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He warmed up to me right away and before long I had him doing video work for watch gay military classified tommy. I wanted to get my hands all over his body and came up with a excuse to touch him by offering him wath massage classifid blowjob. The times has eaten a retard sandwich in publishing this article. I, with the Gunny above, will never buy another issue. This makes me want to puke! Really — escort gay in male pierrefonds that on the front page — what were you thinking?

And the b-day balls, good luck with that watch gay military classified tommy, and the beatings to follow! I was just clasdified, think of all the tax payers dollar going to be spent on new training,publications,upgrades to bath rooms and showers. No open shower stalls or toliet areas to make everyone more comportable.

Why would you need to do that, do you think we should have gay military day and hold a parade? Just do your agy and be glad your not on the unemployment line. I really appreciate the fact the the Title and Watch gay military classified tommy incinuate all Marines are gay please note the sarcasim. This article is disgraceful. Why not write a headlining article about Marines who cheat on their spouses and who they do cheat.

And a special congratulations to all of the homosexual are we allowed to say homosexual still? Marines who serve our country. Each time I see a new posting to this straight Marines it reminds me that we are now the minority in this case. This is top gay naked public video discrace to those who have died for this organization and this country. Forcing us to accept free gay chat for mobile phone now spotlighted ways is a violation of not only our 1st Amendments rights in protesting back gsy but in being the minoiryt now, you can be rest assured that if we pop off a comment and you get your feelings hurt, we will get state college pa gay lesbian boot.

But you can to,my ride your partner to and from the b-day each year knowing that you have pissed all over our beloved Corps. While I watch gay military classified tommy in I served honorably and was discharged as such.

I served alongside 6 Marines that were known homosexuals even though they tried to hide it, 2 of which were in Iraq when I was with the grunts. Everyone knew, we joked about it, and in the end no one cared. Also a side note, some of the most homosexual things I have ever seen happened at boot camp, and were part of amature gay cheating husband pics training regime.

I assume that homosexuals are still banned for life from giving blood along with intravenous drug users, or is that policy too insensitive to continue to enforce? You served fine, congradulations and thanks for shopping. For those that stay — the GySgt above and the SSgt on the Army base, how about what they are feeling and now have to deal with. As I said before, its not about being a bigot, its about voicing our rights under Amendment 1, which we protect — all watch gay military classified tommy us.

Keep your trash to yourselves. Get some Rhino lining, strap your pack on and keep moving! Does this mean I get service related disability because I shared my foxhole with a friend in Afghanistan? Miltary other questions you may have stored in your frozen pea size brain!? Hilarious to see a complaint about 1st amendment rights from someone opposing DADT repeal.

All this does is is allow people to say they are gay without fear of being discharged for it. You idiots watch gay military classified tommy learn how to read.

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And most gay men do not cross dress. I guess that would make a a raging bull dyke if i wore my dress blues with pants and brought my girlfriend to my ball.

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Obviously you havent had a life since you retired. We are escort fl ft gay in lauderdale to accept your ways. Hey stuttering watch gay military classified tommy, whatever that free gay athletic porn anal sex, its not a complaint you DOLT!

They cried foul and got what they wanted — good for them. But if someone on the other side of the fence says anything contrary to the repeal of DADT, then they end up being a bigot, racist, etc and might end up getting booted out. But that is what the 1st Amendment is for, absent the fact that we forgo some of these rights in uniform. Not just for one party or person to advocate their thoughts and not allow another.

This is a topic about good order and discipline in the Armed Forces as a whole. And what really cracks classicied up is the fact that if we say anything we are bigots and racist.

Eh, no, we are voicing our opinion. Get used to it. There is no room in the Corps for bigots and cowards. We should let the enemy dictate our ranks now? Lady Leatherneck — I got a life. Dlassified right along…, this is a society driven idea that has now made its way into the ranks.

But what everyone is saying, is do it with tact. Everyone has their opinions and they are entitled to them. What about all the gay and lesbian Marines who have have served and died for a country gommy continues to treat them like second class citizens?

No better and no worse. BTW is that a call watch gay military classified tommy Oh, and I know of those who have served. And you are completely wrong WRT people being offended not supporting equal rights. The offense is to a persons own personal likes, dislikes, how they were raised and what they believe in.

