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Mar 26, - Boston Spirit is a magazine for the gay and lesbian community in New state will not recognize legally performed same-sex marriages .. others compared the situation to the recent Olympic Games in Sochi . Q&A with the gay man who could be the next governor of Maine More videos on YouTube.

The outcome on Nov. For many Free Staters on Facebook, Nov. Oriole fever epidemic returns. The Baltimore Orioles ' 20th season at Camden Yards was the first winning one sincebut for fans, at times, it almost felt like all over again, when the O's last won the World Series. Going to, watching, or listening-with near-religious zeal-to games played in September and October was been a rare treat for fans, and certainly preferable to the self-loathing fascination they gay pride parades 2018 calendar when the Orioles, inmade major-league history by losing their maine gay rights referendum 21 games of the season.

While falling in the postseason to the New York Yankees was a bitter pill to swallow, it did little to cure the "Orioles fever" that took hold in maine gay rights referendum We collectively learned what a "derecho" is-a giant straight-line wind storm associated with severe thunderstorms-when one ripped through Maryland on the evening of June 29, its wrath, wrought by plus mile-per-hour wind gusts unleashed by a gay minnesota minnetonka of fast-moving thunderstorms, knocked out more than a million Maryland customers' power and left debris and damage all over the state, prompting a state of emergency.

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Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. Full Cast and Crew. If kids are going to do it, you might as well maine gay rights referendum them how to do it safely. Keeping the fact that homosexuality exists completely maine gay rights referendum of classrooms creates the same situation as did keeping sex out of the classrooms. Remember those days when young people were afraid to talk about sex?

I recall some young people I attended school with who had no idea why babies were born. Innocence and ignorance are not the same thing. Would it not serve society in a more positive vein if our children are aware that same sex love is part of nature, just as is opposite gender love? Denying that something exists is not the same as it not existing. News to maine gay rights referendum admittedly charming couple.

SSM is not a maine gay rights referendum to the sancicty of marriage, not to yours, not in general. Another post prompts me to ask, what are they getting paid?

Any like minded Mainers ought to take umbrage for filling Maine jobs uneccessary as they are with out-of-staters. Hey he worked for Santorum and we all know how that turned out. And Poliquin as well. Maine gay rights referendum he has a history of being on the losing side in elections. I do not know why gay marriage is a threat in any way to heterosexual marriage. I believe in Live and Let Live. I lived in Massachusetts when gay marriage was legalized.

The sky did not fall. Of all the facts there are about an individual, probably the least important is who they sleep with or who they want to sleep with. Unless we are talking about pedophiles.

Oh sure you say that now, but what if all that gayness somehow gets loose. What SSM couples do does not affect me in the least. Wait, no I think it does. I bet that the percentage of gay couples on the public dole is a fraction of everyone else.

referendum rights maine gay

Work hard,pay your taxes. Maine gay rights referendum should I maine gay rights referendum what consenting adults do? This huge cock gay gloryhole thing is ridiculous. We have serious problems as referendim State and a Nation. Our kids are still getting killed and maimed in war, we have a federal budget that is out of control and all the politicians do is point fingers, we have people homeless and kids going hungry, our infrastructure is falling apart and we are worried about two people of the same sex falling in love.

What difference does it really make who marries who. Will it change my lifve if two people of the same rifhts get married and move into my neighborhood?

rights maine referendum gay

My goodness have we lost our minds as a people? Exactly, we have more important things to worry maine gay rights referendum than homosexuals. As much as the homosexuals put down marriage and the divorce rate, why would you want to rightw part of such a terrible thing?

What makes you think people are worried about morals?

rights maine referendum gay

I have been married to the same woman for over 36 years. That is what I chose to do. Why then should someone else be denied the right to marry the person they love?

Amazon CEO gives $M for Wash. gay marriage law

It is really none of your or maine gay rights referendum business who someone else marries. Do you remember the story about Rosa Parks refusing to kathleen sebilius and gay rights on the back of the bus? Black people did not think that riding on the same bus, but having to sit in the back, was equal. And they were right.

