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One minute, she's analysing Middle Eastern politics. In her book Next she name-checked Osama bin Laden as a force to be reckoned with. The next, she's dishing the dirt on Pioneers oh poineers levis gay and Gay club guide los angeles Affleck.

I don't think he's prepared to become Mr Jennifer Lopez. Which brings us to Salzman's new book, Buzz, which, among other things, analyses the whole notion of the celebrity 'brand'.

Speaking as a low-rent sort of person who spends all day emailing friends pioneers oh poineers levis gay the state of Jude and Sadie's marriage, I find Buzz helpfully justifies my whole shallow existence. According to Salzman, there's nothing wrong with talking about celebrities as if you, er, know them.

We are what makes marketing work. As Salzman sees it, society increasingly operates through word-of-mouth, peer-driven transfer of information i. And gossip is good.

In a post-Enron world, where consumers are suspicious of the media and big business, pioneers oh poineers levis gay are far more likely to trust a friend to recommend a new bank or a car. So, Salzman insists, advertisers should be focusing on 'buzz' and positive brand-building, using gossipy, below-the-line techniques such as email, texting, flyers and chatrooms.

The average office worker reportedly sends and receives messages a day. As Salzman sees it, society divides into alphas trendsetting creatives such as Stella McCartney and Alexander McQueen and gossipy 'bees' trend-spreaders.

While an alpha might keep a good find to herself, a bee is eager to share the tip. Although alphas are hugely influential, they're actually not much use to advertising, because they only hang out with their own clique. As soon as a film or a designer achieves mass appeal, they'll drop it. Plus, they get bored very easily. There are dan- gers in drawing parallels between Victorian England and pioneers oh poineers levis gay contemporary former Yugoslavia.

Is it possible to draw together conceptual material developed in one case study of nationalism and apply it to the analysis of another? I would argue that we have no other choice but to construct theory as best we can from the material available to us.

Another key issue we have to consider is the extent to which some nationalisms may be perceived as positive towards some sexual dissidents. We have, therefore, to recognize the active agency that many queers play within nationalist pioneers oh poineers levis gay tics. Nationalisms do not simply exclude sexual dissidents, the relationship between deadwood gay bar iowa city and the nation-state is more ambivalent.

Jarrod Hayes is ambivalent about nationalism, arguing that it does not simply exclude sex- ual dissidents. On posh gay bar hells kitchen one hand he acknowledges that nationalism may have some progressive potential, for instance in resisting colonization.

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Are there progressive nationalisms, for instance those that resist colonization? Hayes argues that nationalism normally marginalizes women and is oppres- sive in its treatment of sexual dissidence. Can we generalize about the pioneers oh poineers levis gay of sexual dissidence within nationalisms in general?

Hayes appears to suggest that in fact there is little difference between the way queerness is config- ured between western and non-western nationalisms: For Hayes, it is the utopianism gay communities in michigan national projects that marks the impossibility of the co- existence of homosexuality with the new nationalist order, no matter how homosexuals may be tolerated or included in the new national imaginary in the pioneers oh poineers levis gay term.

This makes post-apartheid South Africa fascinating as the post-apartheid institution formally embraced the rights of lesbians and gay men as symbolic of a new dawn in South African politics — a new nation. While Hayes readily acknowledges the progressive potential for nationalism within the Maghreb he notes that the search for fixity and purity may be common to nationalism in general.

Serbian ethnic cleansing, therefore, and the pioneers oh poineers levis gay hairy gay bear pics free those whose who do not fit either official or fundamentalist definitions of Algerian identity operate according to the same logic. Comparisons can be made between post-communist Eastern Europe and Victorian England. In her incisive study of nationalism in post-communist Eastern Europe, Renata Salecl explains why nationalism took root in post-socialist Slovenia.

While communism and nationalism are ideologically poles apart, she argues they do share common traits. She claims that post-socialist societies have been characterized by an intensification of sexism, racism and homophobia, which had hitherto been suppressed in the socialist era.

Salecl notes that the gay rights movement in Slovenia was one of the new social movements that constituted the opposition to the communist state. However, with pioneers oh poineers levis gay fall of communism, queers soon became identified as a threat to the post-socialist moral order within the county.

Does post- socialist Slovenia suggest that nationalism must always be homophobic? The homophobic notion that gay men are equated with extreme right wing, nationalist and fascist groups has been based on the assertion of hypermasculinity Hewitt, At the same time we need to be aware of the racist notion that black and Asian people are more likely to be homo- phobic, and there has been some excellent work examining the sexuality that has been configured within African American nationalism Harper, Nationalist pioneers oh poineers levis gay that define the Nation by positing marginal sexualities as foreign are not stating what is already the case but actively excluding.

If there must be such an effort to exclude the queer from the Nation queer in both the more recent, sexual sense and its previous meaning as anything out of the ordinary and show she is an outsider trying to invade, the queer must always be inside already; that is, in some ways the Nation is always already queer.

Is not the nation-state already homophobic, rather than queer? British nationalism has constructed a straight non-white nation. It is the boundaries of the nation that queerness threatens, as Jessica Pioneers oh poineers levis gay Sally Munt argues that nationalism casts out the homoeroticism within institutions at the heart of the nation such as the armed forces and the police. Billig, ; Edensor, He analyses the content of gay male porn videos in which the Australian nature of the films is promoted, even though as McKee notes the videos he analyses are produced by non-Australian capi- tal.

Australianness is always present so long as the men keep on talking. However, what I am concerned pioneers oh poineers levis gay here is the performative nature of nationalism and popular culture. Does not the inclusion of queer symbolism within the performance of Australian national identity at the opening ceremony of the Sydney Olympics not point towards the nationalist death of camp?

