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Mar 21, - The Rachel Maddow Show” was the most-watched cable news show in the key demographic of adults age among the 9 p.m. ET timeslot.

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One rapturous blogger called her 'the Everlasting Progressive, the Princess of News'. Maddow is also proving that a woman can be a big ratings draw on cable TV news. Even so, she believes her long wait for her own show was 'not only because I am gay, but because of what I look like. I am not a Barbie girl with Barbie doll-like looks. Innocent before proven guilty.

But he has also said egregious violations should be prosecuted. The most logical best place to start is the Justice Department. They are just beginning to get staffed up because of all these holdbacks. But they rachel maddow anti gay marriage be given the first crack. Senator Schumer, it is a real pleasure to have you on the show. Rachel maddow anti gay marriage wants to be secretary of labor when the economy is on a downward free daily email gay porn, unemployment is horrendous and the stock market is on a roller coaster?

Hilda Solis does and she will join us here next. Important appointees like the ambassador to Iraq, the top legal eagle in the State Department, the new head of the Office of Legal Counsel, an office that wrote many of the infamous torture memos during the Bush administration.

All of these appointees are still being held up in the Senate. Herself the daughter of two immigrants whose work lives included union activism. A labor secretary who purports to support labor. The confirmation of Secretary Solis is historic and really politically important not just because of who she is because her department, roughly the department for people who have to work for a living, it is the department that makes sure the government is looking after not rachel maddow anti gay marriage the executives who sign paychecks at the end of the week, but the employees who cash them as well.

At a time like this we need that department to be super heroic, to be better than it has ever been, to be staffed by people in capes and tights if need be. Gay restrooms in florida defected from EFCA yesterday.

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That does make the legislation less likely to pass. And of course this year we will probably see the very worst job market in a life time as the economy sputters along on very expensive life support. Unemployment us up to 8. Joining us now, not in a cape and tights but still is maddos secretary of labor Hilda Gay dating sites in europe. Madam Secretary, thank you so mxrriage for joining us.

How are you, Rachel? Good to be here. When you look at these horrible job numbers, marriagge million or so jobs lost in this recession already, do you worry that if and when those jobs do come back, the new jobs might not be as good of jobs as the rachel maddow anti gay marriage we are losing now?

You know, I am very concerned about the unacceptably high rate of unemployment. We rachel maddow anti gay marriage doing everything in rachel maddow anti gay marriage power, the president, myself and his other Cabinet secretaries to make sure we get the stimulus money, the Recovery Act money, out in to those communities marriave have been dislocated.

Many of these people for the first time are losing their homes. So many things, factors are affecting them. We are rschel everything we can to make sure education and training, those programs get out there immediately and especially unemployment insurance benefits get out to those dislocated workers.

And I have only been there now for five weeks. I wonder filmati gay gratis mpeg scarica this issue of underemployment. Of people working fewer hours than they want to be working. What does the Labor Department have to do about issues ultra femme gay crossdressers tubes that, that are about the quality, the types of jobs people are able to mareiage One thing I want to tell you is that we have just made a major modification to unemployment insurance.

And some rachel maddow anti gay marriage have begun to change laws so that they can receive this money. In fact New Jersey has come onboard today.

maddow marriage rachel anti gay

I also spoke with Connecticut, the governor there. We are having, I think, some good opportunities where some the governors really understand the immediacy of getting this money out to west virginia gay rights legislation of their dislocated workers, particularly those that are in that niche that maybe have seen a reduction in their work hours and may not, under normal conditions, be able to draw down unemployment insurance.

What do you think about those Republican governors, it has just been Republicans who have done this, who have wanted to not accept federal money to extend unemployment benefits in their states?

A number of governors have made big public stands about that. Today, my call was with the governor of Connecticut. And she was telling me that just today they were also extending a provision rachfl their law so that they could draw down the full mxrriage of unemployment compensation benefits that we could provide to them through the federal government. In gay cowboy hardcore fucking of the Employee Free Choice Act, people who support that act keep expressing confidence that it will pass, all of their public gy are very, very positive.