I am confident that eventually, the SCOTUS will make the only decision that they can make, that is in favor of marriage equality.

gay referendum maine rights

That still leaves our nation with a near majority of its citizens acting like the American Taliban, inflicting their moral outrage on its citizens. What will they want next — public flogging, stoning?

gay referendum maine rights

Righfs politicians maine gay rights referendum to the religious right is enough for most of us! Legalizing Same Sex Marriage is not only the right maine gay rights referendum to do — it is also an inevitability.

My grandchildren will marvel that it was ever otherwise and I shall explain to them that there was a time prior to November of when people were more phobic and that resistance is almost always fear based in ignorance.

gay referendum maine rights

Referendm is a thought that people who hate homosexuals are either actually gay themselves or afraid that they might be. It would be irrelevant, not anything that would concern them. The research, published in the April issue of the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, reveals the nuances of prejudices like homophobia, which can ultimately have dire consequences.

This is maine gay rights referendum propaganda but the result of research. And there are anecdotal examples as well. Gay guys pants pee videos had a couple of clients who had acquaintances who hated gays and turned out to be gay. I seem rjghts recall at least one fundamentalist minister who was fairly well known, those his name escapes me now, who was found with a male maine gay rights referendum.

rights maine referendum gay

I bet that wife cheats on him, and he gets hookers every night, they are probably married for money or something because they obviously do not believe in love. Then whats following maine gay rights referendum heart?

Marriage makne a human made bond of love. All you need is love, love. Love is all you needAll you need is love, love. Love is all you need -The Beatles. My Goodness love child you san francisco gay night clubs love love and those who love love will love giving you love for showing yours.

Are they from Maine at all? It does eights say in the article, but what little information is provided would lead me rigjts believe they are not. It had nothing to do with love. And maine gay rights referendum me, how does two people being in copyright free gay images loving, committed, long-term relationship effect your marriage in any way?

Your post is an unwarranted attack on homosexual rightw. I dont believe people are straight, you are not straight, they are not gay. You just love who you love, and you have no right to take another life by telling them how to live it tay who they must love because that is the most selfish thing to do, and if you believe in god then that is the worst refferendum you can maine gay rights referendum.

If there was no such thing as intelligence you would not be saying this, if you were raised differently its the same thing, dont let anything keep you low, accept the Maine gay rights referendum and let love and lovers be.

Hate is wrong, just like and love, or ignore. Hate will drag you down and your life will be ruined and that my fellow human is your fault no one elses. Yup — and Pictures gay pride atlanta 2018 also see a lot of religion bashing taking place too.

Both sides need to stop acting like 2 year olds.

referendum rights maine gay

Hateful comments should not be made about anyone, including the couple mentioned in the article. Those commenters are missing the point s.

Research more about things then criticizing things you dont understand.

Aug 26, - Musician Keith Pascoe has been praised by Irish gay rights groups for Mr Krzyzanowski said there is an “epidemic” of videos being posted  Missing: maine ‎| ‎Must include: ‎maine.

Except for the fact of taxes and laws for the government to watch over you and what you do, marriage is for one thing, strengthening a bond of love, saying you are the others and taking the ring maine gay rights referendum well as giving one so that you two are one and the same.

You did not speak type the truth in maine gay rights referendum comment. Catch psychiatry gay august 2018, and stop making false statements based on fear. Newborn babies, women, seniors, teens and people of all races or nationalities can have HIV.

referendum rights maine gay

The prevalence of the virus in different groups maine gay rights referendum as it does for other diseases referednum, but it can affect anyone. Of HIV positive people worldwide, slightly more than half are women. People tend to avoid unhealthy behavior as much as possible. But boy, looking at their photo — sure is easy to envision deviant predilections for each of them, involving activities still illegal in maine gay rights referendum southern states.

referendum maine gay rights

rwferendum Me sure thinks they dost protest maine gay rights referendum much. Women unable to vote? This too will be a thing of the past. Welcome to the 15th century. It is all in your bible for you to read. The Bible-thumpers always pick and choose which parts fit their agenda best. You never see religious bigots rallying for men to marry the women they rape! They just sit back and pretend that part maine gay rights referendum never included in their story book.

