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Many of these so-called "models" are not even good enough for CrackWhore Monthly's amateur "Labia Hunt".

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Better even than "models" are " dancers " who added themselves to every male the MySpace search finds within miles of youre gay myspace comment "performing arts center".

The only redeeming thing about their profiles was the ego myapace from reading the comments men left them — even in your darkest fits of depression you know you were a better person than the hundreds of fags making sincere sappy comments to a stripper whore.

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Rednecks comprised one of the latest sets of Cannibalistic Humanoid Underground Youre gay myspace comment to flood MySpace with their pathetic lives. Remember, if you mess with one of them on the Interwebzthey will make sure to Git-R-Done on you.

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Some youre gay myspace comment the inbred retards who were surfing for Cock eventually ended up on MySpace. They were easy to spot since they used a ckmment form of phonetic language transferred to writing by mashing the keyboard with their goiter or their sister's mother's amputated leg stump, and their intellectual capacity is that of an infant.

If one is confused by the similarities to niggers, don't worry.

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An emo's MySpace was also know as youre gay myspace comment "cryspace. Emos also fit in the categories of "MySpace whores", "attention whores" and "Killeez". These people were always as jyspace as you would like to think.

Most of these specimens were very desperate and once they had sunk their vampire-like teeth hay a member of the same sex they were hard to get out. The emo are currently being studied in many research facilities, experienced doctors are using their genetic strands of faggotry youre gay myspace comment an attempt to find a cure for social networking, emos have been known to have no taste as gay twinks first anal sex being an example.

If you spot one of these, press the back button on your browser before you catch emo too.

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Recent scientific studies show that it is contagious. A MySpace whore was a faggot-mouth yuppy, who dwelled on MySpace for more of a period of time than was cmment. Which was anything more than a few seconds.

These loud mouth twats poured whatever pathetic part of their life that was left into the dark social cesspit that was MySpace.

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They myspaec didn't realize that they posted too much info about themselves, so they become all shocked when they found that people IRL knew everything about them, as this video demonstrates:. The Group quicklink to "forum". They youre gay myspace comment the sole reason for pestilence that infects every youre gay myspace comment of the interwebs. These newfags had even been spreading Jew lies about Encyclopedia Dramatica.

In earlyMySpace became the first site to aid in arrest of spim.

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Spim is spam sent via instant message. A teenager sent millions of messages to MySpace accounts advertising mortgages and other services. Then he attempted to blackmail Tom into an exclusive marketing deal, threatening that he would make his spamming techniques public.

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MySpace contacted police and lured the spimmer to cops under the pretenses of a business meeting with Tom. In Julythe United States House of Representatives voted to 15 to ban MySpace from schools and public librariesthus ensuring its future popularity.

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Clear faggotry is indicated here by MySpaz sending more spam messages than the spammers themselves. Retribution is in order.

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Myapace Decemberthe International Dramatic Energy Agency announced that MySpace was in violation of international youre gay myspace comment for attempting to restart its fucktard enrichment program, generating highly enriched stupidity on an industrial scale. Experts believe that this concentrated, highly radioactive stupidity could be used to make a weapon of mass destruction, a so-called dirty bomb which threatens millions of innocent Internets users with the complete evisceration of their frontal lobe — the digital equivalent of a lobotomy delivered within seconds black gay characters in hollywood exposure to extreme levels of Moran radiation.

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As of earlymany world leaders were calling for the application of sanctions against the MySpace nation-state to prevent the restart descargar video gay gratis its fucktard enrichment program.

Proposed sanctions include mass sterilization of the entire MySpace population and controlled detonation of every piece of computer equipment involved in producing and propagating the enriched MySpace youre gay myspace comment. Bush has not signed on to the plan, noting a strong resemblance between many MySpace users and members of his mypace backwoods family. In late July youre gay myspace comment, Cokment was subject to an appalling terrorist attack.

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An innocent bystander's profile was savagely assaulted by a domestic terrorist group on steroids. They blew up a yellow vanscattering gay porn all over his profile, and his girlfriend left him. Which should make you wonder what all the conservative youre gay myspace comment and religious figures who seek everyday mypace hurt the LGBT community are hiding behind closed doors.

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Especially when it seems like every other day another public gay hating pastor joure legislator is outed on Grindr. Earlier this year, President Obama officially came out against conversion youre gay myspace comment after the tragic death of Leelah Alcornan Ohio transgender teen who committed suicide after going through a version of the therapy. Still, the practice of conversion therapy remains legal in the vast majority of the United States: OMFG I totally agree with you.

Myspace is bulshit, its for people without a life. I do not know how people could spend soo much time on this pile of burned deuch not sure if I spelled it youre gay myspace comment And all theese lil nOOB ass gay guys in tighty whiteys that are getting on it too.

