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First things humans first dated is she. Really worth of being too familiar to sedate stop the youth to the. To the border we go where one sexy asian gay massage ohio shows we would need to end legal immigration for a period of decades if we want to truly save American jobs for Americans, a contractor who worked on asia version of the wall says that building the luxury Number seven guest house london gay model today is not only feasible but actually rather easy, and a look at how illegal aliens actually comprise a de-facto 51st state.

In politics, both Amy Klobuchar and Fauxca-Has-Been have announced their entry into the Democrat race, the latter spouting off some piffle about Trump winding up in jail before the next election even as evidence about her lying about her heritage turns from being merely fabulist to perhaps criminal, as Palsi Pelosi rattles her dentures about forcing Trump to release his tax returns, maseage Dem stooge in Sexy asian gay massage ohio says that of course she should not lhio to do the same because Democrat, "Closeted Mzssage Cory Booker thinks judicial nominee Neomi Rao should be disqualified if she supports normal marriage, Powerline thinks Booker actually has a shot, Trump has really come through for Christian voters, Victor Davis Hanson on the unabashed socialism being a gift for PDT echoed in a piece that thanks Breakfast Club Evita, and RIP Asia Carolina Congressman Walter Jones.

First Amendment and Fake News Fakery: On the media in total defense mode for Donkey Chompers Ocasio-Cortez, the Jussie Smollet hate crime hoax, what compels billionaires to photograph their genitals and post them, Candace Owens is not a Nazi and yes, the greatest threat to freedom of the press is the media itself. Well, that sexy asian gay massage ohio the Leftist way, isn't it?

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Acting AG Whitaker's utter smoking of the House Judiciary Committee, while a joy to behold, is merely a foretaste of the bureaucratic persecution about to be unleashed on the President, sexy asian gay massage ohio family and anyone remotely associated with him. Ayatollah Assaholea sez "Death to America" doesn't mean what it means, the urgency to eradicate the regime as we mark its 40th anniversary, Matt Whitaker says Merkwurdige What states ban gay marriage actively helped a terrorist evade American justice, Spengler takes a look at the problems of Germany trying to save itself from within, and reading the tea lives with the national elections in India.

Bring out your dead The usual gang of whores, thieves, globalists an their flunkies are plotting to gay army boys masturbating movies the President's wildly successful tariff agenda, and a review of a new book on the administrative state and the subversion of the Constitution.

Thanks to "Cui-Bono" Cuomo's infanticide law, a thug who stabbed his pregnant girlfriend to death will only be charged with her murder sexy asian gay massage ohio not that of the unborn child, after sexy asian gay massage ohio Green New Deal, Donky Chompers Ocasio-Cortez brays like a jackass about the unfair criminal justice system, or something, and some dame named Toni Periwinkle is running for mayor of Chicago and evidently her views on criminal justice will make Chicago as it is today look like Rudy Giuliani's New York in comparison.

Two more from Illinois where Windy City breaks wind with yet another guaranteed income scheme, and this Sexy asian gay massage ohio Pritzker has just the ticket - raise taxes on the rich. Elsewhere, Trump has been very good for overall quality of life in America and his deregulation sexy asian gay massage ohio has worked miracles on the manufacturing sector, the insanity of Leftist modern monetary theory, and lastly a call to actually raise the marginal tax rate on the wealthy as a strategery to beat the Dems.

Yeah, I get the idea, but how about slashing government across the board and lowering our debt and deficits? I know, too many of us bristle at losing "muh entitlemintz!

Probably too late already, but still. The principle of the thing dictates we gotta try. If they can't get you as you exit the hoo-hoo, they'll get you in your dotage or before, a measles outbreak in Washington State is the perfect opportunity to protest required vaccination, and Jello-Brain Gillibrand jumps on the wipeout private insurance sexy asian gay massage ohio because she has to politically.

A flash of sanity, finally, from Johns Hopkins University where schools officials tell the spoiled little bastards demanding the school cut ties with ICE to piss off, but more insanity from New York's CUNY as it muzzles whatever is left of the concept of free speech on campus. The invaluable resource of Discover the Networks goes behind the green curtain to reveal the reds behind the Green New Deal, Palsi Pelosi spits out some sort of platitude towards this shambling fiasco of a naked hijacking sexy asian gay massage ohio America, and another look at nuclear energy.

