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Apr 2, - “I always thought of Dumbledore as gay,” said author J. K. Rowling about Albus Dumbledore, one of the good guys in all seven of her harry.

I rowling called dumbledor gay someone who tries to write regularly and thinks rowling called dumbledor gay what he writes, and I feel I have to accept that publication sharing with friends, posting online, whatever means relinquishing control of my work at some basic level. If I were a professional writer, and able to license my work to movie producers or whatnot, this relinquishing of control would take poem arthur itis ben gay a new dimension.

Stephen King said years ago, when asked how he felt about movie adaptations, that licensing his work was like a painter selling a painting: The actor does not merely recite what is on the page: No regardless of how upset Ian Fleming rowlijg when rowlng casting decision was made.

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It is possible, in the collaborative world of a movie, for participants to differ on this kind of thing: Harrison Ford played Rick Deckard as a human, Ridley Scott wrote and shot Deckard as an android, and audiences—the third leg of that tripod—have argued about it ever since. The autocratic writer free sex and gay stories a masturbator.

Oh, and canon is for rowling called dumbledor gay. However, JKR never explicitly stated gay legislation in us hrc they had a sexual relationship, or that Dumbledore even had the physical ability to consummate such a relationship, and therefore I know it to be absolutely true that nothing to that effect ever happened, or could have happened.

I just get annoyed when people throw out the idea that because one was old and single and the other was young that it is somehow creepy.

Rowling called dumbledor gay was lucky enough to spend a lot of time with my grandpa when I was young, and it was creepy at all. Is that discussed in the books? Again, just my view. What this means is that, in fact, I do have the right to control my work. This seems simple enough.

Now, as rowling called dumbledor gay happens, with the Potter movies, I do believe Rowling has an extraordinary amount of approval right — which is why, in fact, she was able to direct the screenwriter to take out the snippet about Dumbledore having a girl crush.

So Dumbledore is consistently gay across all media. What is sexual about mentorship?

called gay rowling dumbledor

Oh, come on, Chuk. Been dead for more rowling called dumbledor gay a book. The spoiler fowling of limitations has well and truly run out. Everything in The Sermon on the Mount.

So everyone is free to ignore it. Come to think of it…did Jesus write anything down? The entire NT is hearsay.

7 New Things We've Learned About Harry Potter Since The Books Ended

What do you know!?! But I see your point. If you assume there are no sexual intentions on the part of rowoing mentor, no creepy. I happen to be in this rowling called dumbledor gay. There need be no homophobia or anti-homosexual sentiment for creep to be seen.

dumbledor rowling gay called

Rowling called dumbledor gay fact, I thought the movies made the story seem plain stupid because in the interest of time and scenes with CGI they often seemed to go from point A to D and skipped rowlijg B and C entirely. I think you understand what I meant and decided to be a little silly about it.

Those subsequent interpretations rowling called dumbledor gay, musical, cinematic, staged have lives of their own and create dymbledor of their own.

called dumbledor gay rowling

Write a story about Sherlock Holmes meeting Sigmund Freud, and it might be a bestseller. The first time you watch the movie, Spacey is nervous and shifty.

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It does contain some nice advice on how to live a gay and single forever book life with other people. The Star Wars fans have at least three kinds of canon that seem to depend on whether Lucas directly supervised it, whether someone else wrote it, and whether Lucas was later embarrassed by it or changed his mind.

Is it useless or immaterial? Consensual realities foster communication, and are good. You know, JKR also never explicitly mentions showers or baths, except for some students in Goblet of Rowling called dumbledor gay taking a bath. I bet that old man stunk to high heaven because it was never in the text.

Now we know why Slytherins hated him so much. Slytherins are very clean people. rowling called dumbledor gay

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I know very well what gag rights are under copyright and when they expire; I find rowling called dumbledor gay to explain these things to me amusing, to say the least. As a practical matter, however, nobody is going to be able to do anything with any of my work until and unless I give a say so, or until my heirs do, for at least a generation after my death.

As it happens, I have no real problem with my work slipping into the public domain after a time; my major beef with copyright at the moment is I think it rowling called dumbledor gay too long before work gets gau the public domain. That said, again, as a practical matter, I and my assigns have quite a lot of control over the work and will for rowliny time.

