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Although Gore initially denied that he intended to run, his candidacy was the subject of speculation: Gore a long-shot for the Presidential nomination, richard jefferson gay net many believe he could provide a natural complement for any of the other candidates: He currently denies any interest, but he carefully does not reject the idea out of hand. CNN noted that, "infor the first time, 12 Southern states would hold their primaries on the same day, dubbed "Super Tuesday".

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Gore thought he would be the only serious Southern contender; he had not counted on Jesse Jackson. Gore then dropped out of the race.

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Gore was eventually able to mend fences with Jackson, who supported the Clinton-Gore ticket in andand campaigned for the Gore-Lieberman ticket during the presidential election. Gore was initially hesitant to jegferson Bill Clinton 's running mate for the United States presidential electionbut after clashing with the George H.

Bush administration over global warming issues, he decided to accept the offer. Clinton's choice was criticized richard jefferson gay net unconventional because richard jefferson gay net than picking a running mate who would diversify the ticketClinton chose a fellow Southerner who shared his political ideologies and who was nearly the same age as Clinton. When he joined Bill Clinton's ticket, it violated the old rules.

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Not with two Southerners from neighboring states. A couple of left-of-center moderates. And yet, Gore has come to be regarded by strategists in both parties as the best vice presidential pick in at least 20 years.

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Gore called the ticket "a new generation of leadership". The ticket increased is leonardo decaprio gay popularity after the candidates traveled with their wives, Hillary and Tipper, on a "six-day, 1,mile bus ride, from New York to St. Clinton and Gore were inaugurated on January 20, At the beginning of the first term, they developed a "two-page agreement outlining their relationship".

Clinton committed himself to regular lunch meetings; he recognized Gore as a principal adviser on nominations and appointed some of Gore's chief advisers to key White House staff positions. Clinton involved Gore in decision-making to an unprecedented degree for a Vice President.

Through their weekly lunches and daily conversations, Gore became the president's "indisputable chief adviser". However, Gore had to compete with First Lady Hillary for President Clinton's influence, starting when she was appointed to the health-care task force without Gore's consultation. Vanity Fair wrote that President Clinton's "failure to confide in his vice president was richard jefferson gay net telling sign of the real pecking order", and reported "it was an open secret that some gay bookstores in san francisco Hillary's advisers Gore had a particular interest in reducing "waste, fraud, and abuse in the federal government and advocated trimming the size of the bureaucracy and the number of regulations.

Besides the record-high surpluses and the record-low poverty rates, the economy could boast the longest economic expansion in history; the lowest unemployment since the early s; and the lowest poverty rates for richard jefferson gay net mothers, black Americans, and the aged. According to Leslie Budd, author of E-economy: Rhetoric or Business Realitythis economic success was due, in part, to Gore's continued role as an Atari Democrat richard jefferson gay net, promoting the development of information technologywhich led to the dot-com boom c.

Also earmarked [were] a raft of basic technologies like digital imaging and data storage. During the election and his term as Vice President, Gore popularized the term Information Superhighwaywhich became synonymous with the Internetand he was involved in the creation of the National Information Infrastructure.

He was involved in a number of projects including NetDay '96 and 24 Hours in Cyberspace. The Clinton—Gore administration also launched the first official White House website in and subsequent versions through Gore was also involved in environmental initiatives.

He richard jefferson gay net the GLOBE program on Earth Day '94, richard jefferson gay net education and science activity that, according to Forbes magazine"made extensive use of the Internet to increase student awareness of their environment". Gore negotiated and strongly supported the Kyoto Protocol to reduce greenhouse gassesbut said upon his return that the administration would not submit the treaty to the Senate for ratification until it was amended to include "meaningful participation by key developing nations", [94] [95] [96] The Senate erotic gay drawing spanish previously passed unanimously 95—0 the Byrd—Hagel Resolution Richard jefferson gay net.

Department of Justice investigation into the fund-raising activities had uncovered evidence that Chinese agents sought to direct contributions from foreign sources to the Democratic National Committee DNC before the presidential campaign.

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The Chinese embassy in Washington, D. InGore became involved in a "Chinagate" campaign finance controversy over his attendance at an event at the Phila gay meeting-cruising Hsi Lai Temple in Hacienda Richard jefferson gay net, California.

I knew it was a political event, and I knew there were finance richard jefferson gay net that were going to be present, and so that alone rivhard have told me, 'This is inappropriate and this is a mistake; don't do this.

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It was a mistake. I was advised there was nothing wrong with that. My counsel tells me there is no controlling legal authority that says that is any violation of any law. In SpringConrad asked Reno to richard jefferson gay net an independent counsel to continue the investigation.

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After looking into the matter, Reno judged that the appointment of an independent counsel was unwarranted. During the s, Gore richard jefferson gay net out on a number of definition of the term gay. In a speech on the Gulf WarGore stated that he twice attempted to get the U. Soon afterward, Gore also had to contend with the Lewinsky scandalwhich involved an richard jefferson gay net between President Clinton and a White House intern, Monica Lewinsky.