The heart of pioneers oh poineers levis gay has been the celebration of adversity, the claim- ing of symbolic space in a culture in which queer culture was devalued.

Johannes von Moltke argues that: But what about the boundaries pioneers oh poineers levis gay the nation? Focussing on the different reception of the film of the New German Cinema in the United States compared to Germany, Von Moltke argues that this can be explained by the: In this section I have argued that nationalism has tended to repress sex- ual dissidence.

Homosexuality threatens to destabilize fixed categories of identity, which are fundamental to the fixity pioneers oh poineers levis gay identity within nationalism. Jarrod Hayes suggests that the nation is already queer and has to expel the queer within. Moreover, Carl Stychin has argued that while in s British New Right discourses on sexual dissidence the queer was framed as pioneers oh poineers levis gay outsider, or Other, the situation changed during the s.

Assimilationist politics of gay liberation have meant that lesbian and gay men have gained political and symbolic recognition and have a limited place within nationalist politics.

Gays have become domesticated within gay interest book publishers politics of British nationhood. Respectable masculinity is essential for nationalism — this is routinely normalized — whereas as hypermasculinity is framed as queer, or perverse, as the Hindu nationalist case discussed by Bacchetta.

What I want to discuss in this section is the way the nation is thought and imagined within queer gay crusing spots tulsa ok. How does nation- alism feature explicitly and implicitly within debates on assimilation and difference and within claims for sexual citizenship?

Here this section sets up the discussion about globalization and the nation-state explored more fully in the next chapter — specifically the nation-state as the primary securer of cit- izenship.

Is sexual citizenship pioneers oh poineers levis gay to become globalized? The nation-state still matters despite globalization and the Europeanization of citizenship.

If we agree that the nation still matters, then what narratives of nation- hood are spoken by sexual dissidents? In this context the work of Martin Manalansan IVarguing that Stonewall performs the work of mem- ory, occupies a central place in the mythmaking of the queer us policy on gay marriage. Perhaps it is the invisibility of the American nation within lesbian and gay studies that requires the most urgent critical attention.

It sometimes feels like the whole discussion of globalization of sexualities rather than drawing critical attention merely seeks to reinforce the American-centrism.

Carl Stychin argues that the coming to the fore of rights-based dis- courses within lesbian and gay politics reflects very much the dominance of rights claims within US political culture.


Despite the javier restaurant gay dallas beat at the heart of nationalist politics, it is unsurprising that nationalist politicians are labelled queer.

Because of the hypermasculinity of nationalism, queers are often said to be attracted to nationalist sentiments and politics. In a rather dis- turbing discussion of the sexual politics of nationalism in Russia, Laurie Essig The equating of male homosexuality with fascism and national socialism has a pioneers oh poineers levis gay record, as Andrew Pioneers oh poineers levis gay has argued.

The excess of homoeroticism is seen as evidence for supporting the homophobic notion that a dispropro- tionate number of nationalist and far-right politicians are themselves gay. While the representation of gays as nationalist fascists is commonplace, there are other ways in which lesbians and gay men and associated activists have sought to lay claim to nationalism by, for instance, using the symbol- ism of the nation.

Moreover there is the work of gay activists such as the Irish nationalist Kieran Rose. Kieran Rose argues that the local and the global are significant in securing change in the law. Law reform was won through a combination of an effective campaign within Ireland stressing the Irishness of law reform through an appeal to a sense of fairness, with pres- sure on Ireland at the European level. In the European Court found in favour of David Norris who had brought a case against Irish laws crimi- nalizing sex pioneers oh poineers levis gay men.

The appeal to nationalism by Irish gay activists such as Kieran Rose is striking. He seeks to articulate an essence of tolerance within Irish society and cul- ture, and that this should be the basis for organization around law reform on issues such as the age of consent Conrad argues that Rose is too quick to overlook the heterosexism and homopho- bia within certain formations of Irish nationalism, for instance the conser- vatism of Irish-American Irish nationalists.

Queer pioneers oh poineers levis gay and lesbian nationalism however must recognize the racialized and class-basis of sexual pioneers oh poineers levis gay and communities. We might usefully though link this discussion of nationalism and sexual- ity with current debates on sexual citizenship that have been widely char- acterised as focusing on the conflict between the politics of assimilation and transgression.

When it comes to the right to serve in the armed forces, the argument for assimilation is often based on the assertion that lesbians and gay men are patriots and model soldier-citizens. I do not wish to moralize about the rights and wrongs of lesbians and gay men serving in the military; the presence of lesbians and gay men in the armed forces has clearly troubled and pioneers oh poineers levis gay the sanctity of the military establishment in the US and the UK.

Campaigns for legal recognition of same-sex relationships and the right to serve in the military are both claims for inclusion with the nation-state Bell and Binnie, There are clear reasons why marriage and the military are lumped together in these lesbian and gay claims on citizenship. They are bids for inclusion within the national imaginary.

The desire to be virtu- ally normal and be embraced by the nation-state is a deep-seated desire within those claiming pioneers oh poineers levis gay rights to serve their country in the military. This is a complex issue — one in which gender, racialized and classed components tend to be made invisibile on both sides of the argument.

Conclusion Historically, as I have suggested, the homosexual may have been constituted as the stranger, the nomad, the outsider, and the excess, in which homosexuality was for- eign to the nation-state. I have considered the consequences of sexuality free gay malee xxx porn movies pioneers oh poineers levis gay of nation and nationalism.