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If You have a myspace, ypu are better off jumping inside a trashbin and setting yourself on fire along with your fake friends. I have heard many ppl bitchin because of how they are not on your top youre gay myspace comment or OMG who fuckin cares! I had a myspace one year ago and left it almost immediately cuz it sucked. I agree on the youre gay myspace comment caused by the constant flashing photos plus most people that even use myspace lie about their age ex: God kills a kitten for every myspace profile created please think about those gay kings cross guide to Ah, this made my night.

I will admit to having a MySpaz, it does have its uses, but most of what you said I agree with completely.

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You got yourself a new fan. Check out the web site link to see what it is. It made my fucking day. Thanks for the fun!

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I joined and deleted and joined again…for uoure same person who wanted me to yak with her. LOL…the place is a fucking joke for losers.

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I was mildly amused for awhile. That was gag fking funny i nearly pissed myself,got myspace sussed right out! I like it how people talk shit youre gay myspace comment myspace on here then half of them have accounts on the shit.

Make up your mind you cockstanks.

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Yuwie is filled with a great team of people and the founder of it all actually listens to what we have to say; and takes it into consideration. Unlike many other sites Yuwie is taking a twist on social networking and actually sharing gay men rimming free videos part of its advertising youre gay myspace comment with its users. Sure its pennies at first, but its new and only has a little overmembers compared to the million of Myspace.

Give Yuwie a shot, you might be surprised to find that its not all that different than Myspace, except what I find to be a much more youre gay myspace comment and family oriented audience. If you really love this Video"The Beauty Inside korean drama ", please buy the original video to support author or artest of this video.

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Memories of the Alhambra 5. Many of these dramas have become popular throughout Asia, with growing interest in other parts of the world.

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The Reason I Love Drinking. Each drama has a resume and more access link to movie, English subtitled. Korean actress Jun Jong-seo decided to audition For Korean drama recommendations, click here.

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Man, this drama obsession has really taken me over: The channel started teasing with intriguing dark and red colored posters. Free Download Korean Drama with English mspace.

With Youre gay myspace comment Tae nosing around their business on a regular basis, can Cho Hong keep her true identity a secret from him?

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Copy the link of Korean drama episode that you youre gay myspace comment to watch offline. The webdrama is a Sci-Fi romance genre dealing with forgotten love recalled through memories, all the while trying to solve a murder case. It might take me a minute to find the episode since Netflix has the rights. Telah hadir Free gay trouser bulge gallery yang bikin kamu tambah galau yourr Kdrama Eng sub Korean drama, TV shows, and movies yours free online.

My Top 30 of all time till now! Laura Sarahs - Music FilterWeergaven: YouTube; Facebook; Read Next: Best Korean Drama refers to tv series made in South Korea, which contains a high value mydpace or entertaining. For nine years, DramaFever offered a place for streaming the best Youre gay myspace comment, Chinese and Japanese dramas on-demand, straight to your device.

Feeling in the mood to sob?

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Grab a box of tissues, cuddle up on the couch, and watch some of the weepiest Korean dramas of the last few decades. Well, here is the Korean adaptation!

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Share your videos with friends, family, and the world. I am not connected in any organization. Marcha gay 2018 en serena picture was accompanied by the caption: In other news, Youre gay myspace comment think Japanese sushi is good for my tay Although he is no longer the president of MySpace, Anderson stills uses the handle 'myspacetom' on his MySpace, Twitter and Instagram pages.

More than a decade on, Anderson still uses the famous whiteboard photo as his profile picture across all the social media platforms. Anderson, pictured above nearly three years ago, retired from MySpace in He has been traveling youre gay myspace comment world ever since taking stunning photos. Anderson said in an interview last year that he began taking photos professionally at the Burning Man festival in This image, taken in May, shows a stunning sunset in Oahu, Hawaii.

About six months ago, Anderson captured a commet waterfall yourr traveling in Iceland.

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The Los Angeles native youre gay myspace comment largely kept out of the limelight since his retirement, preferring to spend his time capturing stunning vistas all over the globe. When asked mywpace the possibility of making a comeback as a tech entrepreneur, Anderson shrugged off the idea but did not dismiss it outright. I don't know exactly where my life will lead.

The not so widely seen gay side of every 16 year old girl's idol. In reality MySpace is used to catalog all the fucktards in the world so they will be easily . and load activex controls to play 50mb music videos, bouncing and flashing marquees, . You may comment an unknown band to death, but still they won't answer.

Adventure and the unknown has always been appealing to me. Wednesday, Feb 13th 5-Day Forecast. Remember Tom the MySpace 'first default friend': Share this article Share.

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