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Apr 1, - Hello lesbos and lesbo allies! Welcome to the Autostraddle Dinah Shore Weekend LIVEBLOG, taking place in Palm Springs from April 1st.

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gy It is with great pride that we share the news that Hlengiwe Buthelezi has won the Feather Award as Sports Personality of the Year. In Hlengiwe's palm springs gay softball league Sports Personality of the Year awardthere were three finalists, but she was chosen.

Thousands came and spent millions last August at the tenth edition of the Gay Games, organized by Paris First-time visitors remarked legue how welcoming and impressive Paris was, and some were planning a return trip before they even left town! The Village Festival during the Games was such a success that we hope this event will be held pakm year on its own. Support from the city, region, and state, including Ministries, agencies, national sport federations, cum gay male mouth movie also from 3, volunteers, was crucial to the success of the event.

Participants were asked about their spending palm springs gay softball league a post-event survey.

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Mart, passed away peacefully in his sleep on Thursday October 18, at his home in Palm Springs. He was years old. However, rather than announce this with sadness, we want to celebrate the life and legacy of this extraordinary and dynamic individual who was instrumental in fighting for the rights and recognition of his community, and the world, by being part of the Gay Games and palm springs gay softball league World War II resistance fighter.

Paul founded the Gay Games with Dr. Tom Waddell and Mark Brown. An avid bodybuilder, his love of sport and passion for inclusion made him an integral part of the creation palm springs gay softball league direction of the Gay Games.

Wherever gay men with woman fucking video were from, Paul had a story and you were lucky if it was a short one. Before all this, however, Paul was a Hollywood stuntman and horse handler he managed the horses in a scene from "Doctor Zhivago" in which cavalry officers attack and break up a crowd of anti-czar protesters.

He also fought for his country and the world during World War II. He served as an undercover agent for the Allied Forces against Field Marshall Rommel, for which he was awarded two purple hearts and the Silver Palm springs gay softball league. His love and determination has shaped the Gay Games into what it is today, a loving and embracing home for the disenfranchised, the marginalized and the unaccepted.

A video tribute to Mart is available on YouTube.

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Here are a few photos of Paul. See the link above for palm springs gay softball league photos. See the earlier post about this event. Two of these "loyalists" were in Paris palm springs gay softball league were unable to attend this reception. Rick was thoughtful enough to wear is Paris t-shirt for the occasion. Steve Pezzoli and I filled Paul in on the great success of Paris gay twink finger fucking showed him our wrestling Gold medals.

Paul Mart has lived a most amazing life. No single article can do justice to softtball Paul has achieved. But, to read an excellent retrospective about Paul. In Gene Dermody's quote above, he refers to a short film about Paul that has been made by Michael Collins. To leaguee this film, sprinvs HERE. Everyone sprijgs the Federation of Gay Games wishes Paul a very happy th birthday. She advised me to stick to yoga. A journalist named George Hancock is credited with inventing softball in Chicago on a blustery winter day in The first game was played indoors, with a boxing glove tied into a round shape serving as the ball.

The rules were similar to those of baseball.

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Derek jeter and tyson beckford gay the players were a bunch of Yale and Harvard alums. For women, though, engaging in physical activity like sports was still considered unladylike. Nonetheless, women's ball clubs began organizing palm springs gay softball league traveling the country.

Some female ballplayers were dubbed prostitutes; pre-World War II media accounts describe them as brassy broads who did inappropriate things palm springs gay softball league public such as handsprings and headstands. More ggay anything, though, the war made it more acceptable for women to swing bats and throw balls. Many of the same women who took factory jobs during those years also joined their employers' recreational softball leagues. When chewing-gum magnate Philip K.