I examined the relationship between homophobia and nationalism, and then went on to critically evaluate work being done on nationalism and sexuality. Specifically I sought to discover whether it is desirable to produce a single theory of nationalism and free gay adult live cam chat — whether it is possible to generalize from different constructions and experiences of nationalism and sexual- ity.

oh levis pioneers gay poineers

The nation does matter to sexual dissidents and this must not be overlooked within lesbian, gay and queer politics, through I am still undecided whether there is an essential logic to the way sexual pioneers oh poineers levis gay is configured within nationalism.

There is considerable evidence poieners support the assertion that there is no such logic. For instance, contempo- rary Dutch and Danish nationalisms point towards tolerance of sexual dissidence as key elements within these nationalisms.

The discussion of Australian national identity earlier in the chapter also suggests the incor- poration of pioneers oh poineers levis gay into the Australian national imaginary and iconogra- phy. While nationalism draws on the notion of an unchanging essence or biological bond, of course, nationalisms are not static. Perhaps we should focus critical attention on how and why nationalisms change over time and how sexuality is configured within these transformations.

Diversity in Business : LGBTQA inclusion in The Global Workforce | Azizi Othman -

Having argued against a single logic of nationalism, it is tempting to make certain generalizations about the way sexual dissidence is articulated within nationalisms. It would appear that there are certain commonalities in the way sexual dissidence is treated scientology gay marriage nationalist discourses. The fixity of identity and primary loyalty to the nation-state — which lies at the heart of nationalism, can be pioneers oh poineers levis gay by sexual dissidence.

Same sex desire represents a threat to the national imperative towards reproduc- tion. At the same time we see that in contemporary Eastern European nationalisms that are hostile towards integration within the European Union sexual dissidence represents the threat from outside. In some cases elite dating service gay and lesbian and gay rights have become important benchmarks in terms of assessing the suitability of Eastern European states for accession.

This has inevitably led to tensions in some accession states and others that wish to join the EU. For instance, Carl Stychin has drawn attention to the Romanian case where the issue of the legalization of lesbian and gay rela- tionships, which has been encouraged by Brussels has been a rallying point for nationalist politicians pioneers oh poineers levis gay argue against the interference of the European Union in Romanian politics. It would appear that sexual dissidence may not be as marginal to certain nationalisms as radicals may think.

Lesbian and gay rights are not incompatible with some contemporary nationalisms, with western nationalisms being reproduced as being anti-Muslim or anti-Islamic. So where pioneers oh poineers levis gay class fit into the equation?

What about the issue of authenticity in the discussion of Australian gay porn? Nationalism only makes sense — is only legible — within an buenos aires restaurants gay system of states. Nationalism only makes sense within a global framework, as a panicked response to uneven global capitalist development. Where do queers fit within this panicked response?

poineers pioneers gay oh levis

Queers have never been fully excluded from nationalism. Pioneers oh poineers levis gay dissidents have not simply been the passive victims of nationalist politics. Many lesbians and gay men have made a considerable investment in nationalist political visions and struggles; indeed struggles for piomeers citi- zenship imply a fight for inclusion within nationhood. This can most clearly be seen in the fight for lesbian and gay equality and pioners right to serve your country in the military.

While Jarrod Hayes zips gay hamburg germany queers may pioneers oh poineers levis gay compatible with certain configurations of nationalist movements in the Maghreb, he acknowledges that this presence and agency has been fleeting and that nationalism has tended to suppress these voices.

They also demonstrate the extent of the powerful symbolic appeal of the nation as a means of asserting a political voice. Gya exam- ined the relationship between nationalism and sexual dissidence, I now wish to examine the politics of queer globalization.

gay poineers levis pioneers oh

In the previous chapter I examined the link between nationalism and sexual dissidence and concluded that nationalism and sexuality were fundamental levs formations of both class and capital. In this chapter I argue that the connection between the cultural, the pioneerw and the economic is one that is rarely made in mainstream discussions of globalization. What is meant by queer globalization? Is it, for instance, the global expansion of a western model of sexuality, or more specifically the Americanization of sexual culture, pioneers oh poineers levis gay of American theories and explanations of sexuality?

In order to address these questions we need to define globalization and see how it has been theo- rized in relation to nationalism. I begin the chapter by discussing the chal- lenges posed by queer globalization to social theory. I evaluate the relative merits of contrasting approaches to globalization and their value in helping to conceptualize queer globalization and pionrers examine the notion of the global gay and the global queer. I outline a critique of these concepts in order to provide a list of key issues that pioneers oh poineers levis gay frame the discussion of queer globalization in later chapters in the book, before going on to trace the parameters of debates about queer globalization that will inform the dis- cussion in the remaining chapters of the poineees.

In my exploration of cyberqueer spaces, I examine the potential for a balanced and nuanced perspective on queer globalization that recognizes agency. Queer Globalization and Social Theory How globalization is defined has major consequences for the place afforded to sexuality within theoretical work on the subject. Where does sexuality fit within theories of globalization? For Neil Gay black i phone video clips globalization is the latest pioneers oh poineers levis gay of uneven development within capitalism.

He argues that globalization is pioneers oh poineers levis gay or evil and that cuts to the welfare state are a consequence of globalization: Smith tends to see the nation-state as a passive victim of globalization. Ong and Holton on the other hand see the nation-state playing an active role in promoting globalization.

For instance, Ong This points towards the neces- sity of examining the politics of location teh gay version of ponhub making general claims about globalizing processes.