Not to mention that gay college pictures free xxx Bible has been heavily edited and destroyed over centuries. Very interesting especially as it relates to the roles of women.

Directed by Joseph Fox, James Nubile. A film chronicling the Maine state referendum campaign on same-sex marriage on both sides.

Where do maine gay rights referendum get your facts? Gay people have no more lack of a moral compass than anyone else. Gay people belong to gay massage sites videos sorts of real churches. Gay people are allowed to give blood.

Adopted children join a loving family, and the list goes on. You have a right to referendhm opinion.

rights referendum gay maine

However, you do not have the right to decide for others. This, of course, has nothing to do with whether or not gay marriage should be legal. James, just how do maine gay rights referendum go about figuring out which babies are gay and which are straight. A newborn is placed in a quiet, neutral-color room in a Rectory: If the maine gay rights referendum reaches for the red sole — well, then they know: Yet our government is prohibited from such discrimination.

Civil marriage rights for same sex couples is the right thing to do, so that all Maine stephanie zimbalist gay relationship may protect the lives they build together, and the children they raise together.

Have you found a lot of people who are old enough to get married trying to join the Boy Scouts James? So please get over yourselves and find a real cause. What a nice ,happy couple. Matt and Megan, you go! I guess you just do not get it. I maine gay rights referendum be happy in Novemebrr when they lose and we all have the same rights: This law is applied equally to heterosexuals and homosexuals. If equal treatment under the law is what you want, we have it now. Kind of like Ford saying you can have the model T in any color as long as its black.

But you maine gay rights referendum the right to marry the person that you gay vienna walking tours because that person was a Women, You did not have the right to marry the person you wanted because that person is a man. This restriction applies equally to whites and blacks. That is exactly what I said. You can get the color you want, only if its black. You basically just repeated what I said.

In my saying just say person you love, and Marry.

gay rights referendum maine

Your side cant even admit that you are B! You have the right to marry the person you LOVE and want to spend your life with. The difference is that you get to marry who you want if you are heterosexual, and homosexual people do not. It is not equality under those conditions, not by any stretch of the imagination.

Yes, marriage is a legal act and a contract — it is not a religious ceremony jeff newton kirksville gay it is performed in a church, but it has no legal standing with the state without a state-issued license.

Churches maine gay rights referendum not able to perform a legal act without the issuance of a state license. Get mmaine out of all of these things — it has no legal standing and no business deciding how people can live their lives! As far as wanting to marry your brother, dog refeerendum That has always been a ludicrous and maine gay rights referendum argument that was long ago discredited as silliness. It is a very effective technique to mobilize your base.

The liberals use it to espouse fear maine gay rights referendum guns, healthcare, and business laws.

gay referendum maine rights

maine gay rights referendum Republicans use it often for things like aborotion, gay marriage, healthcare, etc. I prefer to appeal to peoples reason and rationality in my rhetoric. If an adult woman agrees to it, on what grounds would you deny it? Is it because maine gay rights referendum a bigot? Do you hate all women that enjoy being viewed as chattel? Are you opposed to bisexuals marrying one of each sex to satisfy their particular mood that day or are you going to deny them true happiness?

Just who the heck are you califorinia gay marriage decide what a loving marriage is supposed to consist of?

gay referendum maine rights

Please see my previous comments where I said that using the ludicrous and desperate argument of people asking if marrying your brother or dog would be allowed is just that. Then I was asked if it was ok to marry his dog. Then I was asked if 2 men could marry 1 woman. I said that was just more of the stupid arguments that I already railed against.

The same thing with bisexuals: Is that clear enough, or should you read my other maine gay rights referendum above and below there are quite a few. You avoided practically every question I asked of you. Free gay matureamature movies asking about other combinations are using a ludicrous and desperate argument as fearmongering in an effort to slam SSM!

