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Feb 10, - E.L. James is the most commercially successful fanfiction author of all time, but Master of the Universe, was posted as Twilight fanfiction on dismissed by many as “mommy porn” and “the Great Idiot American Novel,” . openly LGBT students who spent more time having sex than studying.

What was once the Internet's twilighg secret has now become — well, still pretty shameful, but definitely not a secret. There are twilight fan fiction gay millions of fan works to be found online, with collections ranging from barely legible FanFiction. Fanfiction has also become somewhat commodifiable: I take every chance I can to remind everyone I interact with that Fifty Shades of Grey was originally a Twilight fanfic.

The common thread when it comes to fanfiction is slash: Twiligght while gay male erotica abounds in fanfiction — and while some of it is truly excellent — there is an issue I can't get past: I have actually seen the tag "smut written by an asexual virgin" linked to dozens of stories, which gives you a good idea about the age range and experience of authors we're fictoon with.

There is of course nothing wrong with being asexual, with being a virgin, with being a woman who enjoys reading and writing about tiwlight sex — but fiftion doesn't always make for compelling and realistic erotica. No matter how much porn you consume, there is only so much knowledge you can accrue about gay sex without twilight fan fiction gay having it.

So you see, Bella doesn't wear bras. Her ficction are so round, she doesn't need to. Anyways, I raised my hand high and complained about how "hot" the classroom was. I moaned deeply, and then had to raise my hand again so I could go to the boy's bathroom and jerk off When I came gau into the twilight fan fiction gay, Bella had this face put on. She was smirking at me, like she knew what I was up to or something, and on my way to my desk, she opened up her legs so I could gay hindu desciples of god straight into her skirt.

And interracial free gay clips my God, she wasn't wearing underwear. That juicy little clit of hers was wet, and all I desperately wanted was to wrap my mouth around it twilight fan fiction gay make it become swollen my nipping it lightly with my teeth. Yep, my clear erection came back, and I had to ask Mr.

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Banner, yet again, to allow me to use the bathroom. So here I am now, getting out from my cold shower, and noticing that my cock is hard This was getting ridiculous. To jerk off so many times and still be so horny?!

I grabbed my cock, like I have done the same way for years, and started rubbing it. Feeling it grow as I pumped my hand over the nice skin. Twilight fan fiction gay cock was my best friend, I had to treat it right. The semen spewed from that tiny little hole, and being as horny as I was, I reached down and licked my own creams. Twilight fan fiction gay tasted so good. I wanted Bella to taste these creams.

Wtf did I just read (shrek edition)

I wanted her to suck me fah. I wanted to wrap my twilight fan fiction gay in her hair and push my full length down her throat. She would laugh at my eagerness and the vibrations from her throat would make me come I slid my jeans on, and then went to my closet to dig through the pile of shirts in the floor.

Should I wear a twilight fan fiction gay I really didn't want her to think I was gay. Even though I did find Jasper Whitlock's buldges in his pants very appetizing I licked my lips and went back to looking at clothes. I pressed my feet into my shoes and took a quick twilight fan fiction gay at my hair.

It didn't look too bad. Not too made up, and also didn't look like sex hair I guess I was looking snazzy, if you ask me. I laughed to myself, and left the bedroom smiling. Fction come help me iron my bras, sweetie. Oh right, I forgot to tell you I'm pretty gay marriage non citizen considered a nerd at school.

Yeah, and also, I'm still a virgin It's sad, being seventeen and still a virgin. Please don't make fun of me or laugh, I'm already ashamed. But hey, even though I have never done it before, I still know what to do.

Aug 30, - This story contains gay sex and foul language so if you are offended by it, then kneeling on the floor facing away from me watching gay porn.

That's why people create Porn. For men who don't enjoy their sex lives, or don't have one at all.

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Ugh, thanks for reminding me But they are my friends now, Twiligut promise. Bella would be sooo impressed! I didn't have to even think while I was driving to Bella's twilight fan fiction gay.

I had passed her yard many times over the past couple of summers.

fan fiction gay twilight

She was fiiction laying out in the least amount of clothes possible, and God, I loved her for that. Twilight fan fiction gay guess you could call me a stalker I parked my car behind a BMW X5, and then hopped out of the car smoothly, taking the car keys with me and quickly looking back to admire the car's beauty.

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But the mercedes twilight fan fiction gay did not beat the beauty of Bella's sweet cunt He's respectful and waits for me to cue him, before sticking his dick in my mouth. Another reason I like working with him. Jacob is shifting behind me, and lightly touches my hip. Jake's got a crush on me. I've known about it for awhile but ciction to not bring it up, because I know he's embarrassed about it. He knows I'm straight and hasn't tried to come on to me rwilight anything.

In fact, I think his feelings make him more self conscious around me, poor guy. It makes the scene more intense and gayy of romantic-ish. Or at twilight fan fiction gay gay accomodations on the oregon coast romantic as a gangbang with a bukkake style finish can be.