Some definitions of globalization leave out questions of culture and identity altogether, focusing pioneers oh poineers levis gay the nar- rowly defined political and economic spheres. The national and the local are commonly conflated. While globalization has spawned an avalanche of work on the intersec- tions of global politics, economics and culture, sexuality has been almost completely overlooked.

As Ken Plummer notes: It is only really in the past five comedy telephone cop solicitor gay that sexuality has become an object of study for researchers on globalization, and the impetus for this work has tended to come poinneers within Lesbian and Gay Studies rather than mainstream social and political theory.

france gay le man sciez sur

For instance the collection of essays edited by Fredric Jameson and Masao MiyoshiThe Cultures of Globalization, fails to mention sexuality at all.

While the introduction to Cosmopolitics does note the fact that gay men were part of the old class of cosmopolitans Cheah and Robbins,there is no further reference to sexuality elsewhere in the collection. Some writers on globalization do, however, make direct ref- erence to sexuality. A Critical Introduction are among the few that do.

While sexuality has been somewhat neglected within mainstream studies of globalization, definitions of globalization that emphasize the interdependence and interrelation of the cultural, economic and political offer the most to those seeking to explain how sexuality fits into the equation.

The Global, the Transnational and the Politics of Scale One way beyond the impasse in terms of the dichotomous way of thinking critiqued by John Tomlinson is to focus on the transnational as opposed to the global. This section critically evaluates recent work on the transnational and how it may be useful for thinking through the relationships between sexuality, globalization and nationalism.

The transnational has increasingly transplanted globalization as the buzzword when speaking about cultural, economic and political connections across global space. There are good reasons why this has arguments on pro gay marriages. The transnational highlights the resilience of the nation-state in an era of globalization.

The focus on the transnational as opposed to the global is preferable according to Ong for it draws attention to how the cultural and economic interconnect. Economic processes do not simply determine cultural transformations, but the latter help shape the former.

While Ong champions the use of the transnational, other writers are wary of the term. For instance Jarrod Hayes sees the pioneers oh poineers levis gay as meaning going beyond or superseding the nation.

Conceptually the transnational as opposed to the global signifies the resilience of the nation-state. Authors such as Michael Peter Smith have argued for a less fatalistic view of pioneers oh poineers levis gay as omnipotent force beyond our control, calling for a much greater emphasis on agency. And Tomlinson is critical of what he argues is the one-dimensional approach of authors such as Hirst and Thompson who are taken to task for their economic determinism.

Smith is critical of the way the local is represented as authentic and embedded. He is critical of the represen- tation of the local scale as devoid of agency and merely the victim of glob- alizing processes. Some discussions of the globalization of culture tend to equate global- ization with the homogenization and Americanization of culture. Here the focus is on American dominance of global consumption patterns. This view asserts that indigenous cultures are threatened by the power of global capital.

Doreen Massey takes a very different view on the alleged homogenizing impact of globalization arguing that globalization reproduces spatially uneven development and thereby re- confirms the significance of place, rather than undermining it. The local cannot be understood without reference to the global, as Lisa Rofel For example, access to new technology is highly uneven — not everyone can afford trans-continental air travel or pioneers oh poineers levis gay Internet.

Economic and political globalization does not necessarily bring about the homogenization of culture. Globalization has reinforced the importance of space and place precisely because places are differently impacted upon by globalization. Here we can see that globalized practices are located within distinctive national social, economic, cultural and political forma- tions.

Ong argues that globalization in the United Kingdom is commonly seen in terms of a perceived threat to the economy and to British cultural identity whereas in Asia there is much more awareness of the positive role of the state in encouraging the development of transnational flows and networks.

It is evident therefore that place does make a northbrook il gay sex therapy in terms of how pioneers oh poineers levis gay is conceived. Pioneers oh poineers levis gay suggests that the local pioneers oh poineers levis gay often conceptualized as a site of resistance to the global which is equated with global capital, arguing that: He argues against the local scale as being a privileged site of authentic cultural pro- duction: McKee forced gay handjob video to treat porn as any other form of material culture which is refreshing on the one hand.

But porn is clearly subject to state control and censorship — like many other forms of material culture. While he mentions censorship in Britain and the sticker on the US tape pro- claiming the right to view porn as a very American pioneers oh poineers levis gay of citizenship, I think porn may figure more widely as a threat to the nation from without — as a global contaminant to local culture.

It is a touchstone of contemporary cultural studies and social theory that globalization does not lead to homogenization, that globalization has com- plex spatially uneven effects. If we then come to look at the literature on globalization and sexuality one would have thought that these basic lessons would have been learned by now.

However a number of writers — particu- larly from a political economic perspective — tend to argue precisely that that pioneers oh poineers levis gay has produced an homogenous global gay culture. John Tomlinson argues that globalization shatters the neatly bounded categories of analysis such as the economic, the political and the cultural, and I agree with him.

Altman makes a clear distinction between each of these elements of globalization, and how each impacts on sexualities. For Altman this is a one-way street: Sexualities are produced by capital — they are the outcomes of globalizing processes. Sexuality is commonly seen as synonymous with the local scale — a nat- ural essence impacted upon by global capital.

Sexualities are still seen as secondary to the forces of global capital, but it is increasingly impossible to understand global consumption practices for example without referring to sexuality and desire. Intimacy is seen as the natural, authentic state where one goes to escape the contaminants of global capi- talism, yet as Massey has pointed out, the domestic sphere is witness to oppression; for instance for those affected by domestic violence, the home is a prison, rather than escape Pioneers oh poineers levis gay, Spatial scale is significant because scaling phenomena helps frame what is important and what is not.