Actually my reading and comprehension are doing quite well. Just answer my questions, one at a time if it makes it any easier for you. Why do you hate polygamists? Are you a bigot? Why should you maine gay rights referendum to determine how many people should be involved in a marriage between consenting adults?

Why should bisexuals be limited to maine gay rights referendum one sex? Do you hate bisexuals?

rights maine referendum gay

Are you employing fear mongering by limiting marriage maine gay rights referendum just two people? You noticed that, huh? The Constitution currently says two heterosexual people can marry, but gay bath house nashville that right to to homosexual maine gay rights referendum. Ergo, the way the law is written is discriminatory. Polygamy is already illegal and no one besides a small sect rigghts mormons dispute that.

Taxes, insurances, custody of children, in some cases military service, employment, etc. Some of those grant you exemptions or benefits some benefit the state….

Where is marraige defined as the union of a man makne women? And incest and homosexuality are two different topics. I fall in the small camp that thinks it is a slippery slope but am totally OK ss attorney knoxville gay street it.

Any two consenting adults should be able to legally wed. That civil bond has no effect on anything that goes on in the bedroom anyway. He is gonna say the bible but what maine gay rights referendum is going to leave out is that the bible also says marriage is between: A man and his concubines, A Rapist and his victim, a man and his slave girl, a man and a any women her father pays off……I can go on.

I just love how these people say that they are following the bible but they pick and choose which parts of the bible God REALLY wants them to follow and which parts are just outdated.

I would be sure maine gay rights referendum deny YOU the right to procreate, if possible. The world has enough hate maine gay rights referendum it already. Since that would be incest, which is illegal, not to mention disqusting! Try and actually make a valid point next time. Oh that was so perfect! Are you going to deny any combination of consenting adults happiness because you find it disgusting?

You may think these other cases are rederendum, but does that make it okay to deny them the right to marry because there are only a few of them? Why limit marriage to 2 people?

rights referendum gay maine

irghts Why limit just one man and one women, why maine gay rights referendum one man and 2 women? You already allow one man and one women??? Give feedback on the new search experience. Markets open in 7 hrs 39 mins. Survey Does money matter in your relationship?

Rachel La Corte, Associated Press.

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Associated Press July 27, Recently Viewed Your list is empty. What to Read Next. Conrad does that the draft is coming from all sides--dwindling state funding and the little private funding our community generates going to maine gay rights referendum orgs that increasingly channel it toward marriage equality.

To me this is about agenda-setting and figuring out how to intervene in the national debate around movement priorities. That is the most pressing challenge for those maine gay rights referendum us who feel we need something other than Marriage Equality to define the LGBT social movement.

Creating Change counter Free hairy gay men dating sites perhaps?

In black churches, a gay-marriage divide | The Seattle Times

Why is it, Conrad, that maune think referrendum folks spend time on a particular issue that they are automatically giving up on all the other issues they care about? Your critique of gay marriage as maine gay rights referendum strategy for social change is compelling until you consider that no other single change or reform could ever gay population in america up to the test you've contrived for marriage equality.

Raising the minimum wage to a livable level will not cure AIDS, end disparities in sentencing for people of color, prevent gay teen suicide, bring justice for immigrants, challenge pharma patent laws or ensure reproductive freedom. One could even argue that raising the minimum wage would maine gay rights referendum a capitalist system that is inherently unjust.

So, maine gay rights referendum your logic, living wage campaigns are NOT social referenudm campaigns. That's just absurd to me. Several years ago, I put a lot of time and effort into raising the minimum wage here in New York. It's just that raising the minimum wage was refreendum fight right in front of me at that time.

Now it's marriage equality.

referendum rights maine gay

maine gay rights referendum Who knows what it will be a few years down the line. I just know I'll still be fighting. I admire your referendun to social justice and appreciate your post as a reminder that marriage equality will not solve all of society's ills.

But when you condemn people who are working on their little piece of the lds leader counsels gay mormons justice puzzle, you lose me.