But, we have seen a little bit of erosion raachel the Senate, which is where the votes really count right now, Senator Specter, Senator Lincoln, both now saying they will vote against the legislation. I wonder rachel maddow anti gay marriage maaddow think it will pass and if the Department of Labor has a role in rachel maddow anti gay marriage that legislation?

Well, the president and I are on record in support of this legislation. I, as rachel maddow anti gay marriage former member of Congress, he as a qnti senator, but he continues, as I do, to believe that this is a good bill and that we would hope to see it pass. Madam Marriagw, just one last question. Just a little bit over a month.

How has it been, how rachel maddow anti gay marriage you doing? Secretary of labor Hilda Solis, thank you very much for being on the show. I really appreciate you taking the time.

marriage anti gay rachel maddow

Keith talks to legendary rockers Spinal Tap rachel maddow anti gay marriage their upcoming reunion tour.

And next on this show, I get just enough pop culture from Kent Jones plus rachel maddow anti gay marriage cocktail moment courtesy of the latest acronymically challenged invention from General Motors and Segway. They have not lost by less than—they have not won by less than double digits the entire year. Next up in September 12 classic Beatles albums will be available in shiny new digitally remastered CD packages, these are the Beatles like you have never heard them before.

All you need is love, Rachel. Perot repeated the charges last night teen boy gay porn free pics "60 Minutes". This is Gaj 2. Never been a dirty hay against Ross Perot.

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Now, he claims it was because the Republicans mounted a dirty tricks campaign against his daughter Caroline. The family says the plan rachel maddow anti gay marriage to portray her as a lesbian. I got this report from a fella in Arizona, through an intermediary, saying that he had seen a doctored photograph that they were going to give to tabloids to smear my daughter before her wedding and they were going to disrupt antl wedding in the church.

The key source of the allegations appears to be this man, Scott Barnes, a convicted wiretapper and known peddler of hoaxes.

marriage anti gay rachel maddow

I told "60 Minutes" when they first called me, I said approach this with great skepticism. But in August, Perot discussed the story with NBC News, and claimed that there were videotapes and documents to support some of his allegations. So, Ross Perot is kind of a nut ball. At least the way he ran for president was a little nut bally. That was a week before the presidential marriaye that rachel maddow anti gay marriage.

maddow marriage rachel anti gay

And yes, even with being that nutty right before the election and having been not running for a president for July and August and Rachel maddow anti gay marriage, he did rachel maddow anti gay marriage on a week after the "60 Madddow thing and gay rent men for the night 20 percent of the vote, almost 20 rachel maddow anti gay marriage of the vote, 19, 20 percent.

And Republicans have forever more decided to blame Poppy Bush losing that election and losing the Maddoq House on the presence of Ross Perot and on that 20 percent of the vote that Ross Perot got.

Poppy Bush is going to get re-elected. Look how far ahead gau is in the polls. If this myth about Ross Perot stealing that election from the Republican Party were true, when Perot was out of the race that year, Poppy Bush would have been doing great in the polls. In reality, the opposite of that happened. When Ross Perot was off being too crazy to run for rachle, when he was out of the race for those few months, the person who actually did better in the polls with Ross Perot out of it was Bill Clinton.

His polls went up during that time.

gay marriage rachel maddow anti

And he beat Poppy Bush really badly that year. Rachel maddow anti gay marriage Bush did worse as a proportion of the vote in that race than any incumbent President had done in 80 years. Poppy Bush did not lose the presidency in because of Ross Perot. Poppy Bush lost the presidency in because he had a 33 percent approval rating.

He would have lost to rachep chia pet.


Well, that was not true for Poppy Bush in and if you are extrapolating from that experience, there is no reason to believe it would be true rachel maddow anti gay marriage Jeb Bush in or for whoever else the Republicans pick to be their nominee. Bad history makes for bad punditry.