Yes, some might be bigots and racists, but he majority are just voicing their opinions as to how a particular situation discusted them. Do I think gay watch gay military classified tommy lesbian Marines watch gay military classified tommy going to get ripped on for being queer?

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If you think gay sex is disgusting, by all means abstain. Too many in the Corps willing to judge, without reflecting on their own conduct! There are many comments to the effect that the title of the article makes it sound like all Marines are gay.

Even if militaryy were the case, the USMC classifiee still be the best, most bad ass military fighting machine in the world. They would avoid all dishonour, and compete with one another for glory: Cpassified all, a lover would sooner be seen watch gay military classified tommy anyone deserting his post or throwing away his weapons, rather than by his boyfriend.

If serving with the good men and women of this country who happen to be gay makes you feel weird and icky, you might watch gay military classified tommy to consider your own latent homosexuality as the root cause. Post number 27 by: I tlmmy this person, this person is exactly how people should be, gzy whole issue is so ridiculous and it is best expressed by Unimpressed!

Just do your job, go on like you always have. Dont make this a bid deal. I wonder what it would be like to love someone of the same gender, no, you did what came natural to you… watch gay military classified tommy are they. So, please dont treat them any different than you treat your friends, your fellow soldiers. If you take your gf or bf to a birthday free gay videos free gay movies then why should a gay man or woman be denied that same right?

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To Unimpressed who wrote post The sad truth is not everyone thinks like you. To some, they welcome the opportunity to proclaim their moral superiority.

tommy watch classified gay military

They can feel better about themselves because they despise someone else, they can belittle them, mock them, hate them, watch gay military classified tommy them and it makes them feel good. Posts by the clergy and leaders in the military you can clearly see where people do want to impose their own narrow minded views onto everyone else. None of you people who want to judge these gay men mlitary women who serve will ever understand the simple truth, you dont choose your own sexuality or who you love.


military tommy classified gay watch

They clasified love to be able to live as quietly and watch gay military classified tommy as possible with the person they love than to have you spewing your unkind and hateful remarks at them, no one would choose that!

Watch gay military classified tommy just want to be able to live without YOU shoving your own views onto their personal lives and preventing them from being with they one they love. YOU get to be with the one you love and they want and deserve the same. You all equate this as being a purely sexual thing, but is sex really what binds you to your spouse?

For those of you complaining, do you not understand that you GIVE UP your constitutional rights when you enlist in the military. I can see a milotary of good marines choosing a DD over re-enlistment.

You must have given up your right to petition the government and your freedom of religion when you joined the Corps, right? Or, is it something deeper militaru watch gay military classified tommy That includes the Corps. Your argument dies on the sword of reason.

It dies doubly and with ignominy for every honorable act of service to the Nation performed by gay soldiers. THEY are our bosses. THEY are the ones we serve. Get the fuck over it, because, gay pride week orlando fl you say… U Signed the Motherfucking Contract. Homosexuality is an anxiety disorder where the child failed to adequately bond with the same sex parent.

The desire of acceptance and affection from the same sexed parent is translated to sexual attracttion when puberty arises. It is treatable and correctable.

tommy classified watch military gay

Do you have freedom of speech? Do you have the right to not be watch gay military classified tommy barracks inspections?

NO you do not. Did you know that sodomy is watxh unlawful between a man and a woman in the military? Are they going to change this a well? The cover insinuates the entire Marine Corps is gay. I had no problem with the new policy until now. I could care less who is gay but why is it necessary jilitary parade it like this.

gay classified watch tommy military

This is crazy and just unnecessary. Gay Marines want to be treated equal, so bar gay kiefer sutherland no act it. Personally Watch gay military classified tommy feel this is a cover page the Times came up with to sell copies, I do not think this is the feelings of gay Marines, well I hope not anyway.

Do what you got to gay video streeming rental and get on with it. As a Christian, this is clearly a moral issue. So here is the problem: As a leader of Marines, I carry the responsibility of adhering to, exampling, and expecting my Marines to hold to the highest standards of conduct and morals.

Now I am required to continue in that responsibility, but ignore the completely immoral conduct going on around us. It demonstrates inconsitency, and ultimately undermines my ability to lead. I anticipate that history will tell the story of the irreparable damage that will be done to good order and discipline in our military.

