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Tye welcomed Oprah to his home to watch music videos, talk about the music At midnight last Monday, a new law went into effect allowing same sex marriages. . Games, crafts, face painting, and other activities are scheduled as well as.

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It is also lws to have a good estate plan if you live, plan to move to, or have property in a state that does not recognize same-sex marriage. The general rule with estate planning is to review your estate plan every five years.

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For same-sex couples, they should revisit their estate plan whenever there are major changes in the law or major changes in their lives. Almost every same-sex couple can benefit from consulting a anv attorney who is well-versed in issues affecting same-sex families.

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An LGBT family law attorney can assist you with all of the recommendations above, as well as provide other advice applicable to your particular situation. In Washington State, McKinley Irvin has years of experience providing counsel to same-sex couples in the areas of marriage, divorce, custody, estate planning, assisted reproduction, and relationship agreements.

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Utah prohibits unmarried couples from fostering. Alabama, Michigan, North Dakota, South Dakota, Texas, and Virginia permit state-licensed child welfare agencies to deny foster and adoption services to youth and families. South Carolina's governor issued an executive order permitting a religiously-based adoption agency receiving taxpayer dollars to discriminate.

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Adoption non-discrimination laws protect LGBT parents from laws against gay and lesbian adoption by adoption agencies and officials. Some states permit state-licensed child welfare agencies to refuse to place and provide services to children and families, including LGBT people and same-sex againt, if doing so conflicts with their religious beliefs.

Access to joint adoption may require being in a legally recognized relationship, such as marriage, civil union, or domestic partnership.

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Stepparent adoption laws require the parents be married, while second-parent adoption laws do not. This map indicates availability of second parent adoption for same-sex couples whose relationships are not legally recognized.

Availability of stepparent adoption is limited to couples who enter into legally recognized relationships in states that offer lwsbian recognition.

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In New York, the new marriage law contains a clause allowing religious groups to deny "accommodations, advantages, facilities or privileges" to same-sex couples. That should allow church-affiliated adoption agencies to deal only with heterosexual couples, avoiding the legal controversies that have flared in other states, Rumbold said.

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Same-sex adoptions in New York date towhen a state court lesbixn cleared the way for all unmarried couples to adopt. But not all cases went smoothly.

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College professor Peri Rainbow and her wife, Tamela Sloan, went through the process of adopting a daughter, Cecelia, from foster care nine gzy ago, when the girl was 6. I can't recall the exact questions at this point, but they were quite offensive.

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The couple was informed before the adoption was finalized that it would not go through. They had altered legal forms by crossing out the phrases "adoptive mother" and "adoptive father" with "adoptive parents," she said.

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On the advice of a lawyer, the couple resisted urge to sue. Instead, Rainbow filed papers to adopt Cecelia. Sloan filed separate adoption papers. Rainbow and Sloan have already been married in Canada but plan to renew their vows in New York.

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And they are still raising Cecelia, now The full adoptio of gay-marriage laws on adoption will probably become clearer over coming decades, as society becomes more gay-friendly and younger couples adopt the familiar patterns of dating, engagement, marriage and child-rearing, said Gates, the demographer. A Census Bureau survey showed no evidence of an increase in the percentage of same-sex couples adopting in Massachusetts after that state legalized gay marriage in But the sample was so small — only about couples — that estimates are very imprecise, Gates ,aws.

Same-sex marriage is illegal in Russia.

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The decree was signed Monday and published on a government website Thursday. It went into adn Wednesday, state-funded television network Russia Today reported, but CNN couldn't immediately confirm that.

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The portion affecting singles appears to stem from concerns Russian lawmakers have publicly expressed that single prospective adoptive parents could turn out to be gay and enter a same-sex marriage in their home countries.

Lsebian ban would appear to affect citizens in the more than a dozen countries that allow same-sex marriage.

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The move comes about a year after Russian lawmakers passed a bill banning adoptions to the United States.