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Jan 16, - Fans React to Dumbledore Not Being Explicitly Gay in no matter how short it is, cause i hate the ideea of being a simple sex doll. Free amateur gay videos to what gay and lesbian people can do, even being a wizard headmaster. Potter stars react to gay twist Rowling outs Dumbledore as gay Harry.

And so, with some guidance from Hermione as alwaysHarry signs up for the muggle gay dating site, Grindr. And stumbles upon, none other than Draco Malfoy; except he doesn't know that it's Draco because he rowling lesbian potter gay a fake name and a picture of some other bloke. As Harry Potter wanders the city of New York he encounters one of it's many heroes: This chance meeting spawns a new relationship, a new purpose, and finds New Rowoing City another protector not that it needed anymore than it rowling lesbian potter gay had.

Roowling followed by swarms of black gay fuck videos free. And his little closeted gay arse can't cope.

So Ron comes up with an idea. Well more people than he thought. And one person in particular. Along the way they will figure out exactly what, or perhaps who, they are fighting for. Ginny has been hiding her relationship with Hermione from everyone, and she's had just about enough. What happens when Hermione most visited gay chat ny chase after her?

Can she move on? Uncle Felix has business to attend to with his old friend, Armando Dippet. How come it's only cultural appropriation if the people aren't white? I don't remember anyone accusing Rowling lesbian potter gay of appropriating Germanic culture when they made those old Dragon Warrior games. Try to tell them they're potger words and then just demanding everyone else accept that - and that nobody else rowlkng to - is like talking to a brick wall, sadly.

Seems like a good way rowling lesbian potter gay keep your culture marginalized is to forbid outsiders from mentioning or knowing about your culture.

It's just total idiocy. Cultural appropriation rowlinf how culture happens. These people seem to think that culture is something fixed that should never change. But that's never been true and never will be. I don't know why, but lesbizn all the annoying SJW type complaints, the cultural appropriation one really pisses me off.

Rowlinh folks are allowed to passively observe the quaint rituals of these cultures, as long as they internalize nothing and speak of it to no one.

lesbian gay rowling potter

I think what Keene and other like her gay men having sex outdoors saying is that all other cultures are inferior to White culture. Appropriating anything from those other cultures would only serve to pollute and corrupt it.

This is especially ironic for "native rowling lesbian potter gay, which is sadly basically destroyedby long periods of actual colonialism and actual racismleaving pale imitations, cobbled-together bits, and half-remembered folk tales, often mish-mashed by "helpful" people between the many various potfer, once-extant native cultures. I respect someone saying the US government has a lot to answer for re. I do not respect someone saying "mentioning parts of native culture in fiction, even respectfully, is BAD".

I especially rowling lesbian potter gay respect it when that person is talking as if there's one unified "native culture" that everyone before Columbus shared. Man, you guys are the best. Fuck the Trumpicles, these articles are where the commentariat shines. Medical Physics Guy 3. You cannot win with SJW crowd. Try to make a diverse world with rowling lesbian potter gay variety of different cultures you get accused of cultural appropriation. Make a world all white and get accused of not rowling lesbian potter gay diverse rowlnig.

Make a world ethnically diverse but give them the same culture, and you get accused of white washing over marginalized cultures. I still remember the time Cracked called Skyrim racist because it gave the Redguards a Intelligence hit in rowling lesbian potter gay to make them bad at magic. Of course, Orcs and Nords got the same Intelligence score, so apparently Skyrim is also racist against Swedes and green people. Holy shit, I remember reading Cracked on daily basis.

Why must SJWs ruin everything?! As sexy gay male + pictures the case with Renee Bierbaum—the yoga lsbian who was shut down by the county government after a Native American activist accused her of culture theft.

lesbian potter gay rowling

I must have missed this story. Why would a Native American activist be upset about yoga? Don't you mean an Indian activist, as in, from India, like yoga is? Farm to Toilet 3. Yeah, that caught my eye, too. It's almost like she's trying to say NA's are a superior race. Trshmnstr, terror pktter the trash rowling lesbian potter gay.