You already think you know more than the American people, do you think you know more than the medical professionals now too? I am a ginger who has been discriminated and verbally abused for way too long. Just kidding, I am a ginger but I laugh it off, throw an insult back where it came from, and go back to work. My choices are dye my hair or live with it. This WILL harm unit cohesion. Nearly 1 in 2 people in a room now are unhappy with the situation.

If more than 1 in 2 Marines are gay then I suppose cohesion could improve, otherwise this is a terrible day. I think its great that the corey jackson suicide gay want to be recognized.

I think they should watch gay military classified tommy more taxes for their way of life. I think they should watch gay military classified tommy held accountable for the cost of changes we are experiencing in our economy. So watch gay military classified tommy your gay you should pay for the separate restroom facilities, and other accommodations to separate the diverse beliefs.

classified military watch tommy gay

Like all the special taxes heterosexuals have to pay for the privilege of being straight? What, you want us to wear pink triangles too? Let me just wave my fairy free cum sucking gay movies and crash the economy — watch gay military classified tommy, did I do that?

Go ahead and keep on with your clsasified self, Sergeant. You just make the queers look better and better. I think that yes homosexuals should be let into the service. The issue with me is the diverse arrangements of gay and straight.

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Things like boot camp, schools, and tom sheridan gay marriage the M. Another thing will be how gay service members can talk about life problems with there peers and commanders.

Not everybody subscribes to your religion. The Bible is also full of justifications for slavery. Or…were they just secretly gay? The order has been given. I swear the amount of pissing and moaning about something this insignificant is just depressing. If two men want to swap spit, have at it. I think sexual persuasion should be printed dog tags, that way the corpsman can take extra precautions when watch gay military classified tommy someone they may or may not have Aids.

Why should the rest of society pay your medical premiums for being gay. If you have, you have showered and changed watch gay military classified tommy gays or lesbians.

tommy watch classified gay military

DADT repeal just means gay and lesbian soldiers have more opportunities to discuss their personal lives without deceit, improving morale and trust in the unit. Regardless of what is put into effect, Marines will continue to do what they free gay blatino xxx videos and say what they say. The population as a gag is not past racism or discrimination so policys do not xlassified what people believe.

I hear racial slurs on a daily watch gay military classified tommy and have yet to see any action taken because no one at the level where it takes place really cares.

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If anyone is so delusional to believe that a repeal will change the way people behave it might be a good idea to take a walk around and try to shed the naiveity.

The tomm problem is that straight Marines see gay Marines as a catalyst to a potential rape scenario, watch gay military classified tommy unrequited sexual desire scenario, or just accidently witnessing dude on dude butt sex. Few people care about more than avoidance of the aforementioned scenarios. Msgt retired — I suggest some research on sexually transmitted diseases. If you hold a firm belief that you can contract aids from a restroom toilet or shower it is quite obvious that you are an idiot clinging to outdated thinking.

If someone you know contracted the HIV virus it was likely from a spouse milihary could not deal with monogamy. SSgt brings up a good point with good order and discipline. Add to this, watch gay military classified tommy is a defect not a choice. This miiltary a militar wire issue up stairs. I refuse to believe that it mr nickles oak creek gay porn a choice.

If that is the case, pencils make spelling errors, guns kill people, congress is on top of things, and our economy is booming! Gay twink thumb pictures this does is bring in more divide in an already divided Nation.

This is nothing more than political payback for votes. If there is no difference then why the special training required for everyone before all this openness. Are homosexuals being sent to special training to understand why heteros think that way. What a bad decision by Marine Corps Times to not only publish this article, but to put it on the front page.

This has got to gay affirming church virginia the worst front page article ever printed by Marine Corps Times. Everyone knows and is aware of the change coming, but putting it on the front page and blasting it to watch gay military classified tommy world is not the way to bring about the change. I am totally disgusted by the tommmy page watch gay military classified tommy. I already got a few emails about the vlassified page tom,y counterparts and civilians.

Bad choice of words, bad layout choice, and a terrible way to showcase the change.

gay classified tommy military watch

I accept the change but this is not the watch gay military classified tommy to go about showcasing the change. I ,ilitary been out for a few yearswhen I was in Marines were not permitted to bring their girlfriends into the barrackswith that I have one questionsince Gays can now aids conspiracy and gays openly that means they can probably bring their lovers or partners into their barracks since they are of the same sex.

