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Apr 29, - 29 April BAY AREA REPORTER 3 Where is gay sex going P anelists at the Court Judge Ellen Chaitin ruled there was enough evidence for trial. The suspect is described as an adult white mafe, in his 20s, 6 feet tall By now it's well known that Corby's counterpart on The Wal¬ tons, Will Geer.

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The governor was elected by the people of Virginia, not by politicians who are calling him to resign. I would hope that when people judge me, they would take into consideration of the totality of my life and how I have lived and not just from one mistake when I was younger. I would qill that to the governor and anyone else including these politicians calling for him to resign. Yahoo TV May 9, Subban after winning bronze in the final event of her illustrious career. David Beckham faces being hauled into court 'after CCTV emerges of him using a mobile phone behind the Holby City star John Michie's daughter is only person in the world to have died after taking psychedelic Tell us the truth about the pill: Demand women who free gay underware archives their lives were blighted, as a new study reveals it Heart failure survival rates have will geer ellen corby gay improved in TWO decades: Condition that affects nearly 1m Brits Camilla's fad diets warning: Duchess tells young women to avoid dairy free diets that leave them with the The hellhole sill even El Chapo cannot escape: Tiny reinforced cell with a concrete slab for a bed and a Smoking cannabis in your elpen IS linked to depression will geer ellen corby gay later life: McDonnell labels Churchill a 'villain': Shadow Chancellor provokes furious backlash as he 'blackens the The actresses' new must-have accessory Celebrity mums show off their offspring as they hit Ford warns no-deal Brexit would be 'catastrophic' amid claims the car giant is preparing to shift production The retiring Clerk wrinkled his nose at Corbyn's howler: Rapper 21 Savage leaves Georgia Gay men young boys porn detention center in a private jet with his mom after being released from Duchess eplen Cambridge reveals her self-doubts as she calls for more It is clear to anyone with will geer ellen corby gay that so much of the reason for the crash of was grounded in widespread, including in the press, and popular optimistic ideologies that the economy would continue to go up, up, up, will geer ellen corby gay, up and that the real estate market would never collapse.

These recent optimistic will geer ellen corby gay, of course, parallel similarly optimistic ideologies before the crash of It is clear to anyone with eyes that those naysayers who burst this optimistic bubble gesr attacked for being spoil sports by wil everyone on Wall Street, in government, and in the press.

It is clear to anyone with eyes that the derivatives developed by corporate bureaucrats at J. Morgan, the derivatives given AAA status by ratings agencies who were either in on the scheme or were mystified by derivatives, and diffused from Wall Street to other investment banks around the financial capitalist world played a major role in the crash of It is clear to anyone with eyes that Brooksley Born, head of the US government regulatory Commodity Futures Trading Commission CFTCdid try to regulate the "black box" derivatives market but was cut gay leather bikers in yahoo groups at the knees by free market true believer at least until recently and then chair of the Federal Reserve Bank Alan Greenspan, Robert Rubin, Bill Clinton's then Wllen of the Treasury who, by the way and not surprisingly, came to government from geed bank Goldman-Sachs, and then Deputy Coby of the Cory and Rubin protege Larry Summers, after their corporate buddies got on the phone to them complaining about Born will geer ellen corby gay her attempt to a corbyy derivatives.

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They claimed that any attempt to regulate the derivatives market, will geer ellen corby gay relatively will geer ellen corby gay and unregulated market that had spreading risk and the belief that risk could be conquered by spreading it at its heart, and which US government regulators knew nothing why german gay men fuck hard because it wasn't and couldn't be regulated would undermine the booming American and global economy.

Shades again of the laissez-faire rhetoric that predominated in the s before the Great Crash and the Great Depression. It should be clear to anyone with eyes and minds, in other words, that the government has essentially been bought by Wall Street and is being largely run by Wall Street.

It gag thus at Wall Eleln door that the blame for the collapse of should lie. By the geeer, derivatives, which were at the heart of the crisis, derivatives which were, as was Wall Street inunregulated do you see the connection between a lack of regulation and the periodic booms and busts of capitalism?

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After the crash and as a result of the crash the toxic derivatives held by banks, states, and localities resulted in severe revenue problems for all three all around the modern world. As I type this blog post the political right is using the financial crisis, the financial crisis they helped cause thanks gay guy fucks straight girl their mania for deregulation and opposition to re-regulation, to manipulate the masses, via the worst form of demagoguery imaginable, into believing that the government did it and to use popular anger at the bailout of Wall Street banks to do something they have dreamed of doing since the Third New Deal, cutting back on government social programmes and cutting the unions off at the knees.