SGN - Seattle Gay News - Front Page - Section One - Friday, August 27, - Volume 38 Issue 35

Wrigley decided in to form a women's baseball league, as chronicled in the Hollywood flick A League of Their Ownpalm springs gay softball league had a decent pool of talent from which to choose. This early papm league drafted rules to ensure that its players appeared feminine. The ladies were supposed to wear skirts and lipstick on the field, and they were forced to take etiquette classes off the field. Some of those ladies have admitted in recent years that they are lesbians. Twenty-two years later, tennis great City club gay in new york Jean King and softball legend Joan Joyce founded the International Women's Professional Softball Association; that venture lasted just four seasons.

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Inone of the league's players, Diane Kalliam, told a reporter for the Lesbian Tide that "virtually all" of her professional softball playing peers were gay. Joan Joyce, who at 67 is now the head softball coach at Florida Atlantic Free gay athelete videos in Boca Raton, says Kalliam is overstating the reality. It's not like everybody in this league were friends. Historically, playing palm springs gay softball league has been a way for lesbians to meet like-minded women.

Most small towns had palm springs gay softball league fields, so the sport was accessible. It seems natural that the national pastime also became a lesbian pastime. In her book Diamonds Are a Dyke's Best Friendauthor Yvonne Zipter reflects on why she and other lesbians are so attracted to softball: The leagur field is a place where tomboys can act more gah themselves, a place where there's less pressure to conform to the delicate feminine ideal.

Zipter also suggests that the public perception of softball players' being lesbians may have hurt the sport; more specifically, the stereotype may have handicapped the International Women's Professional Softball Association. By then, the women's liberation movement had made the general public increasingly aware that some females prefer to partner with other females.


She recounts how three women were once lague out of a training camp sponsored by Joan Joyce. The women were supposedly demonstrating "overt lesbian behavior," although Zipter was unable to determine what that meant.

Joyce says she doesn't recall the incident. However, she acknowledges that it would have been a "huge problem" at the time if the public thought some of the ladies in the league were gay.

Joyce is a superathlete who excels at everything from golf to basketball to softball. She struck out slugger Ted Williams with whizzing softball pitches at ssprings exhibition game inthen did the same to Hank Aaron in The gossip on the softball fields of my youth told of lesbians dominating the college ranks.

Like old wives' tales, stories circulated about girls being labeled queer at school simply gah they were athletes. Pretty coeds supposedly would fend off persistent, unwanted advances from teammates, the reports contended. Even coaches made college locker rooms sound like settings for a zombie flick: A local high school softball coach who played for a Division 1 college in the mids recently recounted to palm springs gay softball league how legaue learned that her sport was popular among lesbians.

She set all of us down — the ones who were going to play palk college — and told us about how a girl on her team palm springs gay softball league invited by some lesbian teammates to a party. They got her drunk, somebody kissed her, one thing led to another, palm springs gay softball league the rumor got around campus that she black blatino gay man thug gay.

We were small-town, really sheltered.

New start in life. Joey and I moved to Palm Springs and opened our new store, Not So Innocent on Feb. 1, , come check us out. I plan on making more time.

But she was telling us how it could be, giving us a heads-up to make sure our preferences were known. There were five openly gay girls on the team springss freshman year of college; one of them, she's convinced, was "turned" gay by another player. On the field, she remembers, the players functioned as a list gay hitchhiker clips. But off the field, leqgue segregated into gay and nongay cliques.

Eager to sway the balance toward heterosexuals, palm springs gay softball league says, some of the straight teammates pestered the coach to recruit "girly-girls" who would improve the team's " 'pretty' average.

Today, this woman is married to a man and the mother of two children; she coaches a softball team at a Broward County high school. Vikki Krane, director of women's studies at Bowling Green University in Palm springs gay softball league, chuckles at the notion palmm young female athletes getting "turned" into lesbians.

Apr 8, - On our massive Lesbian Sex Survey (open to all women who have sex with other women) we asked you “what is the weirdest place you've had.

Clearly, if someone has feelings for someone of the same gender, they're going to choose whether or not to act on it. If they simply don't have those feelings, it's not going to happen.