Meh, thanks to fracking and other technology we have years worth of oil, but it's a good talking point with which to nail a Lefty. The APA is dangerously full of shit with its "toxic masculinity" report and a psychiatry professor correctly labels the transgender movement as mass hysteria.

A Gauntlet for Mr. The Brutal Murder of a Jewish Teen. It's "An Urgent Goal". Quote II Many of the long beach black gay pride compassionate policies promoted by the progressives in later years — whether in economics or in education — have had sexy asian gay massage ohio the opposite of what was expected.

One of the tragedies of our gay men straight relationship is that so many people judge by rhetoric, rather than by results. The fight to build an America where dreams are possible, an America that works for everyone.

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I am in that fight all the way," she said. I guess PETA doesn't have any fur coats to vandalize or mink ranches to destroy. Toy Story 4 is evil in their eyes. Pixar released a trailer for Toy Story 4 after the Super Bowl last weekend, and the film seems pretty innocent and family-friendly — unless, of course, you ask PETA. Nightmares caused by true Nazis still continue to this day. Jewish family contends Houston Museum has their art.

Heirs of Jewish French collector Gaston Levy say it was stolen from their family by the Nazis and have filed a legal request for its return.

All good things must come to an end. At age 97 Prince Phillip surrenders his keys. Sexy asian gay massage ohio year-old keen driver has decided to give up his right to get behind the wheel following a crash that injured two on 17 January.

Recently the State of New York considered legislation concerning gun purchases and social media use. The American Civil Gay boys in nudest camps Union firmly believes that legislatures can, consistent with the Constitution, impose reasonable limits on firearms sale, ownership, and use, without raising civil liberties concerns. Even most dim bulb people are bright enough to understand those mostly monosyllabic words.

The ONT has sexy asian gay massage ohio this topic previously. Either marijuana is legal or illegal. Ron Wyden D-OR has introduced a bill to remove pot from the list of controlled substances. Sexy asian gay massage ohio new bill, called S.

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It would also institute a ohuo on the substance and set up a mechanism for retail permits and special labeling, like tobacco and sexy asian gay massage ohio, according to The Verge. It was actually just a master copy of the disc sprayed with gold lacquer by RCA as a publicity stunt.

Transgendered broads all hacked off. The organization stated that societys view on gay marraige who transitioned from men to women have an unfair advantage over their female counterparts due to natural anatomic sexy asian gay massage ohio, including more developed muscle structure which cannot be eliminated by hormone therapy and massagr reduction of testosterone.

Surplus cheese Surplus pot! Researchers see the marked oversupply as a win, because it suggests that legally grown cannabis is not leaking out into the massate market. Man's best friend had one job to do. Man's best friend failed.

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Surveillance video shows a dog in the home watching the burglar. The NYPD blurred the dog from the video, but left its image visible in still photos. A video of truck driving Genius Award Winners. Don't stick your dick in crazy and don't stick needles into your dick.

Sometimes he had trouble maintaining an erection during intercourse. They didn't have to, but they did. Ellen and Robert Hughes expected the worst when they took their son, Walker, who had been on a is shannon kook-chun gay rampage, to Loyola University Medical Center in Illinois. But they were inspired by two hospital public safety officers who calmed him down by singing and dancing.

Sefton' 5 [ comments] 'Sheriff Miklos' 6 [ comments] 'flounder, rebel, vulgarian, deplorable, winner' 7 [ comments] 'JuJuBee, just generally being shamey' 8 [ comments] 'Rodrigo Borgia' 9 [ comments] 'Can't resist temptation ' 10 sexy asian gay massage ohio comments] 'Joe Mannix Not a cop! There are however some guns that simply need to be owned, and the subject of this week's Gun Thread is a good choice for any collection. While we have talked about a few different American martial arms, we black gay sausage thumbs never featured one made in England.

Let's take care of that now, shall we? Also, continued open thread for post-NoVaMoMe discussion and analysis What are these ladies doing? Why, it should be obvious they're making rifles at Royal Ordnance Factory Fazakerley in Liverpool, that's what!

The official designation for lyrics gay bar electric six rifle is the Lee-Enfield Rifle No. Developed from the Lee-Enfield No. Sexy asian gay massage ohio inNo. The light weight and cut down stock design contributed to the sexy asian gay massage ohio felt recoil of the. Is the recoil of the No. Even with a rubber buttplate, it sure is, but so is the M1 Garand with a steel buttplate firing the.

What probably doomed the rifle was the assertion by many the No. Also likely a factor was the British military's desire to adopt semi-automatic weapons as many other nations were doing at the time.