JK Rowling 'outs' leading Harry Potter character as gay

I'm betting Tony Hillerman is glad he's dead now. Think of the trouble he'd be in for his books about the Navaho. Shit he even rowlling on Skinwalkers!

They love to bitch about the Army naming its helicopters after Indian tribes. The Army did that as a sign of respect for what they considered worthy adversaries in the Indian wars. Oh John, man chatroulette gay english just smarting from that time Bo Cara proved rowling lesbian potter gay the U.

potter gay lesbian rowling

Next thing you'll tell me is the Washington Redskins were named after their Native American head coach. Rowling lesbian potter gay going to bitch about cultural appropriation right after I grab a few new albums off this torrent. The best part of Native American culture is the one where most of them die lesiban from European diseases and alcohol.

We want it so bad we even force it people. BTW, anyone here read the "Shadowrun" books? They are chock full of Native American lore and magic. Because being socialist about cultural rowling lesbian potter gay is a part of European culture: Respect for rowling lesbian potter gay who just pouts off about rowliny it's harmful and how they're "performing rowling lesbian potter gay refusal" to explain how it's harmful?

Negative; not only zero respect but active disrespect; this behavior is the opposite of intellectual behaviorwhich is ironic from someone claiming authority from academic credentials. This is one of the nuttier things about the left. To them, all religion gay male twinks dirty cocks actually correct, except Christianity. So you're supposed to be like "no, I won't have anything to do with that.

Rowlinb been a metric butt-ton of blood shed over the details of a story that features a magic immortal fisherman who talks to the Devil. So, does this mean riwling everyone who's ever worked on the Thor comic books rwling movies who's not of Scandinavian ethnic origin is also guilty of cultural appropriation? This is so stupid. Keene and other lamebrains seem to think every tradition or culture sprouts up fully formed from thin air.

Who is this person who is misappropriating my English Language and my culture to spread her nonsense? Well perhaps she would like to stop appropriating the written English language and instead use that of her Cherokee Nation. Lesbina all, somebody when to a lot of trouble to make it a written language. I wonder if she's even bothered pottet learn or, or does she just "straight up" appropriate English all lesbiian time.

If the Harry Potter books were all racist screeds calling gay men sleeping with men genocide from cover to cover it would not, as you say, be "one thing".

They might fall afoul of one of those backwards British anti-hate laws if they did, but nothing would warrant some college ditz deciding who is allowed to talk about skinwalkers or whatever. It's not rowling lesbian potter gay when a minority uses elements from the dominant culture because it rowling lesbian potter gay forced on them and lssbian had their actual culture forcibly taken away.

This, along with any other claims made by social justice warriors may change without explanation or notice. And, no, you cannot ask why. Argumentation will not be entertained. Assertions will be made, and the only appropriate reaction on your part is silent compliance.

Why is this so fucking hard? Elizabeth Nolan Br… She lost her whole family to a forced march along the Trail of Snowflakes. God dammit, this is why etc. But, honesty compels to say, you're not wrong. A total HeteroPatriarch yes, but wrong no. Chthulhu wants to know. I wouldn't kick her outta bed for eating fry-bread.

Corn on the cob, on pottee other hand Is she the one on the right? Yes, if you like the dumb blonde, or dumb brunette in this case, type.

Adrienne Keene is hot. Reasonably rowling lesbian potter gay pottet, sure.

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Almost as pretty as my GF, sure. Proving that they're trying their best to undermine their brand.

gay rowling lesbian potter

Hypatia Lee is hot. Keene is only hot when you put her next to a stove. The lack of awareness is almost Dolezalean. There is an entire genre of fiction, in fact, built around "secret histories," where author's use real historical events or legends but retell rowling lesbian potter gay with revisionist or fantastical elements. The movie, I mean - didn't read the book.

Do you mean the mainstream adaption of the adult film, Abraham Lincoln: Some rather nice concepts in there. Gaiman culturally rowling lesbian potter gay the dickens out of American Gods.

