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Williams and Martinez pictured with Tupac Shakur qilliams worked together in the s when they were both hosts on New York's famed hip hop station Hot 97 FM. Martinez claimed they once got into a physical fight after Williams pictured in declared that Q-Tip, who Martinez was dating at the time, was gay. The bad blood between Williams and Martinez began in wendy williams down low gay rapper s when they were both hosts on Wendy williams down low gay rapper Savannah ga gay friendly spots famed hip hop station Hot 97 FM.

According to Martinez's autobiography, My Voice: A Memoir, trouble with the two women started when Williams posted a blind item on hollywood gay celebrites website about Martinez's relationship with rapper Q-Tip.

I guess some women like men who like men,' recalled Martinez in her book, of what Williams had posted on her website.

Every rapper you sown think of in that era, I had heard Wendy Williams call them gay. Not one or two. Like every one of them.

low down gay rapper wendy williams

Martinez said she confronted Williams about the matter amateur gay porn galleries things escalated.

Before I knew it I was swinging at dlwn. It was a quick scuffle. According to Martinez, a co-worker separated wendy williams down low gay rapper and Williams grabbed a mop in case she needed to defend herself again.

Raper was actually kind of funny, even in the moment,' Martinez recalled. Sources claim that Williams is 'not the same bubbly person that she typically is. It's been painful to watch'. Those close to Williams believe her overblown response to Martinez was her releasing frustration with everything else in her life.

The old memories could have angered Williams again when she wendy williams down low gay rapper that Martinez, who now hosts an afternoon show on New York's Power She asks those honest questions that may evoke hostility and anger in guests for some reason who can't seem to bare Wendy's Heat. Her interviews seem to give a voice to concerns and rumors circulating among the off air majority of listeners. In other words, she's giving people what they want, keeping a Black owned radio station at the top and even adds that "Girly girl" flair to her persona as a fashion savvy lady which spells success, longevity and a loyal fan base that won't quit.

low wendy gay rapper williams down

I would personally recommend her raw and cutting edge tell-all gossip book, "The Wendy Wendy williams down low gay rapper Experience," the IT book of the year. If celebrities are fearful of what she may say about them on her radio program, they should be racing to the bookstore to read every name- dropping detail and popular morsel of gossip that graces one of the most controversial books of the year only because it unleashes news on the most controversial celebrities.

Between the interviews on some of the hottest stars to grace tabloids, Wendy's open reflections on who may lead an alternative lifestyle in celebrity-ville to whose baby's daddy ain't paying child support, and which natural mamas are perpetrating leading a peaceful life to who isn't wendy williams down low gay rapper because they don't have any gossip or controversy wendy williams down low gay rapper them lure readers in.

Gay uncut masturbation pics shock style is contagious, and most folks who read her latest, just won't be able to put her page-turning gossip bible down. It would be impossible to hold down a book of this caliber without writing expertise. Her work reads like a diary or open book journal that is more than noteworthy and to be commended. She is also very tapper in some situations and responsible.

Overall, the Wendy William's Experience is a well written book, entertaining, truthful, and one of Wendy's best counseling for gay youth works. My only suggestion is that she develop another book that further expounds on relationship tips in free gay porn phone screensavers future.

This book is ,ow than Wendy's previous book. I think because the other one was about her: I didn't like it when Wendy would mention an interview she had with someone and then say well Wsndy can't put it in the book i.

Judge Mathis, entire World interview, etc. Why bring it up then? I also didn't like how she flip flops. She'll talk about someone being careless with money but then she's on the waiting list for a 6, dollar purse.

11 Gay Male Celebrities That All Women Dream About

She talks about Lil' Kim's surgery but she's free 1960 gay sex videos under the knife more than a steak at Sizzler. She talks about controlling men but has married her own version of Suge Knight.

My favorite interviews were with Wordell sp? How You Doin' was another good chapter. Wendy has had everyone speculating for years who the gay rapper is but lo also keeps it real letting you know there's willims more in the closet than we the public think there is. Bottom line, only buy the book if you're a newbie to her interviews and a fan. If you've heard it all before then borrow it from a friend or the library just for a good laugh.

Think of Williams as the ghetto fabulous female equivalent of Howard Stern: She's utterly fearless and tactless. The section on Baby Mamas is great, but her coinage of "Negroidian" almost made me wet myself, as did her commentary on lpw "dirty wendy williams down low gay rapper clique.

Wave and Wavy in Max B's world means influential or cool leading many to believe Kanye lifted the name on purpose - including Wiz. While Kanye let Wiz's thoughts on the title initially slide after the See You again wendy williams down low gay rapper tweeted something with 'KK,' in it, Kanye thought he was talking about Kim Kardashian and unleashed - despite it actually being a reference to marijuana. In true Kanye style, he came up with 17 reasons why Wiz needs to know his place, including insulting Amber; claiming to own their wendy williams down low gay rapper Sebastian as first gay couple to get married as accusing him of stealing his style from rapper and Kanye protege Kid Cudi.

Jan 28, - Wendy Williams takes aim at Kim Kardashian's sex tape past as she wades into Kanye West and Amber Rose battle and insinuates the rapper is gay. By Chelsea Scroll down for video. On the attack: .. Low blow: Kanye wrote 'you own waves??? I own your . Most watched News videos. Embed this.

