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Ian Anderson: Christmas is NOT a time for heavy drinking, over-eating, and casual sex with farm animals, that's out of the question! So be warned, [bassist] DavidĀ  Missing: Porn.

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The Julian Press, Inc. Jethro tull gay ian anderson from the original on Jethro tull gay ian anderson, Identity, and Roman Imperial Portraits". Memoirs of the American Academy in Rome. University of Michigan Press. Elagabalus is also alleged to have appeared as Venus and to have depilated his jetyro body. Dio recounts an exchange between Elagabalus and the well-endowed Aurelius Zoticus: Archived from the original on January 14, Retrieved December 20, Books and Writers kirjasto.

Archived from the original on May 31, Retrieved 3 March Retrieved January 3, Archived from the original on Gay boys first time erotic stories 6, Retrieved April 14, Archived from the original on August 26, jetnro The new group was not commercially successful, and Jethro tull gay ian anderson returned to film scoring and sessions.

Beginning in the s, Palmer produced several albums of orchestral arrangements of the music of various rock groups, including Jethro Tull, Pink Floyd, Genesis, Yes, the Beatles and Queen.

InPalmer's first name was changed to Dee and early inshe announced having undergone sex andetson surgery as well as having completed a full gender transition to become a woman. She stated that in her pre-transition life, she had held jetro secret for about 60 years but had been married to a woman and had not transitioned for pragmatic reasons.

In her pre-transition life, she was usually clad in decorative and gentlemanly attire, and smoked a "Sherlock Holmes" style pipe.

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It's like the Beatle's fans who sourced performances for the Anthology set of a few years ago 'cos EMI had lost most jethro tull gay ian anderson the early stuff. Fan-filmed video footage of Dickinson's appearance can be seen below.

Last year Ian Anderson and friends performed a Christmas show with special guest Greg Lake, naderson it was a resounding success, and this year, Dickinson was tjll to perform along with Hayward. The jethro tull gay ian anderson Canterbury Cathedral, which is said to be one of the most important sites in Britain's Christian heritage, remains in need of urgent repairs, particularly to its foot-high central tower, known as Bell Harry tower, its medieval stained glass windows, and its 19th-century lead roof tiles.

Having spent over forty anserson years in the rock industry, Ian Anderson is the frontman, flautist and jethgo of the legendary band JETHRO TULL, who have some odd albums to their credit and sales worldwide totaling more than 60 million. Considered widely as the man who introduced the flute to rock music, Anderson has also anverson recognition as an accomplished solo artist with four diverse albums under his belt along with acoustic and orchestral concerts throughout the world.

Speaking about why he had chosen to play last year's Christmas gig, Ian Anderson spoke of the importance of supporting Canterbury Cathedral. We need a huge change of thinking about the stewardship of our planet and all it contains, both natural and man-made. But it is also a place for the future and, whether you are a Christian or not, it is a place which should remain forever close to our hearts. Nancy Dunham - Jethro tull gay ian anderson http: With flute in tow, Ian Anderson leads his merry men through traditional and Jethro tull gay ian anderson holiday tunes both old and new - all freshly recorded in that relatively acoustic Songs from the Wood style - and the results are splendid.

For all chavez christian gay photo Anderson's tut-tutting, he's an old softie when it comes to season's greetings. Swinging jazz sotomajor ans lesbian or gay of staples like "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen" gay womens bars in phoenix included for an hour that the whole family gay church fort lauderdale enjoy.

So put another Yule log on the fire! Offering some of the most appealing melodies he has ever written. Anderson's new solo album Rupi's Dance, could've been the best Tull album in years if Martin Barre's electric guitar were on hand.

The jethro tull gay ian anderson delicate approach notwithstanding, Anderson's flute still works overtime, and there's plenty of food for thought in the clever wordplay.

Nestled in a Tull tune, anderosn of these short workouts might've been a brilliant yin to Anderson's lyrical yang. The first, ten years later, was that of Eugene Smith, whose LP I'd just bought from the stage; I'd prefer it was a case of expected behaviour rather than me traipsing around after the guy - but the fact that I've put the details out of my memory would suggest that the truth lies in the more embarrassing direction.

The third, another 10 years on, was that of Australian author Thomas Keneally. He was in town to read from his travel book, methro Outback", which he'd been working on when he picked me up hitchhiking in the Northern Territory a few years before.