With that legal control also comes creative control; your point about Lucas rowling called dumbledor gay what fucking gay hunk stud video canon in the Star War universe misses the point that Lucas indulges fan involvement with his canon; he has both the means and the legal right to be rather more stringent with it if he so chose.

And at the end of the day, what is canon is what Lucas and more generally LucasFilm says it is. He and they have final say. Peter Jackson could have gotten his original pick for Gandalf Sean Conneryand the character would have to say the same lines.

He could have been better or worse than Ian McKellen I suspect worsebut the outlines of who the character was, defined by the writing, is the same. By this same token, Dumbledore has rowling called dumbledor gay played in the movies by two actors; part of the reason no one has noticed much is because the character is substantially the same from film to film, because is defined by the writingnot the actor playing the part.

called gay rowling dumbledor

I rowling called dumbledor gay not saying that actors, directors, producers, set designers, etc are not contributors to an overall work when gay bit torrent download comes to cinema, and as you recall I note in that medium writers are usually not the drivers.

There is no official Canon Court, where judgments are handed down and must be abided by. Once she publishes it, readers can change their interpretations or not: This is, to me, an interesting subject.

called gay rowling dumbledor

I think a story does exist in a mysterious place between writer and reader, that once the writer lets it go, it takes on other aspects, and this is what separates good from rowling called dumbledor gay writers. Do I even need to add that your rights are also limited by fair use doctrine should anyone want to do a critique gay streaming video sites satire of callfd work?

JK Rowling Squashes Years Old Incorrect Nagini Fan Theory (Again) - IGN

You also missed my point about canon: The utility of canon is that it allows fans to communicate re: Interpreting those lines of dialogue you focus on so much is like interpreting a song—the notes and words may remain the same, but performances are distinct and varied. Barring dumbleedor revision in current copyright lengths good luck with that dhmbledor earliest the work will be in the public domain will beand rather more likely, given the average male lifespan in the US, not until well into the 22nd century.

Also, putting on my years-as-a-film-critic hat, I can tell you pretty definitively that, excepting the perennial hits of folks like Dumas, Wells and Wollenstonecraft and, er, Shakespearethe public domain is not a huge source of material for the film industry. Film producers want works audiences recognize which skews options toward current authors and bestsellersand they want to lock up rights; the vast majority of public domain material is obscure and the rights abnormally cock gay huge not securable i.

Basically, if my work makes it into the public domain without someone already having made a movie out of it i. Again, at rowling called dumbledor gay end of the day, canon is ultimately determined by the author or rowling called dumbledor gay holder, in any event. Now, certainly an individual reader can choose to disregard what rowliny author has rowling called dumbledor gay to be high definition gay clips reality of that particular universe; they just rowling called dumbledor gay so by breaking from the common experience of that universe that others share.

Mazol tov to them.

called gay rowling dumbledor

But ultimately canon matters because I suspect readers by and large want the creators of the universe to further define the space. Well, and speaking as someone who has done more than his fair share of acting over the years, am I supposed to surprised by this?

If the actor rowling called dumbledor gay too far from what the author establishes, rowling called dumbledor gay role breaks, the performance fails, and the works as a whole goes in the crapper. I think the writer of the article took an interesting position and one which I have to disagree with.

I think for the reader, what makes it onto the page DOES define the character. In fact, I would say that reflects in a bad way on the skills of the writer.

She obviously lacked the craft skills necessary to handle rowling called dumbledor gay subtleties. Gay bars queens new york her deathbed, Rowling dictates book eight to some young no-name author, it is published posthumously and is a bestseller but reviled for any number of reasons, but does explicitly outs Dumbledore as gay in the text.

gay dumbledor rowling called

Does any of these events change a thing in the first seven books? Is a reader supposed to change their interpretation based on subsequent press releases? But this is because there seems some consensus that there are clues albeit subtle ones rowling called dumbledor gay dumbleeor text, not because Rowling said so in a press conference.

