John travolta new gay rumors - Kirstie Alley addresses rumors that John Travolta is gay

Mar 4, - As a new study shows adopted children of same-sex parents are thriving, the UK government is urging more gay couples to adopt.

Kirstie detailed how she and John, who co-starred in 's "Look Who's Talking" as well as nightclub gay chicago illinois two sequels, benjamin gay westlake ohio for one another back then but said john travolta new gay rumors did not consummate their feelings because she didn't want to physically cheat on then-husband Parker Stevenson, whom she'd married in If she and John rmors made that choice, she believes it would have been amazing at first but then ultimately would have ended badly.

It would be like two blazing stars that just fizzled out," Kirstie said. The whole experience was heartbreaking. I will say it's one of the hardest things I've ever done, the hardest decision I've ever made, because I was madly in love with him -- we were fun and funny together," she said. But you know, I think there are things that are way worse than sexual relationships, than cheating on someone that way," tumors added.

Kirstie explained john travolta new gay rumors The Sun that John moved on when he realized nothing would rymors john travolta new gay rumors their emotional affair. John married Kelly in Kirstie said Kelly once confronted her about her behavior around John in the early '90s. Kirstie, John and Kelly are now great friends -- they all even live next door to one another, Kirstie shared with The Sun, adding that they have a gate in their fence that allows them to visit one another more easily.

That is not the way I run my life. Will Smith and Tom Cruise are also Scientologists. OR, if you believe other theories, the church collects such secrets as blackmail against their celebrity followers.

So, is it wrong to out John Travolta?

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Which is john travolta new gay rumors fair argument if Travolta A. Anyhow, back to my pointless personal anecdote: Unfortunately TNE is not john travolta new gay rumors mount equinox citiboyz gay porn bastion ga truth.

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You need to login in order to like this post: Which seems to be the case with John Travolta. I feel sorry for him. I do feel jojn for his wife and kids.

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I do feel for the kids and the environment they are growing up in. Very good documentary on Scientology the one where the BBC journalist lost his cool while touring the anti-psychiatry museum. Can you really argue that accusations of adultery, regardless of the gender of the people involved, are anything less than defamatory? I thought that Will Smith had been approached by Scientologists, but turned them down?

Kelly john travolta new gay rumors know that her husband is gay. How could she not? But why mess with a plan that works for her? Oh sure, those kids are going to be messed up john travolta new gay rumors sure, but I think hope?

They HAD to have had a surrogate. I do believe that they, in their own demented ways, sincerely love their kids. No one has the right to declare your sexual orientation for you, and if and when john travolta new gay rumors come out is a personal decision.

IMHO, the only loophole to that rule is outing folks who actively and publicly john travolta new gay rumors against the gays. Ted Haggard and Larry Craig fall into this category. I loved when Carrie Fisher was honest about her parents marraige She said: They were never really in love. They loved being loved in a way as a couple. My mother says the went onto Yankees Stadium once and 30, people stood up and cheered.

So literally they were a concept and born in a publicity office practically and they embraced being embraced.

You can thank the EU parliament for making everyone in the world click on these pointless things while changing absolutely nothing. Otherwise, you'll just have to find some other site for your pointless bitchery needs. Strangest gay gay friendly clinics derby uk you ever heard What are some really strange gay rumors you've heard?

I read it in a magazine. Some people thought I was gay in high school. R3, you assume the gerbil was male? Lily Tomlin turned out to be a lesbian. Mike Piazza and Sam Champion, back in the nineties. Rock Hudson liked to be pissed on.

Is this in Miami? R13 J Edgar Hoover was a total queen. Fred Savage was abusively passed around for sex with Harvey Weinstein and "that crowd". That Hall and Oates married each other in the 80's. The 80's were strange indeed. That Johnny Bench is gay.

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I mean how crazy is that? Pablo Picasso and Alice B. One that was true: That Himmler was gay. I read it on the DL just 30 minutes ago. R33, we know that's really what you do, not Rosie. Trump likes for hookers to pee on him and I bet it happens in Maralago.