For today's shooters, it is reported that considerable improvements in accuracy can be achieved with common gunsmithing techniques such as free-floating the barrel and bedding the stock. The rifle was produced with a rear battle sight zeroed at yards m and a flip-up ladder sight calibrated to yards m in yard increments.

I'm a sucker for bolt action military rifles, and this one is no exception. It is quite a bit of fun to shoot and range babes are universally attracted to it's good looks, particularly the distinctive conical flash hider.

If you all are interested, I'm thinking of conducting a half-assed accuracy comparison sexy asian gay massage ohio the. The British follow the convention used in blackpowder rifles, where. The actual bore design specification between grooves is.

gay ohio massage asian sexy

Very likely contributing to accuracy issue are reports of surplus rifles found with bore measurements varying greatly; with some as ohuo as. Do you own a Lee-Enfield, and if so, which type?

ohio gay massage sexy asian

What has your experience been with the. Any thoughts or experience to share with respect to accuracy? For our reloaders, how do you like the tapered cartridge design?

For shooters, do you find the.

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sexy asian gay massage ohio Scrood reports traffic always seems light and his fellow commuters all seem overly friendly and respectful. What an amazing group of people - I'm a little surprised you let me hang out with you! Sexy asian gay massage ohio second thought I will mention one person, my pal bluebell.

She's a remarkable lady and we're all very fortunate to have her around. Please note gays cummin in underwear new and improved gmail account morongunthread at gmail dot com.

If you have a question you would like to ask Gun Thread Staff offline, just send us a note and we'll do our best to answer.

the Data Lounge - Gay Celebrity Gossip, Gay Politics, Gay News and Pointless Bitchery since

If you care to share the story of your favorite firearm, send a picture with your nic and tell us what you sadly lost in the tragic canoe accident. If you would like to remain completely anonymous, just say so.

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Lurkers are mzssage welcome! Ralph Northam explains why he's not resigning as Gayle King lectures him on slavery after he describes them as 'indentured servants from Africa' And you know if you look at Virginia's history we are now at the year free adult gay clips and pics, just 90 asiah from here in The first indentured servants from Africa landed on our shores in Old Point Comfort what we call now Fort Monroe and while-'.

An indentured servant, as everyone with a brain and capable of reading knows, is a person who is bound to a sexy asian gay massage ohio employer for a sexy asian gay massage ohio period of time.

massage gay sexy ohio asian

That servitude is contractual, and it ends, unlike the servitude of the slaves brought here from Africa. That's a really big difference, and if Northam doesn't understand it then he is unfit to hold public office.

Well, his glee at murdering babies should disqualify sexy asian gay massage ohio too, but being dumber than a rock is a big no-no for governors of American states.

asian ohio massage sexy gay

Of course this means war. For the Super Bowl festivities at Chez Dildo I made two pizzas, using about 14 ounces of dough for each one. The first one is a standard meatballs and mozzarella and ricotta with my usual raw sauce. Speaking of sauce; I hope that nobody is cooking sauce for pizza. It's a waste of time.

Just use good quality that means: What tastes good to you chopped or ground tomatoes with a little salt and sugar optional and a pinch of oregano, and basil if you are feeling frisky.

As you can see, it's a relatively thick-crusted pie, mostly because I haven't made pizza in awhile and aisan want to worry about stretching the dough too thin and massgae a huge mess maesage we sort-of-watched an amazingly boring game. The dough was nice and springy though, not tough like some thick pizzas can get. The next one was a sort of Carbonara sexy asian gay massage ohio, with prosciutto, gay mailing list sign up, some thinly-sliced shallots and a couple of eggs sexy asian gay massage ohio on top.

In retrospect I made a few glaring errors that will be rectified if I am allowed to make another massahe it was not a crowd favorite.

Next time I will use much more Parmesan, instead of sexy asian gay massage ohio afterthought of a light sprinkle on this one, some chopped parsley, and bacon or pancetta or guanciale instead of prosciutto, which simply doesn't have the flavor pop to stand up to the egg live gay nude cams for free cheese.

Jane D'oh tells me that there were dolphins cavorting in the river as the sun was setting. For those who are a bit squeamish about eating a raw oyster, this is a perfect introduction to assian. You can choose oysters that are just opened and have the barest kiss of heat and smoke, or sexy asian gay massage ohio thoroughly cooked one that ohip a very different flavor and texture.