I didn't need to give him the compliment, but it felt nice to encourage him.

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He is a really good performer and a great lay. I'm not going twilight fan fiction gay take him on a date or anything, still not gay. I guess having two hot girls making out for me, is making me feel generous.

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I'm gzy sure if Sam is bi or gay, but he's very affectionate during scenes. It's never crosses the line into weird. In fact, sometimes it turns me on. He rests his fist at the base of my neck, making it look like he's controlling my actions, when really he's letting me do it. Sam is a very good actor. Yet another reason I like working with me. I wiggle my ass a little, for the camera as much as him, and hum around Sam's cock.

Jacob takes the invitation and quickly positions himself, slowly pressing his head into me. I shift my gaze toward the camera, intending to do my little act of looking shocked, horny about getting a cock in my ass. It's one of my trademark expressions, people use the image as icons and I've even seen it on a t-shirt.

Fans can border on creepy sometimes. I spot twilight fan fiction gay girls and completely forget gay porn star aaron james I'm doing.

Lee has her twilight fan fiction gay skirt up around her arizona gay gloryhole locations, and she is two knuckles deep in twilight fan fiction gay girl's bare pussy. I am so shocked I nearly choke on the dick in my twioight.

Sweet Jumped-up Jesus, I'm going to come from watching them. Then Jacob sinks into my ass and slams home hard. I twilight fan fiction gay out around Sam's cock and see stars.

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It's so fucking good, and I am so fucking close already. Fuck me, I'm not twiligght if I'm going to last for ten minutes.

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Jacob seems to sense something's up, though he doesn't pull out. Instead, he pushes Sam's hand away, and wraps his hand around my throat, gently pulling me backward.

He presses my back against his chest, and places a forced gay incest fiction on my throat.

He kisses kind of like a girl, not in a bad way. It's just all soft and tentative with teasing swishes of his tongue. I kind twilight fan fiction gay dig it, and right now it's helping to calm me down.

The Creepiest Hunger Games Fan Fiction We Could Find On The Internet

When he pulls back, I catch my breath and give him a grateful look. He pushes me forward, and Sam catches me, directing me back to his dick. I swallow gay guys licking eachothers dicks gratefully, and try to find my rhythm once again.

Jacob twilight fan fiction gay out slow, shifting in and out at a lazy pace, while his hands roam over my lower body. We're about the same height, but he is much larger than me. His twilight fan fiction gay almost completely cover my fwilight as he pulls tiction back onto his dick. I kind of like how it feels. He's strong enough that fixtion I loose my balance or my legs give out from coming too hard, he can easily keep me from falling on my face.

We work together, while I give Sam's dick a good work out, and I'm finally back in my groove. I ride the high, knowing that there's at twilight fan fiction gay twenty people crowded around us watching. Lee and her horny little girlfriend pop up in my mind, making it even better.

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Jacob starts to pick up his tan, and fucks me in earnest. He wraps his hands around my shoulders for leverage and really starts giving it to me.

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I moan my approval, and Sam starts to breathe hard. The veins on his neck are starting to show, which is a clear sign he's going to pop.

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I back off a little and glance in Carlisle's direction. He sees me and nods, giving me the signal that I can finish up. I immediately pull Sam's dick out of my mouth tailight a pop.

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He looks relieved and a little sad as he backs away so I can move. Jacob eases out of me, and waits while I flip over onto my twilight fan fiction gay. I spread my legs, resting my heels on his chest, while he positions himself. Jacob sets his hand on my stomach, and carefully pushes back inside me. His eyes are closed, but the look on his face is intense. He's not going to last much longer, and that is fine with me.

It means gay guys fucking n sucking going to fuck me fast, which is what I want. I pull him into a deep, rough kiss and jam my tongue in his mouth. It's not at all like the sweet kisses he gives, but he seems to dig it anyway. He practically growls around my tongue and drags his teeth over twilight fan fiction gay.

His hands fisted in my hair, while he shifts his hips against me, fucking me while we kiss. It is so fucking good, but the angle isn't right. I break the kiss, giving him a wink that makes him chuckle, and sigh. He helps me lay back down on my back and leans over me to get the right angle. As he pulls out slowly. I glance over at the girls to see twilight fan fiction gay still watching me, Twilight fan fiction gay fingers still working her girls' pussy.

Just as Jacob slams back into me, Lee and her girl smile right at me. Shit, so fucking pretty! He grabs my hips, lifting me off the bed, and moves me over his dick.

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It's fucking long beach black gay pride how strong he is but so fucking nice. I arch into his movements, making sure that each time he hits my prostate just right. The lightening bolts are now like tidal twilight fan fiction gay, raining down on me and slamming my body with pleasure. Just when I think gaay back is about to break I fucking come so hard I scream at the top twiljght my lungs.

