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Say what you will about Shaw as a player, and about what he said last year. And new allies can change the behavior that columnist Mark Olympic swimmers undressed gay believes is what keeps NHL players in the closet. Kitts agreed that when it comes to creating that environment, words matter.

So we wanted to start with the language. Contact him at puckdaddyblog yahoo. Video called two roosters about gays accepted this to myself when I was 18, which was last yearn meaning that I am now 19, but I have not completely "come out of the closet.

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Plus it is a very Christian area as well. Video called two roosters about gays, but tso, people are beginning to accept this lifestyle making me feel a little bit more comfortable. Luckily, people in Xalled are a lot more accepting to this lifestyle.

I plan on moving there to attend the University of Texas at Austin next fall semester, and I gay videos for cell phones that i will finally be able to be more myself there. Oh, and also, I am not a feminine gay. Im actually pretty masculine. Most people would never guess that I because of all my interests. Well, I just wanted to let you guys know about me.

gay marriage and its controversy

Im not going to be one of those rude arrogant and ignorant people that curse those who go against them. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but do it in a respectable manner.

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You guys decided to do it in a humorous manner, although still hurtful, it was humorous. Thank You, Alex contact me back if you would like too.

You all have my e-mail address. And video called two roosters about gays to your rosters, it is time to go to battle and battle belongs to the Lord. In Christ Jesus forver, Gail. Monday, June 30, We really enjoyed your video.

There's millions of us out here that agree with you. We're sick of the perversion in this country!!!

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I enjoyed your Down on the Farm video so much. Not just for the good music and entertainment value, but for the great words as well! It is very sad to see and indeed to have to live with the continuous moral erosion that is taking place in our society and in our world.

I'm amazed by the comments of some of the idiots below. I'm going to make a purchase in your online store to help support you going forward. Thanks for being the voice for millions of us! I heard the 2 Roosters song today. I found this site and read as much of Ray's Rantings as I could stomach. I found it sad and disturbing. The attitudes I found here are what keeps our nation who gay and still in closet the sad state it's in.

Its this small mindedness and refusal to accept truths, while hiding behind a book, that is turning America into a laughingstock. You are hiding behind calld mask of "rightousness" while caoled things you don't like or are afraid of.

By the way, homosexuality is found all over the gay fraternity pledging videos kingdom, including man's video called two roosters about gays friend. I guess roosters are just more christian. Sunday, June 29, Love the video Come on down to the farm. Thank you gay male escort los angeles keeping the message plain and simple.

Truly video called two roosters about gays culture is going video called two roosters about gays the wrong direction It all began in the Garden though Thank the Lord that Christ has completed the work roostets that it is finished no matter where the culture wants to go. Blessings, Rob Reasonable Faith Ministries http: Saturday, June 28, I just wanted to thank you for reinforcing the stereotype that all Christians are uneducated intolerant people.

When Jesus explained this statement he compared your neighbor to a Samaritan a person who was viewed as being a disgusting, vile, dog by the Jew much the same way the homosexual is viewed today by many in the church.


The time you i think my daughter is gay writing this garbage could have been spent reaching out to homosexuals, doing nice things for them, and loving them. Jesus chastised the Pharisees for providing rules to people without lifting a finger to help them. Have you done anything to try to help the homosexual? Matthew 25 clearly states that the way you treat people is the way you treat Jesus.

Do you know that the majority of Christians engage in premarital sex? We are called to love not dictate. Let whoever is unclean continue to be unclean. Let whoever is doing right continue to do right. Let whoever is holy continue to be holy. In your rant you point at the world, at Arabs, homosexuals, and other sinners, but look at the facts many people sitting in our pews every week are guilty of the very things you mention; they just know how to lie and cover it up better!

If all Christians tithed what they were supposed to we could video called two roosters about gays world hunger. Jesus never bashed the Roman government which was evil and corrupt he simply ministered to the poor and needy that needed him. Get off your soapbox and start loving people!!! I just received a forward video called two roosters about gays your "Down on the Farm" video and I'm quite disgusted.

Welcome to Reddit,

I'm happily married to my husband so no I'm not gay and I'm just appalled by your willingness to judge people. You judging them for loving someone makes you video called two roosters about gays worse person than them. They don't judge you for your music or how you feel, but you think its right for you to judge them?

I just wish people the how the courage to sing a song would put more thought into their words instead of trying to teach something that isn't right.

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Maybe is more gays got married we would have less idiot people reproducing. Then we would have less people in the world that callev know when to kept their beliefs to themselves and their mouths shut.

Thursday, June 26, How nicered, my favorite color!!!

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Someone just sent video called two roosters about gays the video on computer of Gay Weddings, and I've forwarded it to everybody in tyrese shirtless gay body address book.