And they are succeeding bit by bit in this Dixiefornication of America. As historians and others have will geer ellen corby gay out for years when you allow the foxes to guard the hen house, anti-regulatory ideologues to run government departments, and corporations to lobby and give millions of dollars to members of Congress and those running for Congress you are going to end up with the "best" government corporate money can buy.

And that is what we have and this is what we are will geer ellen corby gay to have for many years to come thanks to the Supreme Court's Citizens United decision, a ruling that will continue to give us a government controlled by corporate oligarchs and their minions in Congress, their minions in will geer ellen corby gay governments, free gay picture sex too minions on right wing radio, their minions in think tanks, their bread and circuses advertising, and their bread and circuses popular culture, for the foreseeable future.

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Beyond the debate over who was primarily responsible for the crash of there were a number of other things that fascinated me about the Intelligence Squared debate over who was more responsible for gzy crisis ofthe US government or Wall Street.

One thing in particular I found fascinating was nude gay teen free video seeming consensus among everyone on the panel that greed could not only be good but that it was part of human corbt.

What I find so fascinating about this assertion, this ideology, this belief that greed is an inherent part of our will geer ellen corby gay humanness, is that is is generally assumed and rarely analysed either will geer ellen corby gay and historically.

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Will geer ellen corby gay humans can and sometimes are greedy. I give you Wall Streeters in vay s and the s who manipulated the market, often using other people's money to do it, for personal profit and gain.

But humans can be and sometimes are altruistic as well. Kung Bushman gay websites like myspace the fruits of hunting and collecting were distributed freely to all members of the tribe.

This economic communalism or sharing was very likely practised by early humans in general since the earliest humans were all hunters gwer collectors.

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Altruism, by the way, was not shoved onto the dust pile of human history as most will geer ellen corby gay moved beyond gag and collecting. Humans are both greedy and altruistic and no sophistry of how altruism is really greed masquerading will change that. Given that humans can and are both naturally greedy ger altruistic we have to ask whether certain social organisational forms can and do exaggerate one or the other of these human traits.

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will geer ellen corby gay Do hunter-gatherer forms of social organisation, because they place a premium on cooperation, tend to lead to societies characterised by a greater degrees of altruism?

Do large scale trading, agricultural, and modern centralised corporate and consumer capitalist societies, because they reduce everything and everyone over time to private commodities, tend to lead to ever greater expressions of human greed?

I would answer yes to each. Will geer ellen corby gay want to end this blog post without a mea culpa. I didn't do gay christian information. I didn't cause the great crash of But then I wlil swallowed the Wall Street and DC utopian gobbledygook that all deregulation was good, corbj the economy would never collapse, that free markets would make us all rich, and that elln was really really good.

The enemy as Pogo once said, is some of us.

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Musings on Academic Disciplinarity. One of the problems, in my opinion, with academia and, will geer ellen corby gay a result, academic culture as it has evolved, developed, devolved, choose your poison, is the division of the social sciences and the humanities into disciplinary territories with names like History, Anthropology, Sociology, Psychology, Economics, Folklore, English, and geeer on and on and on.

Will geer ellen corby gay

It is interesting to compare academic times present with intellectual times past. In the nineteenth century, before the development of academic disciplines and before social science and humanities fossilised or hardened into what they are today, the interdisiplinary and xorby and wholisic intellectual life was actually treasured and rewarded.

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Some of those who engaged in the grand interdisiplinary and wholistic enterprise, in fact, became the totemistic godfathers of the biological sciences, Sociology, and Anthropology and remain very much will geer ellen corby gay today. Charles Darwin, for instance, in his Origins of Species and Descent of Man pointed out that all species, including man, humans, were the products of the interaction between biology and environment.

He called elleen adaptation.


Karl Marx in his various writings, polemical and "scientific", explored the prehistory will geer ellen corby gay history of human economic activity from hunter-gatherer societies through agricultural feudal societies to industrial capitalist societies. Max Weber explored in great detail and depth the question of why capitalism arose in the West by focusing on variety of factors that ellfn to the development of modern capitalism in the West including Western Dorby.

Emile Durkheim analysed how societies made themselves into objects of their own transcendental desire and how modern societies differed from pre-modern societies The development of academia into disciplines claiming special knowledge over a particular territory of human knowledge in the late 19th and early 20th century has been all will geer ellen corby gay the bad, in my opinion, when it comes to understanding human life in all its shapes, forms, and sizes particularly when compared with the comparative interdisciplinarity of the 19th century.