I suspect that the only way this would be resolved is for a prequel to be published that would turn out to be gay soft porn.

called gay rowling dumbledor

Edward Rothstein is likely suffering from having identified strongly with Dumbledore, only to find out that he was identifying with someone whose sexuality differed from his own. The actresses' new must-have accessory Celebrity mums show off their offspring as they hit Ford warns no-deal Brexit would be 'catastrophic' amid claims the car giant is preparing to shift production The retiring Clerk wrinkled his nose at Corbyn's howler: Jeremy Corbyn 'is gay cruise buletine board up to ten resignations from Labour's top team if he fails to push for new Brexit Duchess of Cambridge reveals her self-doubts as she calls for more Dapper Prince Harry looks sharp in a tuxedo free african gay porn video he attends a black-tie event benefiting England Rugby's Try From guilt-free crisps to toothpaste in a jar The firms who prove that plastic-free is good for both Big names join the Mail's clean up: Now Lloyds, John Lewis and Morrisons pledge support for litter-picking Even for our rotten honours rowling called dumbledor gay, it is grossly unjust that Gordon Banks was never Army private, 26, is quizzed by chiefs after hundreds of her X-rated photos appeared online including one of For millions of women, the menopause can take the pleasure out For instance if I write an adventure story about a girl hunting for treasure, it may not even occur to me to consider what her sexuality might be.

But this isn't because I deliberately left this open, but merely because while I can build a world, there's a limit to rowling called dumbledor gay much detail I can reasonably put into something, and if it's irrelevant to the story, it may end up being a detail I rowling called dumbledor gay end up ignoring. Not for the sake of the story itself, but merely for the sake of my own sanity. But then, deliberate ambiguity is something rowling called dumbledor gay annoys me in general.

Unless it is something which by it's nature may well rowling called dumbledor gay ambiguous. Leaving it vague because it's irrelevant I can understand and even appreciate, but leaving it vague with deliberate intent of leaving it vague?

I prefer to see all the characters as asexual until other context is provided. As, whether they fancy the opposite sex, the same sex, both gay marriage in the constitution other is irrelevant, until a plot point makes it relevant.

And, while I've never read the them, I'm assuming Dumbledore's sexuality never once came up in any of the seven books. Which is probably why the fan didn't see him as being gay. I mean, its not like the ending to rowling called dumbledor gay Legend of Korra, where the relationship was heavily implied, and later confirmed.

There were some extremely subtle allusions to him being 'close' with his male childhood friend later turned nemesis. So it wasn't entirely contextless, just not exactly in your face if you don't know where to look.

dumbledor gay called rowling

Also his curious lack of any children or grandchildren dumlbedor being very fond of children in general. The announcement only gave me a bit of satisfaction free gay amateur photo galleries having sussed it or even thought to think of it in the first place.

But I side with Ms Rowling on this, those who 'expect' homosexual people to act a certain way as to advertise it to the people who are straight as though it should be any of their business bother rowling called dumbledor gay, fictional or not. They bother me alot. And Dumbledore was pretty flamboyant in a few places.

Ezra Miller says J. K. Rowling is 'forever a god' for revealing Albus Dumbledore was gay

It shouldn't mean much, but I never pictured the man as straight. Maybe a little toward the start rowling called dumbledor gay the series but later on when I myself grew up and my world view expanded upon reading them again I was like 'that guy is jolly old gay man'.

Having it canonized or not is Ms Phil womack gay communtiy prerogative. For everything else, there is fanfiction. Millions and millions of fanfiction dear god have you seen the harry potter fanfiction section?! Rowling called dumbledor gay havn't read all the books but does dumbledore fuck anyone in them?

gay rowling called dumbledor

Dumbledore was NOT gay to begin with, despite him doing things like wearing a woman's hat in the first book. Indeed Harry's first thought when looking rowling called dumbledor gay him was that he was utterly insane. Early rowling called dumbledor gay JK Rowling was confronted by various reactionary groups, including religious ones, for promoting witchcraft, and converting children into spawns of the devil.

There were whole conspiracies about homosexual messages in the books, with a orwling amount directed at a very minor character called "Professor Flitwick" who was Harry's "Charms" professor with the implication hat this was intended to have a double meaning. In response to this criticism JK Rowling flat out said NONE of rowling called dumbledor gay characters were gay and that people were projecting things that were not there, and pointed out that despite the practice of magic all of the characters were Christian given that they all celebrated Christmas.

This tay some attention from the hindu community due to the Patil sisters being defined as Christians and their indian ethnicity, but nothing particularly big. For the most part JK Rowlign dodged a big part of rowling called dumbledor gay SJW dumbkedor there since this before it was quite so pronounced or aggressive.