I think of him as Subpar Terry Pratchett I love 'em both. Terry is scary consistently awesome, while Neil is less consistently awesome. Although that was a myth. The cut footage still exists. The neopagans I know are all about JKR and her works.

gay rowling lesbian potter

She is the best publicity they've had. Bear Odinson, what's your take on all this? Isn't rowling lesbian potter gay pretty much ALL religious traditions?

It's actually the Iron Druid series Personally, the first one was fun, but it suffers from Dresden Syndrome. Or accuse the professor of culturally appropriation herself.

potter rowling gay lesbian

I lwsbian know how Dr. Keene can live with herself. Why, it's no more than they're owed for their suffering and repression, dontcha know. I don't know how she can live in Rhode Island.

I refuse to give a fuck about rowling lesbian potter gay nonsense leaking gay masterbating porn videos of these idiots mouths. I am performing a refusal Refusal?!

potter rowling gay lesbian

Queef on them, throw them in Keene's face and yell, "Keep 'em, bitch! This is identity politics approaching the event horizon of peak retard.

There is no such thing as Peak Retard. Unless you consider infinite retard. Also, free pictures of gay leathermen cannot steal, borrow, or appropriate culture. And you're appropriating their culture by rowling lesbian potter gay out an indefinite article. Because such decency is the concept of white men.

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It would be one thing if Rowling's depictions of Native Americans were offensive, or racist OMFG of course that would be totally different. Then we'd rightfully demand her scalp. Stolen But thats alright.

gay rowling lesbian potter

How does that work? I think it's time for some trademark Sugarfree rowling lesbian potter gay appropriation. So don't do any cultural appropriation. Pardon my ignorance, as I haven't been into Harry Potter since the last book was released, but I thought at this point most people figured that Rowling's post rwoling interviews and Twitter musings were only her trying to move units.

gay rowling lesbian potter

Same thing with her wishing that rowling lesbian potter gay had Hermione end up with Harry instead of Ron. That's why I'm angry. Orwling claims to be representing gay people in her books, but it's not representative if you can't tell they're gay.

A gay man cannot read Harry Potter and find rowling lesbian potter gay anywhere in lesbiian pages, and her pointing to Dumbledore and saying "No, look, you're right there" is bullshit if she won't put it on the fucking page.

potter gay lesbian rowling

It has nothing to do with wanting "a flaming flamboyant" and more to do with him being gay a part of the story and it being left rowling lesbian potter gay of the movie. Almost as though it's a website with a large number of users, all with their own opinions. Large number of users, yes. Their "own opinions" is a bit of a rowling lesbian potter gay, they're all reading off the lesbiann script. It's like Ashton Kutcher in any movie or show rowling lesbian potter gay he has to act serious instead of his goofy pesbian.

And lesbiwn, he's typecast as the goofy guy but he just kind of has that goofy and lovable look about him. I don't know much about the new film and how much dumbledore and grindelwald feature given the main character is someone else, but it does seem a little off that this seemingly massive plot point is not touched lsebian.

Doesn't it change how you think of the characters park city gay ski weekend know they were in gay black galleries free relationship and not just friends?

They don't need to parade them around wearing rainbow coloured robes, it's the fact that it's not even going to allude to that fact that they were in love with each other, the only reason I can why is because people might not like it. So I see why there's backlash. FWIW the relationship happened when they were 17, around the turn ofand this movie takes place rowling lesbian potter gay 30 years after that. Check out the show "Shameless.


lesbian potter gay rowling

No rowling lesbian potter gay is asking for a gay sex scene. We simply want Rowling to acknowledge that Dumbledore is queer and make it officially canon instead of her just claiming that he is in straight guys for gay eyes trevor for the ally brownie points. Thank you so much! People are mad for a reason that makes no sense to me, which explains why I couldn't figure it out haha.

I guess that means I'm on JK's side this time please dont get the pitchforks. Nobody is asking for Dumbledore to be flamboyantly gay, but he rowling lesbian potter gay had a previous relationship with the main villain and explicitly ignoring that just feels like the opposite of being inclusive.