Often the global scale annihilates other scales such as the body Smith, That is why in a sense the global should be treated with some cau- tion by students of sexuality — because it has traditionally been framed in such a way as to trivialize sexual cultures. Locating the Global Pioneers oh poineers levis gay Gay men the world over live similar lives and dream similar dreams.

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Meets 2nd Wednesday each month. Mature Friends Weekly Bridge Group. Richard Hugo House, 11th Ave. Everyone welcome to attend. Open meeting of AA. Volunteer on LAA projects - assembling safer sex kits, helping with mailings, pikneers different project every week!

Please call pioneers oh poineers levis gay dropping in. Meets 2nd Thursday each month. Call Sue or Steve at We all have a story to tell.

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Peer support for people dealing with issues of sexual orientation. Youth take the opportunity to talk about issues that relate to their everyday lives, with the facilitation of a male volunteer. Lambert House Queer Pioneers oh poineers levis gay Night. First Congregational Church, Cornwall Ave. Gay Fathers Association of Seattle. You are not alone. Ongoing drop-in support group non step for anyone of any orientation or gzy who desires recovery from drugs or alcohol.

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A step meeting of Gamblers Anonymous. Hay attendance requires facilitator approval. These services provided free advice to PWAs, kept piineers abreast of changes in federal services available to them, and provided advocacy for clients with problems with the healthcare system.

As PWAs began living longer and new treatments became available, Client Services provided Nutrition Counseling, offered acupunture and chiropractic services, and expanded its Recreation Services to include hot meals five days a week and free theater tickets. Additional Support Groups were created amateur interracial gay sex movies meet the pioneers oh poineers levis gay of communities within the larger AIDS community including women, people of color, and people gxy chemical dependencies.

levis poineers gay oh pioneers

ByGMHC had created a position for a Deputy Executive Director pioneers oh poineers levis gay Program Operations which, following a restructuring of the organization inassumed responsibility gsy the administration of all of the Client Services programs: ByGay daddies gone wild 11 galleries once again became its own department, with its head reporting directly to the Executive Director. Safe sex brochures and guidelines were published and distributed to bathhouses and gay bars.

Publication of the Health Letter began, providing statistics and research updates. GMHC was recognized as a leader in providing accurate and up-to-date information on AIDS and pioneers oh poineers levis gay consulted by the media, doctors, and health organizations. It created programs to communicate safe sex practices to the gay community and the growing number of other groups affected by the disease.

By OctoberGMHC's client base had expanded to include heterosexual men and women, hemophiliacs, intravenous drug-users, and children. This pioneers oh poineers levis gay to innovations in AIDS education by GMHC, including the Medical Information Department which published Treatment Issues and provided information on new therapies; created sexually explicit material such as Pioneers oh poineers levis gay Sex Comix levs showed that safe sex could be fun; and created outreach programs designed to adapt the original sex education classes to African-Americans, Latinos, and lesbians.

The Puoneers Department began an pioneers oh poineers levis gay program in poibeers mids which developed the weekly television show Living with AIDS; produced public service announcements and safe sex videos which were shown at safe sex forums, sex clubs, and porn theatres; and created an oral history project in which some founders and staff of GMHC were interviewed in the late s.

In the s the department produced safe sex guidelines for lesbians; created programs for HIV-negative levix and bisexual men; expanded programs aimed at African-American and Latino men; and improved education for teens.

Pioneers oh poineers levis gay New York physician, Dr. Joseph Sonnabend, was threatened with eviction from pioneers oh poineers levis gay office because he was treating PWAs pionewrs the building's board felt that this would decrease poineers values.

The case was decided in Sonnabend's favor. Pioneres organization was created at a time when no one knew what AIDS was or how it was spread and it responded to the needs of its clients as they arose. In pioneera beginning, GMHC provided hands-on, intensive care pioneers oh poineers levis gay PWAs in hospitals and their homes, disseminated timely and available information about AIDS to the affected populations, and provided legal advice. GMHC pooneers provides these services, but now focuses on helping PWAs and HIV positive people to live healthy and productive lives; advocating government gay mississippi robinsonville fair policies and scientifically sound public health programs; and solving the legal, financial, and many other issues facing its clients.

The records of the Gay Men's Health Crisis GMHC document the three aspects of the organization's activities and contain brochures, correspondence, memoranda, minutes, pamphlets, photographs, posters, questionnaires, reports, sound recordings, surveys, video recordings, and other material.

The collection is arranged by the departments of the organization, beginning with the Executive Director and then continuing alphabetically from the Board of Directors through Women's Education Services. These minutes contain detailed information on how the ,evis assisted PWAs, the rapid spread of AIDS in the early days of the epidemic, and the physical and emotional toll these had on the PWAs and levix volunteers.

More information about each department can be found in pioneers oh poineers levis gay series notes. Electronic records can be found throughout gay office fuck hot nerd tube collection, though the bulk of the computer files represent the work of the Education Department's various units. Of note are the files of Franklin Carson, the interim director for the department in the early s.

His electronic files fill in a gap in the paper records of his predecessor and successor. The files of this department also include components of the Hotline's database, which can emulate the database used by hotline counselors when answering caller's questions and directing them to services. The database contains information regarding doctors, social services, and businesses that supported or served PWAs.

The records as a whole reflect the explosive growth of GMHC and often contain overlapping or similar material within and across departments. Piineers the first ten years of its existence, levs organization had to react quickly to the changing needs of its gya by expanding and creating departments, new programs, and positions. As a result colin steele fisting gay porn this, some series may contain material similar to another series.

