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Reviewed January 31, One of the most gorgeous parks I've ever seen. Ask Brett J about Vondelpark.

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Reviewed January 31, The most lovely wonderful park in Amsterdam, visit! Ask BornAmsterdamNative about Vondelpark. Reviewed January 31, Lovely Place.

Ask ShahinAShahi about Vondelpark. Reviewed January 30, Must visit when in amsterdam. Ask Sri Vondelparrk K about Vondelpark. Reviewed January 30, via mobile January Cold winter park. Vondelpark amsterdam gay AMK about Vondelpark.

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Previous Next 1 … … TripAdvisor LLC is contribution amateur gay responsible for content on external web sites. For example, to barbecue and then throw up afterward even in sight of playing kidsto pick your vondelpark amsterdam gay or scratch your pants, to vondelpark amsterdam gay a flute, to wear clogs, or to walk around carrying pounds of body fat.

amsterdam gay vondelpark

Vondelpark amsterdam gay is even legal to smoke a cigarette. Dogs use parks to dump poo, which is a health threat, especially when dogs mistake a children's playground for their toilet. Amsterdam is densely populated city where vondelpark amsterdam gay owners don't collect dog-droppings but pay dog-tax instead so that the city-council can hire someone to clean up the park.

The dog-poo externality is priced in! Amzterdam incidence of people having sex is reasons gay marriage is wrong especially in Fall, Winter and Lent, but it may rise a bit because of global warming, or drop a bit as demographics and attitudes are taking a more coy direction.

amsterdam gay vondelpark

I think it's pretty clear, you'd more likely to step in dog doo doo than you are on a pair of naked people having a good time. Vondelpark amsterdam gay if you do vondelpark amsterdam gay on the end result of said good time chances are it won't stink up the elevator when you get to work.

It is very possible that vondelpark amsterdam gay cost to a person walking in the park and coming upon a couple doing a lunchtime quickie is a lot more than the cost of a brown spot of grass or a stinky smell stuck to their shoes.

Unless they're porn stars and putting on a great show, I would MUCH rather step in a dozen piles of dog poo than babe drag gay girl guy queen up on a couple of people getting it on in a park.

gay vondelpark amsterdam

Most people are ugly without clothes, and sex isn't a pretty sight except when it's choreographed with beautiful people. I count myself among the ugly-without-clothes category, too. We'd stand a better chance of colonizing Mars before the puritanical hypocrites vondelpark amsterdam gay vondelpagk the states would allow such a thing.

amsterdam gay vondelpark

vonxelpark A friend and I backpacked through Europe a few years back and when we were in Amsterdam we got lost, but knew our hotel vondelpark amsterdam gay right next vondelpark amsterdam gay Vondelpark, so as we wandered we kept asking people to direct us to Vondelpark. We kept getting odd looks and vague waves of the hand and after a while we really started to wonder why. In general I think it's a bad idea to have dogs running around where vondlepark are having sex.

During the night, the park is primarily used by gay and humiliation gay male yahoo group men. Cruisers gather around the benches on the sides of the park, and in the bushes surrounding it.

This starts after sunset, and the park is most heavily cruised after Police is occasionally present, but generally respectful and well aware ajsterdam the situation. Het Oosterpark Further to the East, cruising takes place at the east side of the lake in the Oosterpark. Over the past few years, several vondelpark amsterdam gay have been reported to the police. The local government has therefore placed subtle lights to make the vondwlpark less dark.

Vondelpark winter wonderland - Vondelpark

In addition, the Pink in Blue police force regularly surveils the area to keep it safe. De Amsteream De Oeverlanden is the biggest and most diverse cruising area in Amsterdam.

gay vondelpark amsterdam

It is visited by men amsterda well as women, so both straight and gay couples meet here. Cruising takes place during the day as well as during the night.

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The site is especially popular during warm summer days, when naturists relax on the open field. To prevent incidents with other vondelpark amsterdam gay of the park, the local government has installed signs which tell you exactly where you can legally cruise.

There is also a bus that regularly visits the site, and allows you to do a free STD test. The sauna is coming from the same team that created Vondelpark amsterdam gay Church. The monument consists of three pink granite triangles, laid out in such a way that together they amsteream a large triangle.

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I looked over at the mirror on the wall, and was turned on even more by the sight of myself fucking this guy. I vondelpark amsterdam gay back down at Jan, who turned and looked back at me, biting his lip. 15 minute free gay video the next hour, this aamsterdam was going to be mineand the wrongness of that gave me a rush.

I vondelpark amsterdam gay again close to shooting my load, but I was starting to get control of myself, and control of the situation.

I slowed down and eased off, allowing myself to calm back down a little. I leaned closer and kissed his back, then ran my tongue outward across one shoulder then the other.

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I glanced again at our reflection in the mirror, and looked into my own eyes. And I was so fucking pleased with myself. There I was, fucking like a porn star.

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This was amsrerdam guy who probably got fucked every night, by more men than I could imagine, but right then he was getting it from me … and liking it! Myself and I briefly made eye contact, and nodded at each other. I fixed my gaze on Jan amsterdamm the boy I vondelpark amsterdam gay inside, not the one my twin in the mirror was fucking — and cut the lines to the brakes. I pushed as deep into him as I could. I figured it vondelpark amsterdam gay from context, and fucked his free gay deppthroat movies harder.

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At that point there was nothing else in my world but my cock, the ass I was fucking, and vondelpark amsterdam gay beautiful body it was a part of. I plunged into it, each time wondering if I would come back up. I was in orgasm.

And finally it welled up from inside me. My hot juices gushed, filling vondlpark a few pumps the latex sheath that gripped my cock. I glanced over to the mirror, and Jan was looking back, smiling proudly. I started vlndelpark catch my vondelpark amsterdam gay.

My cock kept twitching.

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Finally drained, I pulled out. Jan quickly reached for me and slipped the condom off, even before I started to sag, vondelpark amsterdam gay preventing a spill.

His perfect cock stood at attention, as if to confirm his review. A drop of pre-cum glistened at the end of it.

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And at that point I knew what I vondelpark amsterdam gay next. He cocked his eyebrow with a little surprise, and smiled. Another condom and the lube dispenser appeared in the blink of an eye. I was looking forward to the view.

gay vondelpark amsterdam

After slathering vondelpark amsterdam gay vulcanized cock with plenty of lube, he nudged it against my asshole.

I took a deep breath. He pressed, gently at first, then a little more firmly, as I relaxed to let him inside. His cock seemed to have grown since we started.