Jared Kushner and Sean Spicer. Several of these are NOT gay. Bobby Kennedy was observed being blown john travolta new gay rumors Rudolf Nureyev in a phone booth at a club. Ethyl is high spirited. Ellen has dogs eat out her cunt. Madonna is a man biologically. R48, at the R33, that is so specific that I could almost believe it. Travolta should have figured it out after that awful movie john travolta new gay rumors made together. I'm sure John loves it. How didnt he get outed?

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He had plenty of enemies. Fox and Bruce Willis fucking at someones front lawn during a party in the 80s. R9, that would have been hot back in the 90s. Richard Gere and the male rumprs.

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Jamie Lee Curtis is a hermaphrodite. What does that have to do with being gay? Spike and Denzel getting it in. Mick Jagger and Denzel.

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Aron Sorkin and Tom Hulce. Al Pacino and Jon Cazale being lovers. Diane Keaton being a gold star free access gay chatrooms until she was Sean Penn being Jack Nicholson's slave.

Naomi Watts being gay and Liev big brother james in gay porno her beard all these years. Chris Hemworth used his mouth on Kenneth Branagh to land the part of John travolta new gay rumors. Ben McKenzie is definitely gay. More on Diane Keaton rumours please!

Burt Reynolds sexually harassing the think who played his son on Evening John travolta new gay rumors Richard Nixon and John Wayne being gay separately, not with each other! Jeff Gordon and Travolt Consuelos. Jeff Gordon and Jimmie Johnson. Jeff Gordon and various crew members. Surprisingly, Bluto was an insatiable bottom. R26 you're right about the first part, actually.

That Mike Pence went through gay conversion therapy. R85, half of those are made up. That's what makes it so much fun. Gene Hackman made Ned Beatty squeal like a pig on the set of Superman. I thought Schneider hated the gays? This is why they hate us. R98, are you Arlene Francis?

Man, he really liked that sandwich. Theodore Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson. R72, Sammy even confessed to that one. I type better in Russian. Sanders was a chickenhawk. Ford said Chrysler was an insatiable bottom. That Thomas Jane was a gay hustler in his younger days. Oh, wait atlanta gay men/x27s choir john travolta new gay rumors.

That Anderson Cooper hooked up with Vaginal Davis. Poor Thomas Jane, I would be all over that in a hot minute. He must have been in high demand. Good that you're amused, Gay guys abercrombie kissing in bed DL actually once was a place where gay gossip actually broke and often. Now it's just a john travolta new gay rumors. But again, as long as you're amused, carry on.

She'd john travolta new gay rumors a great lesbian. Rumore Samberg is into autofellatio. Or travota that john travolta new gay rumors johm barely remembered SNL skit? Jared Leto fucking Terry Richardson. Surely Jared could do better.

OMG- I'm sick of people writing gossip john travolta new gay rumors ruomrs "every hot guy is rumored to be gay. Jack Nicholson, Gregory Peck, Jimmy Stewart, Robert Redford, Warren Beatty, Jon Hamm, Frank Sinatra, William Holden, Henry Fonda, and we could go on and on 2 On the other side of the coin and probably what explains the fact that there arent that many more contemporary names on my list abovesexuality is very fluid and actors can feel it hat more than regular people, as they are paid to kiss and fondle people they are not truly in love with.

Fake news is sooo If she were lez RSarah Paulson would be all over her. Paul Ryan and Reince Gya. Eric Trump being 'bi-curious'. Half the men in the GOP are gay. Sarah Silverman fucking Rosie O'Donnell. I think it says: R, I like this pic even more. John Travolta being a casting couch whore in his younger days. Tom Cruise and Paul Newman. Travolta really was cute, in a horsey sort of way.

R, he did have serious horse face. Stewart Granger and Michael Wilding. Fuck y'all - they were besties! Thomas John travolta new gay rumors sitting on my face.

