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What you are about to read is purely fictitious. I am in no way an advocate of violence, rape, kidnapping wetting gay piss stories hate-speech. Having said that, I wanted to develop my characters as wettong as I could and they are a bit fucked up- Too say the least I am a straight guy just happened to feel the touch of dick in my ass.

It turned me gay.

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Would not you Really Rather Wetting gay piss stories. The School Jock Lavell: First Nude Beach Experience. You and your partner need to have a talk about what medications you're on - especially if any drinking play is planned. While experts are often quiet on the subject, general consensus is that urination onto a safe body part without cuts or sores is unlikely to raise any concerns of STIs.

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Drinking, however, is much more likely, and again, should require a conversation between you and your partner before considering that type of play. Cleaning up urine can be relatively simple. Amazing products, such as the waterproof Liberator Throwcan just be tossed into the washing machine wetting gay piss stories you're wetting gay piss stories and it will easily hold two or three bladder's worth without any problem.

Disposable tarps are cheap and can protect your furniture, but they wetging absorb liquid.

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So you'll need to use some old towels to absorb liquid before tossing interracial gay humiliation stories. Tile or other hard surfaces work fine for catching urine, but you'll need to absorb the liquid with a towel and then give the surface a good cleaning right after play.

Urine doesn't leave a lasting scent or problem - unless you don't clean it up right ppiss. A "shy bladder" wetting gay piss stories the playful term usually given to wetting who have problems urinating wetting gay piss stories various situations, whether that is a different position, an unusually-packed bathroom, or of course, most of the activities in this article.

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People with shy bladders usually get nervous about their urination or have other mental wettong that can cause them to need a bit of extra time to get the "flow" started. However, as many wetting gay piss stories with previously shy bladders have learned, the body can definitely be trained to become more comfortable with odd urination experiences.

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It only takes time - and a lot of patience. Wetting gay piss stories you're planning on enjoying your pee fetishism with a partner, this might be time to talk to them about your shy bladder - and ask for some space.

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Learning to get over the nervousness of being unable to urinate doesn't help when someone is leaning over you expectantly. This is best practiced solo. Once you have some time to yourself, it's recommended to wait until the urge to pee is pretty strong. Sometimes, the urgency itself wetting gay piss stories enough to let your body "go" when it normally wouldn't.

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Now, once you really need to go, we're going to practice going in odd places. If you're hoping to wet diapers, you might try wearing a diaper.

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If you're hoping to pee on your partner, you might try going in cups. If you're excited to wet your own clothing, it might be worth trying to wear some old underwear. ga

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To start with, some of these activities should be done on the toilet. For example, you can wear a diaper while wetting gay piss stories on the toilet, and you can wear some clothing and pee through them on the toilet.

While this may not be storiex fantasy you're envisioning, sitting or being near the toilet honestly does an amazing job of relaxing the brain.

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You're allowing the body gaay have the familiarity of the toilet while also giving it a new challenge in the clothing or a diaper. Give it a try!

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Once you've moved on from that, it's time to start branching into more adventurous ideas. Wettihg of the toilet, take those same ideas and try them in the bathtub or shower - without the water running. It might take a bit of practice and deep breathing, but your body will eventually begin to relax enough to pee while in the shower.

Wetting gay piss stories, we're going to take it another step forward.

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We're going to go outside of the bathroom, preferably to somewhere that's tiled or easy to clean up. Wherever ga place is for you, make sure that you've protected the furniture or the floor.

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Something as simple as a fear of destroying or harming your possessions can be enough to keep people from being able to "go. While you might need wetting gay piss stories revert back to eetting shower at the beginning, over time, your body will slowly start to allow you to use other spots as it gets used to the sensation.

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