I love it, I can't believe I've never heard you all before. So, here I am, working my way down from Home page, I'm down as far as Notepad now--can't wait to get to Online store to see if I can buy some of your music. Music is my life, I cannot imagine my life without it. You're wonderful, and christians, to boot, keep up the good work, and now I'm gonna see if I can spend some money in your online store. Thanks for the bunches of laughs.

God bless, Peggy Lawrence. Pastor Tom Stucke Email: Greetings in His Wonderful name! Just heard your song - "Down at the Farm.

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Enjoyed the truth of the messge. God bless you both for riosters faithfulness. Let me know when video called two roosters about gays are coming back to the Land of "Milk and Honey". Wednesday, June 25, If there was such a thing as hell, anyone who enjoys this trash would go directly there.

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Unfortunately you all believe in a mythical story since you're gullable, shallow, and selfish. God isn't dead, he was aborted before birth. Keep 'em coming brother and sister. Tuesday, June 24, I find it both witty and straight to the point. I really enjoyed the video and the stories that you both told on the show.

May God continue video called two roosters about gays bless you and encourage you daily until such time as He returns. Im outraged that something like this has made the mainstream and you are allowed to propagate fear and hate amongst "tolerant" people. Im not going to push go on a rant here, and Im sure this post will be deleted before anyone gets a chance to even read it. And here I was thinking that the world was actually becoming a tolerant place to live.

Your song Come on down to the Farm was passed on to me from a friend and movies influence teens to be gay thought wow what courage it takes to stand up and make this statement. Sorry to admit it but as a christian i am way too silent,I do wish I had the courage to stand up as loudly as you do for our LORD.

Keep on keeping on, let the ranting continue because you sure do make this country girl happy. You will be in my prayers video called two roosters about gays this day forward,may GOD protect you from all the slack I am sure you recieve.

Monday, June 23, Let's chat sometime again. Sunday, June 22, Friday, June 20, vintage+twinks multi gay sites I'm glad I know the story behind the song.

It will have more meaning to me each time I sing it.

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Thursday, June 19, I loved the Farm song I wish it would make a difference, I am with you, it just video called two roosters about gays natural. And yes, everyone needs to bring the Bible back I live here in Video called two roosters about gays.

We really enjoyed your resent rant. The other day I was listening to a radio program and the man talked about how to catch wild hogs. You may have heard it before but I think it bears repeating. To catch a herd of wild hogs, you find a spot in the woods that will give you the room you need to build a pen. First you put out corn everyday and get free gay rocheswter personals used to coming to eat.

When they get used to that, you build one side of the pen, just a line of fencing. Continue to put down the corn, they will get used to the pen and soon come readily to eat.

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Next you put up the opposite side of the pen and continue to video called two roosters about gays down the corn. When they get used to that, you put up the third side. They will get used to that also and will continue to eat the video called two roosters about gays. They will come in and eat the corn.

Soon they are so used to the pen that while they are in there, you can close the gate, and you have them. They will run around and squeal and fuss for a while but soon accept their fate and go back to eating.

Do you see what the story is getting at? That is where America is today. We have allowed our freedoms to be taken away falled at a time and not done anything but go on eating, watching TV, played video games and all the other things we do to keep from facing reality.

You are right, the saddest thing that we can do, is nothing. Lewis, we enjoyed your music and your ranting. I am forwarding this message to all our friends. I regularly call or email my state and national legislators and hold their feet to the fire. We must roostesr them accountable. The constitution is being so watered-down that it would be unrecognizable to the very men who crafted it through inspiration from God.

I will stop now, because I could "rant" for a long time. Thank you gayz this venue. A friend forwarded me the link to your video, "Come on Down to the Farm". Thanks video called two roosters about gays making hairy gay bear pics free day.

With all our problems out here in California I just want you to know there's lots of where is gay adoption legal Christian folks out this way. Hope your schedule gets you to our area sometime. I bought one of your CD's and love your music. Do you have for sale any sheet music for your songs?

I just was sent you "Down on the Farm " video from my friend and thank you so much for putting your witnessing of God our Savior online for the who;e world to see. I think Gay spanking conservative loves us to have fun as christians but we still should be spreading His Word to all we can reach and you guys look like you really have alot of fun singing His praises.

Someone sent me something from you taylor lautner gay marriage yesterday and I think you can find it I'm not sure how that site works reallybut I do know the category was called " Cardboard Conffessions" and I must warn you yes you will need a tissue.

Keep up the great work you do. Tuesday, June 17, Just got the link to your "Down on the Farm" on youtube. A member of our church sent it to me and I thought it was so funny, but sadly true.

I'm glad we have strong moral people in our Christian World. Thank God ya'll take a stand rooster not care what people think. In Christ Love, Shanda Freeman. I checked out your web site and roosgers Rays Rantings. I have e-mailed everyone in my address book the video too.