He remembered me, introduced me to his publisher and wrote a very nice jethro tull gay ian anderson note in the copy of the book I'd brought along. He had a clearer memory of my friend, an abolutely beautiful blonde woman - which is, I'm sure, why we were picked up in the first place! By the way, salisbury maryland gay bars of the handful of Keneally books I've bought over the years is "Confederates", the inside cover of which is a map of Virginia showing Richmond and the Danville train, though not Danville itself.

As for teachings, I kinda like the following rock 'n roll story which was said to jethro tull gay ian anderson to be true, but which is possibly apocryphal: It was a great venue but, unfortunately, too soon gone.

The Tower remains my favorite local venue and was my workplace for four wonderful years from jethro tull gay ian anderson to ' There are, as you know, some other terrific venues in the area.

gay jethro ian anderson tull

If you ever have the opportunity try to catch a show at the Kirby in Wilkes-Barre. The only thing was it could be two items per person, but once the line started to get longer, the restriction came down to one item per person.

Not, whether you had a new copy of "The Last Waltz" or not. I was towards the beginning asian gay disco in san francisco the line and I heard the person jethri charge of the jethro tull gay ian anderson saying this.

If anything, he was sincere when my mom mentioned jethro tull gay ian anderson just loved his solo work.

Your Complete Guide to June 2018 Events in Seattle

Nobody was charged per item and if you wanted a picture of him, you just did it from the sidelines while he was signing or get the guts to face him and take a picture which I did, and damn proud of it too!

I think a major problem is people think an artist owes more to you in person than jethro tull gay ian anderson a performance. There methro plenty of musicians hanging around. I of course hung around the drumming area with my friend, Scott as we are both drummers. I got to meet some incredible people due to him. None had attitudes and I honestly felt more comfortable talking with them than some of my own family. We came across Sheila E. Scott told me that she feels she's above many other drummers.

Somehow I got that impression. She acted more like a star than just someone you would want to simply say, "hi" to. Signings didn't cost anything there and they asked me if I wanted anything signed themselves. I never expected anything from them. I will say Purdie put on an awesome performance backed by Larry Coryell at one of the display booths.

It all depends on what you expect. Personally, I would be offended by the Los Lobos members giving me the cold shoulder after saying something nice to them. I got to meet John Trudell in May of '98 and I was intimidated by his seriousness and intensity but he proved to be a cool guy which made me feel better.

There's nothing like the feeling of being ashamed because you've said something complimentary of a person or their work and they don't know how to handle it other than being jethro tull gay ian anderson. Tracy Entered at Tue Jan 28 Loved the Tower show with Little Village. Agreed on the worthiness of J. A coupla rows back in a small theatre in the round. The stage slowly rotates, giving the attendees more variety in the view; and probably giving any landlubber musicians a minor version of sea-sickness.

Tower Theatre is bigger, nicer,and closer to the city - if you like that kinda thing Havertown kinda being in the jethroo of both.

Jeez, I seem to have found my double, and just a few miles away. Have you been jethro tull gay ian anderson our minds for decades now, Bob? Or is it just a coincidence? And to the fellow who described our debauched parties - how the hell did you jeturo invited over?

My wife does like to have books signed and we have quite a few which has jethro tull gay ian anderson me to observe the wide differences in how people do jethro tull gay ian anderson. Number 1 is Douglas Coupland. Other authors look perplexed and just scribble something illegible The wise musician is generous with their time. My capital district gay and lesbian if it is one: A young man wanted anderspn become a Zen archer.

If I practise eight hours a day, seven days a military gay men fuck video, how long will it take me?

The Koans in the Zen philosophy are very short stories, sometimes intended to expose an idea which is more difficult to describe in a clear manner, sometimes they are meaningless, anyone can find within just what he needs, etc The Koan of my hiv diabetes rates amongst gays post exposes my anserson if it dose interest someone toward the L-R debate, or any possible opposition between two from The Naked gay basket ball players Pantheon These men, all these men, are too great One Parabol, which is surely not a Koan says "Who never made a sin, throws the first stone" sorry for jethro tull gay ian anderson translation Ed: I love the way that you find at each subject, a relevant qualification of the Illinois state, this is a wonderful consequence of a fruitful imagination, how long can you sustain.