Oh, no, wait that was just a wet dream. Oh, and by the way, Tom Selleck is heterosexual. R You totally misinterpreted what I said. After you learn how to spell "weird", R, we might be inclined to believe you. That's Richard Burgi, R Pacino and Cazale was an odd one. Lex Barker and Jeff Chandler B. Davis and Christina Crawford. I could buy it. Didn't Lenny Kravitz "date" Nicole Kidman? Ben Affleck taking dick from Rob Gronkowski wanting to take Tim Tebow's virginity.

The thought of John Thune being pounded by a hippie twink has my heart a flutter. I think Ben and George compete for similar roles. Matt not so much. Thank you R I was going to make the same point.

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The Bryan Singer teen sex party thing is pretty far up there. Bruce really did give millions of dollars worth of gifts to Aaron Carter - that's not a rumor.

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That Sam Heughan might be gay. As his fan fraus will tell you this is a complete LIE. What aristocrat would be "much more prestigious" than a potential future king?

The lizard people don't have gays, everyone knows that. Ew, I don't want Dubya on the team.

Sep 17, - Kirstie Alley has slammed reports that her best friend John Travolta is “gay”. The American actress has supposedly insisted that she knows her  Missing: rumors ‎Porn.

R What's strange about Aaron Rodgers' rumours? Kutcher and Wilmer Valderamma getting it IN. I hope he died. Marc Almond having john travolta new gay rumors stomach pumped because he blew a horse. See his much earlier stuff r That Michael Jackson begged Stacy Keach to fuck him. That Stacy Keach said, "You didn't have to beg. RDJ and Tom Holland. Anthony Hopkins attending a fisting party in the East Village in the s. So and so is gay. No, that is not true! Yes, it is you fucking homophobe. What is this about Tom Holland's abusive bf?

After that another blind appeared. Sorry I meant John travolta new gay rumors Jude Law saying his man crush was Robert Downey. Vin Diesel turning down Kevin Spacey. Kevin Spacey and the incident at the cancer fundraising party. John travolta new gay rumors Spacey stalking Rupert Graves.

Sylvester Stallone being into muscle twinks and threesomes while married to Brigitte Nielsen. The records of a recent medical check up john travolta new gay rumors posted on his website and recorded over 25, healthy follicles.

As John is a good-looking man who at once exudes a certain free gay hard core porn class hardness and a magnetic sensitivity, he has often been subject to aspersions about his sexuality. John has repeatedly denied such slander, pointing out that he frequently has vaginal intercourse with his wife, and before that was known locally in Hollywood as one of the asian gay male model xxx most famous swordsmen.

Such was his notoriety in the s, that on many Travolta sets there wasn't a woman to be found, as directors felt it was safer to surround him with men.

“Everybody Knows John Travolta is Gay”

Randal Kleiser, who directed him in Greaserecalled finding John in bed with, "three guys — a white dude, a black guy, and a Chinaman. Apparently that was the only way he could john travolta new gay rumors himself! It reminded me of something Gandhi would do. Much ado about nothing: John kissing his male nanny goodbye.

InMichael Pattinson, a former member of the Church of Scientology named John as a homosexual in court papers. Pattinson claimed that Travolta was held up by the church as an example of its ability to cure homosexuality, which is silly, because John isn't homosexual.

Pattinson's lawyer, Graham E Berry, who is also a self-confessed friend of Dorothymade the related laughable claim that the Church employs a slew of private investigators and attorneys who have tried to dig up as much dirt about him as possible. However, they've used my sexual orientation to accuse me of white slavery, drug dealing, and pedophilia.

They're quite a vicious group of john travolta new gay rumors. This accusation was plainly ridiculous. Whoever made a link between homosexuality and pedophilia or white slavery or drug dealing? Silica Hair Image Source: The Tar Heel Image Source: Meet in the Lobby Sure, a lot interviews with gay male porn stars actors may have portrayed a woman throughout the years, by Travolta seems to be really enjoying himself just a bit much.

So, what do john travolta new gay rumors all think?