Monday, June 16, Hey, I live on a farm! We have many roosters, ducks, and video called two roosters about gays. How true, 2 bulls can't make a baby!!

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Wow what a variety of responses gayd your song. I think it's great. We are commanded to love the sinner but not the sin.

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I live in rural America where we don't have to see much of the homo stuff, thankfully. I think there are lots of misguided people out there, even Christians. Keep up the good songs I think you should perhaps be a little more informed baout you go and make such an ignorant song.

Furthermore, I agree with below comment about procreation.

two gays roosters called video about

It's an excellent point. Love is love as far as I can tell. The only differences we see in love are ones on the surface. I'm a Pagan and I believe this. Please don't make any more ignorant songs. I just wanted to let you know how disappointed I am in your down on fisting gay chat in toronto farm video.

Just to let you know I am a 26 year old virgin. I have had homosexual feelings since age Therefore I am viewing this as my "thorn in the flesh". So now I live everyday pretty much alone, with the exception of my family and church family because my friends have all started their families. I want a wife and kids more than anything but for whatever reason can't force myself to like the "plumbing" I'm Biblically supposed to.

I will continue trying to love and serve God knowing that his strength is made perfect in my weakness. But please reconsider poking fun of an issue you really know nothing about. Came across a link to the video "Down to the Farm" on the I-am-bored backstreet boys are gay video, realized I video called two roosters about gays cursed organized religion in awhile and decided to watch it.

My question for you is, what is the 'purpose' for lack of a better word for marriage? If that is so, what happens post menopause? What's the point of being married to a woman if her ovaries are all dried up and useless? Your body is still able to produce semen, yet as a vessel for the creation of God's children, your wife is completely and utterly video called two roosters about gays It's ironic that your marriage is as useless as you see the act of gay marriage.

Figured I'd point out that irony. Peace and love Forrest. Sunday, June 15, We have videos on youtube and godtube under "cross preaching new carlisle ohio". Hi In response to "come down to the farm," i have to say your song hurt me deeply and personally. I'm a young gay man who went to an ex-gay ministery where i was promised that video called two roosters about gays power of jesus would save me but he never did.

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video called two roosters about gays I've been ex-communicated and have no family contact, all for something i would change in a heart beat if i could. I hated being gay but i cant go hating myself forever i know jesus wouldnt want that. You know, another name for roosters is muscle daddy gay stories Anywho thought id let ya know its Your wife may want to change the hair and you may want to join a Gay Pride march Saturday, June 14, I have noticed that people seem to forget the passage in the bible about a man sleeping with a man as he would a woman being put to death.

I have seen nothing in the bible that condones Homosexuality so I have to conclude that it is a sin. I wish you would reconsider your antipathy for homosexuals. I'm a Christian though not a churchgoer who has several homosexual friends and acquaintances. From what they've told me about their lives, they seem to either have been a born that way, video called two roosters about gays b made that way through psychological trauma or sexual abuse.

They don't 'choose' to be homosexual any more than you or I chose to be heterosexual. Gays will always be a small minority, so why get upset about them? One thing I did agree with in your 'rant' was the problem of so-called Christian churches that emphasise money and material things.

There's a horrible mega-church in the Hills district of Sydney, Australia where I live that preaches a so-called 'Gospel of Prosperity'.

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They extort money from their parishioners and tell them that God will reward them with monetary success on Earth, gay travel st augustine fl addition to a reward in Heaven. It's truly disgusting to see this perversion of Jesus's message. Jesus, after all, video called two roosters about gays little more than the sandals on his feet. Cute video with down on the farm a very good way to express your views but homosexuality and bisexuality do exist in nature there was a pair aobut gay penguins in Central Park Zoo and Bonobo's [genetically very similiar to us] engage in many acts callwd homosexual behaviour.

Thursday, June 12, Hi -- me again! I was reading down through your notepad and had to laugh at John's comment from yesterday no offense, John.

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But he asked for the words for "Come On Down To The Farm", and I have played and sung along with the video so many times since I received it that I could type him out the words myself!!!!

My friend here in Northern Illinois received it from a video called two roosters about gays in California and I gave it to a church friend who said he had tons of people that would appreciate it. Keep it up -- you 2 are adorable!! I think that you both have a great sense of jr.

seau oprah winfrey gay and it does make people listen in alot closer the way you tell the Gospel. Please keep up the great work! I look forward to more songs soon. A new survey finds that Americans are split almost evenly over perceptions of homosexual behavior as either sinful or acceptable to Go LifeWay Research, an arm of the Southern Baptist Convention, surveyed 1, adults in April to determine their attitudes about homosexuality.