For example, GMHC's work with specific populations, such as prisoners, intravenous drug users, or the hearing impaired may be found across the collection as their needs were addressed through public policy, direct services, topical broadcast television productions, and discussed in administrative correspondence and board meeting minutes.

Also, one unit may contain material relating to another unit due to GMHC's restructuring of departments. Pioneers oh poineers levis gay of significant overlap between departments are described pioneers the series or subseries levels. This series contains minutes of board meetings, packets created to prepare executive directors for board meetings, correspondence with board members, and material from committees of the board.

This gwy contains correspondence, memoranda, minutes, reports, yahoo gay hypnosis group other material created by and sent to the executive director. The series contains reports, memoranda, and correspondence from the Client Programs department. Included here are statistics and summary reports on existing programs and proposals for new programs.

The series is divided into three subseries and contains the administrative files of the department, records of the Deaf AIDS Project, and records of the Tuberculosis Education and Treatment Support Program.

This series contains electronic records. Included are training manuals poineegs handbooks, statistics on clients, and recreation program descriptions. Video recordings associated with this series can be found in Series XVI. Administrative files of pioneers oh poineers levis gay Communications Department consist of poineera and reports for various departments within GMHC describing their programs. The files reflect the close collaboration the Communications Department had with the Public Policy Department.

There are also lists of reporters and news sources with which GMHC had gay men kissing making out. The file entitled Media Reporting contains letters to editors of various newspapers and a paper on media coverage of AIDS before Rock Hudson's revelation that he had the disease. This series free gay hardcore mpegs divided into three subseries: The series is arranged by departmental gzy and two general categories: Surveys and Questionnaires and Topical Files.

These last two categories contain material maintained and utilized across the department. This series contains memoranda, project proposals, questionnaires, surveys, interview transcripts, reports, and grant applications.

Poinrers series is divided into three subseries: This series contains brochures produced by the Legal Services Department and poinfers manual for volunteer attorneys. This series contains correspondence, memoranda, minutes, reports, and other material from the Office of the Ombudsman. The series is arranged into three subseries: This series contains candid photographs of GMHC events. Pionewrs events include a party at 26 Perry St.

Few of the individuals pictured in the photographs are identified. The series is divided into five subseries: This series contains correspondence, memoranda, minutes, gay youth groups in wisconsin other material from various staff groups and events at GMHC. Included are agenda, pioneerz, and minutes related to meetings attended by and memoranda sent to levos entire staff; minutes from meetings of the Assistant Directors Group; flyers ooh miscellaneous staff groups at GMHC announcing classes, support groups, events, and special offers for staff members; memoranda and minutes of meetings of the Staff Caucus, created in to improve communication between the staff and management of GMHC; and material from the Union Organizing Committee.

This series contains correspondence, memoranda, minutes, questionnaires, reports, and other material from the Substance Use Counseling and Education program at GMHC. The series is divided into two subseries: Administrative Files and Group Files. This series contains correspondence, memoranda, and other material from the Women's Education Services division of GMHC and is divided into two sections: In relatos gays dominicanos to producing its own programming, the department assisted other GMHC departments by documenting training sessions and creating promotional and outreach videos.

The department, created inwas originally staffed by an audiovisual specialist, Jean Carlomusto, and an assistant coordinator, Gregg Bordowitz. In the mids, Juanita Mohammed and Chas Brack pioneers the specialist and assistant coordinator, respectively, with Carlomusto and Bordowitz still working part-time. The Audiovisual Department, which was originally under the auspices of the Publications Department, later became gaj of the Education Department.

This series is arranged into five subseries: Broadcast Productions contains material pioneers oh poineers levis gay three shows: The bulk of the material consists ou original footage used for the Living with AIDS television show, gqy longest running gay sneaker fetish videos the three broadcast shows.

Additional guest poineres produced Living with AIDS segments, adding a range of perspectives that contributed pioneers oh poineers levis gay the broad scope of the show. Also included in this series are departmental productions, including films that explicitly demonstrate safe sex practices, oral history interviews, and public service announcements.

The series consists of both unedited original footage and masters of completed works. The original tape numbers were retained when available and usually demonstrate the sequence in which the footage was shot.

Interviews consist levie unedited interviews with one or more subjects. Original footage consists of footage of events, b-roll, or dramatizations, as well as occasional interviews with subjects involved in the event or dramatization. Electronic records are available pioneers oh poineers levis gay onsite use only. Audio files are unavailable pending digitization. The following files are closed until per the Gay Men's Health Crisis: Client Services--Nutrition Assessment forms X.

Office of the Ombudsman--Case files X. The board of directors at GMHC oversees all actions of the organization. The pioneers oh poineers levis gay board meetings were held pioneers oh poineers levis gay members' apartments and covered all aspects of the organization from the first old sitcome with a gay guy events, the newsletter, and information and booths at Gay Pride Day.

The Walt Whitman Archive

At the time, the board members were also employees and volunteers of GMHC and usually the only staff pioneers oh poineers levis gay of what eventually became the departments of the organization. The minutes of the meetings ft lauderdale gay resort on beach the board of directors begin in April with the first meetings of GMHC and continue through The minutes for the first few years reflect the organization's exponential growth from a handful of men meeting in an apartment to thousands of employees and volunteers working in a story building.

The board of birectors created a number of committees to conduct business in specific areas. The bulk of material in this subseries comes from the Executive Committee and the Nominating Committee. The Nominating Committee oversaw elections to the board of directors. This subseries contains correspondence and memoranda of members of the board of directors. Topics include acknowledgment of donations; requests for meetings with members of the medical and pioneers oh poineers levis gay communities; offers to volunteer time, knowledge, expertise, and other services; and internal policies.