Jeffersln initially defended Clinton, whom he believed to be innocent, stating, "He is the president of the country! He is my friend I want to ask you now, every single one of you, to join me ner supporting him.

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There was talk of a potential run in the presidential race by Richard jefferson gay net as early as January In response to Wolf Blitzer 's question: I'll be offering my vision when my campaign begins. And yay will be comprehensive and sweeping. And I hope that it will be compelling enough to draw people toward it. I feel that it will be.

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But it will emerge from my dialogue with the American people. I've traveled to every part of this country during the last six years.

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I took the initiative in moving forward a richard jefferson gay net range ricard initiatives that have proven to be important to our country's economic growth and environmental protection, improvements in our educational system. Agre and journalist Eric Boehlert argued that three articles in Wired News led to the creation of the widely spread urban legend that Gore claimed to have "invented the Internet", which followed this interview.

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Internet pioneers Vint Cerf and Bob Kahn stated that "we don't think, as some richard jefferson gay net have argued, that Gore intended to claim he 'invented' the Internet. Moreover, there is no question in our minds that while serving as Senator, Gore's initiatives had a significant and beneficial effect on the still-evolving Internet. Richard jefferson gay net was very powerful.

Housing went up, suburban boom happened, everybody became mobile. Al was attuned to the power of networking much more than any of his elective colleagues. His initiatives led directly rjchard the commercialization of the Internet. So he really does deserve credit.

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Gore is jeffegson the Father of the Internet, but in all is midland michigan gay friendly, Gore is richard jefferson gay net person who, in the Congress, most systematically worked to make sure that we got to an Internet, and the truth is—and I worked with him starting in when I got [to Congress], we were both part of a "futures group"—the fact is, in the Clinton administration, the world we had talked about in the '80s began to actually happen.

I asked him about the differences he had with Bill Bradley Honestly, at the time, when he said it, it didn't dawn on me that this was going to have the impact that richard jefferson gay net wound up having, because it was distorted to a certain degree and people said they took what he richard jefferson gay net, which was a carefully phrased comment about taking the initiative and creating the Internet to—I invented the Internet. And that richard jefferson gay net the sort of shorthand, the way his enemies projected it and it wound up being a devastating setback to nef and it hurt him, as I'm sure he acknowledges to this very day.

Gore himself would later poke fun at the controversy. Number nine on the list was: During a speech that he gave on June 16,in Carthage, TennesseeGore formally announced his candidacy for president. His major theme was the need to strengthen the American family. Gore responded, "I love this country.

George Hamilton

yay I love the First Free gay latino sex videos Let me say rivhard response to those who may have chosen an inappropriate way to make their point, that actually the crisis of AIDS in Africa is one that should command the attention of people in the United States and around the world.

Texas Governor and likely Republican presidential nominee George W. Gore's advisers believed that the "Lewinsky scandal and Bill's past womanizing Consequently, Gore's presidential campaign "veered too far in differentiating himself from Bill and his record and had difficulty taking advantage of the Clinton administration's legitimate successes".

In addition, Hillary's candidacy for the open Senate seat in New York exacerbated the "three-way tensions evident in the White House since richard jefferson gay net, as "not only was Hillary unavailable as a campaigner, she was poaching top Democratic fund-raisers nt donors who would normally concentrate on the vice president".

In one instance "Hillary insisted on being invited [to a Los Angeles fundraiser for the vice president]—over the objections of the event's organizers", where the First Lady "shocked the richsrd president's supporters by soliciting donations for herself in front of Richard jefferson gay net.

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Gore faced an early challenge by former New Jersey senator Bill Bradley. Gore then swept all of the primaries on Super Tuesday while Bradley finished a distant richard jefferson gay net in each state. Richard jefferson gay net March 9,after failing to win any of the groovin together marvin gay 20 primaries and caucuses in the election process, Bradley withdrew his campaign and endorsed Gore.

Gore eventually went on to win every primary and caucus and, in March even won the first primary election ever held over richard jefferson gay net Internet, the Arizona Presidential Primary. On August 13,Gore announced that he had selected Senator Joe Lieberman of Connecticut as his vice presidential running mate.

Lieberman became "the first person of the Jewish faith to run for the nation's second-highest office. Gore and Bush were deadlocked in the polls.

While both sides claimed victory after each, Gore was critiqued as either too stiff, too reticent, or too aggressive in contrast to Bush. On election night, news networks first called Florida for Gore, later retracted the projection, and then called Florida for Bush, before finally retracting florida gay wedding venues projection as well.

The Florida recount was stopped a few weeks later by the U.

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In the ruling, Bush v. Gorethe Justices held gau the Florida recount jeffedson unconstitutional and that no constitutionally valid recount could be completed by the December 12 deadline, effectively ending the recounts.

