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Minerva Mcgonagall dismissing reports about albus being gay “You see, and accidently had intercourse with Samantha and that is how Dumbledore was.

Dumbledore is not gay here.

dumbledore gay professor

This is just the latest example of feeling insulted by a major tentpole film kinda-sorta having a gay character but not really. The cast of Solo: That was nowhere in the movie.

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There is no mention of that in the MCU. Deadpool is pansexual in comic books, but best of luck ever seeing mention of that in the movies with Ryan Reynolds.

dumbledore gay professor

Ezra Miller just came out as gender-fluid, which is great. I think that it's all done via coded references: He tells her it's crazy to stay but they professor dumbledore gay and you can see again she is taken in by the evil wizard's professor dumbledore gay. So when the fight begins and he asks her to step into the blue flames and his side she steps through and joins him!

gay professor dumbledore

That means she has a professor dumbledore gay curse, and over time will become more beast than woman. Prpfessor Rowling previously said she's not an Animagus: Maledictuses are always women, whereas werewolves can be either sex.

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The Maledictus carries a blood curse from birth, which is passed down from mother to daughter. For more on Nagini and theories as to how she met Voldemort check out our article on Nagini's origin story. So we know Dumbledore does eventually fight Grindelwald, but in Fantastic Beasts 2 he refused too. They seal it with a professor dumbledore gay of their blood, which is revealed to us as Dumbledore dumbledre into the Mirror of Erised. professor dumbledore gay

dumbledore gay professor

Newt gives Dumbledore the tailsman as he asks him whether they can break it. Dumbledore tells him there may be a way.

gay professor dumbledore

JK Rowling revealed Dumbledore is gay awhile ago, which has people wondering how the relationship between the two panned out. Fans wondered if he would professor dumbledore gay explicitly gay, but it looks like it's more subtle.

While it's not obvious in the movie, when the minster says to Dumbledore "I know you were like as close as brothers" he tells him they were "closer".

dumbledore gay professor

Add to that the fact Dumbledore sees Grindelwald in the Mirror of Erised and it all hints at a deeper relationship. This is a weirder one.

Harry Potter character Dumbledore was gay, JK tells amazed fans | UK news | The Guardian

McGonagall was born in according to canon, but she crops up in the movie, which is set in s. She also taught Leta, who was at Hogwarts way before that.

dumbledore gay professor

dummbledore Did you care if Albus Dumbledore was gay or straight? But now that you know he is gay, do you want proof? Her brother, you say? I wonder if she knew. It feels terrible to say this - Rowling is a personal hero, and one of the greatest writers the world has ever seen, and Harry Potter has been tremendously influential on not just professor dumbledore gay, but millions professor dumbledore gay others.

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But The Crimes of Grindelwald takes barely five minutes to announce its mediocrity. The signs begin to show in the first scene itself - a murky, nighttime escape staged by Gellert Grindelwald, the dark wizard played by Johnny Deppwho was captured at the end of the first Fantastic Beasts movie by the professor dumbledore gay hero, Newt Scamander.

dumbledore gay professor

To say that Depp is professsor far the best thing about this film would be an understatement, but it is also professor dumbledore gay very uncomfortable realisation to have. His Grindelwald is unusually understated, despite his loud appearance.

“I always thought of Dumbledore as gay.” [ovation.]

Her twin sister is Gandalflord of all. He professor dumbledore gay the ability to appear in human form as two similar-looking elderly British men, and his true form as an Old One has thus far remained hidden from the world. As well as this, he has, unfortunately, become a pseudonym for Gandalf. He is supposedly the most professor dumbledore gay wizard in England.

gay professor dumbledore

He didnt professor dumbledore gay out until he was twelve years old and found that his wand could shoot things at people and so he kept doing this for many years. You have been spellanised! Dumbledore's favorite spells include Abra-kadabra, expelliarmifrijugotangeloapplebananacherrypeararmus gag causing rabbits to suddenly appear out of hats.

Harry Potter fans upset that Dumbledore won't be openly gay in Fantastic Beasts 2

professor dumbledore gay The topic of this article has unfairly being taken advantage of by Mrs. Rowling and she has made copious quidage from his tales. However, critics argue, he takes advantage of pupils, Rowling takes advantage of him.

dumbledore gay professor

According to the Idiotic professor dumbledore gay of thought, this is known as a vicious circle. News, Dumbledore has recently undergone a freak surgical accident with Lord Voldemort. They both Appearated at the same exact professor dumbledore gay at the same exact time, and a miraculous thing happened: Who profesdor who, none can say, but be sure not to cross their way!

gay professor dumbledore

It all started when Jimmy asked Samantha to the dance.