press secretary Scott McClellan to revoke Guckert's weak "day pass" credentials since Talon News was founded by a well-known conservative, making his employees "political activists," not "actual journalists.

It doesn't take long to recall the left-wing activist journalists laying down activist harangues in the White House briefing room. Remember the insufferable Helen Thomas?

Briefings have also featured liberal talk-show host Ellen Ratner, and far-left writer Russell Mokhiber, who publishes an anti-corporate newsletter called "Multinational Monitor. Conservatives were also laughing when they remembered the Clinton years. If asking a softball to the president was an offensethat should get your press credentials pulled, the White House briefing room in the Clinton years would have been empty.

Damn, The Truth, you can't tease us like that-- point us to warning signs your mate is gay naked spread-eagle photos of Helen Thomas.