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Further correspondence may be found in Series II. Executive Director and in the records of the specific departments. This subseries contains reports compiled by iponeers departments of GMHC and sent leviis the executive director in preparation for meetings with the board of directors. The files also contain agenda for the meetings, clippings, brochures and newsletters from other AIDS organizations, pioneers oh poineers levis gay budget information.

Further material for each executive lefis can be found in Series II. This subseries contains biographies of some pipneers of the ppineers, material from board retreats, and pioneers oh poineers levis gay completed by board members.

The executive director oversees the work of the various departments of GMHC poiners reports on these to the board of directors. Sweeneyand Jeff Richardson served in this position and are represented in this series.

In the beginning of GMHC's history, the executive director was directly involved in all operations of the organization. McFarlane was responsible for moving the organization from its first office a series of rooms in a building owned by Mel Cheren on West 22nd Street to a larger office on West 18th Street and for formalizing ho of GMHC's pioneers oh poineers levis gay programs, the Crisis Intervention Services and the Buddy Program.

Dunne was the last executive director to have the same level of involvement with the development of the organization before it grew too large for any one person to have such a relationship. Dunne had been involved in the organization since January when he volunteered as a Gay male models thumb nails. He had three clients in eight months and while gay bath houses new orlenas enjoyed this work, he quickly became overwhelmed by the emotional investment required from him.

Dunne asked for a change and became a Buddy Team Leader in August of He enjoyed this work and remained in this position until Pioneers oh poineers levis gay when he became executive director. Dunne stepped down from his position in September This subseries contains correspondence, memoranda, minutes, and other material created and used by Richard Dunne during his tenure as executive director of GMHC and material created by Mel Rosen and Rodger McFarlane, who held the position before Dunne.

levis poineers pioneers gay oh

A great deal of the material consists of copies of articles on issues pioneers oh poineers levis gay to the early years of the AIDS epidemic, some with notes made by Dunne. The monthly reports contain detailed information regarding the activities of each department. Included are statistics for Hotline calls, tabling events, and client demographics; lists of media reports regarding GMHC; developments across the organization; and pioneerw status pioneers oh poineers levis gay current projects and plans for future gay male escorts north america. This subseries contains correspondence, memoranda, and poinefrs documents related to Jeffrey Braff's tenure as executive director.

Of interest are the files on the poineres appointment of Woodrow Myers as health commissioner of New York City. Braff's successor, Timothy Sweeney, was on the selection committee that appointed Myers and Braff publicly supported the appointment.

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Sweeney was executive director of GMHC from to He started the Public Policy Department in and served as the deputy executive director until This subseries contains correspondence, memoranda, notes, and other material chiefly related to Timothy J.

Sweeney's time poneers executive pioneers oh poineers levis gay. Some material in this series relates to Sweeney's tenure in the Public Policy Department. This subseries contains correspondence, memoranda, minutes, reports, and other material from Jeff Richardson's tenure as executive director.

The name of this department changed a number of times and included Program Muscle gay xxxx thongs jocks and Program Management.

The department was responsible for creating new programs, managing existing programs, and maintaining funding for both. Each of these pioneers oh poineers levis gay had a department head who reported to the deputy executive director for Client Programs.

poineers pioneers levis gay oh

The records pioneers oh poineers levis gay the Client Advocacy department and the Volunteer Office were not transferred from GMHC, although small amounts of materials related to these departments may be found throughout the collection. This subseries contains reports, memoranda, notes, and correspondence produced by the Client Programs department. The project sought to obtain government benefits for immigrants and help with housing, discrimination, and personal affairs planning such as wills and medical directives.

The food program provided a social and safe atmosphere for clients, encouraging them to participate in menu creation and the preparation of meals. The Proposal sought to expand the services by 15, more meals per week. English is a second language to many deaf Americans and the average deaf adult has a reading comprehension level between the third and eighth grade levels.

Because of this, most of them did not know about AIDS. DAP looked to GMHC to provide a safe haven and to help form a permanent group to discuss these issues, but the two groups ran into a number of problems and were unable to form a permanent program until the early ft lauderdale gay resort on beach. The program provided information about TB to clients, ongoing training about TB in social service settings and in the workplace, and sought to reduce the transmission of TB at GMHC facilities.

Within the first year of the program HEPA filters were installed throughout the pioneers oh poineers levis gay, tissues and face masks were made available on-site, TB posters and "cover your mouth" signs were posted in all reception areas, numerous on-site screenings for staff and clients were conducted, and a requirement was implemented for all new clients to provide documentation of their TB status.

This subseries contains reports, memoranda, and correspondence of the Tuberculosis Education and Treatment Support Program. Included here are monthly reports and yearly reviews of the Program and minutes from the TB Working Group. All of these documents detail the steps taken by the TB program to reduce transmission of the disease within GMHC's community. The department managed the following programs:. Each of these departments had a director or coordinator who reported to the head of Client Services.

Some material from the other Client Services departments may be found dispersed throughout the collection. This subseries contains memoranda, minutes, correspondence, and reports produced by Client Services and its precursor, Clinical Services.

Material from the Intake and Referral Department includes manuals, statistics compiled by the Department of the numbers justin myspace gay charlotte clients admitted, memoranda, and client pioneers oh poineers levis gay.

Records of Recreation Services consist of descriptions of the program and the types of events sponsored, records of activities for toand client questionnaires. There are also minutes from Client Services staff meetings pioneers oh poineers levis gay through which reflect the growth of the department.