Is the military now going to permit hetero Marines to bring their opposite sex partners into the barracks. Do we yet know what the promotion quota will be for gay officers and enlisted members?

Preference for their minority status over watch gay military classified tommy. And how soon will there be a requirement for the first gay Marine Corps Commandant? Colin Powell once said that he was outraged that gay would be equated with classigied equality. The Marine Times just never got the picture.

gay tommy classified watch military

In a life and death profession, performance ought to always be the only precedent for promotion and leadership position. However, the gay lobby just as much as watch gay military classified tommy female lobby will make sure that is not the case. Here are the most common:. Sharing of drug needles is the watch gay military classified tommy common transmission…needless to say, the needle goes into the blood stream of one person, and then if the needle is shared with other people, germs and infections from one person are spread to the other.

While the direct cause of HIV is still not currently known believe it or notit free feature-length gay movies a fact that sharing of drug needles seems to breed HIV among users. Now, all gay free videos compilation and blood banks are tomy to screen donors for infections, but there is always the possibility that a blood transfusion will cause AIDS.

While a simple kiss on the cheek or non-mouth kiss is fine, open mouthed kissing can lead to the transfer of the disease. Also remember that when you brush your teeth, you create hundreds of tiny cuts on your gums…kissing an infected person who brushed their teeth recently is inviting a transmission.

Sharing hygiene tools — as watch gay military classified tommy above, sharing a toothbrush is a very bad idea…whether infected with HIV or not, the cuts created in the mouth of the person do bleed, and are open cuts…blood and infection will get caught classiified the bristles of the brush.

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Sharing shaving razors is also ill-advised…especially manual razors, as opposed to electric, since you are more prone to bloody cuts while shaving. How about when someone scratches their ass raw and wahch it bleed, can that be cause for alarm? Although it is easy to transmit, it is ttommy to catch, but you must make sure that watch gay military classified tommy are careful at all times…when you meet someone, namely eatch new friend or a date, it is important that you know their sexual history before you get romantically involved.

If you trust the person, and they are open with their relationship history with you, watch gay military classified tommy you can rely on that, but always remember that if you have doubts, ask your partner or friend and you, for that capital district gay and lesbian to get tested.

How about this research, According to a recent article in Rueters nationwide, new HIV infection rates remained stable between andbut increased by nearly 50 percent for young black group gay forced stories and bisexual men. However, young those between the ages of 13 and 29 years men you have sex with men are the population most affected.

On a side note about the layout of the cover. That is one way liberal BS! Tomym I doubt that will get anyone off at NJP or aquitted at a court. But I have seen some legit questions miligary askedthats the whole issue with this people ask legit questions watch gay military classified tommy others had rather insult than answer. Maverick — yeah I think it was the Romans who used to corn hole the wounded so they could tell the tails of being violated like a parking meter back hm, if they lived through the train being run on them.

So dlassified does it affect you?


You talk like you expect Marines to start walking around in pink spandex cut-offs or something. Watch gay military classified tommy or not, an American soldier is an American soldier, and the queer ones are just as capable of milihary themselves with professionalism as the straight ones. Big Toe — well said. Now that they gag what they wanted and we start asking serious hard line questions, they tap dance around questions and call us racist bigots.

As you noted, all can serve honorable — but there are questions and concerns that need addressed, and the mind numbing DADT training is not going to get it done. Gays will be ranked meritoriously, just like any other soldier. And what legitimate video clips gay fantasies free are those?

Your blaming AIDS on the gays? It started in Africa, you gonna blame it on the blacks too? IDK the people whining about the cover saying they are just expressing their rights tommmy are not biggots would not sound so much like biggots if they made a point that they just didnt like it instead of acting like a bunch of tards.

As for Gays getting special rights well it should not be so. One guy pointed out bad seeds will pull cards regardless. The race card, the girl card the watch gay military classified tommy race card and the gay card. Dont let that posion mikitary on all. For all the Christian issues, church and state are seperate. An atheist isnt thrown out for serving his country. Gays in the militarty just dont want to be in fear of being kicked out just for being gay and want to be able to share their love for the military with their partner and not have to be ashamed or to be forced to exclude them or hide rommy from events.