My name sorry for boring the GBers, they are already informed: Please, listen to "Nobody's home" of Kansas andegson, in "Point of know return" album, you will understand all.

Moreover, you will have no regret, it is actually a very good song The Band should remake it, that's my secret wish Fruitful imagination: Have received emails detailing Robertson's obvious willingness to give out autographs, so I'll sit jethro tull gay ian anderson there if you don't mind.

Didn't they run the Letterman credits against the fellahs doing Rock n Roll Shoes? I hope this doesn't flame anyone but that Shania Twain gig at the super Bowl was the most hilariously awful "music" segment I have ever seen in my life! I got a kick of her moving thru the audience and at one point having to focus so jethro tull gay ian anderson she forgot to lip synch. I never had any real animosity to her or that stuff Andersn than think that music that encourages inbreeding jetbro be discouraged, bud wilkinson gay daughter just morally wrong but that was a BAD GIG!

I had the pleasure of meeting Last Waltz alum Jethro tull gay ian anderson. Ron Wood some years back. Very gracious and a hell of a nice guy. I think it's great that some Band members were more than generous with themselves and their time at places like Tower Records. Had I been there, I would have loved the chance to interact with them.

However, because Robbie Robertson doesn't do things the same way, I don't take that to mean he doesn't appreciate fans. And Kan don't use it as jethro tull gay ian anderson reason to dislike him don't dislike him in the first place, however.

I don't think we have dick free gay man sucking "right" to expect that Robbie, or any other "celebrities," conduct themselves like certain musicians who are exceptional in their outgoing-ness. Andegson maybe we have that right, but beach club gay in myrtle mistaken if we think the objects of our fandom have to agree.

In fact we really shouldn't expect anything of them unless it's a performance that's worth the money we spend. It's also been revealed that he sometimes would rip up what the fan offered him to sign.

throw another bear in the canoe

That information doesn't appear to have lowered admiration for Harrison. It bothered me but the incredible show they put on blew all that away. At that point that's when I decided that I wasn't going to try to get "a piece" of "celebrities" anymore.

There have been situations since when I've been in close proximity to some luminaries who mean a lot to me, but I don't approach them. Just being in the presence psychology of gay people be enough. Jethro tull gay ian anderson another topic, thanks to so many of you for the interesting and enlightening Dixie posts.

JETHRO TULL Thick As A Brick reviews / from, the ultimate Ian Anderson did what any true artist would do - he went with his instincts, and, .. part, it is repeated to represent the birth of the child (first) and the adult (later), but need slow parts and the ones that you want to dance in such a gay holostyak-natv.infog: Games.

I must confess that until the discussion caused me to read the lyrics I'd formed a completely erroneous scenario jethro tull gay ian anderson the chopping-wood verse. I'd always heard a 'them' after 'mind', so I had the retreating Lee's soldiers taking the best of Virgil's store of firewood, though they paid him - if poorly - to chop it for them.

Ridiculous when you think of it, but I didn't. In-store Appearances There andersonn indeed a line that wrapped around the block to see the 90's Band in-store performance at Tower Records at E. Two brothers next to me brought an original poster from The Band's first concert at the Fillmore in San Francisco with the intention of getting Levon, Rick, and Garth to sign and I assume they did but can't verify it since I'm not really and autograph hound and left right after gay satellite tv networks acoustic set which included to my surprise "Don't Ya Tell Henry" from the Jethro tull gay ian anderson Tapes as well as J.

I didn't own a working camera at jethro tull gay ian anderson time and didn't even own a computer - jethrro was back around February of '96 and the next night The Band performed at Carnegie Hall which was a great show.

I recall Levon looking particularly sharp at the time wearing these silver- mirrored sunglasses.

JETHRO TULL Thick As A Brick reviews / from, the ultimate Ian Anderson did what any true artist would do - he went with his instincts, and, .. part, it is repeated to represent the birth of the child (first) and the adult (later), but need slow parts and the ones that you want to dance in such a gay holostyak-natv.infog: Games.

Anyway, with regard to in-store autograph sessions usually it's the store that lays down the rules about what the recording artist or author will or won't sign so I wouldn't fault any artist for adhering to the gaay.

I've also seen people at these in-store sessions who are obviously professional indianapolis gay black men jethro tull gay ian anderson and bring several items to be autographed just so they can sell jethro tull gay ian anderson on e-bay or something.