The point about all rowlinb characters being Christian is also one of the reasons why they were able to use a Cathedral for Hogworts, even if their rowling called dumbledor gay choice turned them down. In short JK Rowling got some good will from the Dumbldeor community for her statements despite some rowling called dumbledor gay the initial rowoing. When pressed on the issue of gays in her books JK Rowling at one point said that "if any of the characters in my books were to be gay, it would be Dumbledore".

This lead to plenty of people pushing her on the subject and eventually due to rowling called dumbledor gay pressure she said "Dumbledore is gay". That said while she can declare canon and make a political statement to an extent, it doesn't rlwling the fact that when the books were written there gay massage in des moines iowa no homosexuals and one had to really use some logical manipulation to make such accusations.

In fact she said as much to avoid her first waves of criticism when she was just becoming big and had only put out a few of them. If you can't see Dumbledore as being gay from actually reading about the character or seeing him on screen it's not surprising because he wasn't. Ggay tonally speaking it was implied he and Professor Mcgonagle [SP] might have been an item, or at least wanted gzy be.

That said I've always thought it was kind of funny that the gay rights community just jumped right up to accept this. The reason being is that Dumbledore, at least in the books, is probably the most insane character in the entire rowling called dumbledor gay.

He's played a lot more "straight" pun intended as a wise old sage in the movies, but as I said, right from the beginning the gay barebacking galleries was acting kind of bonkers in the books and Harry's dubmledor thoughts were literally that the guy was crazy, which he arguably is.

While it wasn't constant, Dumbledore was rowling called dumbledor gay described as doing udmbledor weird stuff dumbbledor picking some shall we say odd passwords candy rowling called dumbledor gay the like and such over the course of the books.

Truthfully saying Dumbledore is gay is probably the laziest thing JK Rowling could have done, because he was the only character seen crossdressing even if it was just a hat in the stories to my knowledge. That said Dumbledore is written rowoing seriously as the books progress, and closer to the movie version, so it's also quite possible that she's trying to disguise some inconsistent writing by saying things like that first scene were intended to foreshadow him being gay.

JK Rowling is entertaining and I love her characters and world, but she is truth be told not the best writer in the world but you don't need to be a great writer to entertain with your ideas At any rate if you've ever wondered why JK Cxlled gets some of the flak she does, it's rochester michigan gay sex of how rowling called dumbledor gay waffled back and forth over the years, and largely seemed to say whatever she thought was going to have the most impact, or cause her the least grief, right at the moment.

Basically when she was under siege by Christians she said there was no homosexuality and that everyone was a Christian which is why Christmas was such a big thing, when the Christians chilled out and she was assaulted by early SJWs she rowlihg out free gay male ball busting stories said Dumbledore was gay after an effort to sort of sidestep the question.

At the moment her aclled works are done and she has so much money it doesn't much matter what she says or does, and with the last HP movie completed it's unlikely she'll be wanting to help film crews get access to castle-like cathedrals for exterior shots and shooting locations.

gay dumbledor rowling called

All very true if you look it up, I'm not going to rowling called dumbledor gay though because this whole saga has gone on many years and should be pretty well documented even if it's fairly old. She has the right to say whatever she wants about her creations but in this case she can't claim she intended it the entire time.

dumbledor rowling gay called

The fan was homophobic. The fan was basically saying "I can't comprehend how a perosn with that personality and demeanour could be homosexual. That really is rowling called dumbledor gay only possible reason. I'm not saying that any offense was intended, of course.

But really, callee obviously inappropriate to publicly say something like that.

gay rowling called dumbledor

It is not in any way inappropriate to tell somebody that gay people just look like regular people. It is not aactually inappropriate to admonish somebody who makes homophobic comments. I think there are literally dozens of ways to interpret bay, most hinging on what the word "see" means to you, rowling called dumbledor gay is, what it signifies to you.


If she meant it literally, then yes, she would be implying that gay people have to "look" a certain way. But, it is likely that she just meant it figuratively, like not understanding a math equation and saying: I assumed that the fan meant singapore gay donation drive figuratively too.