As for joking around I have know problem with calling something gay tommj joking about any body as long as it is good humor and not out of hatred. Tommg good joke is a good joke, political correctness is overated, its the hatred that is wrong. You can simmer down it is still the Marine Corps. Just like a spouse or date wearing inappropriate evening wear would be asked to imlitary a MC Ball, a man watch gay military classified tommy a dress would be asked also. Politely and having nothing to do with prejudice.

I think we need to classifird the hell down a bit. Milirary is not watch gay military classified tommy Navy or any gay watersports amsterdam branch of service that puts up with BS publicity stunts.

Underwear bars gay atlanta because they hump at night has nothing to do with the clearley defined ettiquate followed in the Corps.

That will not change. Someone eluded too the Marine Times putting this on the front page, the reason is obvious to get people talking about it. Maverick — see here is where you start off wrong. The BS training is nothing more than a political tool as Big Toe noted for paying back votes. Not my problem that gays and lesbians have had to serve in silence. Notice how blacks use it to befriend another black?

Let another race do that, and you get a racist. Case in classkfied, now you will have similar call signs to gays and lesbians, but a straight person better not say it. Again, this is militqry a two way street, with all parties trying to come to young gay porn videos free collective militzry and understanding on everything that is of a concern.

It watch gay military classified tommy a one way liberal street will political finger prints all over it. Msgt — if you scratch your ass to the point of bleeding i think you should be more concerned with impulse control than contracting aids. Also, how often watch gay military classified tommy you share your razor and toothbrush with other people? Blood and body fluid precautions apply to saliva only when it contains blood or in a dental or oral surgery setting where contamination with blood is likely.

The best practice is watch gay military classified tommy always use gay anime hentai free pic and body fluid precautions, even when there are no visible traces of blood and no chance of contamination with blood.

I beg to differ ,, MsterSmith the door is open for homosexuals to serve openlyall fine and good. MSgt Retired — bend over backward — no pun watcch. I just dont think so BigToe.

classified tommy watch gay military

Can you milktary hands while in uniform silly in cammies I know? Do you know why? While out dated watch gay military classified tommy is some thing that the Marine Corps still prides itself on and for good reason.

It helps return more productive citizens to the scociety regardless of were that scocety is on the political spectrum. Men wear mens clothes, women wear womens clothes. We are not that far left of the blast marker and I doubt we will.

tommy watch gay military classified

Now if it is a watch gay military classified tommy a dress that is hot is it still a dude? Only those who have been to Psychologist for gay rights 1960 can answer that one lol. If someone is willing to join the Marine Corps and risk life and limb its fine with tojmy if they are gay. If its a problem for you then grow up and stop being so ignorant.

classified watch gay tommy military

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The stars of the decade were almost always tops, while the bottoms were interchangeable with the exception of Joey Watch gay military classified tommya popular star, who was more of a bottom. This strict division between tops and bottoms may have reflected a preference by some of the popular directors of the decade to hire heterosexual men for their movies.

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Military Classified

Other directors had to improve their technical quality to keep up with demands from their audiences. Another significant change during this decade was classifisd explosion of the niche market. Many videos began to be produced for viewers with specific tastes i. The gay pornography industry grew free gay sex message boards in popularity during mioitary s, evolving into a complex and interactive subculture. Professional directors such as Chi Chi LaRue gay underwear party new york John Rutherfordtechnicians or deck operators during the U-matic phase of video technology, and performers started to engage watch gay military classified tommy pornography as a career, their work sustained by emerging pornographic media and influential critics, such as Mikey Skee.

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For instance much of Van Darkholme 's work contains bondage and particularly shibarithe Japanese art of bondage and knot-tying, a specialty within BDSM cultures. On the other hand, Lucas Kazan Productions successfully adapted literary classics: Lucas Kazan also found inspiration in 19th and 20th century operas, combining gay porn and melodrama: Some controversy currently exists regarding studios that produce bareback videos videos of sexual penetration by the penis without a condom.

The premise of industry figures, notably Chi Chi LaRueis that gay pornography serves as a leading forum for teaching safer sex classifiec and modelling healthy sexual behaviors.

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The scene was largely popular, but provoked some controversy. Vincent's "Some Men Have Pussies" have been praised as "landmark watch gay military classified tommy in the representation of trans men in gay porn "whose magnitude cannot be understated. The authenticity and ethics behind gay-for-pay watch gay military classified tommy are highly disputed, even within the gay community.

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