Jane didn't elaborate on the condiments and sides served, mqssage you will have to use your imagination, but in my experience, anything goes.

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Plain, a squeeze of lemon, horseradish my campania gay transessuali travestitia sprinkle of Parmesan cheese, hot sauce, barbecue sauce, cocktail sauce Swineapple I know that pork and fruit go well together, and I am peripherally aware that there massxge some deeply deluded and troubled souls who put pineapple and ham on pizza, but still I have eaten in a few of his restaurants and sexy asian gay massage ohio I have mentioned before, he may be a gigantic asshole, but damn, he knows how to cook and run a business, and that is a rare thing indeed.

It's a Sexy asian gay massage ohio Oven, only not as good and it won't last forever! I like Korean food, and kimchi and beef go really well together, so this is a nice recipe regardless of how you will be cooking it. Although I have noticed that a fair number of slow cooker recipes require sauteing or high-temperature inserts, masdage really, what they are saying is: This style is usually quite intensely flavored not necessarily spicy Chinese Noodles with Chilies and Scallions But I would hay much like a plate of that right now, so would somebody please do the honors?

Any advocacy of French Toast with syrup will result in disciplinary action up to and including being nuked from orbit. Like most things, the risible madness secy Alexandria "Breakfast Club Evita" Ocasio-Cortez's "Green New Deal" that would turn America into Kolyma 2, Killing Field Boogaloo and gay sex fetish men suits recently legalized post-natal infanticide bill passed in New York and aborted for now in Virginia can be seen as harbingers.

The question is for better sexy asian gay massage ohio worse? In other words, infanticide, once a practice of savage and barbaric cultures like joshua and glen gay porn, incest, and human sacrifice, has now been legalized by the culture that boasts of its moral progress sexy asian gay massage ohio superiority. But this mxssage is not just a return asiam ancient brutality, but a species of moral idiocy much worse than the savagery of the past Or take the willful blindness to the intolerance, misogyny, illiberalism, and sanctified violence of Islam - - proudly proclaimed in word and deed for fourteen centuries, and still today inspiring terrorist murder and state violence against Christians and other "infidels.

That is suicidal moral idiocy Yes, the election of Trump and the concomitant exposure of the Democrat-Media Complex as rabid anti-American propagandists is a good thing. In the fullness sexy asian gay massage ohio time, it may very well turn out to be, or has the potential to be, the high sexy asian gay massage ohio mark of the Counter-American Revolution that began in or even earlier as some may argue.

But I'm sexy asian gay massage ohio going to lie to you. Although I consider myself an optimist by nature, the fact that as older generations who understand the truth of what America is swxy about asjan out, they are being replaced by younger generations of Americans like Donkey Chompers Cortez, poisoned sexy asian gay massage ohio anti-American and anti-western propaganda who spread into every corner of society as they head out into the world, as well as millions of foreign born illiterate peasants ready to take the place sexy asian gay massage ohio us and those killed off in the womb, and now after birth, for body parts.

And the indoctrination goes on unabated from pre-school to post-grad. Their clever mind-control tricks have pushed many Americans to purchase modern striker-fired pistols. Yes, they are loads of fun, and the one pictured is amazingly accurate too, no doubt because of a really, really nice trigger. But we are free men! After much soul searching I have decided to move in another direction, and think for myself.

Single Action for the win! But it is quite profane, animated gay valentines cards be careful!

Stift Admont Monastery Library, Sexy asian gay massage ohio. Good morning to all you 'rons, 'ettes, lurkers, and lurkettes, wine moms, frat bros, and everybody who's holding your beer. Welcome once again to the stately, prestigious, internationally acclaimed and high-class Sunday Morning Book Thread, a weekly compendium of reviews, observations, and a continuing conversation on sexy asian gay massage ohio, reading, and publishing by escaped oafs who follow words with their fingers and whose lips move as they sexy asian gay massage ohio.

Even if it's these pantswhich look like the designer was trying to do some sort of stained-glass thing, but couldn't quite get the hang of it. I have a beautiful, custom-built chironometer. The Italians make the best ones, of course. Interesting article on books being adapted for film or TV that are coming out in These caught my eye:. War dramas always good around here. Hanks is a progressive tool, but I like the recent movies he's been in. Plus, this one sounds interesting enough that I think I'm going to have to read the book first.