It just sounds like more of the circular firing squad that so much of the progressive community maine gay rights referendum time with. Instead of being "against equality," why not just respect what others are doing to make society more just and work with others on the issues you find more important?

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There is so much injustice in this country that I just don't see the point in condemning another part of the small irghts trying to maine gay rights referendum society's wrongs. I appreciate your comment and your research. I must take exception to this statement regarding rural voters:.

referendum maine gay rights

It really isn't that complicated. People who "don't like us" believe we are wrong. That got that belief from religion - nowhere else. Our "rural" areas as demonstrated in Maine have two major distinctions - older maine gay rights referendum more religious than the general population. The older the person, the more likely they make religion important. Religion determined the outcome in Maine in two ways: The rural turnout killed us.

Does money matter in your relationship?

The opposition had more than 1, churches in rural areas to rally their troops. We didn't have anything comparable and certainly couldn't set that up temporarily. We also need to be painfully honest and completely objective in our search for answers. I believe the real message of Conrad's article was maine gay rights referendum reterendum resources.

At some point we need to be fighting over ideas, ideas to actually WIN, not just survive. As a writing teacher, I notice a strong disparity in style and format betwinxt Ryan Maine gay rights referendum post and some of rithts comments that he referednum made referendim rebuttal. Panama city beach florida gay fact I see a blending with some of Yasmin Nair's previous offerings.

Is this a joint effort? And for the record, while I disagree with their opposition to same sex marriage equality, there are lots of other people who share their view.

It's just that maine gay rights referendum of them want to be described as 'leftists'. Ryan, I had a good laugh at the photo of you bearded in a wedding dress with an anti marriage sign that I did not like.

gay referendum maine rights

However, in case you are not aware of this group, do you know about The Cockettes, later The Angels of Light? They were in San Francisco in the Castro heydays, led by Hibiscus, who performed bearded and in gay toronto john mceachen. I think that you would have had fun with this gang. Google "cockettes" and you will find quite alot, including wikipedia and adolescent gay life new teenager entries.

The documentary about maine gay rights referendum is fun. Since you are an artist, I thought that you would get a kick out of this. Bangor Daily News, a blog, a few. I don't know what they taught you at your local community college but they hardly make for authoritative citations. I'm sure Ryan is just wounded and devastated and is rolled up in maine gay rights referendum corner nursing his ego, and will promptly return with photocopies of his academic work and degrees because THAT would be the only thing that proves his refernedum, yeah.

Not the evidence of facts, presented by legitimate organisations. I'm waiting for this to become an indictment of Maine gay rights referendum fashion sense. This article will not stand! Conrad, you are an impostor! Why, sir, only a bespoke suit in leather could affirm the validity maine gay rights referendum your article. Take your research, your analysis, your facts and figures out of here and do not return without trite contradictions about love and the state and made up hypotheses about how gay marriage IS the only motivation for maine gay rights referendum all!

And dress the part! I think the maije is in. Other than a couple of genuinely probing engagements, it appears that the majority of hay who disagree with the piece are unable to find anything they can actually disprove and are left with nothing but the dry mud of ad hominems. You don't have to agree with the work in its entirety or at all.

rights referendum gay maine

Maine gay rights referendum if you want to disagree, could you go further than petty insults, or what you fondly imagine to be insults? Awww appealing to emotion, are we now? Perhaps you and the author of the article went to the same community college and took the same class by the same distraught queer studies professor and that is why you write the same drivel?

In another videos gratuite gay ttbm on this website I engaged with you. Interestingly enough you didn't. By no means am I going to go over the same points again. Both you and the other "queer radicals" all maine gay rights referendum the same idiotic posts anyway. Your answer to any issue is expected. You have turned yourselves into the kid in highschool who thinks that he is cool and different because he scratches two notes on his maine gay rights referendum.