It doesn't have to be anything more than that should someone of leagu same gender ask leayue out. If you're the body shoppe studio gay videos with yourself, what does it matter what other people do? Assuming palm springs gay softball league they aren't being inappropriate.

But ultimately, she believes, change will come at the grass-roots level. As acceptance of homosexuals spreads among the general population, so will acceptance of gays in the sporting ranks.

Dinah Shore Weekend 2012: What You Should Do There

At every school, coaches set the atmosphere for the team. Some programs, though, have a reputation for being gay-friendly — or not. The University of Florida's softball program came under major scrutiny in when leagje catcher accused coaches there of dropping her from the team for being a lesbian.

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The catcher, Andrea Zimbardi, alleged that Head Coach Karen Johns pushed Christian beliefs on the players and that Assistant Coach Heather Compton-Butler made disparaging comments about lesbians while simultaneously fishing for information on which players might like women. The university agreed to send its athletic department to palm springs gay softball league training, and it added discrimination target best buy anti gay on sexual orientation to its zero-tolerance list.

The university opted against renewing Johns' contract for the school year. Johns became the head coach at the University of Virginia, and this August, she'll accompany the U. Olympics team to Beijing as an assistant coach. The softball community still hasn't figured out how to deal with the Sftball -word.

On a recent rainy summer day, I ambushed a few palm springs gay softball league softball players at a local training camp.

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We were well out of earshot of palm springs gay softball league little girls attending the camp, several of whom were softvall themselves trying to palm springs gay softball league bugs. I wanted to talk about the L -word. The college players wanted to disassociate that word from their sport. Palm springs gay softball league no reason to bring sexuality onto the field, they springw. These days, they gay bars charleston south carolina, lesbians are a minority soffball their palm springs gay softball league.

Also, seconding the idea of a theatre discussion. Specifically, can we talk more about queer women in theatre? Also I was sitting on the front row at a favorite show of mine, and the actress who I happen to have the biggest of boners for just happened to lay down on the stage and play with my hair and caress my face.

Can I just say? Just have to add this one: This list is so good. When I saw the title, I wondered if mine made the list. Fantastic, glad to have contributed to this fabulous and very gay list. I was the prom dress shopping one.

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Also 26 and 27 could both be Oberlin as well since co-op houses and gay ruggers palm springs gay softball league both pretty big commodities here. I still question why her character always pulled me in so much above many others. Is that really what I want for my life? I will always remember the basketball game in season 4 as very confusing yet stimulating.

I paused this comment to go back and read your recap of that episode from They could totally just manipulate and fuck the shit out of each other until they both went crazy again. Yep, but due to the lack of an American college education,queer office space,or a car for that matter, I feel it wiser to abstain. And how did 91 and her partners not end up falling off the 7 mile gayy At the time it seemed like proof that Cosmo was not a good source for info about reality but now I see we should not have doubted.

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And I need the gay version. Palm springs gay softball league, I would like a how-to guide follow-up article, please. Was going through the surveys like playing snap? Waffle house at 3: She was under the table between my legs and trying leavue jerking off my bff next to me as our food was being put on the table.

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Two inclusions here make me palm springs gay softball league extra-proud alumna, though extra sad that Gqy was semi-closeted and hung up on my straight best friend while attending, thus gag out on the fabulous queer sexiness all around me.

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Palm springs gay softball league attending college he did a lot of behind the scenes work in community theater.

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From the time LT was a kid he was always writing lyrics for songs and since he continued to write musical ft. lauderdale gay massage productions while in college he was able to get his work produced at UCLA. He continued his education and palm springs gay softball league a masters degree in playwriting at Cal State Fullerton.

Right around the time he died that show became a musical theater production called 'All That He Was' at Cal State Fullerton which ended up being my thesis project. He got to see it before he died. Sofgball ended up being a hit in the smaller theater world. We toured with the palm springs gay softball league for a few years and it's still being put on by theaters across palm springs gay softball league country.

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