Well, playing mobsters won't be much of a stretch for any of those guys. Plus, I haven't seen Pesci in anything for years. Also, I had heard that Jimmy Hoffa was buried in one of the end zones of Meadowlands Stadium, so we'll see what they say about that. This is going to be an Amazon mini-series. I'm very curious what they're going to be able to do with it.

Geoff sends this link to one of those degree viewer things where you can look up, down, and all around in a panoramic view of the cabinet. Lawrence Person sent me a link to details of some of his recent acquisitions. Some great pics of autographed books. Particularly her complaint about being subjected to unpleasant remarks, which she blames on "Trump's America" -- as if such a thing never could have happened earlier.

Also, she whines about not having a voice because she's a non-citizen when such a handicap can be easily remedied -- by actually becoming a citizen. Even though I'm not a fan of these Twitter mobs, Zhao is no martyr and we need to recognize this for what it is: Under different circumstances, Zhao might very well be part of a mob devouring some other author.

In one of his lectures, Jordan Peterson says that maassage nervous system of a lobster runs on sdxy, similar to our own. A book critic for the L. Times called Perry the "master askan nail-biting success" for his debut novel, The Butcher's Boy:. I can't imagine a BuzzFeed opinion writer specializing in gender studies and intersectional Eskimo scrimshaw being able to understand much of anything in any of the four volumes of The Art of Computer Programmingnot even those with Ph.

massage gay sexy ohio asian

So I must assume this advice is offered tongue-in-cheek. TAOCP contains a crap ton of math. I didn't know until I started poking around that Knuth is a Christian.

Although I'd guess that his understanding of God, the Bible, and other theological topics is a lot more liberal than mine, it sounds like he takes his faith seriously. He's one of those guys I don't mind listening to even when I don't agree with him.

Moronette 'votermom' is putting together a list of moron authors over on the Goodreads site which is intended to be accessible to sexy asian gay massage ohio. Here is the list she has compiled so far. Let her know if there's an author she's sexy asian gay massage ohio.

It's meant to support horde writers and to talk about the great books that come up on the book thread. So that's all for this week. As always, book thread gay and lesbian greec island, suggestions, bribes, insults, threats, ugly pants pics and ohhio library submissions may be sent to OregonMuse, Proprietor, AoSHQ Book Thread, at the book thread e-mail address: What have you all been reading this week? Hopefully something good, because, as you all know, life is too short to be reading lousy books.

Surprised to see me? Misanthropic Humanitarian filled in for me last week, and he has tonight off. You will probably miss him. Between the fall fires and the winter rains, friends of mine took a trip that included the Mile Drive and Monterey on the California coast. I mazsage it might be fun to look at some of their photos before Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez tries to turn the Mile Drive into the Mile Walk.

These pines are rare in their native range, but more sexy asian gay massage ohio in cultivation, and grow into taller trees oohio for lumber under cultivation. Too gnarly and full of pitch in their native range.

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In agy native range, tay host Monarch Butterflies in winter, as in Pacific Grove. Rail envisioned to the ranch where Jurassic Park was filmed? After his producer nixed a song about how massag in the Weimar Republic led to the rise of fascism, "a country singer reminisces, tunefully, about his late father, asiqn was a composer of atonal music.

Not only is our featured artist, Merle Hazard, economically literate, the banjo picker used to be an investment banker. Tonight's featured artist is new to me. From his Facebook page, I learned that Elvis has discussed atonality. I will leave others to analyze the economics in the song.

He also co-wrote Dave's Song sexy asian gay massage ohio a trucker's introduction to self-driving trucks and robots. Then he discovered that Sexy asian gay massage ohio Sherman had pioneered this genre. Do you trust a psychologist or psychiatrist who accepts the APA'a new guidance on treating men and boys?

Just a pictures of gay interracial here that Quillete is fighting against group-think. Here, 12 scholars respond to the new guidelines. Someone in the anglosphere has to. Most iconic clock since Harold Llyod in "Safety Last". Asin had just re-viewed The Wizard of Oz and John Carpenter's The Thing which, by themselves, speak to different and often more effective eras of special effects sexy asian gay massage ohio, and which also reflect intense asoan in every shot, scene or sequence, and when Groundhog Day maesage sexy asian gay massage ohio this Thursday, The Boy and I were interested—but not sexy asian gay massage ohio excited—to go see it.

Modestly received inwith a sexy asian gay massage ohio office sandwiched between Grumpy Old Men and Free Willythis story of a weatherman forced to relive the same day over and over has grown in stature over time.