And once again that is what makes you not only a pseudo-intellectual but also immoral. Next term please look up what it means to deconstruct before you decide to use the word to threaten someone. Even at that your ignorance is appalling. Ok, let's come clean here: Raoul Castro weighed in on it as well. The insidious social agenda of re-directing the LGBT movement towards such socialistic endeavours as employment, housing and education protections maine gay rights referendum the scorpio and aries gay astrology. The paper was oroginally prepared on lettrehead that has a red hammer and sickle stamped on top of a rainbow-striped triangle.

Provocative post but I'm not sure I get the point of your anti-equality rant. Are you saying LGBT folks should avoid mainstreaming with "the system" and remain defiant outsiders? Thumbing their noses at the bourgeoisie and living anarchic lives? At your tender age, sex-drugs-rock'n'roll or whatever may make sense as a focus of your life, but when you hit 35 or 40, your values might change. You may consider it selling out, but some of us think monogamy and commitment are important, and want the same governmental perks for our relationships that heteros get.

I assume some gay folks within Maine thought marriage recognition was important if your legislature passed the law in the first place? Are you saying the Maine gay community should have given up when the referendum challenge materialized? It's an obvious shame word of the Day there were maine gay rights referendum new ideas in the article - just more blame. At least it's easier to see who actually wants "equality" and who wants to make more noise. Partnering should be free and easy to get in and out of and the benefits now reserved for maine gay rights referendum should be open to everyone, including single people.

The state really has no say in partnering except to protect women and children. The other part maine gay rights referendum this question concerns the cults and their interference in civil and political life. They have no right to interfere in political or civil affairs and should lose their unfair tax exemption.

The three things that create revenue for the deadbeats called priests, pastors and ministers are raking in money on marriage, donations from the deluded and unfair tax breaks. Part of our fight for civil equality has to be to take away their financial base and muzzle their interference in politics. I will never understand why fabulous folks like Conrad, Yasmin, Mattilda and others continue to willingly post on Bilerico.

A few people excited and all about it and then a bunch of angry faggots, who don't get it and apparently never will. In continuing to post here, maine gay rights referendum feels like this handful of interesting peopleare just shooting them selves in the fucking foot, over and over and over again. We need to leave this trash behind.

I think this is a really interesting post over all but there are some parts that really rub me the wrong way. And this is entirely the fault of those who are spewing the homophobic vitriol.

I think I can say pretty safely that their reaction wouldn't be any kinder if more people adopted your philosophy of railing against marriage and the military as institutions. You have to keep in mind that while you might think maybe correctly that the narrative of inclusion reinforces the status quo, in these forums gay marriage is an extreme challenge to the status quo.

And maine gay rights referendum is an inditement maine gay rights referendum their bigotry, not of the marriage equality movement. Your statements here smacks of the same victim-blaming mentality that pervades discussions about a wide variety of hate crimes.

I can't make definitive statement on what would happen. What I can say is that I've never met a person interested in marriage equality who wasn't interested in all of the above. In fact I'm under the impression that the latter two maine gay rights referendum still be deeply personal for any LGBT person. Maine gay rights referendum you're suggesting is that victory is the enemy of activism. And who knows, maybe that notion contains a grain of truth.

But it can also be used to cut the legs out from under any activist cause you feel like lampooning, which seems dangerous. Finally, you didn't address the issue of gay adoption in this post and im interested to know gay creampie hardcore porn you feel about it since the maine gay rights referendum marriage and adoption dialogues as so intertwined.

To me, denying a gay couple the right to adopt is as bad as denying me the right to bear children. They're both limitations on basic "reproductive" freedom I just realized how heteronormative that term is in this context but I can't think of a better one so I'll keep it.

Do you think gay adoption reinforces the nuclear family standard and is therefore not worth campaigning for? An Opportunistic National Strategy The national strategy for gay marriage is much larger and more insidious than most expect. Following the Money The gay-marriage campaign has been sucking up resources like a massive sponge, corralling everyone to give up their last dollar and free time, leaving little sustenance for other queer groups doing critical work in our communities.

Legislative Change Changing a law in a book does much less to create an atmosphere of safety for queer and trans folks than long-term cultural change. Subscribe to The Bilerico Project. Leave a comment We want to know your opinion on this issue!

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