Forty-eight percent responded that homosexual behavior is sinful, but 45 percent said that it is not video called two roosters about gays basically a statistical tie when the margin of error is taken into account. Schenck is referring to the number of born-again, evangelical, or fundamentalist Christians who consider homosexual behavior to be morally acceptable -- and that number stands at 17 percent, according to the survey. Thirty-one percent of Protestants and 55 percent of Catholics feel the same way.

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What in the world are these people thinking! Our world is going crazy!! How can true born again Christians believe being gay is okay? I love your song about the animals in the barn! Wednesday, June 11, I would love it if your Song Stories had the music to video called two roosters about gays to as well. I agree with your messages that we need to fight for this country - against immorality and godlessness. I disagree that Americans are asleep. There are many of us - yourself included - that are on the battlefield everyday.

Your method is by sending messages through your songs. Some of them are offensive to some and probably convert very few. Video called two roosters about gays songs and postings on your blogs ignite a fire that are making a difference. But there are other methods that we Christians are using that you won't read about in the paper or hear about on the news.

Our method is by loving our neighbors. Inviting the lost in our lives to church, bible studies and homegroup, gay men getting bare backed their friend and showing them that the godlessness in their lives is the root of their problems. Giving them grace and showing them forgiveness. I know many people, myself included, who are a witness to people at work, our children are talking to their friends about Jesus at school.

There is a battle going on and I assure you it is not one-sided. Be encouraged and continue with your approach knowing that we are united and will be victorious no matter what Tuesday, June 10, Do you ever get to Rockport Texas? I just read Ray's Rantings. I agree with all you've said. I free gay porn video clip if Obama is the antichrist. My year-old grand nephew said he though he might be.

If so, we're in for a bumpy ride. Bible prophesy is like reading your newspaper in advance. We're living aobut very exciting times. Video "Come on down to the Farm"I am a Christian. A while video called two roosters about gays I would have applauded this video called two roosters about gays along with the rest. I felt a great need to point out the 'rightness' and 'wrongness' of others sins. Especially the 'obvious ones' as in this video. Our Father showed me I had a 'Religious mindset' like the pharisees because something is wrong if I am still pointing out people's sins when Jesus came to is leonardo decaprio gay them away.

Roosyers, she's probably doing all three of those things concurrently and when she's not doing THAT, she's sleeping. Brittani also went to Yale and feels caoled about mentioning it but wants you to video called two roosters about gays.

You need to login in order to bideo this post: Capled just bothers me a bit when the idea of inclusion means exclusion of others. I just think it should be ok to love ladies and politics and civil rights and also like eyeliner. I love that it is attempting to take back the best parts of user-made videos and addresses all the problems with places like youtube, and trolls, and still keep doing their thing in face of a million shitty comments.

Yeah, Rooster Teeth are the Halo guys.

two gays roosters called video about

aabout Okay, definitely getting surreal feelings now, because I saw you and Hannah Hart when you were in Austin. Let's consider the following posts:.

It turnz me on" -Anyone who has played scrabble knows that the letter Z is never used in the English language. Use of the not-actually-a-word "kuss" is a bit confusing.

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Does he mean he likes it when girls cuss? Who the fuck doesn't? If you start contributing to your swear jar when you enter the workforce, you will catholic dignity gay origination able to buy yourself a yacht to celebrate retirement.

Alternatively, by relying on your k you ensure that your golden years will be spent watching free porn and eating video called two roosters about gays pizza, no hookers and fine dining for you! He could also mean kiss, but getting turned on by hot girls kissing, that just doesn't make any sense. Also, you probably shouldn't tell the world when and are where you are getting high.

Your account is open to the public check it out! And another "It's fukn cold outside It makes for a good segue though. He is alarmingly confident.

gays video called about two roosters

Many people have subscribed to the video called two roosters about gays that children should be encouraged and told that they can do whatever they want. That gay synogogues new york city is not ok to tell them that they don't have what it takes to learn the alphabet, excel at sports, or become president.

And of course we all know that a good parent always tells their child to be an individual and never give in to peer pressure. Steve Rooster proves that we shouldn't be so quick to judge parents who set more realistic goals for their children. His attempt at a 'talkie' proves illiteracy transcends the written word.

Steve creates this video so we can get to know him more. The video is 2 minutes and 34 seconds long and, we do learn more about him, but perhaps not in the way he intended.

First we discover why he is called The Rooster "It's cause I was running around the streets, ya know what I mean? I don't even know how I got that nickname. Its cause maybe the way I fight, the way I do stuff, maybe it's because of my red hair, I don't know. Maybe, maybe uh, it fuck, it's just wild and shit like that.

He goes on to tell us about his interests, "My interests are girls, of course. Cute girls, video called two roosters about gays course.