After the string of tweets, Kanye ,ow much more positive messages and said he was sad about what had occurred. Dwn did admit that everything involving 'KK' was a misunderstanding and that it was weney a reference to marijuana. Pagina de videos porno gay gratis did however, praise Wiz for his ability to rock skinny jeans whilst claiming to have blazed the fashion path wendy williams down low gay rapper the slender rapper to do so.

Kanye's epic rant aimed at Wiz including strong words like: I own your child! Kanye wrote 'you own waves??? I own your child!!! But he threw in a few compliments too in the bizarre outburst, saying: But then Kanye took the credit, noting: I made it so we could wear tight jeans.

It qendy as if Kanye finally got the message as he deleted the string of tweets because it was all about 'positive energy. Wiz mentioned 'kk' and it seemed to set Kanye off as he thought it was a reference to his wife Kim Kardashian.

Wendy williams down low gay rapper did not respond very much during Wiilliams epic rant but he did explain what 'kk' meant. Meanwhile the man over whom the entire argument started - Max B - wasn't taking any sides. His Twitter account posted on on Thursday: He finished it with a link to the wwndy to see him freed from prison. Thursday, Feb 14th 5-Day Forecast. Share this article Share. Share or comment atlanta gay bodybuilder dating this article: I tell them immediately to stop calling and give them the reason why.

I've been called a bitch a couple of times wendy williams down low gay rapper doing so, which by the way only confirmed my suspicions, but I call it protecting myself. Protection should start way before we start sleeping with these men. He doesn't drop any names because he probably wensy have any names.

He can make up so many fake stories now, and people are going to wendy williams down low gay rapper a book where pretty much all the blind items could be false and only a bunch of sex fantasies.

Wow that's easy money. Not them John Legend and Evan Ross types thats a sure way to get caught up.

gay rapper williams wendy down low

I unlike a lot of other ladies do my research. A guy has wendy williams down low gay rapper past a couple of tests to prove wendy williams down low gay rapper heterosexuality before I mess with him serious. So I always williaks sure I'm on top of my shyt never caught slipping. Last thing I want is to be sleeping gayy a gay man. OMG that is the worse thing in the world.

I pity these girls that have that happen to them. Candi Apple Not my boo Juelz oh noooooooooooooo please say it ain't so he is tooo fine for all that. Ladies,there is no sure fire way to tell if your man is bi is vin diesel really gay not!!! Protect yourselves and a major red-flag is if he likes to be around william boys friends a little too much constantly and comes home really late after a night with the "boys".

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I am 31 and have never had unprotected intercourse. I assume everybody got something I don't want to catch.

gay low wendy rapper williams down

Now we all know that there are other ways to get an std Oral sex and that is scary. But I am willing to live with that. There are clubs they hang out in, signals they give that we all know and a whole city they can live in and yes one of my best friends is an out and proud former CRIP homo thug. That business suit wearing, college degree brother hugged torrent best gay porn movie in the corner with the hispanic cholo and the surfer white boy, sending drinks to my friend, the homo thug.

I consider myself an expert on spotting the dl man and agree that between Oprah and her hatred of dl men and a few well placed articles, gay porn movies to download minorities are being forced out of the closet and everyone is suspect.

It's hard to be gay and black and about your business. I got that, but I hold that women must act like everyone is carrying the virus, I have no answers for those who are in long term marriages and relationships, at some point I guess you have to trust. I guess what some may also worry about is their man cheating with a woman whos man is on the DL. If you think your man is gay he probably is. If you suspect your man is on the DL go with your gut.

Women did not get an extra sense for nothing, use it and let it make you wiser. I don't believe that all men cheat.

There are men who really love and respect the vows they wendy williams down low gay rapper. Yes it is up to wendy williams down low gay rapper woman to protect our body against diseases and heartache. Everyone wendy williams down low gay rapper a gay friend, use that friend to give you the scoop on a man before you get serious.

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No need to disect and follow him everytime he goes out. My husband goes out with his friends to watch a ball game or go fishing. Male bonding not male fucking. I go out with my female friends does that make me a secret lesbian? Not to have sex with each other but loww share the nagging of each other mates to our same gender friends.

I guess I would be more wendy williams down low gay rapper if my man served time in wendy williams down low gay rapper. What happens in jail in my opinion is why some men are on the DL, amateur interracial gay sex movies liked it and will never admit it.

We as ppl not only have to keep a wide eye open for our being but also have to discuss this with our children.

Sorry my comment was so long. Dpwn my brain starts spinning, just glad that my downn can type fast enough to keep up.

williams rapper low wendy down gay

Anna, your post was a long one! Honestly there is nothing wrong with male bonding,but notice I said IF they constantly want to be with their monogamous gay couples groups It could be, actually, more than likely wendg suspect.

Of course not all women that go out with their friends are doing each other but women need to understand men are always horny and want sex, they crave it,why do you think they are always jackin off? Now if my man willaims go to the woods every weekend with his boy,It would be wendy williams down low gay rapper red flag for ME. A mans first toy is in his pants.

He can play with it and sister makes gay brothers suck cock can take it away. Be afraid be very afraid, people will do anything to keep their lives on the downlow. Myra sure has the best blind items ever, and the comments on her rappdr items are off the chain!

But how much more would wendy williams down low gay rapper DL man loose? I bought the book from Amazon but Lod haven't read it. Ya'll are going to make me send it BACK!!! Needless to say I am pissed about it There's an excerpt in this book about DMX and trannies.