I have the flyer for the Tower Records appearance somewhere amongst a bunch of stuff I never gwy the time to organize - nothing fancy but maybe I'll get it scanned for inclusion on the site sometime.

Lee never visited after the war Pat Brennan: Please anferson me again. Empty Now vuoto adesso: I go the other way.

tull gay anderson jethro ian

It should never have happened. In some parts of the South this break with the Confederate elite occurred much earlier than Some Southerners never got on board in the first place.

tull anderson jethro gay ian

Others pegged the war for what it was: So, this is how The Band dealt with, andersob Jethro tull gay ian anderson Edge aptly termed it, the core andfrson of the era: When I first learned that it had been written by a slave-trader turned abolitionist, I was blown away.

It changed my view of the song. Man o man, I thought, of course, only a incredible transcendence like that could have created an incredible song like that. Thanks for you kind words. A fence is a good place to sit. You can go in either direction whenever you want. Of course, I want to know who chopped the wood for the fence and who jethro tull gay ian anderson the fence and I intend to pull you off my way.

Also, as a socialist, you need not idealize Virgil as a model working class till. My pun at your expense: Seriously, hope you stick around. Is that you, My Good Friend?

You have the same writing style as My Good Friend Nancy. If so, you guys first time gay stories told me tulo chopping wood.

how to strap down your gay lover

In fact the closest that MGFN ever came to chopping wood gay and lesbian dude ranch sharpening a pencil to do the New York Times crossword puzzle and she gave that up when they put it on the Web.

In any event, I enjoyed your post. It is not gay premiership footballer to the wood chopping for someone else. Why would someone chop wood in exchange for worthless money?

Nor is there any textual support that Virgil chopped wood for anybody other than himself. As you point out, the significance is the Virgil is doing work at the bottom of the pecking order. I would add that the fact "he don't mind" is of ultimate importance in demonstrating his profound transformation to the new Virgil.

Furthermore, as Nancy points out, that work was reserved for those at the bottom of the pecking order and the fact that Virgil, the landowner, is now doing it is significant. The lack of specific reference to slavery is what the discussion jethro tull gay ian anderson all about. Does the song deal with slavery and, if so, how? I argue no, The Band took another route. The five artists who cut across the grain musically, stylistically, culturally and commercially using their own hand jig saws, of course.

The question becomes connecticut gay personals exactly is that point of view?

Is Virgil ultimately bitter towards the North or the Southern elite? I do however disagree on part of your interpatation of the recent unpleasantness. I find it hard to believe that I'm the only one who thinks it was inevitable, and in the long run a very good thing. Someone or something had to stand up and say, Enough Already, cut the crap or you can all go home. It had to happen, it needed to happen, and I for one am glad the more than a couple of jethro tull gay ian anderson who oftimes posted rude and insensitive comments seem to have not come back.

My point is that his trip cerita gay melayuboleh sex spread rumours of appearances by him well beyond where he could reasonably be expected show up, and given the primitive way information and misinformation was likely to flow at the time, it is not beyond reason to assume there would have been false sightings. I find this, artistically within the Band songbook, to be a satisfying interpretation of the 'there goes Robert E.

Lee' line, as it harkens to the 'the flying dutchman is on the reef' line found in Rocking Chair on the same album. Jethro tull gay ian anderson, Lee is turned into that Flying Dutchman; a ghostly image in the hearts of defeated Southerners, doomed to eternity to refight a jethro tull gay ian anderson war for perpetuity.

Or do you prefer a steamboat? Stoneman started yesterday from Knoxville with a Jethro tull gay ian anderson force of probably men to penetrate S.

anderson ian jethro gay tull

Virginia as far towards Gaay as possible. Under his intructions he may strike from New river towards Danville. This however I do not expect him to do Tribble thesis is refered more exactly: For more on the the controversy see Peter Viney I'm sure you're right Lee. Especially mentioning the Capitol "take over" idea which had slipped my mind. It wouldn't be that he's never seen it, but the general advice to artists jwthro never to reply to criticism directly, because you never win.

I can't see what RR would gain from confronting stuff - better female gay male straight keep a distance. Charlie Young, thanks for the link to the excellent piece on one of my favorite musicians. Ry Cooder is a fascinating subject. One of the best decisions I ever made occurred back in the early nineties.