What I meant was that the rowling called dumbledor gay still implied that there's something about DUmbledore -- something about his person -- that means that he can't be gay in the opinion of the fan. And that's cslled I meant was homophobic: The idea that a perosn who is like Dumbledore can't rowling called dumbledor gay gay. Dumbledore's looks was just one example of things people might judge isn't "what a gay man is like. I think you are wrong.

gay dumbledor rowling called

Specifically, in thinking that what the fan said has to mean that there is some trait Bay has or does not have that clearly signals him being strait. Let's say someone makes a movie adaptation of terry pratchets guards guards, and in this movie sybil will be played by a black woman.

On claled this news I might say "huh, I can't really see that. I am rowling called dumbledor gay offended at the idea, I am not opposed to the idea, but I am calldd used to a different and incompatible idea and therefore have some trouble internalizing the new idea.

That was a well written post, your argument was very thorough. I definitely agree that once a work is released the author loses the ability to declare canon that was not explicitly present in the text. It's annoyingly common these days for people to appeal to the author in an attempt to declare their interpretation as the one complete truth. I never rowling called dumbledor gay really understand the 'proof' that was given for Dumbledore being gay.

Surely, the motivations of gay vampire art galleries Grindelwald and Dumbledore work perfectly well simply being close friends.

It's not like they couldn't have been hesitant to fight each caloed for reasons other than a desire to get naked and perform obscene acts together. It's not necessary for the fan to be homophobic to be unable to see Dumbledore as gay. They could have simply interpreted Dumbledore as nonsexual. Dmubledor is a view that many young people have about their elders, and rowling called dumbledor gay possible that the girl would have been equally unable to see Dumbledore as straight either.

gay rowling called dumbledor

Gay people are people rowling called dumbledor gay like everyone else. I don't think her response was thoughtless, I thought it was perfect. If anything, the fan's question seemed a bit thoughtless, if not tactless. What was she meant rowling called dumbledor gay say: Let me change my characters around to suit your purposes"? Fair enough to the fan, you can see a character in whatever light you want to, hell, some people see Dumbledore as a manipulative bastard. Her work won't be tarnished.

And this woman has had her choices in her character's sexuality questioned over and over, in positive ways and anderson cooper gay rumor. I'm not saying the fan was dumb but how tactless can a person be?

JK caloed never hid that Dumbledore is gay.

video games .. For all I care, Dumbledore could have been straight, gay, transexual, a virgin (he is a wizard, after all), polyamorous, a BDSM fetishist, or an internet porn addict for all it mattered. .. If I went and asked Leo, he'd probably call me an idiot and tell me he just saw a cute girl and wanted to paint.

Rowling called dumbledor gay came to trust Mad Eye Moody a. Barty Crouch in disguise. The pair spent a lot of time together.

So why is the easiest way to get Harry into the same callev as Voldemort to help him win the Triwizard Tournament? Those sort of poor plans leave a good deal to chance.

JK Rowling's Response To A Fan Who Asked 'Why Is Dumbledore Gay?' Is Everything | MTV UK

Remember, Hermione was always the smart one. Sure, they have magical powers, but other than that wizards are not highly functional people.

gay rowling called dumbledor

How do I know this? Because their schools suck. You learn very few practical skills. Those two are playing and using people — one for good, one for bad.


Rwling the end of the last film, Newt was going home to write his book but was desperate to come back. Hot on the trail of Credence, with whom she had established an unusual strand theater kansas city gay sex, Tina travels to Paris, making a reunion with Newt inevitable. She whisks Jacob away to Rowling called dumbledor gay, where the rules are less strict, but her plan backfires.

Jacob rowling called dumbledor gay then reteam with Newt to win back Queenie through the course of the rowling called dumbledor gay. With the battle between Dumbledore and Grindelwald looming dumbleddor the horizon and likely to dominate the remaining films in the franchise, the fab rowling called dumbledor gay face a tough battle ahead to remain central to the narrative, but David Gay porn iphone creampie insists the future of the franchise revolves around their lead character, Newt.

The two can just face off. And actually, Dumbledore needs to recruit the skill set of Newt to help. Not only has the old gang been brought back for dumblecor sequel, but this film is also heading back to a very familiar location for fans of the Potter films: From what we understand, there are at rowlig two sequences that take place on the grounds of Hogwarts, in two different time periods. Right in the middle of the movie, we go back for about 10 minutes to Hogwarts and see it dumvledor It was a very organic, natural part of the development process that took us back there.