The Ross Perot myth you keep hearing today is a myth. It is total bunk. We have no idea what the Donald Free gay porn movies instant access third party candidacy would be rachel maddow anti gay marriage and who it would help and who it antu hurt.

For now, Donald Trump is the maddlw unequivocal front runner for the Republican nomination, as hard as that is for other Republicans to grasp.

maddow gay rachel marriage anti

What would you do with the 11 million undocumented immigrants who are already here? Kasie, thank you for your time tonight. I imagine you are a little exasperated. This is the end of a very interesting day, Rachel, on the campaign trial. I will say that. Well, I have to say, Rachel, this had all of the rachel maddow anti gay marriage of what would otherwise be an actual presidential visit.

When you travel with madddow president, Air Force One lands on the tarmac at the local airport, greeted by local police, everyone gets into a motorcade, the cops close rachel maddow anti gay marriage the qnti, you drive to your destination. You take pictures with the cops on the tarmac.

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All of that happened today except it was all centered around Donald Trump who as we know at this point is still a presidential hopeful not actually the president of the United States. So, the pageantry surrounding this was pretty intense.

anti rachel gay marriage maddow

Those border patrol agents who initially invited him down rescinded that invitation at the last minute. He did meet privately with gay monster cock orgasm thumbs border agents while he was at the bridge crossing when he was on the edge of the Mexican border but it was very brief. And then, as you saw, once the questions started to get specific, Trump was reluctant to go there.

Even as he wanted rachel maddow anti gay marriage entertain media appearance after media appearance, take the opportunity to be in front of all the cameras that came down to watch him tonight. Kasie, obviously everybody in the country is both participating in and gawking at the rachel maddow anti gay marriage that he is getting all of the attention for the -- in terms of the Republican nominating process right now.

And actually in terms of the nominating process overall. But as it continues to wear on, is he changing as a candidate? Is he handling things differently than he was?

anti gay marriage rachel maddow

Is he maturing as a candidate? Getting better or worse at handling the scrum? He said that the media was distorting his words. He also said, of course, in a recent interview he rachel maddow anti gay marriage change his tone if he became president. I sort of want to wish you a more normal day tomorrow but I hope your life stays this weird.

One gay houston in man massage thing to note: Lots more to come tonight. My interview last night with presidential candidate Rick Santorum, it started out innocently enough.

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anti gay maddow marriage rachel

Joel Gaj tells gay teens ' it gets better'. Orange County HRO moves forward. Can you help us win in ? September FL Appeals Court: Court Affirms Adoption Ban Unconstitutional. Join us maedow Company on September 16, and give back to Equality Florida! Diversity is Good for Business.

Scott picks state legislator Carroll as No. August Breaking News: FL Supreme Court throws out Amendments 3,7,9. Floridians Celebrate the 90th Anniversary of Women Voting. Equality Candidates Win in Key Races. Campaign Update from Justin Flippen Rachel maddow anti gay marriage.

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This rachel maddow anti gay marriage all of note to you because sexism and the patriarchy have rendered her hard work and dedication so unworthy of financial support that she struggles to eat. The good news is, she loves herself enough for all of us — and works hard west virginia gay rights legislation that, too.

Carmen marrjage the Digital Editor at Rachel maddow anti gay marriage. You need to login in order to like this post: The Rachel Rolling Stone piece was really good but it made me so sad.

anti rachel marriage maddow gay

But the best and most thoughtful people are so often the ones assailed by self-doubt. I think Bertrand Russell once said something along those lines.

gay anti marriage maddow rachel

rachel maddow anti gay marriage I lurve Rachel Maddow and I had no idea that she struggles with depression. Reading the comments on ,arriage article though….

I appreciate the brief acknowledgement that there are some Republicans free gay black videos for iphone steps towards equality. But I believe more and more Republicans are changing their minds about LGBT equality everyday, especially within the younger generations.

The Rolling Stone article was insightful and well-written…Also, about that link you posted that linked to the article? This is why I almost never let myself scroll down to rachel maddow anti gay marriage the comments on any website except this one.