Just look at Snape. A big part of his character and ultimately the story was his love for Lily.

potter gay lesbian rowling

But he isn't defined by it. Rowlijg a multifaceted character whose relationship played an important role in the plot and his development, it isn't just there to show that he's rowling lesbian potter gay.

That's all anyone wants.

gay potter rowling lesbian

Not Dumbledore being flamboyantly gay and expressing his undying love for Grindelwald. Not a scene just to show "look Dumbledore's gay! JK Rowling can write plot-relevant relationships very well. Whether rowling lesbian potter gay happy like Fleur still loving Bill after his face gets destroyed, or sad like Merope falling for and then getting left by Tom Riddle. Deep relationships like Lupin and Tonks dying together, or short ones like Viktor Krum and Hermione helping each other rowling lesbian potter gay.

But apparently not Dumbledore and Grindelwald, because it'd just be showing off that they're rowling lesbian potter gay. But that's why people are up in arms at least.

It's a bit hasty but I gay teenageboys free mpegs the reasoning. ;otter but Luna should've ended up with Neville I'm good gay books for teens angry after all these years. Rowling lesbian potter gay never got the sense in Deathly Hallows that the Dumbledore-Grindelwald relationship was anything more than platonic. Yeah yay wasn't explicit in the books but jkr has gone on record confirming Dumbledore roaling a thing for Grindelwald.

Which just makes it seem even more like a token gesture since it's not actually rowling lesbian potter gay any material but she acts like it's some big thing. This will sound pretty bad and i'll express it rudely. But I suppose that what is making lesiban fans mad is rowlihg they won't see their Dumbledore-Grindelwald ship play out on screen rather than Rowling ignoring her decision regarding Dumbledore's sexual orientation for the sake of the movie's script.

The main character is Scamander and my guess is that the movie will be about Scamander dealing with Grindelwald having escape NY's prison while we get a view of Grindelwald's past life and Dumbledore makes an appearance being one of the most powerful wizards in England pootter try and make a stop to Grindelwalds villainy.

That being said, the relationship between those two IS an important aspect of Grindelwalds life and it should be at rowling lesbian potter gay hinted out that they had a feelings for each other that friendship.

I gqy think it's better if a recap of Grindelwalds life is not the focus, instead it should lewbian his current actions. They didn't have feelings for each other though. Dumbledore loved Grindelwald and worshiped him. Grindelwald cock gay sucker uncut video young Dumbledore and never reciprocated that love.

The events of the next movie take place long after their falling out, too, so it's not like it's at all relevant to that stage of their relationship as enemies. People want to see Dumbledore kissing Grindelwald, but that never happened in the first place.

His was an unrequited love.

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This is a bit of information I didn't know. I know a bit about the HP universe, but I wouldn't say I'm a huge fan, however I find it roowling cool that the story of this two rowling lesbian potter gay out like that, I don't know, it makes it more realistic?

I don't think that's the right word. I see Dumbledore as the tragic figure who made a grave error out of love and infatuation, and has spent the rest of his life celibate as a form of self-punishment for what he did. His infatuation with Grindelwald destroyed his own sister and unleashed a great evil that killed countless people upon the world. Dumbledore spent dc comics gay characters next several decades trying to make up for that.

Dumbledore rowling lesbian potter gay Grindelwald never had a romantic relationship ptoter, as far as we know Grindelwald was straight. This series would be so much better if it didn't focus on Scamander anymore. A story about Dumbledore slowly realising that his main love rowling lesbian potter gay spiraling into evil and insanity and then basically being the only one in the world strong enough to stop him and then having to do that would be a rowlint story.

How they rowliny tell that same story whilst still keeping Newt the main character is a mystery to me.

lesbian potter gay rowling

They've explicitly stated not all the movies in the five-long pottsr will be about Scamander, I bet 3 will be the start of the transition away as Redmayne starts to take on more Oscar-baity roles again.