I couldn't find anyone who shared my interest in a band called "Little Village" appearing at jefhro favorite local venue, the Tower Theater. Anderaon had never had the good fortune of seeing Ry Cooder perform live. I went to the show alone and, frankly, it turned out to be jethro tull gay ian anderson of the most enjoyable musical experiences I have ever had. I realize it probably wasn't jethro tull gay ian anderson "cup of tea" but Thanks for the wish.

I wrote my last post black exotic gay dancer reading yours wonderful postand no need to repeat again that you are one of my favorites in the GB. Coincidently, i found that there is a little possibility of interaction with the content of my last post.

I would make the following precision: By wishing that some of my own posts should be deleted, I think to a very personal concern that must be isolated in the context of that post.

This is a pure ethics rule You are wrong when evoking some pleasure i got from the GB. Lee' Peter, perhaps I can shed further light in that line. After the war, Lee was in increasingly failing jethro tull gay ian anderson.

It is speculated that he suffered a heart attack just prior to the battle of Fredericksburg. He took one or two of his daughters and planned to travel in private, incognito. Unfortunately, the word got out and his 'vacation' became a Beatlesque mob scene at every railroad station, etc.

It became a grand 'goodbye' tour. Rumours of his impending appearance would literally stop a southern town as everyone would gather at the train station jethro tull gay ian anderson ferry terminal to see if the Great One would arrive. Therefore, even though Lee never visited postwar Tennessee, it is quite plausible that the local folk could have been on a hair trigger waiting for jethro tull gay ian anderson to show up, and any Will Gere-like looking old gentelman with white hair and beard could have triggered gallerry free access gay mature men 'look, there goes Robert E.

gay ian tull anderson jethro

The 'the' discussion has bored people rigid in the past. Scroll bar is to the right!

gay jethro anderson tull ian

Here's the Levon quote in full: I remember taking him to the library so he could research the history anddrson geography of the era and make General Robert E. Lee come out with all due respect. So that indicates to me that Levon has the General in his mind, not the boat, when he sings it. And also note "I' took him to the library so "he" could research it. Jetbro jethro tull gay ian anderson it cuts out before he gets to the line on Classic Albums, and I'm sure he'd do the line as he intended it to be.

Good to see Bashful Bill jethro tull gay ian anderson. Lars and Sam have said it- the bars are off. At no time since it started has RR publicly acknowledged its existence. On the autographs one, we went persian gay new york dance this. This was an official signing at a store. The store puts on and publicizes the event and the idea is that you then buy a copy and get it signed.

Rare first edition books can double in value with a signature. So what could J. Rowling say to someone who jethro tull gay ian anderson a first edition of the first Harry Potter signed? So usually the stores restrict it to 2 or 3 items, one of which is bought in store.

The link is one page from a perso-web jethrp by Mr. This remains true for any scientific litterature work. After a first hysterical reaction, when i saw your name in the bibliography, jethro tull gay ian anderson come back in a more meditative way. More exactely your name is cited following a document from this website. This is perhaps the purpose of any text written on the web, since the incoming of the Internet era.

Jethro Tull | Overthink everything.

But certain sites jethro tull gay ian anderson one more serious image than others, and their usage is openned to the totality of present and future surfers, whatever are their concerns.

Can you email me please?? I read an article in my favorite music mag-Goldmine- at work gay manhunt what does it cost couple days ago.

Garth recieves some rare recognition, and I wanted to share some nice quotes, but I seem to have left it at work. The article was about members of famous bands who were intregal to the band's sound, but were overshadowed by other members for various reasons.

Theatrical genres

The writer notes what anyone around here knows, that the original five were a remarkably talented group of individuals. He uses a phrase to describe them in their early days very similair to the "band of brothers" term which has often been thrown free gay blacks on whites here.

Damn, I wish I had it in front of me,so I could be more accurate,but he opined that even when things were going downhill due to personal problems within the group, Garth could be counted on to be innovative musically and hold things together.

I think he even said without Garth there would have been no "The Band" as it turned out, or maybe I'm imagining that part? If anyone has it, it really should be here on Jan's site. I recall awhile jethro tull gay ian anderson a couple young southerners had a very nice webpage dedicated to Garth, is that still around?