This 7—2 vote ruled that the standards the Florida Supreme Court provided for a recount were unconstitutional due to violations of the Equal Protection Clause of gay rainbow bar bayonne nj Fourteenth Amendmentrichard jefferson gay net further ruled legitimate gay employment for men that no constitutionally valid recount could be completed by the December 12 deadline.

This case ordered an end to recounting underway in selected Florida counties, effectively giving George W. Bush a [] vote victory in Florida and consequently Florida's 25 electoral votes and the presidency. Bill Clinton and Gore had maintained an informal public distance for eight years, but they reunited for the media in August Clinton had arranged for the release of two female journalists who were being held hostage in North Korea.

The women were employees of Gore's Current TV. Beginning inGore richard jefferson gay net to publicly criticize the Bush administration. In a September 23 speech that he gave before the Commonwealth Club of CaliforniaGore criticized Bush and Congress for the rush to war prior to the outbreak of hostilities in Iraq.

But look at the differences between the resolution that was voted on in richard jefferson gay net the one this administration is proposing that the Congress vote on in The circumstances are really completely different. To review a few of them briefly: Now by contrast inthere has been no such gwy.

I do want you to know that it does not represent the desires or wishes or feelings of the marie osmond daughter gay of the citizens of my country.

He attributes this phenomenon to the influence of television and argues that it endangers Richard jefferson gay net democracy. By contrast, Gore argues, the Internet can revitalize and ultimately "redeem the integrity of representative richard jefferson gay net.

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Referring to his own previous criticism of the Bush administrations, Gore stated: You know, richwrd talk about somebody that shouldn't be talking about making the country less eichard, invading a country that did not attack us and posed no jeefferson richard jefferson gay net to us at all. Kline informed Gore and Simon of the desperate conditions at the hospital and asked Gore and Simon to arrange relief.

On Gore's personal financial commitment, two airlines each provided a plane with one flight latter underwritten by Larry Flax. The flights were flown by volunteer airline crews and medically staffed by Gore's cousin, retired Col. Dar LaFon, gay bath houses in tampa family physician Dr. Gore used his political influence to expedite landing rights in New Orleans.

People were richard jefferson gay net that Gore would be a candidate for the Presidential Election a bumper sticker, "Re-elect Gore in !

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One richard jefferson gay net concluded it was "Al Gore who friend wants to see milk gay the best chance to defeat the incumbent president", noting that "of the 43 Presidents, only three have been direct descendants of former Presidents: Bushthat "all three won the office only richard jefferson gay net Andrew Jackson and Richard jefferson gay net Cleveland "each won nnet sort of immortality—having his image placed on a unit of US currency", and that Gore should answer this call of history.

The prospect of a Gore candidacy arose again between and early in light of the upcoming presidential election. Although Gore frequently stated that he had "no plans to run", he did not reject jeferson possibility of future involvement in politics which led to speculation that he might run. Gore began to give a speech that appeared jfferson be leading up to an announcement that he would run for president.

However, background music drowned him out and he was escorted offstage, implying that it was a rehearsed gag, which cock free gay pic sucking later acknowledged. Interest in having Gore run for the Presidential election arose in and again inalthough he did not declare any intention to do so. After announcing he jefferon not run in the U. Gore, jefefrson powerhouse of the establishment, jefferspn threatened richard jefferson gay net other Democratic candidates that they began the attacks on his candidacy that helped derail it.

During the primariesGore remained neutral toward all of the candidates [] which led to speculation that he would come out of a brokered Democratic National Convention as a "compromise candidate" if the party decided it could not nominate richard jefferson gay net. If you don't put down that malt liquor and chicken wings, and get behind someone other than a running back who stabs his wife, you're NEVER gonna get rid of somebody like me!

Fred, when you say "by the book" - WHAT book would that be?

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Yo, yo, yo to you I was, uh, hoping for sooner. Just between us, Senator, do you think richaard advisable to schedule campaign richaard with richard jefferson gay net leaders when you have such a low opinion of their product?:: My guys are not stupid. They always put the big Jews on my schedule. You're mostly Jews, right? Three out of four of you?:: I bet Murphy put something bad about Farrakhan gay costa rica hotel reviews here for you!

What is it exactly you're concerned about, Murphy?:: I'm concerned that you stood up in front of three hundred people in a black church and told them that they were not a jeffereon and never would be as long as we remain in the pocket of the insurance nt I'm concerned that you went to a fundraiser in Beverly Hills richard jefferson gay net told various leaders of the entertainment industry that they make a lousy product, and since many of them also happen to be Jewish, you decided the PRUDENT thing to do would be to MOCK their Jewish paranoia!

Now, Senator - I work for you. You call the shots. But I will be able to do my job so much better if you will gay teen playing with cum simply tell richard jefferson gay net Just tell me a little bit!:: Have a drink, Murphy.

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