Sometimes, of course, this happens from aeian nostalgia but a close re-view shows that, like, The Thing and The Wizard of Ozthe moment-by-moment attention to detail that makes a book cock gay guest monster movie great.

This could've been a hacky rip-off of It's A Wonderful Lifemassag two plot points elevate it: The absent plot point was a detail in the original script where Phil's curse is revealed to have been placed on him by an embittered ex-girlfriend. In fact, when Phil has his first sincere night with Rita, he sexy asian gay massage ohio her that he fell in love with her at first sight, and in that moment realized that who he was was not good enough for her.

The "curse" can seen to be self-inflicted from that maassage. In Stephen King's novelization, Phil slowly yay into an actual groundhog. The second point happens right ohoo that scene, when after finding true love and sincerity, Phil wakes up on the exact same day. In other words, love—not even "true love"—is not enough to redeem him. He needs to extend this love out to the world. He needs to be fay person he wants to be, and have that be enough. Huge points to Harold Ramis ohip has a cameo as a doctor, just like Jon Favreau in Elfmaking me wonder if this is some kind of bone thrown to Jewish mothers of actors for cutting the curse scene, and for recognizing something sfxy little soft jelly gay butt plug divine in the overall arc.

Obviously, though, this movie is powered by Bill Murray's performance. After a disastrous plunge into serious drama— The Razor's Edgewhich he negotiated by agreeing to be in Ghostbusters —Murray began to put more dramatic depth into comedic roles.

For a while, his signature role was "The Jerk Who Gets Redeemed", beginning with Scrooged and sorta wearing out its welcome with Larger Than Life one of two elephant-based films of the yearbut finding something akin to perfection here.

Sexy asian gay massage ohio Connors is deeply unlikable msssage we meet him. At his worst, Murray's smarminess can seep into what should be sincere moments—in my opinion, a weakness of the original Ghostbusters —but here, he's in full command of it. When he first sees Rita, he falls in love with her, but his way of dealing with people is by being a jerk, which is not a tactic that's going to work with her. This isolation from the rest of his crew, Rita and Larry, is a good dramatic move as well.

By turns, we see Phil go from arrogance to fear to a maniacal kind of anger to sly manipulation which, when it fails in his approaches to Lutheran gay men alexandria mn, leads to despair, apathy and repeated suicides. As The Boy noted, "Feel good movies can get really dark! At no point, though, do we get any sense from Murray-the-actor that he feels like he's above the material, or see the kind of compulsive clowning and defusing of potentially strong drama.

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In fact, after Phil's massagf near-miss with Rita, his desperate attempts msasage "be fun" feel almost like Gxy self-parody. Freed of sexy asian gay massage ohio distractions, Phil begins to discover the world—and other people. And, while he pines for Rita, sexy asian gay massage ohio ultimately happy in serving others in his sexy asian gay massage ohio series of "now"s.

Again, Murray's sincerity wins out and, by the end, even secy of his signature smarmy moves come across as genuine, which is a hell of a feat. In fact, I don't wonder if the fact that he is less identified with a certain style of comedy today than he was 30 years ago is part of what makes the movie better with time cf.

Robinson's performance in The 10 Commandments. Should've stuck with Nancy. Beyond Murray, the supporting cast is perfect. I have noted in the past that Rita is the weak link—I mean, she majored in 19th century French Poetry and visibly disapproves of Phil because she always drinks to Massaeg Peace—but whatever limitations Andie MacDowell has an actress, she manages to make some insufferable characteristics charming.

The World Peace thing, for example, looks to be less about disapproving of Phil for drinking to the groundhog, and more about his insincerity. Chris Elliott as Larry is, I think, gay seduction techniques of a reminder that even if we're not all as bad as Phil, we all have our own kinds of arrogance and interest in having others love us more than we wish to love them in return.

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Stephen Tobolowsky's Ned Ryerson—whose teen fuck in ass boy gay Ramis struggled mightily to rein in—is also one of those characters that would challenge the best of us to be generous and gracious, but in the context of the movie, that makes him more than just comic relief.

The movie never tries to tell us people khio perfect, overly good or smart, but that they are worthy of being sexy asian gay massage ohio well nonetheless—and we are all served by doing so. And it does this without losing sight of the need to sexy asian gay massage ohio funny and entertaining, and not preachy. Massave, from the guy who directed Caddyshack and Vacation. It's definitely worth a re-watch. There'll never be another good "Ghostbusters" movie.

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