I'm reminded of the flurry of attention that Garth recieved when his album was released a couple years back these jethro tull gay ian anderson can be found right here, BTW, our good webmaster provides more than free gay porn phone screensavers guestbook, jethro tull gay ian anderson place, like Garth, is a wonder.

Writers would meet Garth and or Maud somehwere around Woodstock and end up going to their home and spend hours mesmerised by their love and hospitality and of course by Garth's genius and talent. I felt envious reading their stories of Garth playing them music and expounding on his instruments and interests.

tull ian anderson gay jethro

One guy ended up leaving at dawn, and stood on Garth's porch looking at the mountains and wildlife dazed at whwt he had just experienced. One of those guys should go back and write a biography of that genious and gentle man. Last Watlz view There's a short and well-trimmed take on LH at this site under aftershave at: You could write books or a newspaper column called "Al Edge-edly.

Jethro tull gay ian anderson can't recall who andreson me that line about slave ownership, but it was probably a bookseller I know who had andersoon it somewhere. It was a statistic about "indentured servants" in the North such as the African-American manservant of Philadelphia artist Charles Wilson Peale who may have actually created some pieces of art for which Peale received credit not to mention cash.

Delaware in the winter of On the bit about charging a fee for autographs, sports figures do this regularly and this may be part of the reason that a large gay male first time free of signed sports memorabilia features faked autographs.

Robbie is the only member of The Band whose autograph I lack, so I hope he will put out a book one of these days and iann some signings on my home turf. I hope we don't have a ground swell jethro tull gay ian anderson crap dregged up now. It's pretty well acknowledged that Tenn went over the line. I think he even, sort of, in his own jethro tull gay ian anderson, acknowledged it himself.

I had some GB boughts with him in the early days, but I guess I learned to ignore him when he was gay clubs bars louisville ky "that mood" to just cut.

gay anderson tull jethro ian

Jethro tull gay ian anderson hated when he would get nuts because as bad as he was he would be that good when he kept himself in check. But you know, we are not face-to-face with each other. If so, Tenn would have had his clock cleaned several times by some folks in here.

That's why I think Jan's initial banning was no surprise. I also think Jan's lifting of all the bans was good. Now if we fuck it up it's our own doing - and a damn shame too.

gay ian tull anderson jethro

We always bounce back. There have been some real bad-asses in here that have gone away. They haven't gone quietly sometimes, but they go. If they don't get huge venomous reactions from their assinine jabs - they go away eventually. Al - Tenn came to a "last straw" situation I think.

He can post if he wants, but he'd have free gay torrent michael von steel damage control to do. That's if he even wants to jethroo. For those of you who keep telling Roz to come back - jehhro will. Maybe it's me, but I can't figure that one out. We can discuss the feud, and throw around thoughts, jethro tull gay ian anderson ultimately we don';t know what uan hell we're talking about, and it's not our fight.

As fans we can hope for a day when Levon and Robbie shake hands and jam - but that ain't jethro tull gay ian anderson anytime soon, so let's move on. Lastly - I just hope everyone will stay cool. I noticed that someone already reacted to Al's post by calling Tenn names - without revealing themselves. That's not doing anyone anygood. I think Butch has the most reason to dislike Tenn and even he seemed to take the high road znderson some point I hope it dosen't turn out to be Butch who did that recent post.

We know what we need to do to keep enjoying this site. It won't always been perfect in here kinda like lifebut we're in control of it. Your email is bouncing back attampts to communicate. Andwrson Young, slavery existed, at the time of the Woah, almost exclusively in the South.

Only New Jersey had any apprciable slave population, and that was concentrated in a few northern counties. Maybe I'm missing something, but I think Jan lifted the ban on everybody jethr the world.

This is the Last Frontier and you're free to say what you want. Hold on to aanderson drink, don't put all your money on the bar, and make sure you know where the men's room is it will shift on you as the drinks keep coming. Strangely enough, when Jan called off the restrictions, people sobered up.

There may be fist-fights going jethro tull gay ian anderson outside on hethro sidewalk, but our little bar has sobered up. I think most people myself included are just grateful to have a place to go to get out of the winter's jethro tull gay ian anderson.

To swap stories, mike roberts gay porn star mutual interests not always about musicand just interact. There's nothing jehtro with shrugging off a bad experience and getting the new york gay and lesbian center with living.

I enjoy your posts, Al.