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This past fall, after local media broke the news that the wrestlers had been kicked off the team, Manning, Osborne and other Nebraska officials were tight-lipped about the incident.

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They issued a vague press announcement and hinted that Donahoe and Jordan had some prior issues, but didn't provide details. The university refused ESPN's public records request for documents related to Donahoe's violation and its correspondence with the NCAA, citing the school's interpretation of a federal law designed to shield students' grades. nude gay wrestling photos

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Lincoln police records show Donahoe was arrested on April 13,for hosting a loud house party and becoming confrontational with police officers. In a separate incident on March 28,officers cited him for having an open container of alcohol in a vehicle.

Donahoe gzy had two notable fights with his now former girlfriend, one resulting in multiple calls from her cell phone.

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Donahoe and the ex-girlfriend present conflicting accounts about what happened, and no criminal charges were filed. But in at least nude gay wrestling photos case, the relationship caused another problem for the coaching staff: The girlfriend placed frantic calls to two of the coaches -- around 4: At the time he was finally kicked off the team, Donahoe was already nude gay wrestling photos suspension gay film festival arizona another NCAA violation, this one coming after he and a few other wrestlers sold the iPods they received as official gifts at the Big 12 tournament.

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I mean, other than that, I tend to stay out of trouble. Donahoe says he didn't see the harm in showing off his body for a little extra money, nor nude gay wrestling photos he think anyone back in Nebraska would find out. When they did, Donahoe says Manning initially told him to "get those pictures off the Wrwstling an indication, the way Donahoe sees it, that perhaps the school was going to try to control the damage already done. When his coach, his father figure, booted him off the team over what Donahoe thought were a few harmless photos, the young big cocks young gay boys felt phtoos.

And me posing on a homosexual Web site -- I guess they don't nude gay wrestling photos that werstling he says. Donahoe says he is straight, as does Jordan, and suggests the mere association with hardcore interracial gay gay Web site was too much to handle for the university -- and especially for Osborne, a devout Christian and former Republican congressman.

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I mean, it's not illegal to get naked and take pictures," he says. Other Nebraska athletes have committed more serious transgressions -- body builder free gay video people, put people's lives photod danger -- and didn't photps dismissed, he says.

That precedent, according to Donahoe, goes back to what he's heard about Osborne's coaching days in the s, when the football program experienced controversy over players such as Lawrence Phillips and Christian Peter.

Both faced charges on a variety of violent crimes but remained on the team. As nnude more recent example, Donahoe alluded to a brawl involving two Nebraska wrestling teammates who attended Manning's wedding in Oklahoma in August Freshmen Brandon Browne and Mike Rowe got drunk and started fighting in a hotel room.

Rowe hit Browne in the head with a beer bottle, sending Browne to the hospital, an nude gay wrestling photos confirmed nude gay wrestling photos Manning. Manning wouldn't say how long he suspended them, but neither was dismissed. Rowe wrestled three seasons before being dropped from the team in for poor grades, teammates say.

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Of the 44 wrestlers nude gay wrestling photos Nebraska's roster during the past two seasons, at least 14 -- in addition to Jordan free teen gay porn tubes Donahoe -- have faced criminal charges nude gay wrestling photos the past several years.

The charges include misdemeanors such as maintaining a disorderly house, marijuana possession, underage drinking, stealing, third-degree assault, littering and five citations for driving under the influence, according to Nebraska court records.

Also, freshman Romero Cotton is awaiting trial on felony wrestlinv battery charges in his hometown of Hutchinson, Kan. Expand the search to other sports, and the list grows with names of Nebraska athletes who've been charged with crimes or had other problems but remained on their teams. Nebraska did dismiss a number of athletes from their teams last year -- at least four football players and three wrestlers -- but university officials declined to provide an exact number or details wfestling the reasons they were let go.

I could have got a DUI.

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I'd still be wrestling for that team," Donahoe says. Donahoe would not have still been wrestling nde Nebraska under any circumstances, according to Manning, who finally broke his silence on the subject this spring.

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Whether it was because of the pornographic images, a flunked class or another scuffle with the law, Donahoe was finished in Lincoln. Manning says Donahoe nude gay wrestling photos Jordan were dismissed for "violations of multiple team rules, multiple NCAA violations, multiple legal instances and multiple instances of disregard to academic wresfling and standards that we set on our team.

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Donahoe had become a bad influence on some of the younger wrestlers who nude gay wrestling photos up to him because he was so talented, according to Sanders. Had Donahoe returned for his senior season this past year, Nebraska was positioned to win the national team championship. Nonetheless, Osborne says Manning acted in the team's best interest when he removed Donahoe.

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Manning says the university would have had to report another violation had Donahoe remained at Nebraska. During the investigation into the nide site, Donahoe lied nude gay wrestling photos having been paid, nude gay wrestling photos to the coach. You gay male angel warriors ask why someone would do something like that.

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