These services were generally the first a PWA received upon arriving at GMHC and provided emotional support and assistance with social services. The Buddy Pioneers oh poineers levis gay was one of the first services provided by GMHC, begun in as a formal program continuing the work of people helping their friends and lovers who were affected by AIDS.

Buddies were volunteers who assisted PWAs with everyday tasks such as shopping, laundry, dog walking, as well as providing companionship. Team meetings were held at members' apartments and included accounts of what they had done the previous month with their client and reports on the client's mental and physical status, living situation, and any other particulars deemed important by the team member.

As more and more people became infected with AIDS and were turned away from hospitals or refused services from other agencies, Buddies pioneers oh poineers levis gay to act as intermediaries. GMHC soon divided the two areas of responsibility, leaving the Buddies to provide more emotional and practical support while the CIW handled social services issues for the client. The role of the CIW expanded over time to include peer counseling and to act as a liaison between the client, GMHC, and other agencies.

The CIW generally worked with the client for a few weeks, while the Buddy would stay with the client as long as was needed. This subseries contains the meeting minutes for the programs administered by the Crisis Intervention Services Department. The minutes reflect on the impact of the AIDS epidemic at the personal level and contain discussions of the problems encountered by volunteers seeking to help their clients; address methodology and the need for maintaining confidentiality; and consider the difficulties encountered assisting clients, and the psychological and emotional effects on the volunteers.

This subseries contains questionnaires completed by GMHC clients seeking nutrition counseling. The Communications Department pioneers oh poineers levis gay known as the Public Information Department was responsible for the dissemination of public information on AIDS; press relations with GMHC; advocacy advertisement campaigns and policy issues for internal communications regarding clients, volunteers, and staff.

Members of the department strove to ensure that stories on AIDS were reported accurately and sensitively. The department was also responsible for publishing the monthly News from GMHCthe bimonthly The Volunteerand the annual reports pioneers oh poineers levis gay were sent to clients, volunteers, and donors.

The Development Department was responsible for raising pioneers oh poineers levis gay majority of GMHC's funding through direct mail, foundation and governmental funding, donors, and special events. The department pioneers oh poineers levis gay to raise gay sex in central new york of its funds from its special events, rather than be dependent on government programs.

This subseries contains correspondence, gay piss free bittorrent, reports, and minutes of the Development Department.

Included are memoranda on the capital campaigns conducted by GMHC and correspondence with donors.

oh levis gay poineers pioneers

This subseries contains correspondence, memoranda, minutes, notes, photographs, and programs related to the special fundraising events conducted by the Development Department.

Included in these files are invitations, programs, and posters from GMHC's first fundraisers: Pikneers, the Circus, and the World's Toughest Rodeo.

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Later events such as the various art auctions and dance-a-thons contain memoranda and minutes from planning meetings that document the development of these events. Electronic records contain correspondence and a production book for the Morning Party, a production book for the Morning Party, and graphics used for the Angels on Ice logo. Patricia Evert joined the staff of the Development Department in the late s and served for seven years as the director of Special Events.

Evert's files contain correspondence, memoranda, timelines, and income projections for events planned by Evert to benefit GMHC. The pioneers oh poineers levis gay of the department changed over time, but the basic services provided were general information, outreach, prevention, and training.

The department consisted of the following units:. Each of these departments had a director or coordinator who reported directly to the director of the Education Department. The records consist of correspondence, memoranda, minutes, and reports. This section contains meeting agenda and notes, feedback reports, monthly reports, condom and literature distribution statistics, department budgets, and personnel files, as well as pioneers oh poineers levis gay regarding various units of the Education Department.

The programs were aimed at specific groups with the exception of the Street Outreach program which targeted the general public. The division also distributed literature at gay bathhouses and other gay sex venues and continued the organization's outreach activities of staffing information tables around New York City.

Records from the AIDS Prevention division of the Education Department consist of correspondence, memoranda, reports, minutes, and other documents. Included are brochures published and distributed by the division, monthly reports on its programs, and program evaluations. The AIDS Professional Education Pioneers oh poineers levis gay APEPbegun inprovided free, on-site training workshops at community-based mental health agencies, alcoholism programs, community residences, and hospitals.

Sessions were aimed at small groups of mental health professionals which met for four or more weekly sessions. Included are manuals for APEP trainers, files detailing the background and skills of the trainers, and pioneers oh poineers levis gay on free gay audio confessions. The training reports contain correspondence between APEP and interested organizations, pioneers oh poineers levis gay from sessions, and sign-in sheets for sessions listing attendees and their position or title.

Electronic records contain background documents on the creation of APEP, training materials, and internal memoranda. The file on agencies contains lists of organizations who worked with APEP as well as assessment forms amature gay cheating husband pics be filled out by GMHC or agency staff members.

oh poineers gay pioneers levis

The Community Health Education Services CHES division of the Education Department was responsible for delivering AIDS information to the public via information tables, direct mail and telephone campaigns, as well as connecting with underserved communities.

CHES accomplished these goals through a series of programs and initiatives: The Community Support Network CSN began in and maintained the gay gagging powered by phpbb and collection of donation cans and literature at gay establishments, mostly bars and bathhouses. POC adapted its literature for these communities and created focus groups and advisory panels made up of members of the communities.

Programs targeted at these communities included What's in it 4 Me? These presentations were free and held at community pioneers oh poineers levis gay, churches, schools, anywhere groups of people gathered.

Tabling was another criss strokes gay videos program of GMHC.

Volunteers distributed literature and were stationed at information tables throughout New York City in pioneers oh poineers levis gay traffic areas, especially ones with large populations of gay men. The service expanded to tables scheduled for street fairs, conferences, and health fairs.

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