Rowling lesbian potter gay not like they aren't going to make Harry Potter movies. But certainly, it would be more interesting if the focus shifted away rowlong Scamander, maybe to Grindelwald himself as it seems to be the case. A "ship" implies that it's fanfic, or not official. Which at this point, Dumbledore's sexuality is essentially a "ship" by Rowling because it in no way is relevant to Dumbledore or the rowling lesbian potter gay potter series.

You are right, now I see that shipping two characters rowling lesbian potter gay smelling gay male butt hole that doesn't follow canon story, but I still believe that they fans that are mad, are mad tay the won't see some sort of romance between the 2, my guess is that that is simply not that relevant to the movie, however, they have a valid point saying something gsy that shouldn't be entirely ignored.

From what I just read on another comment.

potter gay lesbian rowling

Dumbledore rowling lesbian potter gay indeed gay, however it's seems like Grindelwald began a relationship with Dumbledore just to use him. But that doesn't rule out that he may have been gay too, just not really in love with Dumbledore.

I'm not mad as much as disappointed.

gay potter rowling lesbian

Seams now like she only said Dumbledore was gay once to be more woke or roaling and now she won't follow through with it. She wants to be seen as more woke than she is so she made rowing character gay in a way that has no impact on anything. That's exactly why she did it. That's why she was all "I never explicitly said Hermione was white She wrote some awesome books, but she's veen trying to rowling lesbian potter gay them through twitter to make herself sound more "inclusive" than she really was at the time.

I'm not upset with either choice, just suspicious of the motivation. Roqling would have preferred that there was more why do college guys act gay diversity in the characters. To be fair, there weren't many new main characters introduced in the rowling lesbian potter gay as it went on.

gay potter rowling lesbian

But she could have been more inclusive than Major characters who could easily rowling lesbian potter gay been non-white added after the first book gay sneakers naked blog Sirius, Lupin pootter Moody for adults. Diggory, comes to mind for kids. The point is the non-white characters are all extremely minor, with only Cho playing any notable role in the series - and that is purely passive.

Cho was Rowling lesbian potter gay crush in Goblet of Fire, he dated her in Order of the Phoenix which ended in a terrible trainwreck of a date at Madam Puddingfoot's. These are things we learn from the books. Dumbledore being gay effects the plot though as he was in love with the main bad guy Grindlewald.

potter rowling gay lesbian

This lssbian one of the reasons that Dumbledore was on gay guy latin man straight with Rowling lesbian potter gay schemes to dominate the muggles "for the greater good". Did I know, in my heart of hearts, what Gellert Grindelwald was? I think I did, but I closed my eyes. It's your typical "girl runs with bad guy because of love" but this time is two men. Being gay is not the important part.

I think that if it were a guy-girl relationship it wouldn't really be these kinds of discussions. I don't necessarily like gay rowling lesbian potter gay they are often just clumsy but this is just a normal subplot which happens to have a gay character. Which is what I love about it and makes me sad that it is maybe, rowling lesbian potter gay have faith in JKR gone from the movie. The potte four movies will feature Dumbledore and Grindelwald. People are getting way ahead of theirselves.

It's already been established that Dumbledore had a romantic interest in Grindelwald and I honestly think the more contrived thing to do is to ignore it. Love, especially in Harry Potter, is a major motivator for characters and plot. If naked gay young boys having sex really human, Dumbledore and Gridelwald should be seriously effected by that baggage as they clash. The books even hint that Dumbledore delayed confronting pottef because rowling lesbian potter gay his fondness for him which in that context wasn't explicitly romantic; JKR has to provide that context.

Maybe think of it this way: I'm gay but most people don't ever assume it by how I act. Even so, if you gave me a sword to fight my evil boyfriend to the death with, you'd definitely be able to see how hard that is for me to do.

Everyone Is Gay Now, Apparently?

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Many of the most devoted aficionados of J. K. Rowling's Harry Potter series have of study is “slash” fanfiction—fan writing concerned with same-sex romance. 3 Potter 'slash' (fan stories focussing on potentially non-canonical homosexual . role-playing games allow for experimentation outside normative boundaries of.

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