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Once Upon a Time - Which power rangers are gay That God Damn Tie by GleeGeneration23 reviews Set after Dance Fever-because Logan and Garrett have always seemed more than friends to me and the look Garrett gave Logan in that suit screamed slash-my first Rated M Fanfic-my first slash fanfic- please read and review and tell me what you think but please no flames- if your not a fan of slash then this is not for you and you better stop here.

I Didn't Do It - Rated: M - English - Chapters: Sexual Fantasies by mishajaxon reviews Kendall and Logan have fun with role-playing.

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Rated M for Smut. Is that the answer you wanted?

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But when he confronts Dallas he's shocked to find out why Ally and Dallas didn't work out. I do not own Disney or any of its characters.

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Don't forget to review! Lab Rats, - Rated: Kendall's Fantasy Comes True by nipje reviews Kendall has found out that he's gay. He has some huge fantasies when it comes to gay porn with his band mates.

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In every chapter another fantasy will come true. High School Musical - Rated: How did Cato persuade Peeta to join the careers?

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How did Peeta change Cato for the better? Rated M for a reason!

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If you enjoy it, please leave some positive feedback. Be warned as there is adult content.

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