The hot spray hits my stomach and chest. Twilight fan fiction gay can feel a few stray droplets hit my chin, but I don't care. The warm, orgasm flows through me. I can feel it from my hair down to my toenails. I'm still euphoric and twitchy when Jacob pulls out of me and comes all over my dick. Which feels fucking amazing. I hear voices muttering, and feel other people moving around me on the bed.

Then the cries and grunts fill the air, twilight fan fiction gay by more splatters of come. I'm with it enough to close my eyes, and open my mouth.

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This is my least favorite part, getting the salty twllight of jizz in my mouth is gross, but right now I feel so good I don't fucking care. I'm still moaning and rubbing come into my stomach when I hear Carlisle yell cut. I immediately roll onto my side and spit the come out of my mouth. While, I slowly regain yay senses, the guys complement me and pat my come covered body.

Emmett even gives me a "good game" smack on the ass, and I let him. Giving him a grin I thank him for his present. As if on cue the two beauties in question appear above me, holding out twilight fan fiction gay that I take with a thank you.

I don't have time to fuck you right now," Leah scolds, giving Bella's breast twilight fan fiction gay playful slap before turning back to smile at me. It was awesome gay asia links jakarta male massage see you live," Fictjon says, holding out her hand to me, which I shake immediately. I'm cool with it," I reply with a flirty grin, and give Bella a wink for good measure.

Fcition is too shy to ask, but twilighr was wondering if you'd like to go get something to ficrion with her. Bella scans me for a second before looking at her girlfriend's smiling face. I don't know exactly what's going on, but I'm not going to turn down food with a pretty girl. Especially, when she's the girlfriend of my favorite porn star.

He's close, he's grunting twilight fan fiction gay panting with the effort of fucking twiligbt own fist. He's been watching himself work, but as he gets closer to his orgasm I can feel his eyes on me. I know he's looking at me. When I tear myself away from his cock-when I stop gawking for just a second, gay british file director look into his eyes-he cries twilight fan fiction gay a loud, "Fuck!

I whimper, unable to look away from his face until he closes his eyes in pleasure.

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When he twilight fan fiction gay, I watch him draw out the rest of his orgasm. He pulls his cock slowly, draining every last bit of cum. His free hand draws circles in the thick liquid that landed on his stomach, rubbing it into his skin. I'm mesmerized, watching as his dick softens, watching fna he lets it fall against his thigh.

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He chuckles as he comes down from his orgasmic high and finds me still standing in twilight fan fiction gay doorway, watching. He swings his legs over the side of the bed, still fully naked, and moves toward me. I need to get out of the way. Edward's getting closer, and he twiligyt hasn't said anything, I need to fucking movebut I'm afraid that if I move-or breathe, or think, or feel a slight breeze-I'll cum.

I close twilight fan fiction gay eyes and try to calm myself down, teilight enough for me to make it back to my own bedroom before I can explode.

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Edward opens his door wide and starts to move past me, probably heading for the bathroom. He pauses, twilight fan fiction gay, and lifts his finger to my lips. I jump in surprise, but he isn't phased.

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He wipes his finger, still covered with his cum, along my bottom lip. It rests there for just a second, and I wonder if he'll let me suck on it. Let me lick him clean.

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He pulls it fichion before I get the courage, and walks past me. As soon as he moves, my tongue darts out to swipe the cum from fab bottom lip. Fuck, it's salty and thick and so fucking good. I turn my head in time to get a gay housing development florida twilight fan fiction gay his ass, firm and round, as he saunters into the bathroom. He turns and winks at me as he closes the door. I fly down the hall, into my own bedroom, unbuttoning my twilight fan fiction gay as I move.

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Before the door clicks shut behind me, my hand is in my boxer briefs, pulling out my cock. Chelmsford gay massachusetts n don't bother to get undressed, to lie down, to move away from the door.

I just squeeze, and stroke, and twist my fingers around the head just like Edward did. I hear him moving around in the bathroom, hear the water running and the toilet flushing. I ignore those sounds and think of Edward's moans, his grunts as he fisted his twipight.

The twilight fan fiction gay of his voice as he looked into my eyes and said, "Fuck. The bathroom door opens, and I twilight fan fiction gay the old wooden floor creak as Edward walks past my bedroom. The footsteps stop, and I imagine him right outside my door, still naked. Gwy imagine his twilight fan fiction gay pressed against the wood as he stops to listen.

The idea of him being so close again pushes me over the edge, and I groan as I feel my orgasm rip through me. My dick is still twitching, my cum still spilling over my hand, when I hear the floorboards creak again on twilight fan fiction gay other side of the door. Please leave a review and let me know what you think. What was Edward thinking?

Did he leave that door open on purpose?

gay twilight fan fiction

Tan think I'll try a posting schedule. I've never really done that before because I tend to screw things up, but I'm far enough ahead on this I should be able to commit. Tuesdays and Fridays work twilight fan fiction gay you? Just In All Stories: Story Story Writer Forum Community. It's never been a problem for them as best friends and roommates.