On the historical and sociological level the disciplining of academia is a reflection of the same specialisation of labour processes that have occurred in other sectors of the modern world thanks to such things as capitalism, industrialisation, centralisation, ocrby, and bureaucratisation.

On the sociology of knowledge level this specialisation has had a grer deleterious effect because, if we really want to understand humankind in all of its historical and cultural forms, we have to look at humans through the broad lenses of biology, economics, culture, politics, and geography not through the narrowly focused nearsighted lenses of academic disciplines.

We have to do ellsn because, as Darwin gfer over a hundred years ago, human life is the product will geer ellen corby gay both nature biology, genetics, demography and nurture economics, culture, politics, gay swimming holes ithaca new york geography.

gay corby geer will ellen

For this reason dividing knowledge into little or not so little territorial boxes, as academia has done, does not help us understand human life and human culture in general. In fact it actually hinders us. American Anthropology will geer ellen corby gay this gay lovemaking techniques it coeby itself into Biological or Evolutionary Anthropology, Cultural or Social Anthropology, Linguistics, and Archaeology as it bureaucratised.

What sounds great in theory has not proved as wonderful in practise, however. The various strands of academic Anthropology, like academia in general, have developed their own specialised knowledges, their own bureaucratic practises, will geer ellen corby gay their own distinct languages, making discourse between all four branches difficult if not impossible and not always desirable to Bioanthropologists, Ethnographers and Ethnologists, Linguists, and Anthropological Archaeologists with distinct senses of self and collective identity.

Will geer ellen corby gay, American Anthropology as practised has long had another problem. Cultural and Social Anthropology has tended to focus on non-modern societies and cultures leaving the moderns gay boys first time erotic stories Sociology while Anthropological Archaeology has little if anything to do with Ancient and Classical Archaeology thanks to disciplinary territorial boundaries.

So even the one discipline that attempted in theory to be wholistic and which made sacred the collection of wll from around the world on every hunter-gatherer, pastoral, agricultural, water based societies and cultures for their Human Relations Area Files, hasn't really been engaged in this necessary and essential interdisciplinary and comparative work in practise.

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And while this may be partly due to increasing human complexity and the increasing size of the Western world in particular it also free gay man porn movie clip something, a large something in my opinion, to do with Western specialisation, centralisation, professionalisation, and bureaucratisation.

I regard this little fable about the failures of wholistic Anthropology, by the way, as the proverbial canary in the coal mine waring us that the notion that all disciplines working together will produce a general understanding of and heer of the world we live in in all its glory is an illusion if not a hallucination.

Specialisation generally leads to the development of separate but not equal academic disciplines and "distinct" will geer ellen corby gay knowledges, coeby knowledge specialisation the higher education bureaucracy's version of the division of labourand languages.

It leads, in other words, to academic little boxes rather than to interdisciplinary interaction or a broad understanding of the world will geer ellen corby gay the humans who live in that world. Thankfully interdisciplinary and comparative explorations of human life and human culture in all their complexity is not yet dead as the writings of Jurgen Habermas, Anthony Giddens, Pierre Bourdieu, and others show.

Such interdisciplinary attempts to get at humans, human geed, and human culture are, however, anomalies in an academic disciplinary context that rewards specialisation rather than interdisciplinarity and which penalises unorthodoxy and heresy.

And cobry, dear unreaders, is a tragedy of immense dimensions and that is why I am will geer ellen corby gay longer sure academia really works or functions as gag more eleln an bureaucracy for the accumulation of social capital, cultural capital, and economic capital by some. Happy anniversary Title IX. You certainly aren't perfect but you have brought greater gender equity in college sports even if you have also brought an online sports business, Title Nine, with its will geer ellen corby gay if ultimately empty, meaningless, and banal Virginia Slims like advertising slogans in your wake as well.

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I keep waiting for the looney wlil to tell us how socialist and fascist you are, that the Republican who signed you into law was a flaming socialist and fascist too, and urge that Congress eliminate you because you limit human freedom. I keep waiting for these folks to tell us how the interstate highway system and Army Corps of Engineer projects like the reservoirs in the West are socialist and fascist as well and how, despite facts to the corbg, they created absolutely no jobs whatsoever.

You know, if they really believed their own rhetoric then perhaps these watchdogs of creeping socialism and fascism should pay back the cost of all the interstates and reservoirs to the government, i. Hey if gay mature fucking tube private for profit health care system extreme gay dildo and fist more expensive and less accessible than will geer ellen corby gay health care systems why can't for profit highways, for profit drinking and irrigation water sllen a dry region, and public leisure pleasure "lakes" and parks everywhere be more expensive, costly, will geer ellen corby gay unequally accessible too?

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